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  1. nim weather and 1.99

    My guess (and that's just a blind shot) is that they've used some kind of trick to check if addon is run on OFP or on VBS. CWA uses several VBS features/functions so NIM Weather scripts may detect game as a VBS version. IIRC the simplest way was to use isServer command (OFP had no such command, VBS and CWA have it). But I may be wrong.
  2. How to change wound texture path?

    In my experience not. I'm using XVI32, maybe try with that one? (From Addon Request thread I understand that you're using HexEdit - should be really the same but who knows?) Never had any problems with hex-edited models, but then I've never done it to infantry...
  3. How to change wound texture path?

    You do it in config of your unit. class mycoolunit: SoldierGB { wounds[]={"pathtoregulartexture1.paa","pathtowoundedtexture1.paa","pathtoregulartexture2.paa","pathtowoundedtexture2.paa"}; }; However you need to add paths to all vanilla face textures, otherwise they won't work as expected. wounds[]={"xicht_a.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_b.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_c.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_d.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_e.paa","xicht_e_zranen","xicht_f.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_g.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_h.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_i.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_j.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_k.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_l.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_m.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_n.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_o.paa","xicht_o_zranen","xicht_p.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_q.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_r.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_s.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_t.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_u.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_v.paa","xicht_v_zranen","xicht_w.paa","xicht_w_zranen","xicht_x.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_y.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_z.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2a.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2b.paa","xicht_w_zranen","xicht_2c.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2d.paa","xicht_v_zranen","xicht_2e.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2f.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2g.paa","xicht_w_zranen","xicht_2h.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2i.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2j.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2k.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2l.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2m.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2n.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2o.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2p.paa","xicht_2p_zranen","xicht_2q.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2r.paa","xicht_e_zranen","xicht_2s.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2t.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2u.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2v.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2w.paa","xicht_w_zranen","xicht_2x.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2y.paa","xicht_a_zranen","xicht_2z.paa","xicht_a_zranen"}; Now this will be a lot of code, so best method is to create a base class for all your units that will contain wound definitions for all textures you're going to do. Otherwise you would need to repeat all that for every single unit.
  4. fdf mod (ww2 mod) + ecp

    Short answer: no. Both are total replacement mods and thus use their own /bin/config and /bin/resource files. FDF also uses a little bit different structure when it comes to sounds and islands. You'd need to modify FDF config to include event handlers defined in ECP config, and also include ECP settings file and additional classes in resource file.
  5. Cannot create 3D device

    Also if you have both integrated graphics in motherboard and dedicated graphics card, make sure that integrated one is turned off in Windows, and check your OFP/CWA properieties (Preferences tool in Start menu).
  6. M4's for weapon Individualisem

    Could someone be so kind and provide other mirror? I swear this is the worst file sharing site I've ever seen! :P
  7. WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    So, it's not an issue already, isn't it? :P I wonder how fast it was before change. CTI John Wayne fast?
  8. WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    1. Honestly I never encountered it. I think it may be related to system performance and sounds - it looks like sounds are not preloaded when starting game/mission, so when you fire a weapon, game needs to load it's firing (and hitting) sounds into memory. This can cause slight lags (it is clearly visible when using Gatling-type weapons, regardless of addon/mod). 2. It takes between 15 (BMP-3) to 20 (BMP-1) seconds. While it's faster than in real life (especially in case of BMP-1 where reloading Malyutkas is PITA), it's still reasonable (IMHO) from a gameplay perspective. Heck, some CTI addons allowed BMPs and other IFVs to fire their ATGMs in a John Wayne, 0 second reload time! 3. It's like that since Sanctuary added his BTR-899 to WW4. Reason is that Car base class in OFP/CWA have many limitations. You can add a shitload of scripts to try to overcome them, or just base your APCs from APC base class and live with it. So it's rather a feature than bug. 4. Both issues are known, and destroying thing will be fixed in next patch. 5. That's also a leftover from Sanc's WW4. In fact it looks like AK-74 with shortened barrel and AKMS stock. Weird mutant, however currently we don't plan to add new weapon models. Maybe in future.
  9. OFP videography

    I hope I won't commit a crime (I can't see videos only, no comments! anywhere), but yeah - this is worth a comment. Even with visible limitations (do I spy fake asteroid belt made from stones lying on invisible ground?) it looks astonishing! Are Mars and it's moons parts of skybox, or are these objects (there's something on radar)? Nogovan bridge once again proves it's functionality, but in the future, maybe GAW platform would work better. Oh, I LOLed at the last seconds - how u fly this? :) A little too late to ask that!
  10. A blast from the past

    It's up there as http://ofp.gamepark.cz/ If JdB would put the file there (on ftp), then you would need to just add a link to it in the thread you're talking about. So we need JdB, however recently he was seen planning a military coup against Erdogan. :ph34r:
  11. A blast from the past

    Or maybe ask guys at OFPEC.com where Abandoned Armies is still available.
  12. A blast from the past

    Unfortunately, I wasn't here when you released Abandoned Armies, so I can't help you with the document. Still, I'd like to thank you for excellent mission you created. It is really a magnificent work, and one of the most detailed and complicated missions of all time. The story, scripting, voice acting, camera work - rarely one can and is willing to put such enormous effort to something which is made for fun and released for free. Actually I discovered Abandoned Armies very recently. I learned about similiar mission for Arma 3 called Pilgrimage, and people there discussed your mission which brought me to it. It is quite an experience: it is not a blockbuster action packed mission, but it's even more exciting. I've never liked OFP original stealth missions where one have to sneak into the town and steal that stupid UAZ. :) It seemed that no matter what I do, enemy AI would always kill me from several hundred meters. And whole effort seemed pointless. Abandoned Armies is different here. Maybe it's because of weather settings, but stealth actually works here. I can sneak up into the town, make some contacts, collect equipment and leave unnoticed. But don't think it is because enemy is dumb - you still have to be smart and extremely cautious because one false movement can alert nearby patrols. And this puts not only your life at risk, but also lifes of your team mates, friends and people who rely on your leadership. Abandoned Armies is like OFP version of Lord of the Rings - an epic journey of one low key character who needs to build his power by using brain and not brute force. A masterpiece of mission making. Thanks for that!
  13. DXDLL - advanced tweaking (and 12th anniversary)

    It is worth noting that enabling enhanced tracers messes with vanilla AH-1 and AH-65 HUDs. Not that these HUDs are useful (I've never learned what's the purpose of these two crossed rectangles), but it doesn't look good when you're flying one of these. Which is a shame because tracers look great with ET enabled.
  14. WW4 Extended - Unofficial expansion for WW4 2.5

    Yes and no. :) We can change just models in data3d.pbo, or change paths in \bin\resource.cpp. First solution is problematic when one wishes to use some enhacements like Lllauma's sky pack. But that second option is even worse, because we would need to fix our resource.cpp file every time original mod is updated. Now some may say that this is unlikely to happen, but we don't want to risk any problems. And off the record - it would be great to have a total replacement mod with EXT features and unit models, but it would be really gargantuic effort. Kenoxite once said that his original idea was much simpler and smaller than what EXT is now. So this mod had overgrown it's author wishes, and we don't feel like making it even harder to manage than it is now! :P