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  1. Thank you for that release. One correction though, Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium, it is not Dutch as you said in the historical part of the battle of Bulge.
  2. Impressive. I really hope it will still be available for us.
  3. Sadly, I can no longer download it from that source. I guess I'll have to use the workshop. Thank you for the update.
  4. Thank you for bringing these awesome units to Arma 3. They were my favourite so far in Arma II.
  5. It looks huge, nice job. How are the fps right now on such a huge map?
  6. The url is not complete ;)
  7. As long as there is a grey one, I'm happy :p
  8. Done ;) Bon courage à toute l'équipe!
  9. Tonal :wub: Glad to hear that you are still working on it.
  10. It's Duala, you can clearly see it on the video (1m16, the big sign on the road).
  11. I hope one day, you are going to use these assets for Tonal :ph34r:
  12. I just tried with CBA, Cup & Panthera+ Duala and don't have such error. You have a problem on your end.
  13. Can not wait for a release on steam. That got me interested.