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  1. Uhh, the deck crew vests are placeholders?
  2. RIP Bushlurker :(
  3. THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN DID IT!!! Meme Magic is REAL. Donald J. Trump is the next President of the United States of America.
  4. Eagerly waiting for this one. My little Adam Jensen figurine from last year's gamescom is ready B)
  5. Could someone capitalise my name to "Mr. Charles" ?
  6. The SPAR-16 Mg variant has wrong selector switch, shows full auto when single fire is selected and vice versa:
  7. Any mission start on the new dev build crashes the server, dedicated or hosted.
  8. Awesome work, everything that expands Zeus is much appreciated. Could you add hostage actions with the new "hold space to activate" action?
  9. Well thanks for that in the meantime I guess. Yeah, that's another feature request. Either set profile face to faction (so you can have an iranian desert CSAT guy, chinese tropic CSAT guy, white US soldier, black Syndikat guy) or force identity in Eden editor.
  10. While we're at the voice protocols, why is my Tanoan syndikat player character speaking english instead of french?
  11. Devbranch has been there since the first alpha days. I remember that you could connect with the dev version on a normal stable server, causing huge amounts of problems.
  12. Cheer for us this saturday, or else...
  13. :wacko:
  14. Z-fighting going on with the chinese rifles: