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  1. Where were all you new guys when there has been regular issues since the release of Arma 3? Every single update for the past 3 years brought new things, and broke old things, where were you all with your complaints then?
  2. have you moved the game to another drive by any chance?
  3. There is a known issue with the 960/970's when it comes to allocating the RAM apparently
  4. The thing is, I've seen blokes with more or less the same specs as mine, with 20-30% better FPS, and they're running with higher graphics settings too, it's horses for courses when it comes to asking what gives the best performance really.
  5. RAZER cortex doesn't prioritise, it just shuts down programs freeing up RAM and less use of the CPU which always gives a little boost to Arma 3 for me mate
  6. Totally depends on your PC specs, everyone's different, some shut down background tasks when running ArmA3 as well, using something like RAZER Cortex.
  7. That's why you have a sub forum called Troubleshooting.. your issue has nothing to do with DEV Build.
  8. Even better, if you're not of Dev Build take it to the troubleshooting section, that's what it's there for.
  9. and both new posters with low post counts, who have contributed to so much to upgrades in Dev Branch... but do love a bit of hyperbole
  10. Hence why I'm always trying to hit between the fenders/gun ports and the turret ring, or above the road wheels, the size of the bmp turret is very small, a sabot round hitting that turret depending on the angle as well is going to render that turret and its occupants into frothing messes !
  11. A hit to the turret ring would/should damage the ammo carousel within the turret,
  12. Yeah, the HEAT rounds are the bomb, there's just not enough of them !!
  13. Not the older BTR's and BMP's they have between 16mm and 25mm side armour, which a 25MM Bushmaster firing APDS should be able to penetrate up to 60-100mm, never mind at 120mm APFSDS from an M1A2 Task II. I have put 6 APFSD rounds into a BMP1 at a range of 700M, that seems very unrealistic, and yet a single Round into a T72 with ERA is a K-Kill I don't really like comparing other addons, however, the other main AFV addon M1A2 TUSK II firing the same Main Gun/ ammo type seems to be more powerful... so not 100% sure it's down to the ammo configuration or the vehicles themselves, this is really my only issue with the RHS stuff, over armoured vehicles, or under powered ammo for MBT's.
  14. what's different about this one compared to all the others? Do you realise that quite a few of these "issues" in the hidden part, are implemented and have been for a while, especially attaching explosives, then the samples I actually gave, and then there's the grenade throwing in ACE, so what's the actual point in asking a question "Would you buy it if it was in a DLC?" ummmm no, not when most of it can be found within addons. Ergo... what's the actual point the OP's making? That is should have been down to BIS to sort? I agree to a point, but addon makers since day one have always made such games more appealing, a change in a texture is often enough, but the whole point of the thread is.......well pointless, it's just another rant, and a misleading Title. ALL of these issues the OP has highlighted are discussed OFTEN in Dev Branch. A little bit of "searching" would yield a lot of answers to his questions.
  15. Also this one Both work not too bad, but not so great underwater, plus I do believe that since one of the updates last year, or maybe 2 years back it's been possible to attach explosives to objects. Sometimes, just spending time searching for these little things turns up real gems. there's even this thread, but I can never get the charges to stick.