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  1. I hit a star picket which was part of a chicken wire fence when bush bashing years ago and it pretty heavily damage the car. This was at low speeds too. Video games make it hard to convey speed and distance so while you might not feel like youre going fast if you see your speed youre going like 120 plus off road which would be near insane to do in real life.
  2. While this is technically correct I always find it useful to bump up the display range on the sensor UI so that your RWR is more likely to pick up any active radars which can be detected at x2 the detection range of your own active radar. :)
  3. He said as much.
  4. eden

    I havent been following this as closely as I used to; are you going to implemented the capability to preset Advanced Damage states to aircraft with the new hitpoints added in 1.70?
  5. This is my 1000th post here at BI-Forums and I'd just like to say that it's amazing that since the first day that dev-branch patches started being released (way back in A2 when you had to manually download them each day) we still get to see nearly daily improvements to a game that's now 4 years old. Even better is that there's still updates and content planned into early next year! Some people read newspapers in the morning with their breakfast....I go for the Dev-branch change log. :)
  6. Player count?
  7. malden dlc

    Issues with level of terrain vs floor level of the Military Offices building at the docks in La Rivieire.
  8. Yup this is how I do it as well personally but for less vested scripters it might be easier to do my other method.
  9. Placing the turrets as empty and then dragging an Opfor/Indfor unit into the turret switches its side.
  10. Tac-Ops looks like it will be right up your alley then as my interpretation of it's official description is that it's primarily SP focused.
  11. I'm sure there are many community made mods that are already hard at work implementing the stuff that 1.70 and Jets introduced but that will take time. Having said that a duplicate of the two radar dome structures "Land_radar_F" and "Land_radar_small_F" but with configs that feature radar and data-link capability would be fantastic. I guess though you'd need to create them under each SIDE so for example: "Land_radar_F_B" Then you just adjust the radar ranges for each structure to represent the size differences. The radars would function as 'UAVs' in the same sense the current turrets do. This would allow for scenarios where the radar-dome structures are actually valuable military targets and would serve a purpose other than looking pretty. The damage/ruined models already exist so no new modelling/artist work would need to be undertaken, only config side stuff.
  12. After publishing my VTOL tutorial video the number one feedback I've received has been from KB/M users and their dislike for the new 'percentage' throttle and how that affects their VTOL flying. Personally I love the way VTOLs fly and now their advantages really shine through; fast speed transitioning to a landing in a tight spot with a larger cargo than any of the helicopters.
  13. You've missed the point of their post: giving the data-link and sensor capabilities to static objects that do not have those capabilities by default.
  14. I'm liking these changes to the jets. The Shikra is a real beast now and can gain speed in a straight up climb but doesn't have anywhere near the maneuverability that the Black Wasp II does.
  15. Loving how the Buzzard now noses down when you roll. Agree with Slowrider8 though on the auto-level, feels a bit janky and too sudden. Looking forward to more developments.