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    PSC in Iraq from 2004 -2016.
  1. As good as his stuff was back then, you've a plethora of top notch stuff to chose from that's out there just now.
  2. The creator has already stated that there will be no more updates and that Ketsupcorp as a team are no longer. Bottom line, none of the things you mentioned will be updated.
  3. class CfgVehicles { class Air; class Plane: Air { class Turrets; class HitPoints { class HitHull; }; }; class Plane_Base_F: Plane { class AnimationSources; class HitPoints: HitPoints { class HitHull: HitHull{}; }; class Turrets: Turrets { class CopilotTurret; }; class MarkerLights; }; class MY_AIRCRAFT_BASE: Plane_Base_F { all the shit you need goes in here }; class MY _AIRCRAFT_NAME_1: MY_AIRCRAFT_BASE { scope = 2; author = "I"; displayName = "My aircraft name"; side = 2; faction = "IND_F"; // has to be from a Faction already created for characters eg BLU_F, IND_F etc crew = "I_pilot_F";// same deal the pilots should come from a faction already created vehicleClass = "air"; hiddenSelections[] = {""}; };
  4. I'll still be around the forums, just no longer making addons, I actually feel quite burnt out with regards to the addon making, I was spending 8-12 hours a day, sometimes more, in between photoshop, O2, and A3 tools and the game itself. Being out of contract left me with way too much time on my hands. I'm heading back overseas in the coming days, so my time for arma will be reduced by about 90% anyway. I will assist on the odd occasion, I have done so recently, but disappointed there was no mention of tidying up, and getting the configs to work, once the addon was released.. just another reason for stepping away. I've enjoyed it for the most part, but the time is right to take a break from the modding side, I'll still be posting screenshots etc, just no longer making addons other than for my own personal use. Without you guys, and the support, I'd have probably ducked out long ago, I honestly never thought any of my creations would be as popular as they seem to be, and have been. so you guys deserve a massive thank you from me. Peace out.
  5. There already diver masks in the game, they only appear once you're in the water. Go the virtual arsenal, chose a large pack, hit the try button, add the rifle to the backpack, exit back to the arsenal, chose another rife, hit try again, add the pistol to the backpack, exit back to the arsenal, chose another pistol. Save your creation, go to the editor, place down a player, right click, and where it says change loadouts or something like that go to your saved character, and voila, a rifle, with another one in the pack, along with a second pistol. as for chest holster and leg holster, not possible as far as I'm aware due to there only being one proxy for sidearms,
  6. why not make one in O2/Blender, using the pistol proxies? should be easy enough to make the animations for it too.
  7. JSOC uniform and character addon by Sabre/Ardvarkdb/RoadRunner Description: These are the SOTG models used with permission from Sabre and Ardvarkdb, to include cut sleeve versions, a first in Arma 3 I believe, with additional textures created by myself, to represent the uniforms worn by units within Joint Special Operations Command, and a few extra's thrown in for good measure. Enjoy. Installation: As always, it's recommend to use mod folders to separate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. Included files: JSOC_Uniforms.pbo Key: These are signed addons. Known issues: - Slight shadow LOD appearing, but no worse than the ones in default BIS models - This will not be updated after release,and will be the final addon created by myself Thank you all for the support over the past few years. Credits & Thanks: Models:Ardvarkdb (base unit, vest, helmets, etc.) Textures:Sabre,BI configs: Road Runner Please do not distrubute on other steamworkshop locations without asking permission to host first, I have no issues with them asking first then hosting. Thank you all for the support over the past couple of years, I will close out with the JSOC uniform, character addon, this will not be supported after its release. There are tan coloured base uniforms, to be creative with your own camo's.
  8. I bet your hard drive loved that!!
  9. It should inherit from a class that's already in the game, is this a prop driven plane by any chance? You could, once it's been unencrypted use the APEX light aircraft class to inherit from. Or take a look at how Sabre_Dust writes his configs for his addons?
  10. So many top maps being made these days, thanks .kju, more to the collection.
  11. Like I said, you all wont be disappointed !!
  12. you will NOT be disappointed!
  13. Is it possible you can simulate the sound of fast air at altitude, without increasing the size of the addon too much? It would add a massive immersion factor, I fully understand you want to keep this as scripts only however.
  14. It's the configvehicle classnames that are not inheriting from any default classname "class test_fac_vehicleclass_testplanes" what class is this inheriting from?