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  1. It looks huge, nice job. How are the fps right now on such a huge map?
  2. The url is not complete ;)
  3. As long as there is a grey one, I'm happy :p
  4. Done ;) Bon courage à toute l'équipe!
  5. Tonal :wub: Glad to hear that you are still working on it.
  6. It's Duala, you can clearly see it on the video (1m16, the big sign on the road).
  7. I hope one day, you are going to use these assets for Tonal :ph34r:
  8. I just tried with CBA, Cup & Panthera+ Duala and don't have such error. You have a problem on your end.
  9. Nice to see you are working of the Scar's family. I have a bug I can just see the top of the pictures below when there are in an album.
  10. Can not wait for a release on steam. That got me interested.
  11. Good news but I'm still worried about the FPS. Are there good so far?
  12. Thank you for the link ;)
  13. Where can I find this mod from Ardvarkdb? Thank you in advance.