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    improving Kiljoy's Evolution for Arma/Arma2OA. Working as a squad but pretty laid back approach
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    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games
    Unsung mod team lead (6 yrs service!)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
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    Unsung mod team lead (6 yrs service!)
    Developed over 50 versions of Evolution co-op mp mission framework for a wide range of mods and maps
    Developed Rangemaster mod with hcpookie in Arma 2OA
    Keen mapper & modder from call of duty 1 days
    Played Arma for 12 years now - co-op MP games

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  1. yep, thanks for those, i can link the post to the texture artist directly. i wanted to get the model and config sorted before letting him loose on it. in particular our camo version doesn't stretch to the tanks yet, am keen to see those done, along wit hthe other parts like warning notices - some high-res properly formatted content for those will be great to add.
  2. 3.2e patch is out on steam Files http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943001311&tscn=1509760434 Changelog http://steamcommunity.com/groups/theunsungvietnamwarmod#announcements/
  3. yeah we have a guy lined up to retex it - and the model has some old legacy issues in the mesh that need straightening out. if you see any glaring inconsistencies do let us know and we'll see if they can be rectified. can't promise though!
  4. yeah we've fixed it - was caused by BI breaking static weapons without physX in the last update. patch should be out shortly, both from BI and us.
  5. well thanks to a very generous donation from snakeyes, we have our new RPD on order. meanwhile, here's an old airframe from sfc_itzhak, come to us by way of wld427 and the PRACS mod. it's a great old bird, that will be replacing our old binarized only model. So this week I have done the following: - rebuilt geometries and shadow including completely high detail new fire geometry - fixed rvmat pathing - fixed components - removed duped uvmaps - edited textures, made new camo variant - made new set of decals - added randomised numbering and unit designation - remapped parts of cockpit display, and engine cowl - fixed transparency issue - added clutter - added hitpoints including all glass - added damagehide - created damage rvmats - added damage visual selections - rationalised passenger and gunner proxy indexes - added lights, markerlights, backlighting and cabin lights - animated dampers and wheels - working ramp animation and action - added new collective and pedals, animated those and sticks - upgraded cockpit display, now has >30 animated dials - fixed rotor damage (autocenter issue) - moved tanks and CMs to proxies - added slingloading, music, smoke, nade and flare drop - added variant configs (turrets) completed so far: - added unarmed transport version - added m60 version - added medevac version with 24 litters and custom decals to do: - 2x M2 variant - 3x M2 variant - 3x 134 variant
  6. taking some of the unsung radios gives you a useraction to open the radio dialog. once you have that open you can then call in support by turning on the radio, selecting the right channel and then clicking on the handset. in my evo mission, there is also a different support system running in parallel, with this system, keep the generic radio you spawn with and then use the U key to open the dialog. then call support using that. beware if you call artillery support in our servers without being on teamspeak and without other infantry being in support of it, you may be kicked off the server. this is especially true when the server is busy.
  7. Changelog for 3.2E due out soon CRITICAL Fixed recent crash issue associated with static weapon physX WEAPONS Fixed SKS ironsights Fixed M16 ironsights Added new F-1 Grenade model by Luchador Improved recoil on L1A1 Removed experimental scope optics on M14/ XM21 Fixed uk vz 59 sights, added extra animations Fixed ppsh41/ type 50 sights Fixed m/45 sight and suppressor sight Added folded m/45 Removed suppressors appearing available on ex41, m79, k50, ppsh series AIR Improvements to airplanes to help them work on the USS Freedom updated crew animations for AH1G, Mi8, CH34, CH47, OH6 Updated cockpit for CH34 Added UH34 Stinger gunship Added working hitpoints and damage rvmats to many helicopters Cleaned up CH34 textures, improved fire geometry in cabin (door gunner can now be shot) added dual control co-pilot to Mi8 added radar to Mi8 / CH47 animated cockpit in Mi8, CH34, CH47, AH1G Added new gunsights to AH1G and UH34 Fixed transparencies in OH6, CH34, CH47 Improved all clusterbombs using new BI system LAND Fixed shadow, geometry, rvmats, properties, distance lods, etc in many static weapons Fixed Type 74 AA gun rvmats and fire geo (shield now works) Fixed steering wheel animation in Jeeps Improved M113 Engineer vehicle functions Fixed decals on M37 guntruck Fixed ponds destruction model SEA Changed Dac Cong assault boat faction to NVA UNITS Fixed issue with BDU 65 uniform model FEATURES Improved support radio
  8. thanks B, that's an awesome resource
  9. the cabin looks way too short to be a D?
  10. so any volunteers for re-texturing any of these beauties? we can get them in game pretty quickly, but without a decent Vietnam era texture, there's not much point.
  11. the version we have is an H, with an m61 in the rear turret. we could add a quad 50 though, but the rotating part of the airframe is not currently present so that would be a bit of model work further down the line here's the CH53 Sea Stallion, almost ready for release - needs a re-skin also
  12. we have a bunch of stuff in the workshop waiting on people to have time to import them for example: these both need a Vietnam era retexture - any artists out there up for re-skinning them for us? new AC47 from NZDF Crash new B52 - not sure of its origin
  13. we have that flash hider - ramamarines made one i've done co-pilot searchlights before on the mi28 and ka52 in arma 2, so that's pretty simple
  14. that's such a heavy gun i wouldn't believe that is a troop ship. the top pic is some kind of hunter-killer ship with floodlights - a short-cabin C model basically a gunship without any outboard pylons, and zero cargo space I don't believe the second ship is real, looks like a fake to me the 50 seems to be mounted on a non-vietnam m240 pintle and the side facing seats are not vietnam era, especially in a short cabin C the third pic - again a C ship without any outboards so i can probably rustle one of those up.