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    improving Kiljoy's Evolution for Arma/Arma2OA. Working as a squad but pretty laid back approach
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    ex military, keen mapper & modder from call of duty.
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  1. progress today - all the little stuff you never notice lol upgraded all the shotgun ammo with new ammo models - much nicer looking shells finished weapon anims for reloading shotguns - the model 1912 even has an animated flap when you push each shell in, don't suppose anyone will ever notice that hehe made a few different magazine models for the shotguns fixed M870 express shell reload hide anims added green shells for the flechette ammo added brass effect to many many bullets in magazines / chambers / belts re built all the revolver ammo so it uses better brass bullets fixed nagant pistol ammo during reload fixed m1 garand floating mag added geo, distance lod, mass and shadow to a few mags added wood rvmats for m1919 and bar added brass effect to the m79. ex41 grenades updated m1919 on M37 truck and staticweapon with new brass effect on belt
  2. bit of work to do on the bayonet rvmats, but it's getting there! - animated trigger, bolt, safety, clip, bullet and sights - animated rear sights out to 1200m zeroing - chambering round animation - safety is activated when rifle is slung on back - uses NI Arms M1903 stripper clip reload magazine animation - added glass to zf-41 scope - made new m1884 bayonet - split model into wood, brass and steel rvmats for smoother finish ok updated rvmats for the bayonets
  3. regarding Gallipoli, i have never understood why they didn't land at Bulair, to cut the neck of the peninsula, and seal in the Turkish 7th and 9th divisions.
  4. added bayonet for kar 98k
  5. another minor but relevant adjustment finished: the ramp gun on the ACH-47 gunship
  6. scroll down 1 para, and you'll see the answer to this question
  7. wow what a cheeky f**ker! he even re-branded it to his own mod name and logo!
  8. - we added built-in TFAR compatibility for our RTO backpacks today thanks to Belbo for helping us out there.
  9. new ammo belts added to the huey m60s and that is my work on the hueys completed! thank the lord.
  10. yeah the shoprtcut key is"teamswitch" which in A3 is U by default. also AI recruitment is defaulted to disabled in the parameters, so be sure to change that when you start your mission - see params button in lobby.
  11. small but significant improvement to the hueys: - Added m60 from NIArms to the doorgun (huge thanks to Toadie2k for donating his amazing models to us) - made a new cobweb sight (thanks to Nodunit for teaching me how!) - upgraded armoured ammo belts and ammo storage cases already
  12. Irish Mick's vid of last sundays game using Echo BETA - featuring entire unsung dev team and Elite-Warriors beta test team. In a 13 hour session to complete the mission, many players agreed after that it featured some of the best teamplay we've ever experienced. 20m in, the notorious Hanoi Hannah makes her dreaded appearan
  13. Quite exciting - new stoner LMG from Luchador, built to order - thanks to Kable and Odball for their donations towards it. also blinged up m1919A4 (thanks to FoW team for making adjustments to the A6 we donated to them, and then kindly sending it back to us) I added the box and belt anims and Rama may get around to retexturing the tripod if we're lucky.
  14. Presenting - the Retirement Helmet for Sgt. Savage
  15. blinged up the old rusty rocket pods (thanks to myke / pook for the original work!) and the miniguns, ammo boxes etc m60s next (thanks to NI Arms) thanks also to nodunit for helping me fix the weird transparency issue, and teaching me new skills - see the rocket triggers i added thanks to his patient coaching.