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  1. Since the last update we are experiencing problem regarding the AI on our server. It's unplayable, the goddess AI sees trough walls and are most of the time killing us in a matter of second. We are using custom AI skill (from our server.cfg). We tried the same mission (combat patrol) with ACE+ CBA and again without any mods. With ACE it's un playable due to the AI skill. Are we the only one having this problem? I see that you removed that in your changelog:
  2. Looks like a Minecraft like.
  3. There already is:
  4. It would be great if someone can become the thread owner so he could update the first post accordingly since Nkey is not working on TFAR anymore.
  5. Can we safely update teampseak to the latest version without any trouble with the current TFAR?
  6. Indeed. It's really a nice surprise and it's going to be free for all of us.
  7. Nice pack, are you planing to have mixed camouflage, like a grey or green G3 shirt with a multicam pant?
  8. It does but only on Dayz (at least on the one attached to the weapon).
  9. Nice mission but I have two concern, it would be nice if we could disable the ACE fatigue system and the unconscious AI.
  10. That's great to hear.
  11. It would be good if Nkey update the first post. Right now it's hard to know if and when there is a new version of TFAR.
  12. Thank you for that release. One correction though, Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium, it is not Dutch as you said in the historical part of the battle of Bulge.
  13. Impressive. I really hope it will still be available for us.
  14. It looks huge, nice job. How are the fps right now on such a huge map?
  15. The url is not complete ;)