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  1. Another wip screen: We would like to thank Jaki for his donation! We can substantially speed up the creation's process with his gift!
  2. Some more work on it! Cargo animation added!
  3. Lodu has just finished to create a new toy!
  4. I'll think about it, i still need to fix and inprove few things
  5. We're looking for mission makers tho ;)
  6. @b.a.verrecus Yes thank you! I hope you won't find any :P
  7. Make a list and send it to me please. With "broken" what you mean exactly?
  8. Hotfix released!
  9. It's not possible sadly Yes!
  10. Yes! It won't be a problem with the next BI patch apparently
  11. We already have all those rifles in game, so I don't really know what you could assist with since probably we're not gonna re-model a weapon when we can add something new. As a side note, we had some bad experience with historians, not really sure why, probably because what Bed said, and reading your posts, it seems logic that the team declined your help
  12. It's a long time now, so I could be wrong, but OA has some of these. Op. Harvest Red is an infantry campaign mainly, it has some warfare missions at the end tho. In Eagle Wing you start as an apache pilot if you wanna give it a try Never played PMC\BAF, do they have a campaign?
  13. Yeah sorry, i'm not at my pc. _wp is an array, the index is the second element. Btw:
  14. _wp = _groupname addWaypoint [getPos attack, 0]; And remove _groupname setCurrentWaypoint [_groupname, 0]; Give it a try. Or: _groupname setCurrentWaypoint [_groupname, _wp];
  15. "spawn1" is the marker name. If you pass it to the fnc, you need to use a local var. _marker = _this select whatever; If you use "marker", it will look for the marker called "marker" which doesn't exist in this context