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  1. GSTAVO's Weapons

    100% in agreement, there's animations sounds etc, that are open source, such as Toadie2K's that can be used, and credit given. doesn't really take that much to edit shader files.
  2. With a decent looking F1 helmet by any chance??
  3. Great to see you guys back in the fold, will you be focusing on the FELIN range of gear, or will you encompass 1990-2000 era gear too?
  4. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    more or less every day development branch releases updates and fixes, which kind of says their QA/QC isn't exactly top notch. All too often an official release breaks several 3rd party addons. Why would a 3rd party team develop a stunning DLC, only to have their stunning contents stumble about because their content can't find paths, or follow way points etc? Instead of inviting 3rd party DLC's, it would be better if BIS fixed their broken shit in the first place, without all the current AI 3rd party addons, the vanilla AI falls short of what it should be doing. What BIS seem to forget, it's already 3rd party addons that keep people interested in their base product, without 3rd party addons, which are basically DLC's in their own right, vanilla A3 would be boring. I'm willing to bet at least 95% of those who play A3 do so with addons, such as ACE, RHS, CUPS/Terrains etc too. And every one of those mentioned enhanced the base product. I personally feel BI is flat out of ideas, and also unable to fix one of the most important areas within the franchise, their AI, they've (BI) become stale, and see themselves that addons/DLC like RHS would be beneficial to them, due to their popularity within the community, by having their logo attached to it, and it keeps the dwindling interest alive till the next evolution of Arma.
  5. don't think you can in the editor, you can only issue orders within the mission itself.
  6. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Pretty sure it was a one off, and had already stopped? Off the top of my head, there's really not many groups or individuals who can pull this off, and it really seems geared up towards the likes of the RHS Franchise, already several of them have become BI developers, the CUP's team are mostly bringing in ported content from previous Arma versions. The terrain makers like icebreaker are also likely candidates.. but the whole thing about DLC's is they're only as successful as the demand for them. From basic concept to delivering a product that meets the consumers demands, I have to chuckle with regards to the DLC's meeting BI's Quality assurance and Quality control.. have they looked at their release that seemed to have bypassed QA/QC? like utter wank AI ?? I've noticed a steady decline in addons that were anticipated 12-24 months ago, individual people/groups are losing interest in trying to create addons, when this QA/QC the OP mentions, breaks more shit with 3rd party addons, than fixes !!
  7. AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Given than Tanks DLC will be the last one created by BIS, and that they're now advertising for 3rd party DLC creators, it's quite obvious the current AI issues are never going to be fixed. it's now a case of " you can only piss with the cock you've got" BIS are not going to fix the AI chaps, so better get used to these little motards!!
  8. Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    Do you have the Nevada, and Normandy maps? The problem is people get fixated on the actual terrains, unless you're flying NOE, and under 300 knots, even top spec flight sims the terrains are designed for flight, not for jumping out and going into combat. It's comparing apples to oranges really, as A3 terrains were designed for Infantry style game play, as much as people laud VBS3, again it's optimised for the role it's playing.. stunning groundwork, but piss poor models. DCS fits the role perfectly, enough ground detail to make your flights interesting, whilst A3 has terrains perfectly suited for slow moving rotary assets, and mechanised warfare. Google Earth is just sat resolution, it lacks proper elevation, there was some decent MS flightsim terrains a good few years ago, that had decent elevation, but lacked detail, and again, it was optimised for flying at altitude, I was tempted to try prepar3d but needed a beast to run it at the time.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I wouldn't be going there if I was you, KA is a known ripper, and it looks like he's perhaps done the same with this, unless he's got a shit load of proxies for each attachment
  10. Project Zenith

    Take no notice, he's just being himself. In the grand old scheme of things, it's got NOTHING to do with him anyway, he's not any of the artists credited, and it's clear he didn't bother looking for these credits either.
  11. They're here, trust me, they're also a big part of reddit too, and as for steam..
  12. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have these source files too, and used them for my ops core addon, Da12thMonkey is correct, they've never had a selection for any flag, or call sign patch, and very unlikely to be updated. Adding a flag to the texture is the only option, then you're also going to need a new normal (nohq) to bring the texture to life, ergo you need a new rvmat as well.
  13. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    3rd Party pitch= flat out of ideas ?? Lots of modders have just given up with Arma, it seems the popularity of the franchise has perhaps lost its gloss, putting in vast amounts of personal time and commitment, only to have their efforts put down, or it wasn't what was expected, wrong make or model etc etc etc. There's a handful of dedicated addon makers still working their magic, and there's less who are working to a standard as high as BIS, but have yet to produce products into the game. If BIS are no longer going to fix the stupidity of the AI, and it's piss poor path skills, what's the point in having a super duper new 3rd Party DLC, when it will suffer the same issues all other addons that are created, that are free? I was always 100% behind BIS, now I'd say I'm less than 75%, and that's being conservative. The whole community I'm sure would be in agreement in saying that as it stands, it's already 3rd party addons that are the only thing keeping Arma 3 alive, with the likes of RHS, the CUP's team, the ACE and ALIVE teams. Paying for an addon, when the underlying base game is broken in areas that it should be fixed, is like putting gasoline into a tank with a hole in it.. eventually you realise you're wasting time, effort and funds. Make all the current assets available unbinarised, and interests might be worth it. Best of luck to whoever decides to put the effort, and time in and have a solid workflow and time frame that's achievable, and whatever you're concept is, that it pays off financially for you.
  14. Arma 3 too small for fixed wing

    I bet there's no issues with AI following WP's or being unable to cross bridges either!! I agree with the OP, Fast Air is wasted within Arma 3, unless you have a map like DCS world(s)
  15. Navy SEAL's from "White Squadron" conduct VBSS mission, for intel. Addons: All Private personal addons.