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  1. Thanks, i totally missed the Equipment Pool module!?, that looks like what im after :)
  2. Is there a way to exclude/blacklist uniforms, specifically all the civilian uniforms, i did search this thread with no luck.
  3. Id consider perhaps Saddam dropping the dollar had a lot to do with it, same goes for Gaddafi, the thing that gets my back up is the US got a hard on for "going after the terroists" where ever they are!! and formed coalitions getting other nations to also go and invade a country that had nothing to do with 911... but when the 911 families who want to sue the the Saudi government for being the principal financier of the 911 attackers, the US govt is like... ahh yeah, were going to keep some potential evidence from you for as long as possible (some pesky 29 page report). It seems to me, bullshit at its finest. And now you have this guy in control of the most powerful military in the world getting all emotional about seeing dead Syrian babies (the same ones he banned from the country) he felt the needed to rain down $60 million worth of tomahawks and kill a few more Syrians, 9 of them civilians, 4 of them kids!? and potentially ignite the region to whole new level of pew pew.. all this on a theory, because there is still no evidence Assad used chemical weapons on his own people, it goes against all logic... its the same war drums, Iraq all over again. And no im not anti American, i have great admiration for the Apache and also the Sioux :)
  4. Pfff, the white helmets.. the same ones the Us gave an oscar to... sums it up perfectly.
  5. Right, thats why the 911 families are wanting to sue the Saudi Government for being the principal financier of those couple of terrorists.. and the logic to go invade and destroy another country on fabricated lies murdering innocent civilians is criminal.
  6. No, there never is and never will be, just like the WMD's in Iraq.. the only evidence you need is CNNFOX, and now all of a sudden the US cares so much for poor arab babies, while bombing the fk out of them in Yemen for their be-heading Saudi buddies.. you know that place where the supposed 911 terrorists came from but US bombs Iraq instead... now they can fragrantly break international law and the media gushes with pride, this shit never ends, all they want is never ending wars. The world is lie.
  7. Yeeehawww! make murica great again!!! [Shaking and laughing my head off at the same time]
  8. My graphics card died on me about maybe 8 months ago... so no more Arma and its been a blessing, ive brought and played many other games and played older games again like Stalker, Borderlands, Dead space, Mafia 2, Mass effect etc etc, Steam is fkn great :) currently im playing Sleeping Dogs which im enjoying much more than GTA5. I miss messing around with Arma but i have over 3000hrs wasted on "messing around".. ill only install Arma again if Meshcarver ever finishes Nova Zona and someone creates an awesome stalker mod with Duty, Freedom, Stalkers and the ability to create Faction Wars using Alive... otherwise Arma as a game does not entice me anymore, its kinda lifeless.
  9. America is the last place on earth besides some obvious choices i would ever want to visit, every other the day it seems the police force just want to shoot and kill people, i see these feeds at least 3-4 times a week, im sure i miss the other 10 or so? Theres tons of them, people getting shot with their hands up, paraplegics getting dumped out of their wheel chairs and other 'unbelievable' shit, this shit goes on all the time it seems?, im thinking its just the way the US has always been, its just easier to film it and show it online now, lucky for them though they have hollywood, that air freshener will cover almost anything lol, but of course, im probably jealous of the freedom thingy.
  10. Awesome! i only discovered this game last night, it looks to be very polished and very Russian which is great, i love these post apocalyptic Russian themed games... im not much of an MP gamer but this looks to be a must buy for me... from their FAQ im guessing even though there is no SP campaign there are AI NPCs in the game.. areas to clear?
  11. Considering shes been to Syria on numerous occasions including 4 times to Aleppo i fail to see where the shortsightedness is, unlike the BBC/CNN/Fox who always use the "Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" which is actually one guy working from his 2 bedroom home in Coventry... yep, that is their source.
  12. Where is the "View new content" button from the top left moved to, it was a very useful link... is it now called "Unread Content"? Also it seems the option to 'Preview' the first and last post from the list without having to open the thread has been removed, that was useful also
  13. In my opinion this journalists sums it up nicely, a brave person to speak out against the completely bullshit msm (fake news) who have lied from day one about this foreign invasion of terrorists on a sovereign country, really makes you question a lot of things...
  14. Well lets say Israel has accused Hezbollah but there is no evidence and Hezbollah denies it, of course any one who stands up to Israel and US are deemed terrorists, this is of course natural and expected policy, in terms of definitions for terrorism, well... should we consider France a terrorist state for this act https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinking_of_the_Rainbow_Warrior - they also denied it until of course the evidence could not be denied.
  15. Maybe because they continue to fund and fuel the Syrian civil war as they have from day 1 including arming and resupplying all sorts of terrorists, actually anyone who will help overthrow Assad.