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  1. I feel you mate, A3 modding helped keep my head above water when my marriage imploded. Better to keep the mind focused on something challenging and ultimately rewarding rather than sitting on the couch getting pissed. A bit of positive feedback goes a long way and makes it feel like the investment of time was worth it if it improves the game for other people. Good luck with Chernarus Redux, it's going to be a classic!
  2. What a fantastic map, thanks @AxiosODST and everyone else for reinventing this landscape so perfectly. For a 0.3 release it's already in amazing shape. My only bugbear at this point is the overly loud ambient wind noise that plays whenever the player is above about 200m ASL, regardless of the actual wind strength in game. This was an issue with the native Arma3 sound config a few months ago and was eventually fixed. I figure since you guys are apparently using your own sound config, you might be able to look at fixing it too.
  3. Hi ContheJon, thanks for the kind words. Here is the main TPW_MODS.pbo, modified to be chainsaw free, just replace the one in your TPW MODS installation with this and you'll be golden. Please let me know when you've done so and I'll remove the link.
  4. Hey everyone, thanks very much for the support and understanding, it really means a lot me. I knew there was a reason I kept on coding! I'll get back to you on the facewear issue
  5. Hi xon2. Yours is a fair enough question and I suppose after 4+ years of writing this mod it's about time I answered it. Be aware though that my reasons only have to make sense to me! An auto updating steam TPW MODS would probably mean fewer headaches for those people who use it, but more headaches for the bloke who writes it. 1 - to misappropriate Mr Guinness, I find the steam forums to often be a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Someone released tpw mods on there without my consent recently, and in the few days it was up the comments decried it as a piece of shit for not being MP compatible enough, not being easily configurable enough, and being a cheat to boot (hud). Call me selfish, but I write this stuff for the buzz of making the SP game I want to play and for the occasional positive feedback that it's enhancing the SP game for others. The BIS forums are generally a pretty decent place and people are generally understanding of mod makers and their priorities. There are plenty of decent users on steam too, but there are plenty who aren't. The degree of rudeness and over entitlement on steam (particularly by some of the MP crowd) would probably permanently sap my will to code within a week and exacerbate the depression and anxiety that I unfortunately already have to deal with. Please, feel free to insert "harden up princess" comments :) 2 - while I could indeed use steam for downloading and updating the mod via some delta mechanism, I'm unsure that the hpp management would be so straightforward, since it needs to live separately from the mod location. Cue the "hard to configure piece of shit" comments. Perhaps someone else could enlighten me on this. 3 - Anyone who mods knows that their code is out there for people to see and use. I specifically encourage the use of my code with proper attribution, and by and large people on this forum honour that gentlemans agreement. I have little faith that the army of code and content appropriators on steam would. Sorry if these answers aren't those you want to read.
  6. TPW MODS 20170912: Changes: [CARS 1.56, PARK 1.11] Added IDAP vehicles to car list. [CORE 1.44, SOAP 1.19] Bozcaada added to region and sound lists. Added IDAP civilians to Mediterranean, European and Oceanian maps. [DUCK 1.01] Suppression fx no longer affect player when switching units. [FURNITURE 1.05] Added new BIS furniture content. Performance improvement by spawning furniture as simpleobjects. Hi everyone, back after a bit of a break for health and life issues. The main thing you'll notice with this update is a bit of support for the Laws of War DLC: IDAP vehicles will be spawned for additional traffic and parked car ambience (though cannot be driven unless you own the DLC), and IDAP civs will be spawned in addition to the region specific civs on Altis/Stratis/Malden/Tanoa. I exploited my 11 year old daughter's new interest in interior design by getting her to create furnishing templates using the new furniture added recently, so now you'll see houses with actual beds, couches, armchairs, coffee tables, mats etc etc. This adds a little more to the immersion IMHO. @heyvern69, I never thought of those clever suggestions before, I will look into it, thanks!
  7. Btw. What's your mod that includes the airplane flyovers, would it be possible to have groups of airplanes come over in twos or threes or fours or randomly as such

  8. Here's some code I use to grab a list of Asian civilian classnames, based on them having the string "asia" in their classname. You can then randomly select a classname to spawn the civ. // List of Asian civs asian_civs = []; _cfg = (configFile >> "CfgVehicles"); _str = "asia"; for "_i" from 0 to ((count _cfg) -1) do { if (isClass ((_cfg select _i) ) ) then { _cfgName = configName (_cfg select _i); if ( (_cfgName isKindOf "camanbase") && {getNumber ((_cfg select _i) >> "scope") == 2} && {[_str,str _cfgname] call BIS_fnc_inString}) then { asian_civs set [count asian_civs,_cfgname]; }; }; }; Sorry if this isn't what you're after.
  9. Thanks very much for that oldy41, it is indeed an oversight and I have fixed it for the next release. I've been off the tools for a few weeks, hope to get back into a bit more Arma3 code wrangling soon.
  10. Yep, that's a side effect of allowing the mod to work across saved games. Try typing tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 0 in the debug shell. That should stop the effect, and after a save game you should be right.
  11. That looks correct to me, these headgear classnames should be used to display TPW HUD. I tried it myself and it works, so I'm not sure what your specific problem might be, sorry.
  12. Yep, that's TPW BLEEDOUT which causes camera shake to simulate racing pulse. You can turn it off in the HPP using tpw_bleedout_heartbeat = 0;
  13. So what do you see if you type: hint str tpw_hud_headgeartypes in the debug shell?
  14. I'll look into today for you RS, could be a bug in HUD.
  15. I tried setmass a while ago to slow down civilian vehicles near the player, but gave up on the idea. Greatly increasing the car's mass greatly certainly slows it down, but the car cannot be driven very well by AI or player because it has hugely increased inertia through corners and when braking. YMMV of course!