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  1. Perhaps some more info on your home page about what it's all about, details about Arma 3 etc so visitors who know nothing about Arma might be enclined to get it? Also maybe a bit more detail on the actual missions, like an actual briefing, map, load outs etc, just to make them more enticing... I've done something similar but haven't completed it although it's been live for a few years, more a project for testing web design.
  2. Something post war with 80% ruins, I'd love to see something based on Something similar to the Syrian conflict, not afghan mud huts but a modern theme in ruins.... Something immersive for a war game as opposed to beautiful village settings that's more suitable for hunting/tramping gameplay, I think Altis would be perfect if most of the towns and villages were flattened from war.
  3. Wow!... mind has been blown!! I can't wait to give this a go, what an awesome looking editor, that cpack feature... I mean, wtf lol... Jesus :)
  4. Yeah! i got my head around it... this is a great set of scripts, i found it very simple in the end... Would be cool if you had something like a distance check [this, 0, distance] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; Cheers again!
  5. Yep i fully get that, and its not just the Russian's... but they definitely dont when under fire or going into battle, and in Arma, mech groups get wiped out quickly riding on top... but if the cabins already full then hey! thats the way it is. Cheers
  6. Hmm.. ok cool, thanks for quick reply, I think I can visualise this in my little brain now, I can fnc_save and fnc_delete in a script (init.sqf for example) and spawn with a trigger when ever I want, nice... sounds great, I can't wait to test it out next chance, thanks again :)
  7. It's great to see this mod in Arma 3! One thing I find is that having the units transport like this is not very practical in battle although it does look cool, much like I witness with RHS a squad riding like this is easily wiped out in a firefight, it would be nice to have an option to force them to ride in the back.
  8. im currently us Murklors spawn system which is very simple to use but has errors... So im trying to get my head around this system... If I understand this correctly I could for example index or mark some groups as "0" And then put thIs " [0] call saroSSC_fnc_spawn; " into a trigger and activate how I wish? And this will spawn the deleted groups back into the game when trigger is activated? Apologies if it's very obvious.
  9. i don't think we will ever see 'proper' behaving civilians in this game, there's too many variables in behaviour required to pull it off convincingly ala GTA just my humble opinion, civilians always felt awkward in Arma for me and mostly take away from the experience... to be fair on BI I've just come back to Arma after a good year off and been playing a few different games some good most bad... and apart from big titles like GTA many games don't offer much variety either if at all, Infact many games that cost much more seem to have far less assets than Arma... many just seem copy and paste everything, So at the end of the day I can't complain, I've got a few thousand hours entertainment for a little under $70, best bang for buck I've ever spent on entertainment for sure, personally I'd love to see them just make unique and different faction packs and maps... And proper war torn maps with nearly everything in ruins, that could help explain away those missing civilians, i always thought Zargabad was a perfect sized map for Arma, maybe if it had a bit more width, also Shapur is a great little map, I'm sure I've made over 100 missions on that map.... I would spend good money on more military stuff like that for the military sandbox.
  10. Is there another option that can be used other than 'BIS_fnc_friendlySides' or can it simply specify a faction? The reason why is Independent still tries to recruit FIA blufor even though allegiance has been set to enemy in the attributes, it also activates around dead bodies 'i think'
  11. Umm yeah nahh, I'll probably get it anyway cos I like to support this company but personally I'm not really interested in any moral lecturing in a war game, I don't get it? I don't see how I can incorporate this into any of my missions meaningfully, other than probably shooting at them :) (just jokes to the uptight) of course if it comes with some first aid functionality then that's different maybe, but there's a good script or 2 I'm using already... other than that this feels as cheesy as giving the white helmets an Oscar lol... Doesn't interest me, I'd prefer they made textures so I can create "more diversity" using the Alive ORBAT creator, now that's fun, this feels like a wet blanket.. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. Thanks bro, much appreciated... ill check it out first chance :)
  13. Hey syhrus, I downloaded and had a peek, looks like some nice features, could you possibly provide a very simple sample mission, i kinda get whats going on but i like sample missions i can pull apart and understand where everything goes. Also if i can picture this right, the ability to give custom waypoints as mentioned above would be an awesome function. Cheers!
  14. I just wasn't sure if they were given any waypoint or patrolling functionality, if not then I guess the ability to provide them with some would be great, the ability to redress them also sounds great, ill take it for a spin next chance, cheers
  15. Hi syhrus, sounds interesting, without me downloading and trying yet can I ask does it manage waypoints/movement etc, Does it cache units and spawn them in once player is a certain distance? Cheers