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    ex military, keen mapper & modder from call of duty.
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  1. cool bit of fog
  2. many of the assets are in A3 already. 3CB are doing a great job with the british kit, a lot of the air assets were ported by pook. CUP have done the stock aircraft - i donated my models to them early on. the missilebox is the only thing at this point that i plan to import, after jets dlc release on 16 may
  3. new gunship cockpit
  4. fixed! thanks. - added dual controls for copilot - fixed cockpit horizon dial - added door functions, including new engine check to close - fixed copilot lod so dials and backlights work for him
  5. ok some more work on the slick and dust-off hueys: completely reworked dials, based on BI model, moved into positions based on real world pics of the huey D model. created new backlighting for them too added - working dials for most functions - collective, pedals and stick animations - working doors - automatic windshield wipers - new hitpoints and damage model - fixed geometry - working dampers - even the clock works! - engine warm up and cooldown looks interesting now in cockpit displays - watch the vid for example
  6. yeah the fx need a revamp. we may use the new stuff made by alias
  7. that is planned yes
  8. well i think it started when the 1.68 was released it is caused on a busy server (lots of clients) when someone crashes a jet into forest terrain it happens on khe sanh and da krong maps for sure our jets use normal killed EH's they inherit from class plane. now when we switched to 64 bit i can't say i saw the issue until yesterday when we switched back to 32 bit due to persistent crashes due to out of memory error that we have been suffering for 4 weeks straight (since going to new 64 bit server exe) so my feeling is that it is an issue in 32 bit server. i am wondering if anyone else has seen this behaviour in other mods or vanilla game?
  9. ok, so a quick review of this weeks work: Razorback has issued us with final release candidates for - Doung - Da Krong these include muddy water, and many changes to enhance the islands. The hueys now have - working sticks, pedals and collectives - animated windscreen wipers - animated openable doors - fixed and tested geometry - AI can now fly them! - fixed carrying capacity so you can now swap inventory items in them - fixed hitpoints - fixed selection issue where tail rotor damage cause main rotor to fail - fixed fire geo issue where tail rotor geometry clipped main rotor geometry New weapons added for VC: - Nambu Type 100 smg - animated - Kar 98k rifle - in progress - new RPG-7 model - in progress new M35 truck from Ramamarines - pics soon fixed server crashes by switching to 32 bit exe. 4 weeks of crashing every hour on 64 bit was a chore. Let's hope BI find and fix more crashes in the 64 bit exe.
  10. class CfgVehicles { class Plane; // extern class Plane_Base_F : Plane { class AnimationSources; }; class uns_Plane : Plane_Base_F { class Turrets {}; class eventhandlers; }; class uns_A1J: uns_Plane //csar version in place of CAP { simulation = "airplaneX"; that's our typical inheritance we don't adjust killed EHs on jets at all this has been happening since the 1.68 update on 64 and 32 bit server causes 10 second game freezes every so often, and potentially the server crashes with out of memory error
  11. can anyone help to understand what is going on here? I arrived on our server after what looked like a busy night to discover an absolute stack of crater spam. It is created when a heli or plane crashes however it has spawned multiple times and in a long looping maze of craters that goes around and around the hill i'm standing on this is 32 bit 2.68 windows server running unsung delta only
  12. as stated many times before, unfortunately we don't have anyone in the team who can deal with the new arm 3 sound config system for weapons. the rest of us are busy with other parts of the project. if anyone wishes to work with us to upgrade the sound shaders and tails, please send me a PM.