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  1. Yeah only makes sense to channel resources to Arma 4. But A4 is dependent on the Enfusion engine which is developed for/by DayZ. By following dev-blogs for DayZ (will they ever finish?) we can basically also extrapolate the fourth coming of Arma https://dayz.com/dev-hub
  2. You are right, I did not see the finer details in your findings. Cudos for your work in mapping out the intricate dependencies among the various subskills. There was a mod for A2 which would allow you to adjust skills on the fly mid-mission (Drongo something ?). That was brilliant, but unfortunately has not been ported to A3 -OP
  3. Nice! The temples are an awesome, and really ambitious touch :-) couldn't help be reminded of this map:
  4. Clearly a bug, this should be fixed.
  5. Somewhat offtopic, but the mini campaign Eagle Wings for Arma 2 was also very well done, in terms of story and emotions. Really too bad it has not been remade into an A3 version
  6. Some mod has a feature to move vehicle 5m away if stuck, to "un-stuck". Can't remember which one but a simple solution nevertheless
  7. They should definitely hire you, duda123 and Bad Benson - would be crazy what the three of you could accomplish with source code access
  8. LOL, that is one disturbing video!
  9. Agree. However, perhaps the non-linearity of AI adjustments from sliders gives the impression that it does nothing. Inspection of skillFinal with various slider settings might help?
  10. ai command

    Wow, Mad Cheese, your accomplishments in this area are unreal - and really like the modular approach you have to integrate with other mods like duda123's. So cool!
  11. In SP setting it is not at all redundant and not a complexity at all, unless you can't manage two sets of sliders. There were plenty of complaints when it was removed, last time they "fixed" the AI settings
  12. In the spirit of simplifying skill adjustment, could we at least get the feature back where you can change skills for OPFOR and BLUFOR separately in the UI ?
  13. I am not reading anything about actually changing or improving AI behaviour. It seems this is just a fix that makes adjusting skills more easy/intuitive to work with. So when the dust settles, the AI will be no better or worse than what we have now. Taking cover, reacting to being under fire or driving will be just the same. At least, that is how I read this update (hope I'm wrong and there will also be improvements :-) )
  14. Hi, is this the full Eagle Wing campaign - AFAIR it was originally one very long mission ? Cheers, OP
  15. terrain

    This sets a whole new standard for northern scandinavian terrains, just wow