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  1. TPW MODS 20171104: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zzpdslewpovizvf/TPW_MODS_20171104.zip Changes: HPP UPDATE REQUIRED [CORE 1.47, FOG 1.58] Hunters Valley, Beketov, Ryderwood, Chernarus winter, Utes winter, Thirsk winter, Artic added to region and climate list [DUCK 1.04] Editor placed units in crouch/kneel will stay that way until suppressed. [FALL 1.58] You may now specify a minimum time for a hit unit to remain incapacitated. [SOAP 1.22] No ambience from damaged houses. I'v been a bit preoccupied with other stuff lately, so no major new features sorry.
  2. Hi redarmy Thanks for the suggestion. I will add this variable for you. In the mean time, as per my post to Tim Tiger, if you set tpw_fall_falltime to a large value such as 500 then even a small damage hit will keep the unit down for quite a while
  3. Hi Tim Tiger I don't see these issues sorry. The way FALL works is that the time on the ground is proportional to the damage. So if you've set tpw_fall_falltime = 60 and a unit takes a small hit , say damage = 0.1, then it'll be immobilised for 6 seconds. If he takes a 0.5 damage hit then he'll be down for 30 sec etc. If you have TPW BLEEDOUT active and the damage is greater than the tpw_bleedout_ithresh then the unit will stay down until either healed or it bleeds out. BLEEDOUT does not make a unit die, that only happens if its damage is greater than 1. Are you running any other mods, and can you PM me a copy of your HPP just in case. Thanks
  4. Hmm, you're right. I've amended the code slightly for the next release, this should sort it out.
  5. If you're using TPW FOG and maps are in TPW FOG's climate list then fireflies won't spawn if it's less than 20degC. Of the maps you mentioned only Napf Winter is in TPW FOG, so the rest will default to Altis weather and are warm enough for fireflies. I'll put the other maps into TPW FOG but while you're waiting, tpw_firefly_active = false will kill the fireflies I'm not enough of a config wrangler to kill the insects and birds. If you use JSRS then his environment settings pretty much kill ambient wildlife noises on most maps other than Altis/Stratis/Tanoa/Malden. I think this is a bug but you can try using it and see if it helps.
  6. No worries mate I'll look into it for you. It shouldn't be rocket surgery.
  7. Here's my super simple weather randomising script. // Random weather - wind needs to be set manual override if (random 1 > 0.5) then { while {true} do { private ["_wind","_overcast","_time"]; if (overcast > 0.5) then { _overcast = random 0.5; } else { _overcast = 0.5 + random 0.5; }; _wind = random 0.25; _time = 300 + random 900; sleep _time; _time setovercast _overcast; _time setwindstr _wind; sleep _time; }; };
  8. I love this forum! Trying it now! EDIT: Perfect, thanks AZC
  9. No, FOG just adds the appropriate climatic flourishes specific to the region and the time of day and year. This is a design decision so as not to interfere unduly with missions. I do however run a simple dynamic weather script on my system, can provide it if you are interested.
  10. Arma 4 a look to the future

    Call me superficial but improved water handling (wet surfaces, proper ponds, flowing water) is just about top of my Wishlist for A4. Along with proper dynamic lighting/shadowing and improved animations.
  11. I'm not a config wrangler so can't fix whatever is broken there, but I did manage to write a small addon which kludges in some rain noise on Beketov. The rain noise will get louder in heavier rain, and softer when the player is under cover. Not perfect, but better than nothing! You can try it here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vc8wkuknqv12m27/TPW_RAIN.pbo
  12. Nice find JD Wang. I wasn't aware of the ejection seat issue, it never used to crop up. I'll have a look and see what I can do.
  13. Thanks mate. Civs are actually spawned into buildings if possible and will move between them, so any building they can enter will do. I'm loving the enterable Chernarus buildings personally!
  14. Fantastic CUP update, thanks to everyone involved for this essential set of addons. Bug report: floating houses on Chernarus. Specifically Land_HouseV2_01B Proof :) https://www.dropbox.com/s/1cc4q1nup3uy5th/floating.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf66dozaiduolrn/floating2.jpg EDIT: Bug report retracted!!! Turns out the bug is in the Chernarus Redux. Sorry to waste your time.