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    ex military, keen mapper & modder from call of duty.
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  1. Cambodia Evolution mission added here
  2. we were making these back in the day. the middle one, UPK 23 is done and ready but the GUV pods on the outside got lost. will try to revive them in A3 as part of mod i linked above.
  3. no, as modern weapons have pistol grips. the arma handanim system is really bad for rifle grips - i.e. you cant position the elbow outwards or the shoulder back (as the handanim doesnt allow positioning of anything but the hands) to allow a natural rifle grip on e.g. a lee enfield without the wrist snapping. examples with shoulder back and / or elbow out - none can be created in arma handanim ok apparently what you do (i've been told this by pufu at RHS) is to bring the hand back, and rotate the wrist downwards a bit (so fingers go upwards, then rotate the lower part of the back of the hand and the fingers down, not the hand at the wrist. this creates a little stretching in the hand texture, but its much better than the broken wrist look. hope it helps anyway.
  4. that would throw the hands out, the best idea there is to move the hands and default weapon back in the handanim (not sure if that makes any difference to where the actual in game weapon is held, but i think it might) and maybe then move the weapon back if needed. nice grip guys, our sten handanim needs moving as your little finger is at risk of the infamous bolt chopper.
  5. ah sorry i didn't get that first time around. well that's groovy. i have a ton of pods from A2.
  6. i dont see an entry in that mag that connects to selectionfireanim?
  7. work porting this monster is about halfway there. i could use a hand, as im also flat out on unsung mod all the damn time given jets dlc is imminent, perhaps some excited modder would like to join forces on this release. send me a pm. no time wasters please! this is hard and very boring work.
  8. i imagine rocket pods and gunpods will be very hard to implement in dynamic loadouts. i managed it in arma 2 rangemaster mod, but you have to pre-specify the memory points, and have the muzzle-flashes on the model already, and then also you cant move them to other pylons, but that you can live with. oh and selectionfireanim has a lot to answer for lol. means you need to hard-code your classes with gunpods fixed, though rockets can be moved so long as you have config access to adjust the rocket mem point.classes (assuming your bird has a selection of points on it) i remember myke showing me this amazing concept model back in the day of integrated rocket and gunpod pylon proxies, but sadly that experiment never came to fruition. anyway, i'm stoked for this dlc. i'll be redoing all the unsung aircraft and then looking again at the FRL and rangemaster missilebox we built in arma 2. i'm busy until after may on unsung, but then will get going. if any config gurus out there want to lend a hand in the meantime i have this lot on our SVN already half-ported. If anyone out there has any newer models and/or would like to work with me on it please drop me a PM. it's gonna mostly be a week of configging and a month or two of testing/ debugging.
  9. as someone posted up a nice big sprawling picture of missiles including the brimstone, i would like to remind viewers that i am still planning to bring out the missilebox we assembled at the end of arma 2 in the FRL/ Rangemaster pack. Once we see Jets dlc on our desktops, and i can get at the code/ wiki, I will release the full box, totally compatible with all aircraft, and with patched configs for them all too, using the new loadout system
  10. 1. sorry but we dont take bug reports whatsoever if you run other mods. 2. we know about the jeep speed issue, as noted above.
  11. and these - at the end of EVERY RPT file, it has the same error: related to accessing protected memory. i.e. the server has developed a memory leak since the 64 bit update. 1. Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 404B5D47 2. Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 40E35D47 3. Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 407F5D47 4. Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 40195D47 server logs in case anyone wants to take a look
  12. we are getting server crashes on unsung mod. the mod and mission is the same, steam updated on server and clients then as soon as the server was updated, and steam validated, no issues, we have been crashing every 1-2 hours all weekend. We have noticed that when someone crashes a plane or heli and creates the crater field models, we are getting major frame drops - EVERY PLAYER experiences it across the map. when a player approaches the crater models, they get strong freezes, that last a few seconds, made worse when zooming in facing the craters. my feeling is that these models are causing a major accumulating memory leak. rpt has this which we've not seen before
  13. i find they run slow until you turn the steering wheel a bit, then they speed up from about 30 to about 55 all this physx stuff is a bit of an undocumented puzzle
  14. guys, is anyone else having random crashes on dedi boxes running unsung and my evolution missions? or just unsung and any mission? am trying to work out why, since the steam / A3 update this week, we're losing connection every 1-2 hours. keen to hear your experiences
  15. here are some of our old WIP animations and projects that went on hold when our amazing animator, von Knudenberg left the community a year ago. If anyone out there hears he is alive and well, please inform us. We wish him all the best. If anyone would be able to animate and develop like he did, please do get in touch with us as we can use your talents on some very cool projects.