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  1. Hi LJ As far as I can tell 3rd party maps are still silent apart from a faint bell like bird chirping. According to my launcher I'm using 5.17.0524 but in game it tells me I'm using 5.17.0517 Many thanks for continuing to work on this essential mod.
  2. Jarhead one worrying thing I have noticed with your new release after playing it a bit more: it has rendered the ambient environment almost completely silent on maps apart from Tanoa and Altis/Stratis, particularly those that need CUP. There are no chirping birds, insect noises etc. There's a distant bell-like bird noise and that's it. Some config conflict issue I guess. If I disable jsrs_soundmod_c_environment.pbo then the problem goes away (but so do your awesome environment sounds). I know you don't necessarily design your mod to work with 3rd party mods, but I wonder if it's possible to work it so that it is not inadvertently downgrading the sound experience on 3rd party maps. Thanks in advance LJ.
  3. If you can see the mod active then you've installed it correctly I have a pretty modest system (i5 / GTX970) and TPW MODS drops about 10fps. If you have SKIRMISH enabled then expect that to eat into your frames a bit more. I wouldn't release a mod that tanked FPS, what' the bloody point? If you have the time, try disabling the individual TPW MODS one at a time until you find the one causing the issues, and I will try to help you out.
  4. Yeah I must do something about that. The actual spawned animal stuff works for MP, but the spawned noises will just be multiplied by the number of players. I will look into that. By the way EO, nice little release mate!
  5. Thanks LJ, the best soundmod just keeps getting better. I've put in a few hours, can't really speak to all your changes, but here's what I've noticed: Distant firefights are epic! New wildlife sounds are really impressive, especially the night noises (frogs?) I agree with oldy41 the indoor footsteps sound like high heels, they are very out of place with the rest of your excellent movement noises. Keep up the awesome work!
  6. I wonder if that just means the rabbits and snakes don't spawn in the rain? I could certainly make it so that goats, sheep, chickens and dogs don't spawn when it's raining, but they won't run for cover like my ambient civilians do.
  7. TPW MODS 20170429: Changes: [CORE 1.36, FOG 1.52] Bushlurker's Island 51 added to region and climate list. [FIREFLIES 1.03] Buzzing houseflies will gradually build up around dead bodies, and will occasionally buzz around the player's ears. Mosquitos will sporadically hum around the player on still nights. [SOAP 1.12] Adjusted volume of ambient house noise. Fixed issue where Greek ambience was playing in addition to Mid East Ambience on Mid East maps. Greetings all. Back with another update, attending further to immersion. This time I've furthered the diegetic aspects of the game by (re) introducing flies and mosquitos as part of TPW FIREFLIES. Buzzing flies will gradually spawn around dead bodies, and can also be observed and heard hanging around bins, dumpsters and rubbish piles. To top it all off, you'll occasionally hear one of the little bastards buzzing around your face. They lay off the face buzzing after dark, but then the mosquitos take over and you'll occasionally hear one whining around your ear in their annoying fashion. Flies and mozzies are only active if it's warmer than 10deg (and will increase in numbers the warmer it gets), and not raining or too windy. They'll disperse if there's nearby gunfire too. I realise that like many of my mods this shit will add nothing to the combat, but it does increase immersion a little to hear lots of flies buzzing and turn around to discover you're next to a rubbish heap.Or to come across a dead animal or person and roughly gauge how long they've been dead by how many flies are hanging around. Or to be lying concealed at night and be annoyed by the hum of an occasional mosquito trying to give you anaemia. Flies and mosquitos are active as long as TPW FIRELIES is active, there is no other configuration. If you find any bugs (groan) etc, please let me know.
  8. Hi tortuosit As per my above post, SKIRMISH should run just fine as a script. I usually run something like this (change path to suit you obviously): 0 = [1,0,2,0,1,0 ,350,1500,1,0,0,[1],[-7,-8],[6],30,"_dpcu","_dpcu","","","","",[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[],[]] execvm "\scripts\tpw\tpw_skirmish.sqf";
  9. Hi Doc, Park works fine as a script, it's how I normally run it in "developer" mode Try this: 0 = [15,300,150,20,15,["RDS","LOP_","civ"]] execvm "\scripts\tpw\tpw_park.sqf";
  10. TPW MODS 20170415: Changes: [BLEEDOUT 1.30] Reduced incidence of units remaining stuck on their bellies. [CORE 1.35, FOG 1.51] Added Carraigdubh to region and climate list. [CROWD 1.06] Civs will no longer spawn in mid air on hilly terrain. [RAINFX 1.15] Increased size/visibility of surface droplet fx. Hi everyone. Sorry about the long delay since the last release, I've been flat out like the proverbial lizard drinking. No major new features added, but I have addressed a couple of irritating bugs, especially the BLEEDOUT/FALL bug which could result in units remaining on their bellies on the ground indefinitely after taking a hit. Please let me know if this fix works for you or not.
  11. No sorry, these scripts actually need house and streetlight objects to function.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. I very occasionally experience it too, it's more likely to happen when the unit is knocked down by a vehicle or a non lethal explosion. Something to do with the interplay of FALL and BLEEDOUT. IT's my top priority to fix. EDIT: Many thanks for the kind words by the way :)
  13. So TPW FURNITURE currently works for Tanoan and Altian buildings. Most Takistani buildings are furnished, most Chernarussian buildings aren't enterable. Which means that it's really 3rd party buildings that need furnishing. I have no particular plans to do it, but am more than happy to assist other people to do so using a couple of scripts I've written.