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  1. I've spent a lot of time on this map, there's just something unique about the feel. And the performance is absolutely incredible. I wonder whether it's because Makhno is using lots of A3 house and tree assets which have geometric occlusion built in.
  2. Hi godis_1, thanks for the the clarification. Nearly all TPW MODS can be disabled during a mission by setting the appropriate global variable true / false (not 0 / 1) in a script or trigger : tpw_air_active = true / false tpw_animal_active = true / false tpw_bleedout_active = true / false tpw_boat_active = true / false tpw_car_active = true / false tpw_civ_active = true / false tpw_crowd_active = true / false tpw_firefly_active = true / false tpw_fog_active = true / false tpw_furniture_active = true / false tpw_houselights_active = true / false tpw_hud_active = true / false tpw_park_active = true / false tpw_radio_active = true / false tpw_skirmish_active = true / false tpw_soap_active = true / false These ones aren't implemented: tpw_fall_active tpw_puddle_active tpw_rainfx_active
  3. Here are the p3d, config.cpp and final pbo files I've been working on, if anyone would care to take a look (a dev would be great).
  4. Godis_1 let's just back this up for a minute to save you further frustration and me further perplexity. If I understand it correctly from your Steam page, the dynamic ISIS War System you're putting together requires a large number of mods, including TPW MODS. So, if you insist on the system requiring TPW MODS, why are you not just using TPW SOAP? It seems to me you're going to a lot of hassle to extract the assets out of my mod to make a version running from the mission directory which doesn't seem to be doing anything differently than the original. The version you're trying to create will just conflict with the mod version because you've changed no variable names. And all those redundant samples will just add extra download size. I don't think you could reasonably accuse me of not trying to help, but I'd feel a whole lot more inclined to debug someone else's work if you could properly clarify what it is that you want to achieve by your apparent duplication of effort.
  5. Thanks Godis_1, glad everything is working for you now. BTW that's not a typo, using "osque" means I'll pick up "Mosque" and "mosque", "Bigmosque" etc depending on the mod.
  6. Howdy all I've got some ideas I'd like to try out with improving FPS by spawning simple geometric occluder objects around the player to reduce the amount of rendering in busy scenes. May or may not be naive bullshit, but the problem is that I am simply unable to generate a simple geometric occluder object to test my ideas out with. So, based on this page: , I fired up object builder, created a simple 5x5x5m object with only a view geometry LOD, selected the cube, converted it to convex using Structure->Convexity->Component Convex Hull and renamed the selection from Component01 to occluder_01 as per the page. I saved the p3d and wrote a very simple config packaged it up using BinPbo to give an object which can be placed in the editor. So far so good. However when I preview the mission, the placed object does not occlude a single bloody thing. So am I missing something obvious here? Is there in fact a way to make a standalone object which will prevent rendering of the other objects it obscures? Any info appreciated, thanks!
  7. An interesting observation: normally this map gives me very (almost unplayably) low FPS around towns, the reason cited by everyone being the trees. I accidentally removed JBAD buildings from my mod list and loaded up Diyala. Instead of erroring out it just ran without buildings. And it was absolutely silky smooth throughout the map regardless of trees. Which leads to the obvious conclusion that the density of JBAD structures on this map is badly affecting the framerate.
  8. Hi godis_1. I think the main issue is that although playsound3d needs to be fed the full pathname to the sample, the sample also needs to have a cfgsounds entry with the same path in it. Confused me too the first time I started doing this stuff. So basically for your mission you'll need to extract the samples to your mission directory, define cfgsounds entries for all of them in the description.ext, and then call them using their path in the modified version of TPW SOAP script. To save yourself some work I'd recommend a cut and paste of the cfgsounds entries out of the config.cpp files in TPW AMBIENCE, TPW SOUNDS and TPW AZAN into your description.ext, and then do a search/replace to change the paths therein. Or if that's too much effort, just use TPW SOAP as is :)
  9. Hey Makhno, a couple more observations: For some reason Leskovets over-rides all wind settings either in Eden or scripted, it just totally ignores the setwindstr command. Is this something in the config? I get the following error whenever starting a mission on this map: 'safepositionanchor/' is not a class ('name' accessed")
  10. I don't think anyone has managed to make vehicle AI who aren't idiots/psychopaths (happy to be proven wrong), in their quest to avoid entities and terrain object collisions they usually end up doing more of both. I think all you can do is try to minimise their damage by : 1 - Forcing AI drivers to dostop when there are footbound entities nearby. Then you have the issue of getting them to effectively resume their patrol behaviour. 2 - Disabling collisions between moving vehicles and footbound entities (this is what I do).
  11. TPW MODS 20170216: Changes: [CARS 1.52, SKIRMISH 1.38] All civilian cars will stop is there is gunfire around the player. Player vehicles can now flatten footbound units. Units should no longer briefly disappear when nearby cars are shot at. Collision removal may now be disabled by setting the variables tpw_car_nocollision = false and tpw_skirmish_nocollision = false. [CIVS 1.52] "Chimp walking" civilians stuck in crouch walk will be removed. Civilian interaction is now disabled by default in the HPP. [CORE 1.32] Added support for CUP civilians on European/Greek maps, and appropriate support for CUP Takistani / CUP African civilians if using Autigergrad's Takistani Civilians for CUP / African Factions for CUP respectively. [FURNITURE 1.04] Added furniture template for Tanoa "Land_House_Small_05_F". Improved random template selection code, additional fuel station templates provided by Savage_Donkey. [HUD 1.61] Optimised unit scanning code. Unit/marker scanning may be toggled using CTRL-ALT-U. [SKIRMISH 1.38] Fixed sporadic undefined variable errors. [SOAP 1.10] Additional Tanoan crowd ambience, many thanks to Autigergrad for offering me these samples. No rest for the wicked.
  12. Hi Godis_1. The same rules apply to you as everyone else - you're free to use my stuff as you see fit (within reason) provided you acknowledge the authors, in this case me and autigergrad. I don't have the time or desire to trawl around seeing if people respect this simple request (many don't I suspect), so I'm trusting you on this. Now that's out of the way :) In order for TPW SOAP to work properly, you need 3 pbos: TPW_AMBIENCE.pbo, TPW_AZAN.pbo and TPW_SOUNDS.pbo. The error you're seeing is because TPW SOAP causes dogs to bark when there's nearby gunfire, and the dog sounds are in TPW _SOUNDS.pbo. You'll need to unpack the samples you want from all of these pbos if you want to create a self contained mission without external dependencies. TPW SOAP expects a given number of sound files in a given file order so that it can assign play lengths to them. If you only use a subset of the middle east sounds you'll need to address this in the code. Lastly, I always advise people who release mission or mods based on my work to let people know to disable the relevant TPW MOD, in your case TPW SOAP, to prevent interference.
  13. Aaah, that makes sense. No fire from vehicle with a Hunter. Thanks! Hope this gets addressed soon.
  14. Thanks alky_lee. I originally was toying with a similar concept but found that having my squad continually knocked down was just as bloody annoying, even if they weren't necessarily being killed. With the current implementation I at least don't have to look over my shoulder and or run for cover every time a car hoves into view.