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  1. The licenses changed. We allow monetization for the Core and Terrains but not for the CWA terrains, therefore they have been separated out. The amount of data is roughly the same as before.
  2. Indeed. Why, oh why no SILVIE and ALICE? WHY?
  3. Thank you Chairborne for the work and effort you put into CUP. I think it is safe to say that things will never be the same without you around. I hope we'll see you return one day. (and one last time: FUCK PHYSX :) )
  4. Probably needs a Resource update. Working on that, should be in a future CUPdate.
  5. I guess they would need AI "pilots" like the carrier defenses, but actually, this is a cool idea...
  6. It will always look fine within Blender. The point is, for the export to work correctly, all Scale values must be 1, Rotation angles must be 0 Degrees, and position is relative to the Object origin. You will have to press CTRL-A and apply these to get them to export identical into O2.
  7. Just tried it here, works for me. The only annoyance I have is that it keeps logging me out.
  8. Have you applied the transformations before export? Transformations, rotations and scale need to be applied otherwise the result might not be what you expect it to be.
  9. Everything? It's difficult enough as it is to make a decent lighting for a terrain. Nights in Chernarus are so pitch-black that you don't see anything, unless it's white in which case it shines like a light source.
  10. I really wish BIS would finally release some tangible documentation on the damn lighting updates.
  11. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    Make it an official unofficial addon then like with the legacy fatigue. Problem is, that it probably will suffer the same fate as the legacy fatigue, ending up in a broken, abandoned addon. Alternatively, put out decent documentation on how the lighting config works and let the community do it. Considering the lack of proper documentation on the lighting, I would wager to say it is a problem of "not a priority". Just like with decent PhysX documentation, they rather leave the detective work of finding out how things work to the community. It's been like this almost forever. Sometimes, documentation becomes available, but more often it is left to be found out by us. This is, of course, a legitimate reason; however I find it rather sad since such a huge part of Arma is the modding community.
  12. Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I wish Bohemia would release detailed information about the lighting, so that people could mod it to their liking. I hate the night lighting in the post-1.60 versions, I'd love to see it corrected, but sadly, no real documentation means way too much trial-and-error.
  13. TBH, I wouldn't know how to influence that. From what I gathered, the unit specifies the voice set (British, Russian, Farsi, etc) and usually gets a random voice from that category (or whatever is set as identity). With the player, the profile lists a specific voice that gets adapted to the base voice type of the unit. I just tried for myself, and I get a standard voice as BAF as well, however weirdly enough it is a different voice. (Male01 I think). Investigating.
  14. Not with a high priority. The faces in Arma 2 had a different layout. It might be possible to convert them, but as I said, priority is low for this item.