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  1. Ive seen that floating house on South Zagoria also :)
  2. Ok, shame to hear that but i guess if it was easy it would be done already. Cheers!
  3. Hey team, sorry if it's been asked a gazillion times but will there be any improvement on the lighting at any stage, I only ask after seeing what was possible in ChernarusRedux, you really notice the difference, like 2d to 3d.
  4. Nice! i like messing with screenshots in PS, look forward to using these.
  5. Thanks Savage, i ended up throwing them in VR and grabbing the classes from the .sqm. I will grab your undocumented_features.sqf though, looks like some good tips in there, i been having a great ole time with DAC lately! Cheers!
  6. So I'm bored with making my mission and just want to jump into some instant action, DAC delivered in spades, it's been a few years since I last used it, very rusty but, after a ten minute setup I got a good hours constant gameplay on Chernarus redux, very happy :) not one script error, legend! This system works as great as the first time I tried it back in the day, very happy to re-discover it.. Any RHS configs or for any other mods floating around?
  7. For one thing, that plane on the runway at Balota air strip will need to go, would be good if it can do that, will need to investigate it, sounds very useful.
  8. Hey guys and gals, ive spent a bit of time on this map now trying to build a mission, ive mostly only been down in the South west corner west of Kamenka, the river is a really nice feature, shame it wasnt longer and veered into the map more, would have been a great way to traverse... could it be opened up to enable boat travel all the way to the end, currently theres a big ass boulder thats just blocking access... also there is a little lagoon there, it would be great if it had a channel to move in an out off. Also im guessing this map is not really being made with AI in mind to much maybe? i was just concerned with wrecks all over the road that AI get confused and are unable to complete dynamic waypoints? tbh i havent been anywhere else on the map yet lol, but just from some screens i seen and stuff. Anyways i know its only 30% complete but from this little corner that ive been camped in for a while i really like the look and feel of it, for example while testing i must have ran from the train carriages to Kamenka over 50 times but ive never really tired of it. Im only concerned that it might be 'ruined' by too much clutter and user made camps and bases and things... and lastly those Malden bunkers look awesome in this map but then they look awesome anywhere.. Thanks guys!
  9. Heros Survive

    Ok cheers, good stuff from BI [Thumbs up] , would look better if weapon was lowered though.
  10. Wow another awesome script I've missed, it's great taking time off Arma and coming back to discover all the awesome mods and scripts, I love your air power script, I think I bombed half of Altis with that one, like a kid with fireworks... tons of fun, now look forward to trying this out, probably combined with Airpower, good times :)
  11. Yeah, and jungle maps generally don't get me excited but this one looks a real beauty, that lighting looks great, are you using any filters or anything for those screens, also will there be any mod requirements like cup for example, not that I'm worried as Its mostly always loaded but just curious, nice work!
  12. Help

    Hey mate, im no expert or anything and cant say ive seen that before but it might help if you list any mods you use, if you do have tried clean without mods... is it SP/MP? what mission is it or just in editor, what map? etc
  13. Heros Survive

    I finally had a chance to look at the example mission properly, wow! really great stuff and so many objects available. Painful questions (or wishlist in disguise :) I notice when i shot a blufor he had money on him, how do i place money on every dead unit? could this be different varying amounts? or also the ability to define a definite amount on a specific unit. I would like the ability to "Hire" (recruit) some units, so i imagine there would be different units with different classes like Medic, Engineer etc you know, just hanging out in a bar, when approached they will have an Addaction that says something cheesy like like "Medic for hire $200" blah blah and if selected money is taken from you and unit joins your group. This question maybe way out there, but is it possible to make a shops items not always available or random, probably a lot involved to make that happen?. Just a side note, i noticed injured units have a limp animation, or when i as a player am injured have a limp animation, looks great... is that part of this mod? jeez i run all sorts of mods at any given time its hard to keep up. Anyway cheers!
  14. Forums Upgrade

    Confirmed, just logged in, thanks :)