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  1. Please ask in the relevant section this thread is for RHS issues only not general inquiries. Post will be deleted once you repost in questions and answers
  2. opfor

    These are just selections from the new models that don't exist on the A2 Skeleton. Pretty much most character addons have similar errors relating to the A2 Skeleton.
  3. Porting content from other games into Arma, is strictly taboo, as you do not have permission to do so. Topic locked.
  4. Possibly als N'Ziwasogo ??
  5. Again, your preaching to the converted, but at the end of the day, what's the alternative?
  6. Vasily, you've been insulting quite often, hence why you've been banned before, there's way of going about putting your point across, without insulting the people you expect to fix the broken stuff. And the AI can climb ladders no problems? They can't on dev branch, or stable branch either, from what I've been trying to make them do. Without any AI addons, put 4 divers in the docks at Georgetown and give them a "move there" command, they will swim around the jetties and swim to the shallow water, and come out that route, they don't climb the ladders right in front of them. if you find an AI addon that makes them climb out please let me know which one as I'd like to use it. Drop 4 AI onto the roof of the hospital in Kerval and give them a command to move to another location and most will walk off the roof, and not use ladders. Same with the Silo's at the Sugar Factory on Tanoa, if there's ladders, they chose to think they're airborne! As I said, I agree with a lot of what you say, it's how you put your grievances across that isn't great.
  7. I agree, but there's way's of saying things and doing things, and slagging of the Dev's isn't one of them, and you and I are customers, along with everyone else, do I want the Driving to be better, yes I do, is it ever going to get better? $64,000,000 question, so like I said, there's really only two choices, accept its never going to be what we would all like on an individual basis, and the second, is as I said, uninstall, and reliev the stress I've complained quite recently about the AI driving, I also just stopped using dev branch as it was having effects on other various scripts too. but going back to stable seemed to sort these out. Dev Branch is all about testing stuff before release, and fixing the broken things as and when/if they can, it also breaks other things into the bargain, so stay on stable and read the feedback, and wait and see if it's fixed on the next stable release....or play something else till the broken stuff is fixed, why keep the stress levels up when there's solutions to it?
  8. Vasily, With all due respect, for a considerable time now, you've been extremely vocal about Arma3 even to the point you uninstalled it, and then reinstalled ,you also keep stating that you're on stable branch, but post quite often in here on the dev branch, if you're not experiencing the issues on dev branch, you're not offering much to the conversation. You've insulted BIS over and over, many times, have you not considered that if they're not fixing stuff and it constantly irks you, perhaps it's time to stop playing the game, and give yourself a break from being repetitive? I totally agree with you on many of these issues, and many will simply not be fixed to what we, the paying customer want, but at least four years after initial release, they're STILL trying to improve the overall game and have provided umpteen FREE updates, how many games and developers do you know that continue such support after initially releasing buggy games? Almost every FPS and Simulation I've bought over the past 10+ years has been released with countless faults, most had a couple of patches, and then that was it, zero support after that, they simply moved on to their next evolution. There are also very very few FPS/MilSims out there that have such a strong community support and Input, and that's what makes the Arma platform so attractive to a LOT of people, that there's some very very very smart and talented coders and programmers, who create their own "fixes" whilst people point fingers and say "But this should have been done by BIS" yes, they're also correct to a degree. There are very few games where the AI actually think like Humans, and therein lies the problems, what we in today's world wish for in an AI isn't 100% possible, here in Arma, they can take cover, return fire, work in teams and have basic tactics, but they can't do a simple thing like climb a ladder? The AI driving algorithm's in all the Arma franchise has never been brilliant, but the maps have been simple, now we have maps that have LOTS of objects placed on them, and are much more complex in nature, which is freaking the AI out, as they can't navigate for shit. Does it bother me? Hell yes, but I have two simple choices, put up with their ineptness and stupidity and do what I can within the parameters of the game....and the 2nd choice is to delete the game off my hard drive and find another game that I wont need to throw my mouse in disgust because soldier A has just driven off a steep embankment killing all inside.. I'm extremely grateful to the smart guys who seem to understand the AI algorithms much better than BIS do at times, and for their AI addons, it really does make a difference between playing something you know isn't working as it should in your mind, and then finding an addon that the AI have raised their IQ by about 100!!. No game out there is worth getting riled about, if you are unhappy and constantly getting so wound up, you vent, you need to find something that's not going to raise blood pressure and the mood of the house, which can effect the family life too if you have a family, trust me, I've been there, and nothing riles you more than a wife/girlfriend who says "it's only a game, why you getting so pissed off?" , the choice is yours, continue to play and being frustrated, angry and bitter .......or delete and find something more enjoyable that reduces those stress levels.
  9. I bellieve the fast rope waypoint for ACE has been borked for a while now, have the same issue with trying to add FRIES to get it working with no joy at all.
  10. Please don't "bump" 4 year old threads. Your question should be in the question and answer section of the forums.
  11. Can you post this again in the proper addon request section pinned to the top of this forum. Thank you. Topic Locked. wrong section.
  12. Pan. a video of a rifle grenade being fired by what looks like extras from the Deliverance wasn't bringing anything into the thread, especially with your comment "I will just leave this here" It was another subliminal request.
  13. Hence why I removed it, and the crackdown will continue, to include my own post. . no mixed messages at all.
  14. If you check on the previous page it tells you all the hidden selection names, from there once you open the config.cpp, it's all pretty much self explanatory.