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  1. you need () around your condition not {}, otehr than that it looks fin to me. what are you not sure about when it comes to findDisplay?
  2. maybe putting it all into an "EntityKilled" mission EH could be good. like the adding of the inventory related EHs themselves and not just the code inside them. could make it more universal and easier to maintain.
  3. oh. just bad reading on my part then.
  4. yea. you should definately go find the idd of the respawn dialog in the configs. unpack ui_f.pbo for that. i'll take a look later myself. gotta go in a sec though.
  5. try the alternative syntax for ctrlEnable and ctrlShow. as in _ctrl ctrlEnable false; maybe accessing it through the control itself rather than the idc will help. not all controls have an idc. i think i recently used both and they worked just fine. not saying your solution will be that simple but you never know.
  6. more stuff naturally needs more resources. take a look at these two pages. it will help you save some performance here and there especially with stuff that won't move throughout the mission. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Simple_Objects https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createSimpleObject also take a look at this while you're at it. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableSimulationGlobal
  7. it's good that you are using the different event scripts from the start. makes it easier to understand what runs where. now foirst of all. to access a variable with your HUD it has to exist on the clients' machnes. and then to have it show the current state you will have to also update it in a reasonable frequency. so you declare "scoreWest" inside initServer.sqf. so that variable is global to all script scopes on the server machine as opposed to it using an underscore _ infront of it. but don't confuse "global" with "globally shared over the network". i'm just assuming now that this is the cause of confusion since you are already using event scripts. so what you need is this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/publicVariable alternatively you can use a combination of: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/missionNamespace and: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable nore that for "setVariable" the 4th optional parameter is the key to what you are trying to achieve here.
  8. i just started testing methods and stuff. so this is what i did for now. fnc_getTurretDta = { params ["_veh"]; _paths = [_veh, []] call BIS_fnc_getTurrets; _cfgs = [_veh, config] call BIS_fnc_getTurrets; _turrets = _cfgs apply { [ getText (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _veh >> "Turrets" >> configname _x >> "gunnername"), _paths select (_cfgs find _x) ] }; _turrets }; hint str (cursorObject call fnc_getTurretDta); i will take a look at allTurrets but as you can see above i need some more data. you can see the first entry there being weird. and i also just noticed the last one returns null for the path. not sure why. i might've fucked it up along the way. EDIT: ok so just adding _cfgs deleteAt 0; right after _cfgs is declared pretty much solved it. i guess i was looking for meaning too much. will test and see, if it causes any anomalies this way but so far it makes sense.
  9. using it as part of my function to get all vehicle seats, their turret paths (if turret) and the name of the seat in the scroll menu. i do that to populate my own seat UI. i was just wondering why. maybe because of the way it is used in another BIS_fnc or something. thx for the answer though.
  10. got a question about BIS_fnc_getTurrets. when i make it output config paths it seems to give me the path to the vehicle itself, if it has no turrets. is that intended or am i doing something wrong? it's kind of weird because when i make it output the turret path array it outputs an empty array for those vehicles without turrets. seems kind of counter intuitive. but maybe i did something wrong. was late yesterday and i can't test again right now because it's loading the update right now.
  11. weird that those parameters don't work. maybe try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ctrlEnable or maybe even ctrlSetPosition onDraw?
  12. man i kind of feel bad for you almost falling asleep looks very promising though!
  13. maybe you guys need to make a FAQ considering how high quality and thus popular the mod is. just an idea. @tpM that sounds powerful!
  14. to check slope you can frequently check the player's positions height and the height of a position infront of him/her.
  15. terrain

    loving it! keep it up guys!