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  1. Jebus - Just Editor Based Unit Spawning

    @dreadpirate I've noticed a minor issue when respawning a unit with a way point, on multiple respawn markers. Rather than head directly to the way point the unit will first travel to it's original editor placed position before then heading to the way point. This happens regardless of where the unit respawns.
  2. Hide Terrain Objects module in multiplayer

    Thanks for the update. I too was optimistic about the possibility of using the module to hide all non-required objects from the map outside of the mission 'area' in order to save on performance but it seems that was never the intent.
  3. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Seeing the AMV-7 Marshall being loaded into the Blackfish in the Tac Ops image reminds me of an issue I forgot to raise: When using the Unload Vehicle option on the Blackfish/Xi'an while on the deck of the USS Freedom the vehicle being unloaded deploys its parachute and usually explodes. I'd say that the minimum height for the parachute to spawn when using the Unload Vehicle functionality should be increased to at least the same height as the deck. Also: How is this new? How is this different to the current bis_fnc_holdactionadd ?
  4. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Does anyone else get this message when trying to log into the BI Wiki?
  5. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Not sure when it finally got implemented but the dispersion on the unguided aircraft rockets are a nice touch!
  6. Dynamic Vehicle Loadouts feedback

    Does this explain why when I equip Scalpel missiles on the Hellcat for the gunner it doesn't work?
  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Data Sharing is not on by default for most vehicles. The only entities with Data Sharing on by default are the new turrets introduced with Jets DLC. This should ensure that legacy missions are not impacted negatively. In regards to the the Centurion/Spartan: one benefit of allowing the new non-LOS weapon locking using data shared from another active radar source is that you can have that Centurion/Spartan engaging targets without having to activate it's own radar. Naturally the benefit of this is that the turret is concealed from the RWR. Pilots could potentially only see one active radar source but could potentially be engaged by many more launchers. This can lead to exciting mission scenario designs whereby 'SOF' have to infiltrate the enemy area and destroy the lone active radar in order to disable many launchers. The balancing aspect, as always, is down to the scenario designer. :) I do love the idea of a static object that could simply house a 360 degree active radar capability and this is something I mentioned the minute they announced the sensor update. For the time being my only recommendation is to use the Praetorian CIWS with 0 ammunition loaded with data sharing enabled.
  8. General Discussion (dev branch)

    In regards to the last point; yes. I tested it this morning.
  9. Nope, not at all. I can see a use for it even in Mil-Sim style missions. Cheers for that mate. Will we still be able to use "hasdriver=-1" in scripting or will this be vehicle config side?
  10. @oukej Are you please able to confirm/deny if "hasdriver=-1" (thus allowing single person tank controls) is an intended behaviour that will be staying?
  11. The Kuma is much better to drive now. Was playing around with it and then went back to a Slammer and couldn't stand it.
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    IDAP Zamak does not have the rear bench Fire-from-vehicles seats.
  13. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Current Dev branch has the PiP internal screen and right hand side mirrors of the Strider non-functional. They're just black. Left hand side mirrors are functional.
  14. General Discussion (dev branch)

    An easier method for setting the Strider and Gorgon to have the NATO olive drab 'skin' is to use the Virtual Garage from the main menu, select the skin and use the Export function. Then open your mission in the editor, open the Edit Vehicle Appearance and select the Import button. It will assign the skin.