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  1. "Added: Sounds during parachute descent for both first and third person views" Yeessss!!! Keep it up BI doing a stellar job!
  2. How will this be affected when animals are local entities in MP environment?
  3. Stay off the grass ;) Thanks for that @R3vo Has anyone else got the Bronze time trial achievement? Despite having now got the bronze for all the 5 trials I can't seem to unlock the actual achievement. Would be nice to get it given how many more grey hairs those trials gave me (especially the TT15 Off Road Excavations grrrr). Also, so when are we getting to head over to South Lombakka?
  4. It's a mine itself, similar to a Claymore. Place it, detonate and watch as a bunch of AP mines are dispersed.
  5. Does anyone know which particular function is called when this is bis_fnc_holdaction is called on the laptops during the IDAP Showcase? Is this just the same "BIS_fnc_initLeaflet" that the leaflets use but with a larger fullscreen image? Would absolutely love to get this kind of thing into some of my missions.
  6. The 15m radius is fine enough as is for vanilla game play. Unless you are literally expecting everyone to walk everywhere than 15m is enough of a distance. Keep in mind that unless the engineer is going first or the squad is bunched up within a 15m radius (which presents its own risks) then minefields are still going to be extremely potent. @DnA would it be possible to see the prop object "FlagMarker_01_F" included as a usable item by the player? Similar to the training mine in that a player can place/remove it but it is not an explosive device. This would allow players who have a mine detector to visually indicate to other players the exact position of a mine.
  7. The new UAV's cannot be re-packed back into backpack form. Not sure if intended behaviour or not.
  8. hey no worries mate, glad to see my stuff helping people. :)
  9. Zero issues here with landing either VTOL anywhere. Listen carefully to the part where I discuss the 'nose drop' at roughly 140 speed. Pay attention to that and you'll be set.
  10. Keep in mind that what I described is only on the hardest difficulty settings: Extended Info - Mines: Hidden Extended Map Info - Mines: None Automatic Reporting: Off For a regular pub player with those settings on or lowered the mine detector will literally continue to function identically to how it does right now. The audio feedback is not even present as the mine is automatically detected, revealed and displayed on both map and in the 3D space via the standard red triangle. There is zero change to how it works now. What this wonderful new system change is doing is allowing players who want a more difficult experience in the mine-sweeping realm to do so without requiring mods and without having the omni-potent current mine detection system. This is something I've wanted for years.
  11. I am managing to disarm them however I have to look directly at the mine and use my RMB before the de-activate option appears. What I'm not 100% sure of is exactly which key bind is doing this as I run a completely custom key-bind set up. Okay, I think the issue relates to getting our player character's AI to identify that there is a mine present in front of you. I turned Automatic Reporting back on in the Game options menu and all the mines become identified (switching from a solid dot to a empty red circle) and then are able to be disarmed. I will keep testing further! Huzzah! If Automatic Reporting is set to Off in the Game - Difficulty options menu then the play MUST manually reveal the mine using the Reveal Target key bind under the Weapons menu when setting keys. Doing this then identifies the mine which changes the icon on the mine detector UI and also stops the detector from audibly beeping. The player can then disarm the mine if you have a toolkit in your inventory.
  12. You guys know that revive has an advanced mode that instantly kills players if they're hit in vital spots (ie: the head) if they're hit by a big enough weapon right?
  13. Speaking of; that new system with Dynamic Load outs that lets you pick if the gunner/pilot gets the weapon is something the community has been asking for for YEARS. Fantastic work and I can't wait to see it on stable branch.