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  1. Is this possible in the config? I want the players to use their XML but I do not want the XML patch to appear on the uniform itself.
  2. Any chance of versions without pouches on the back?
  3. I am using Addon Builder. I'll try pboproject.
  4. I double checked and it is there. I have also confirmed the directory is correct.
  5. I have placed some roads and previewed them working in bulldozer, but once in game they are gone. I am exporting shapes and rebuilding terrain. Not sure what I missed.
  6. I tried what you suggested and it didn't seem to change anything.
  7. Alright I'll leave that for now. But what about the flat terrain slashes? There has to be a work around. Virtual Reality is flat and doesn't have them.
  8. I did what you said and nothing seemed to change. The grid is still misaligned and are you saying if the terrain is flat there will always be those slashes?
  9. I am learning to make a new map and I think I messed up somewhere. My main grid line is not centered: And when I zoom in I get these slashes in the grid squares: Where did I mess up?
  10. I love you clima.
  11. When importing objects from EDEN into Terrain Builder in a .txt file I get this error. I'm new to this and no real idea what I'm doing. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hidden selection for FNX45 please.
  13. Thank you!