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  1. @SGP-Christian, I've written a mod called TPW_SOAP, which spawns all sorts of region specific sonic ambience (music, chatter, traffic noise, household ambience, radios etc etc) around the player using playsound3d. You're welcome to have a look at the script for some ideas, or just use the mod as is.
  2. I'm ignoring your advice and getting very excited!
  3. Do you mean using SKIRMISH? The AI in this mod is spawned at quite low skill already (~0.05) precisely to prevent them oneshotting you and each other.
  4. Have a look at the code in TPW HUD mate, this does what you describe. It is non trivial though.
  5. I do something similar for my own stuff. Try using an eventhandler to determine if there's been gunfire near the player,. musictime = diag_ticktime; musicflag = 0; player addeventhandler ["firednear",{musictime = diag_ticktime + 30}] _main_music_loop = { while {true} do { if (diag_ticktime > musictime && musicflag = 0) then { playmusic "BackgroundTrack01_F"; musicflag = 1; } else { playmusic ""; musicflag = 0; }; sleep 10; }; }; 0 = [] spawn _main_music_loop; This will make sure that no music will play during close combat and for up to 30 seconds after. EDIT: you can use music eventhandlers to assess when music is actually playing, instead of the musicflag.
  6. TPW MODS 20170722: Changes: [HPP UPDATE REQUIRED] [INSTALLER] Removed desktop shortcut for the TPW Settings.jar which is no longer packaged with TPW MODS. [BOATS 1.33] Improved cleanup of dead and damaged boats and drivers/passengers. [CIVS 1.54] Fixed sporadic "Error Undefined variable in expression: _house". [CORE 1.43] Removed sport/surf clothing from civilians. [DUCK 1.00] *NEW MOD* AI units will now properly keep their heads down when suppressed. [HUD 1.65] Optimised perframe performance. Sigh, another release and another HPP update - sorry about that. Apart from a few fixes and cleanups the main news is that I have introduced TPW DUCK, which does not add ducks to the game but rather forces suppressed AI to change posture: standing units will crouch, crouching units will go prone. Once unsuppressed they'll return to whatever posture the FSM or other scripts dictate. And that's all it does, they don't seek cover, get any behaviour, stamina or skill changes, throw smoke etc, they just keep their bloody heads down under fire. With TPW DUCK, squads won't charge headlong into bulletfire, and enemy AI units can be kept pinned down behind cover unable to return fire while someone else flanks them. This mod uses the game's native suppression functionality for the the heavy lifting and FSM stuff so is very light, in my testing there is no noticeable performance hit once the bullets start flying. TPW DUCK replaces TPW EBS (although you can still use EBS instead if you want more features). As always, feedback is welcome.
  7. Thanks @gatordev, that sort of feedback really means a lot me, sincerely. I'm always learning with regards to Arma programming, and if I stumble across a way to improve something then I'll apply it. Might not make a huge difference but they add up over time.
  8. Hi @Cochise333 TPW SKIRMISH will fall back to NATO and CSAT if it can't find units matching the strings you have used. I don't use Unsung or Aircav so I have no idea what the classnames are. If you can provide these, and show me the TPW SKIRMISH settings you are using, then I should be able to help
  9. If you can please be a bit more specific then I might be able to track down what the issue. What do you mean by "something else"? And, which of the TPW MODS were you running? TPW MODS does not change waypoint behaviour for any units other than those it spawns itself (CARS, BOATS, CIVS, CROWD, SKIRMISH)
  10. Hi @k0zm3k Firstly, thanks for the kind comments and the interesting suggestions. Pretty much everything you've suggested is doable, and most of it I've even considered previously! None of it can be done without me writing extra functionality into it though. The detection stuff doesn't quite work as you've described. It basically sets a detection threshold which a unit must be under in order to be reliably detected. This threshold shrinks further in rain, fog, at night, and when a unit is prone. Then there's some randomness sprinkled on top for good measure. It all runs from a function called tpw_hud_fnc_effectiveness, which runs every 10 seconds or so: There's certainly scope to add additional stuff like camo etc, and I will look into it for you
  11. Thanks for the bug reports, they're very valuable. I'll have a look into this straight away. EDIT: I think I've fixed the TPW CIVS error, but the BOATS error will need a little more tracking down. Boats and crew should be deleted if they're still for more than 60 seconds. I personally never see the dead boats and crew you're describing, but I'll see what I can come up with. EDIT 2: OK I've added some additional checking code which should alleviate the dead boats and drivers. Nothing I can do about the !@#$ed A3 pathfinding. Well actually I probably could but these are just decorative boats not deserving of all the CPU cycles.
  12. Yep that's basically it. If TPW MODS is running then simply load a map into the editor, spawn yourself and whatever squad and assets you want. TPW MODS will then do the rest, and if you have TPW SKIRMISH enabled then there'll be ambient combat around you which you can take part in.
  13. MY apologies for this. The installer was actually written for me by Gliptal some time ago. He also wrote the TPW Settings.jar program (which I have subsequently removed from the installation). I will remove references to the TPW Settings.jar from the desktop installer. You may consider using which is a simple python interface for modifying the tpw_mods.hpp
  14. Hi @froggyluv The way the system is meant to work is that as any unit is assigned to TPW BLEEDOUT the initial skill of the unit is written into a variable ("tpw_skill"). Then as BLEEDOUT runs this variable is basically multiplied by the health of the unit and the resulting number written back to the unit's actual skill. If the unit returns to full health then it will return to its original skill. I can see now that this will interfere with a system such as yours which dynamically adjusts skill of units. Let me have a think about how to get around this. In the mean time, please set tpw_bleedout_affect to 0, this will stop BLEEDOUT from affecting skill.