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  1. I must have missed an update as I thought that's exactly what the vanilla suppressors are doing? Suppressors are sorted by Calibre, as they should be. All you need to do is download a few weapons addons, and lots of different suppressors appear, Robert Hammers accessories is a great example of good suppressors. There's nothing to stop you from writing a config using current suppressors to make what you want, it might even prove popular. I highly doubt BI will entertain your suggestion, as they'd have to re-write all the suppressor configs, and that then has the probability of breaking all 3rd party suppressor addons.
  2. If he's inherited selections from A2 Skeleton, then these selections should be there, they may have been called differently on the model, and in the model.cfg. and ACE may not recognise them, so treating legs would be thrown into disarray.
  3. The voice is way too deep for a 13-14 year olds. He's a tool, but I have to ask the question, the buildings he's talking about, were they custom made by you,without the use of arma assets, or are they available in various packs, as he claims?
  4. I disagree about the impact on those who upload addons without permission, the only people who have been affected by this recent purge was guys who had these maps/addons etc, perhaps unawares they were without permission. the uploaders haven't been affected other than to have the addon removed. It hasn't made a single bit of difference to those people who have a disregard for that permission, if anything, all they do is stop making it "public" and only available to "friends" how do you Police that? If however you knowingly subscribe to an addon that the author has stated on here, it's not to be uploaded, then ban that person from here, don't forget, having a steam account, and a BIS forum account are not related, and many of the steam account users do not frequent here. Some do, but go under different names.. how can you tell? This is my whole point about being omnipresent, it's impossible to police, other than report the item in question and wait for valve to deal with the issue. I'm not a fan of witch hunts.
  5. Again, naming and shaming only works if they're known in your community mate
  6. But the very next day, or even minutes later, people will still be speeding and cop will still be issuing tickets, and you will still speed, breaking the law, even at times you don't realise it. Nothing will have changed, the speeding ticket only makes YOU more cautious, and until everyone who speeds get stopped, they will continue to do so.
  7. Can any of the Arma Machinima guys help provide a script for the 4 man Patrol animation? I'd like to try and make a little introduction movie, but haven't got the faintest idea of how this actually works in the set up. I'm fine setting up static animations, and I know you need triggers to sync it all together, all I'm looking for is how that's done via the init's within the unit's themselves? Would appreciate any tips, or full start to finish details ... ie, from standing, tactical patroling, then halting and kneeling, so the front, rear, left and right team members. Thanks guys.
  8. Yeah, I never took it to mean me personally, so no worries, I figured it was a generic expression.
  9. Some very well thought out, and written answers, very much appreciated, please don't assume or presume I'm also in the don't give a fuck category, short of reporting offending addons, normally associated with addon makers, whom I've personally interacted with over the years, there's nothing more can be done, I'm not going to lose sleep over it, and get annoyed, it's never going to stop. I've always said that steam workshop is the ugly side of addon hosting, how many addons have had their name altered to simply bypass the take downs? a few? a few hundred ? a few thousand? The report system is the only method available, the rest is down to Valve to do their due diligence, and the general public to simply not download them ( That's never going to happen) The whole world is full of counterfeit items, stolen items, and as long as there's people willing to buy/use/download, the issue will never be resolved. I see this all the time in Thailand, fake gear and pirated DVD's and software galore, the general public are fully aware it's hookey gear, it doesn't stop them from buying the latest movies and software just released for a handful of baht.
  10. But surely that would be a decision Valve would have to take, and not one that BI can undertake ? as I said, look at all the Life games that are so obvious in breaking t's and c's and they're still up and running, no accounts suspended there, they even have servers you have to pay to play on, loaded with ported content, and Valve/Steam does not act. Like I have said, this purge appears to be very selective, how is it possible for BI to be omnipresent and actually Police their product so that their Ts and C's are no breached by the various addons? How does Valve distinguish between blatant agreement breaking, and those who are unaware they're doing it, because lets face it, 95% of purchasers can't be arsed reading the fine print first, it's more about getting the product up and running. Do the general public really give a toss as to where the addon came from, or whether the contents are ported or not? I'd be willing to say it's only a small minority, who would feel that doing so is wrong, and take strong measures and stances against such content. Playing devils advocate here, what actual harm is being done to those who feel aggrieved that it's wrong? I know many people break the speed limit, it doesn't make me want to report them for doing so. That being said, if they're being reckless and a danger to myself, or others, I'd perhaps be inclined to report them. So the point here is the rule of law cannot be selective, you either enforce it in its entirity, or you don't enforce it at all, but then have to enforce it when there's enough complaints being submitted. I dislike the Lifer gamers, but that doesn't mean I should have some morale crusade against them, they're not doing anything to me, they're unfortunately paying customers too, if they chose to use my addons without permission, at the end of the day, does it have any significant impact on me, or my life? ... not really, and I'm not going to go around chasing addons looking for my stuff either, as much as it's against the steam rules, it happens.... daily. It's all about the end game, what's the reason BI have suddenly become so interested in slamming some addons, and allowing others to get a free pass? If you're the sort of guy who isn't a BI employee, who trolls through countless addons looking for infringements and content that breaks the steam agreement, I'd be more inclined to say to that person, get a life... preferably not an Altis one!!
  11. An interesting point indeed, he's a steam customer, by banning his account, it effectively makes all his game redundant if he can no longer access, nor update those games, so it does indeed raise the question, what's the point indeed? Don't be selective, it would be a full time task of checking every single steam workshop A3 addon for the contents, to what point does it become a complete waste of time, if guys like the above are habitual offenders? What legal right would BI have to suspend a persons steam account, where he can no longer have access to a game he purchased, my guess is none at all, and would be extremely counterproductive, you simply cannot remove a persons right as a paying customer, to remove that product. It's like a garage coming to take your car away from you for breaking the speed limit. There is no precedent for it. So it does beggar the question, what's the end game by shutting down addons, that will just reappear again and again and again?
  12. It's been reported. I'm curious, the purge on addons by BI over the past 3-4 days.....why is there so many life mods still active, they've got more 3rd party ported content than the games they ported from!! The biggest culprits of using stuff without permission hails from the lifers .... Forza anyone?
  13. Habitual offender with regards to addons that are not his, especially Robert Hammers..
  14. Nice to see you popping back Jeffers, I'm a big fan of your work.

  15. The difference Monty, is that all of the mods uploaded to armaholic are done so by the creators, whereas the steam uploads are done by people who merely have downloaded said addons, and are uploading them, the majority of the time, without the original author.owners consent.