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    ex military, keen mapper & modder from call of duty.
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  1. ================================================================ ECHO Roadmap updated (May 2017) ================================================================ We really need more help converting models to high standards for Arma 3 including: - texture work - config and model porting and upgrading (adding weapons to helis etc) - making new models - especially new buildings and foliage - map making - campaign work - A3 weapon sounds work - bug testing and fixing Donations for new models are also a great benefit - please send me a PM. This is a list of potential content for ECHO, based on current material stocks we have: FIXES AH-1G cockpit aiming - 100% Huey pilot flying behaviour - 100% AI Doorgunner position confusion - 100% Tank destruction and behaviour - 0% AIR Add new radars to planes and relevant vehicles - 10% Add rearm functions to aircraft from jets dlc - 0% Air-air refueling system - 50% AN-2 biplane, 3 types - 100% CH53 - 20% Mig 21 - 20% Mig 15 - 10% OH6 - 10% OH58 - 10% CH54 - 10% LAND M37b truck including guntruck - 90% Type 63 - 70% M35 + variants - 30% 2 new jeeps - 20% Tank physx in M48, M551, T34, T54, T55 - 0% new M2 static weapon - 10% Bicycle - 20% Motorbike - 20% M43 - 20% Centurion Tank - 1% WEAPONS & KIT - AKM and 6 variants - 100% - StG44 - 100% - Model 1912 - 100% - Madsen M50 - 100% - M2 carbine inc. sawn-off - 100% - Springfield M1903 - 100% - M20 Super Bazooka - 100% - T223 - 100% - M127A1 star cluster - 100% - Winchester Model 70 - 90% - M-1919A6 MG - 90% - SKS 45 - 90% - MAT49 - 90% 5 new pistols - 100% - S&W model 10 - Colt Lawman 357 - S&W .38 special - Nagant 1895 (inc. suppressor) - TT33 - various ammo models - 50% (need to add to weapons) - mk82 snakeeye - 100% - russian helmet - 90% (texture) - LRP pack - 100% - new VC hats - 90% - wearable crew goggles - 100% - new PAVN artillery, tank-crew and aircrew models - 90% - PAVN pilot (model /texture) - 10% CODE new logic for bayonets and melee combat - 0% new radio module / sounds - 10% Jets DLC feature integration for aircraft systems - 10% Traps - 10% MAPS Doung (completed) by Razorback - 90% Trung Si map by Bludski - 80% Khe Sanh (almost completed) by Londo - 60% Song Cu (completed) by Jones - on hold due to data loss Dak To (ported) by Showmaker - 0% Mekong Delta (ported) by Showmaker - 0% ================================================================ FOX release plans (November 2017) ================================================================ Air EA-6b Mig-17 Mig-19 new AH1g cobra O1- Bird-dog C123k provider CH-46 AC117 / AC130 gunships Land LVTP5-A1 M50 Ontos with texture M41 Walker Bulldog tank M42 Duster PT76 tank M715? Units More civ types women VC soldiers ROK/korean soldiers Maps Hue alpha? needs building models - we really need your help! ================================================================ Model replacement - ideas for donations ================================================================ china lake EX41 cost £40 mosin nagant / pu scope $75 we get a discount on luchadors models, so the following prices are indicated at approx discounted rate. RPG-7 (approx $45) kar-98 with scope ($60) m1911 ($45) thompson $45 type 100 $45 M67 $30 there are a bunch of new vehicles in the works, but the guys making them are very slow. If you find a vehicle that you would like to donate, it must be textured, uv-mapped and under 30k polys. this is a major problem for many models available on the internet - they are often over 200k polys/faces and arma would not handle it. mig-17 $185 mig-17 $349 !! but isn't she lovely? Su-100 $179 O-1 Bird-dog $59 A-1 Skyraider $49 T-28 $49
  2. we can't uv map models mate, we rely on modelers to do that! we take a textured model and edit it, add stuff, animate it, etc but we can't texture it or map it for you sorry.
  3. looks ok to me. needs mudguards and doors, and proper scaling, but seems like a great start thanks mate dont bother to add weapons, jerry cans, tools, wing mirrors, or spare wheels, we have them already we also have interior seats, steering wheels, dashboards etc in other vehicles that may do ok for conversion to this vehicle.
  4. the top one? yeah the guy photoshopped himself into a nam picture lol
  5. thanks mikero and scotg - i just fixed buldozer on my laptop by pointing OB to arma3.exe after months of messing about trying to make it work, and getting a "no external viewer attached" error despite reinstalling, going through all the steps etc, it would always just fail. It now works great.
  6. @Apollo, thanks for your feedback mate. yeah it's all knowledge we pick up along the way by word of mouth as there is no concrete guide on these subjects, and wiki often either has too much irrelevant info or too little info, or none at all. Also tips and tricks in practice don't come out in a wiki really. re properties - anyone know? needed or not? in which lods? - sbsource = shadowvolume - canocclude = 1 - canbeoccluded = 1?
  7. that's just the ability to look over the scope even without a sight. which is useful no? it may not be functional, but a lot of people in the military or in arma would surely not try to aim down the scope if someone was real close. so that's not really a "bug" that needs fixing imho.
  8. well there are tons of pics of it here i'd never heard of it til you mentioned it. if you can source a basic transport model i can add the weaponry, or the ambulance shell
  9. mel gibson has been done and i dont think anyone went to jail
  10. couple more guns for the rack: new bazooka model courtesy of Ramamarines and his team new AKM model - 6 variants available
  11. i use NI Arms and Von Knudenberg for my moving anims. Would be great to have one of them, maybe Toadie2k doing a tutorial on their process.
  12. Here is a 1 hour podcast from the unsung developers - Sgt-savage, Razorback, Tetet and Eggbeast in which they discuss the origins of the mod, what got them into the Vietnam war theme, and what is in store for the forthcoming Echo release.
  13. Here is a 1 hour podcast from the unsung developers - Sgt-savage, Razorback, Tetet and Eggbeast in which they discuss the origins of the mod, what got them into the Vietnam war theme, and what is in store for the forthcoming Echo release.
  14. ok well we tested the torrent here and it is working so i'm not sure why you're having problems. we have 3 very fast servers seeding the mod constantly. you didn't try A3 Launcher yet then? that may be your best solution if the torrent doesn't work for you. Mega.NZ is not really a solution, as it only allows 1 download per month.