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  1. Because you are basically re downloading APEX. Perhaps if you read the SITREP, you'd also see this is more than small tweaks ;)
  2. Perhaps they own the copyright of all such items and are being protective towards their product? Excellent response... not
  3. If you guys hit me up in a PM, I might give you the pictures I took in Fallujah a couple of weeks ago when I was passing through, they're not great but they're as recent as you will get.
  4. Yes, using hidden selections would work to a degree, but the shadow LODS would pose a massive problem, so it's best to create separate p3ds
  5. I presume he had access to the beta map for him to decide to upload it to steam? Mods, would this not warrant a ban from the forums?
  6. It's even funnier you got upset at these mods and the pictures.. No less ridiculous than standard ARMA characters clipping standard vests.. You do know that addons are indeed optional too? ;)
  7. Right because Beards are never ever worn in Middle Eastern Locations by Militaries, especially the Spec Ops community. Why would you consider this to be a bad Arma trend? it the same people that post, and it's probably a bad trend to you, as you're not lucky enough to have access to such mods. By bad trends I'm thinking of the lack of realism, with the likes of Jester814 wearing a backpack full of ammo, and constantly jogging all over the map, without the player collapsing in a heap, breathing out his arse, with legs shaking like a shitting dog. The Stamina for me is the big issue, even most SF Selection course don't RUN with 60KG Bergens, they "Tab/Yomp/Ruck" and on very limited occasions break into a trot, otherwise their knees will take a pounding, walk up hills run down them was always how we tried it on our fitness tests.
  8. different engine, so I'd say it's currently not possible for Arma 3, the next version of Arma I believe will use the ENFUSION Engine though.
  9. Who is this Xyla guy and what was his connection to the map ? Sorry to hear that it's going to be a closed group, this thread is as well being locked if it's not going to be released publicly. I fully support your decision fella.
  10. Not on the hulls of ships it's not!! I've tried all the attach to mods and scripts, and just cannot get the explosives to attach to the trawler hull underwater, the charges keep dropping to the sea bed!! I've seen a couple of old videos of this working, but having a hard time to get it working, as I wanted to have the Helo cast insertion, swim to blow up a spyship, use the sinking trawler script once the explosive detonate, but the fucking charges keep falling off!!
  11. custom rvmats for uniforms have been hit and miss for years, and is a known issue.
  12. The reason people were using them was twofold, they were/are very popular, and secondly not available through regular channels, and for those reasons, they were/are popular in their uses. Characters and gear are far more interesting subjects to photograph due to the abundance of static animation poses available. Vehicles and aircraft just look like in animated objects, every screenshot should be telling a story. Long live the beards!!
  13. Unless it's a hidden selection, then it would be very difficult to make it disappear and appear on another persons weapon. Why would the TL tell you to pass the weapon to another AI /team mate though? that sort of defeats the purpose of you having one in the first place. If you're doing this in MP, just drop the weapon to the ground, have your team mate drop his, and then pick up his, and vice versa.
  14. Stunning !! Your maps never cease to amaze, and just keep getting better and better all the time !!