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  1. @feint Can you make another similar tool for remapping Eden keybindings? They are mostly hardcoded and despite Bohemia has added ability to remap keys of camera movement it doesn't work (because if I will remap moving camera forward, i will open/close left panel instead). I have intention to do it by mself, but you have experience and I will have to learn everything from the scratch.
  2. Whenever I've patch files from remote a3s repo in Online tab game server connected with this repo appears. And every time I have to delete it (because I have one but with different name). Is it a feature or a bug? If it is a feature maybe it would be good to check if such position exists comparing it with IP, port and pass currently existing ones.
  3. It happen I am a leader in the COOPs with significant amount of players. My problem is that copy of who is who in some paper sheet for later usage during a mission is quiet time consuming. I wonder is it possible somehow to dump a list of players on the slots (in order just like in lobby) to the memory for easy paste to the txt file? Then I could print it in a seconds.
  4. Yep. Thats what the piece of code in initLocalPlayer.sqf does: give to character an action in action menu when you are near (or in the car). Just name your car somehow eg. someCar and change radioPole to someCar. Now when you will be near the car you will have additional action start/stop jamming. You can drive wherever you want and then trun on/off radio. But this is not my topic. If you want details just PM.
  5. @rebel12340 Is it based on nkeys script? I ask because I see similarity and I don't see any info. If I understand properly you use multiple jammers but you count only the closest one. I think this is not the way jamming works. Long time ago I've also made similar script based on nkeys work: If you want turn it off/on: @callofmarty AFAIK in real life jammers are not selective (just jam everything). But in script it is possible to add it. You need to introduce additional side checking.
  6. @major_shepard Did you found a cause of problem i've described in this post Are those info enough or should I provide more data? I ask because constant complete online serwers is quiet annoying. Regards
  7. @major_shepard At last I reproduced this error. What I've done just before error occured (I may miss something): - opend a window of AiA Tweaker and closed it, - changed profile in Launcher Options twice, - klicked on button of exe selection and close the dialog without any changes, - couple of times I clicked on different tabs. I don't remember an order of actions. Error appeared when I tried to close A3S: And application has been closed without any problems (except this message in console). During next opening in console this stacktrace appeared: And initial profile was set to Default, I had to choose A3 exe and I lost all servers in Online tab (but except this tab other profiles stayed intact). This is systematic problem (hovewer I am not sure how to reproduce it). I have impression this problem started occurs after last patch.
  8. @Ltf I do it exactly in this way.
  9. First of all I've noticed "Concurent Modification Exception" or something like this. I have no log from this exception. But when I launch A3S next time I see something like this: And as a default profile I see "Default" and I have to choose A3 exe and I've lost all saved server addresses.
  10. True bullshit. I would like torrent. Have I legal A3 or not? Servers are another stories.
  11. During checking of repo I see such error: Generated by ArmA3Sync 1.6.90 2017-04-03 19:26:02 Check for Addons finished with errors for repository name: remote repo An unexpected error has occured. StackTrace: java.util.ConcurrentModificationException at java.util.ArrayList$ Source) at fr.soe.a3s.service.connection.AbstractConnexionService.updateFavoriteServersFromAutoconfig( at fr.soe.a3s.service.connection.HttpService.checkRepository( at at Then after closing app I return to Default profile. I see often error that something can't be written to file and then I have to close A3S but after opening I am also in Default profile and have no Online serwers. Any ideas?
  12. Currently I use A3S just like you described.
  13. Feature proposition: When I want to launch A3 and connect to the server with specific mods I have to choose it in "Join with modset" from the pool of repos and current profile directories made in "Addon" tabs. Hovewer whenever I will change this profile all dirs doesn't exist in another one are removed from "Join with modset" combo. It would be good if combo would list addon dirs from all of profiles, even not currently chosen. Why: I have two repos: core (ACE3, TFAR) and IronFront (some mods from WWII) My group usually plays on main server with core set. But to play in WWII scenarios I need core+IronFront. A can't (or I don't know how) mix both repos in "Join with modset". Also I play with totally different group, with totally different mod set, on different server. Most convenient way to switch between groups is to change the profile. But then all "Join with modset" are cleared and I have to set them again and again and again. ---------------------- Also it would be good if in "Join with modset" listed repos and addon dirs would be differ somehow (eg. with other background colour). I mean type, no each name. It is detail and it can be done with a proper name, but sometimes it can be confused when I will accidentally call repo and addon dir with the same names. Then I see two the same names in "Join with modset". ---------------------- Does 64-bit version of A3 introduces some additional parameters worth to be mentioned (updated) on Launch tab? Regards
  14. If he is running dedicated server, he should read something from console or log of server and he should be able tell if your connection trial is even seen by server.
  15. I join to my server not by but by external IP taken from Also I've found it in Arma3 browser with external IP. Otherwise i wouldn't mention about it.