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  1. Hi all Yeah I've been following the trains with as much interest as everyone else. I'll see what I can come up with now it's released. @ebarstad : unit markers can't be changed in config sorry. If you want to run the script version then you can adjust the _height variable from lines 1400-1423 @scooterperpetual : I've no idea, I've never used that mod. If it uses standard Arma building classes then the civs should worlk
  2. It's possible to use setaperture to allow you to see in the dark. I use it for full colour night vision in TPW HUD in my TPW MODS suite. There's a script version in the download that you can have a look at
  3. Please PM me if you are still having trouble. There's no reason why TPW MODS shouldn't work, all you need is the latest version of CBA for A3 and you're off to the races.
  4. TPW MODS are ostensibly SP only. Some of them have MP client functionality, none of them work on a dedicated server. Userconfigs aren't synced sorry. In the case of TPW PARK, your mate would still see cars since they're not spawned locally. I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but I don't play MP and have no intention of it either. Any MP functionality I have put in there is just a bonus, not something that I intend to expand upon.
  5. Sorted. Sorry about that, Dropbox just totally changed the path for their downloads.
  6. If you want to make it seem even worse go and play Hunter Call of the Wild which has superb environmental presentation. The clutter is very dense but never pops, you can see the objects smoothly transitioning between LODs and the overall effect is really good. Arma3's LOD smoothing/blending works really well for other objects, if a version of it was applied to clutter objects we could stop having this conversation :)
  7. If you're prepared to wait (quite) a while you can run a script in your init or debug console to hide trees: { _x hideobject true; _x enablesimulation false; } foreach nearestTerrainObjects [player, ["Tree","Small Tree","Bush"], 10000];
  8. Thanks Makhno. The Apex tropical trees are a VAST improvement over the old trees with their weird trunk textures and strange colours. And the performance has gone through the roof! It would be great to fix the missing rain noise - this map is just begging to be played in the rain. I agree with Autigergrad, a similar overhaul of NZiwasogo would be awesome.
  9. Hi seba1976 Nothing like a good mod mystery to piss off both the user and the author. Sorry I can't help. Please let me know if the issue persists and I'll dive into the code again.
  10. Aliabad already has patched sky courtesy of CUP terrains
  11. No definitely not intended behaviour. Aircraft spawned by TPW AIR are always spawned as civilians with targetting and other AI disabled. In all the years I've run this mod I've never been attacked by an aircraft Do you have TPW SKIRMISH running perhaps? If you are allowing enemy units to call support then you could be fired upon by a Kajman,
  12. Thanks guys. It's an analytical biochemistry postdoctoral gig, doing mass spectrometry and informatics. Start tomorrow, hopefully won't be too brain fried to do Arma stuff after hours!
  13. TPW MODS 20170304: Changes: [BLEEDOUT 1.29] Fixed undefined variable error in MP. [CORE 1.34, FOG 1.50] Added Abramia, Lingor and Dingor to region and climate list. [RADIO 1.27] Fixed missing radio sound error. Not a major raft of changes, but since I've scored a new job I won't be updating as frequently. I am looking into a couple of other bugs, don't get too aggravated if a bug or a suggestion you've made recently hasn't made it into my changelog above.
  14. Yep you can play it with a controller. The movement is smoother too.
  15. Here's how it works: Let's say you have a temporary directory such as c:\temp You need to extract the @TPW_MODS directory from the archive to c:\temp Then you need to extract install.bat and shortcut.exe to c:\temp So in c:\temp you should have: @TPW_MODS install.bat shortcut.exe If you run install.bat it should install without issue. I Just tried it here and it worked fine. I have slightly updated the readme.txt in the installer