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  1. US 75th Rangers

    Glad to see this has finally been taken down, there's a couple of very nasty individuals residing in that MilSim group.
  2. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    You do actually realise that you were in fact no obligated to download it, and to just ignore the author for being a complete bellend into the bargain. There's been over a dozen or so similar addons hosted on steam, some are are still there, I report them, move on, and don't lose any sleep over someone else's moral compass.
  3. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    There is only selective morality within this community, at best. Morality is like Health and Safety, either you're all in, or you ignore it completely, as you cannot pick and chose which is any less offensive, or obscene. I fully expect the next batch of pictures from a certain "liked" poster to be scrutinised for obscenity and morality issues, anything less is sheer hypocrisy.
  4. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    Where have you been for the past 2 years whilst the Islamic State lined up HUNDREDS of Iraq and Syrian Soliders and policemen and executed them... DAILY!! You have a prolific poster who constantly posts pictures which would be deemed illegal, under the Laws of Armed Conflict, where the majority of the pictures represents Americans as the aggressors, and he gets lots of likes from this very fucking community that's up in arms about a psychopath who killed 59 people in one venue, and lets not start kidding ourselves on here, the conspiracy theories on this particular nasty occasion is riddled with false reporting, false claims etc etc ... but lets not go down that road. There's no difference when it comes to morality, either you accept that it happens across the globe, and don't care as it's not in your neck of the woods, or you suffer from "selective morality issues" I personally find the idea of shooting civilians recreating the Las Vegas shooter to be in extremely bad taste, but no less than seeing American soldiers being depicted as cold blooded killers, where those pictures gets serious amounts of likes.....from this very community that's up in arms over this addon, hosted on a site that has zero affiliation or ties to Bohemia. If foxhound choses to do nothing, as the host of that site, there's not much else anyone can do but ignore the addon/mission, and worry about what tomorrow may bring.
  5. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    I would not be going down that road mate to be honest, as it would mean the end of the OPFOR addons that have such factions as IS/ISIL/Shia militias etc, as every single one of them have committed atrocities. There's already people getting their pants in a twist over Iron Front, where you can play as Germans, killing Americans... at what point within the gaming, and ARMA world do you stop representing countries as the enemy, where we're not at war with? . I have worked with the Chinese, have gone to China, and conducted business on behalf of my company with Chinese clients, am I supposed to be grateful that someone has decided to use the Chinese as OPFOR, having been there, and met the people, and found them to be more courteous and respectful than a LOT of European NATO countries I've been to? I've also been to Iran, same deal there, some of the nicest clients I've had have been Persian, does it bother me that there's "games" portraying them, and the Chinese as bad guys....constantly? No not really, if it bothers me that much, just like people I find to be complete cockwombles, I hit the "ignore" button, it's amazing the amount of stress and hyper action it relieves This guy in question, amongst many others on steam are just thundercunts, but I just ignore them, and their stupidity and lack of class, and morality.
  6. Armaholic, how did this pass under your radar?

    You guys do know that Bohemia have no control over Armaholic right? It's only connection is that foxhound who manages it also frequents here.
  7. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is the S&S Plate frame active in the editor yet, or is that being introduced in a future update?
  8. US 75th Rangers

    if you have the source files for the NVG's look in the rvmats for them, and delete the TI part. The eotxps3_ti_ca.paa is still in A3 folder, as I just checked.
  9. Why isn´t there a female skin?

    These use the default arma skeleton, a female model would require a different one, along with all the various animations associated with it.. it's a project on its own. Ask Horrible Goat, and Zeelax !!
  10. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Basic Load used to be 7 magazines, that was back in 2006, when I worked for a US PMC, 7 magazines on you, and 7 in reserve, who needs it? lots of people after the initial contact, suppressing fire can eat through magazines at a rapid rate of knots.. I'm guessing you've never been on a two way range?
  11. US 75th Rangers

    Holy shit... he lives!!!
  12. Project Zenith

    Use the MICH from SOTG as a rough guide mate, now I've seen blokes wearing MICH's that look very small, almost too small for their heads, due to the pads and shit inside of them lol.
  13. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    Yeah I went through them all and you're correct, no "bronze" rail tan crane version in 2.7.1
  14. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    You must have some kind of conflict going on mate. These are what appear with my 2.7.1
  15. (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    What version of the addon are your friends running? The latest is 2.7.1 I believe, it's in game for me, but doesn't have the tan pmag.