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  1. Yes! WWII mods are shaping very well
  2. i've submitted a ticket.thx for the link Nice news about I44 guys releasing their stuff on A3!!!
  3. Sorry...my english is far from perfect,but i think the meaning was pretty undestandable... From what i see there is not a page to submit bug and request about IFA3 so i ask here on the forum. Today i was testing tanks and i stumbled in this "bug" of tank optics.IIRC they were realistically portrayed in I44 (A2 version) Also bombs: when you drop them a copy remains on plane's wings The plane's propeller effect is also very ugly I'm new to this IFA3 and i really like this mod,just some reports to improve the overall quality...not to complain or similar
  4. Guys it is known that all tank optics are offset and not zeroed correctly on the scale provided?
  5. Can someone direct me to a guide on how to use the briefing editor?
  6. Great pics Madshepherd
  7. OMG The mighty Merderet!!!So many memories...fierce battles have been fought along that river...
  8. thx didn't know those details...so mi24 is very bad at aiming at target with cannon in comparison to the AH 1 cobra...can't see nothing with it...instead the Saclos Optics is cristal clear...i hope i can use that one to aim also with cannon
  9. Same problem in Mi24.A lot of stuttering almost unplayable. Also as in gunner seat can't select cannon rounds if in optic mode but only AG missiles
  10. Great things are in the making... Merry Christmas!!!
  11. Congrats for the release!!
  12. Exactly,GREF is full of content to fill mission with something different from proper USA vs RU classic scenarios. On this regard i'm editing a TvT mission that may contain rotary wing support. My scope is avoiding to render air assets too op, by using units without radar and with non fire and forget air to ground missiles.So Hind is the best platform for opfor team but i'm struggling finding something to give to blufor...a AH1 Cobra with tow missiles would be the best cause the one with hellfires is too OP in my scenario...So a Gref Cobra or something similar(Gazelle?Bo105?)with TOW missile would be really needed
  13. Thx so much.A bit strange that with an expansion that need so much the amphibious part they remove it totally...i will wait till it comes back in stable branch to start editing again on that beatiful map. Any plans by RHS for heavy load transportation?(i'm thinking about moving tanks and heavy IFV) right now chinook and mi 8 can't lift those heavy beasts