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  1. this should help you can place a gamelogic onto the building in the editor and put something like this into the init line: (nearestTerrainObjects [this, [], 5, false]) select 0 hideObject true; where this will get you a list of terrain objects in 5 m radius of the logic nearestTerrainObjects [this, [], 5, false] and this select 0 will select the first entry of that list. ________________________ normally one would use this to delete and object however, terrain objects often times don't work with it. this will work on the ones with damage simulation if the object doesn't have damage sim you can just use the first approach and place some other ruin model at the position of the original after hiding it.
  2. great job man! i can't tell you how happy it makes me that you picked up EM in this way. really motivating and inspiring to see. you are a busy man with all these other features coming at the same time too. much respect! quick question about the music in the video (nice video btw). it sounds liek another variation on the arma them but i'm getting heavy rainbow six vibes from it too. something from in the game files?
  3. DOWNLOAD----> - changed: replaced procedural texture for green laser with actual texture like the red laser so it looks smoother and more consistent
  4. DOWNLOAD----> - added: option in the menu to turn off forced walkable surfaces incase it conflicts with anything this is the best solution i can come up with for now. since the code for the the forced walkable surface runs every frame i have to be careful what i add in there. so i want to avoid too many checks on what is happening. i might add a check for those specific ACE anims later on. we'll see. __________________________________________________________________ @Ilias48rus sorry, i don't want to knock your painting skills but this tells me nothing. what i see is a dude that is possbily prone magically sliding to cover on his belly while there is a plate temporarily glued to his foot. my best guess is tha you want a roll like we already have in prone position but it to interpolate into that weird sideways adjust prone? don't get discouraged though. i'll eventually get it with enough top notch illustration and maybe some catchy music playing beneath it . maybe you have a video of a similar motion? so far it doesnt sound like something i would be interested in but maybe i misunderstood.
  5. @Chaydouxi played this once with a friend already and it seems to be very well made. takes a bit to pick up the action but it's the first in the series it seems so that's totally fine. haven't finished the first but already pumped for the next one. this reminds me a lot of good old Chernarus Apocalypse, which i'm sure it's inspired by. just great. we got a bit surprised by (BEWARE OF SPOILER) so we haven't played past that yet. but can't wait to. keep up the good work.
  6. this one is the most brute force one of them all the other commands that work morr inside the AI routines are listed on that same page below. this won't do any aiming and stuff though i think. for that you can use setVector commands to orient the bomb roughly towards the target. maybe also apply some exrta velocity using that same vector and vectorMultiply. just some general hints since that seems to be all you're looking for. if you have a starting point feel free to paste it here. good for people tha have the same issue and read this later and fun for the peopel that are currently bore, like me
  7. there are many approaches to this task. it depends on how scripted you want it to be and what exact aircarft and weapon you are using. the more info the easier it is to help. i personally prefer and use fully scripted approaches because i can get 100% accuracy. but you could also just make the aircraft force fire a specific weapon at a certain point. you'll have to rely on the AI a lot then and will have a lot of failure happening i think. which can be desired over a pinpoint perfect bomb drop in certain cases.
  8. are those vanilla animations? i could see if i can make a blacklist feature for anims that disable the roadway objects.
  9. get ready for lots of "feedback"
  10. have you thought about making a formular from a bunch of config values based on the unit's equipment? like: - damage value of ammo of primary weapon - presence of a launcher - armor values of head gear and vest - zoom level of attachments, if present i've done something similar before just for weapons that i could dig up. it could also be interesting to have different levels of each unit with different aim accuracy and overall skill settings that have different price based on that to add some more depth. just brain storming/thinking out loud. good stuff!
  11. hm. i took a quick glance and first thing that comes to mind is the NVG goggles config that removes the vanilla overlay. that might cause it. since most units you place will have NVGs on them. not 100% sure yet.
  12. oh really? thx for letting me know. will look into it asap
  13. if you ask me, you don't have to make a full mode for now aside from the PvP, which seems to be your main focus. as long as it's possible to have the end of the world stuff standalone, others can do the rest. like just add ravage modules or use it as a base for any type of mission. just a pure TDM while shit is dropping from the sky around you already be a lot of fun and if the natural disaster can be used clean one could simply add it to any existing Escape mode anyways...i think. either way. can't wait. unique fun stuff!
  14. yea but look closely. the guy that is up first stays floating in the air while the guy below climbs onto him
  15. well it turned out that i already fixed this in the very last commit. it was just the helper object not getting reset properly. boosting that way however is totally intended behaviour. i prefer this organic way over being locked in animations. and two player anims are hard to sync in MP which will make that look shit most of the time. so all this worked even before the major update. this has been showcased in my shitty feature showcase video ages ago. it will however work much better now because you won't slip off as much.