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  1. Congratz Homie, absolute premium work, put a 1702 on there. ;) :D :D
  2. I'm actually surprised how well this concept works. It's fun, quick, nice, works well. Good job so far! I see myself preferring big caliber weapons because they kill quicker. Don't see a reason to use rifleman for example. Clearly communicating what the airdrops do for each game mode would be nice. (Capture airdrop for an additonal respawn! as an INGAME hint for example. Hint system could be made optional in the game settings.) Map in spectator would be nice. Seeing other players as markers on the map would be nice. (Also in spectator.) One major thing is - "netcode". Death-trades happen too often, the damage dealing does not feel "responsive" at all. There also needs to be a GUI for kicking/banning players. I have encountered a guy today who was able to teleport himself and other players and ruin the game.
  3. Talked to the audio guys - it's the limit of max played voices. Since arma3 tanoa's soundscape is now very rich (each bush, tree, house etc. is producing sound) each sounds produces a voice. And since the voice limit of 128 (divided into smaller "groups" for weapons, vehicles, EnvSFX etc.) is pretty low and there is not yet a good "prioritize" function in place, this is what we have right now. This is why we come near a "new" sound source, an "old" one dies. This is a known issue and it's being worked on. No ETA, but maybe in one of the upcoming DLCs. Only time will tell. That's all we know right now.
  4. That would help isolating which of the many sound sources playing at the same time is at fault there. :) Hmm, is it this bug?
  5. You mean the noise at 0:34-0:35? I am not sure what to listen for.
  6. Welcome. I am very busy but I'll start off and hopefully others will help. 1. Learn about configs and inheritance. Ask around on the forum or arma3 discord for that. This is important knowledge and not super easy to come by, but if you try hard enough you'll get it. Try to get someone who understand configs to explain it to you. :) Basically, no matter how many PBOs the game loads, inside these PBOs are configs. And they define certain things, like weapon X will use soundSet Y. Whatever ist the LAST addon in your load-order will be used by the game. So let's say your mod-load-order is: @SuperSound;@UberAudio SuperSound.pbo says: weapon X uses SoundSet Y which uses SoundShaders ABC with Sound1.wss, Sound2.wss, Sound3.wss and UberAudio.pbo says: weapon X uses SoundSet Z which uses different SoundShaders DEF with Sound4.wss, Sound5.wss, Sound6.wss SoundSet Z will be used, because it's last in the load order. This is how the game knows what to use. Have you looked at this? 2. Yes, you can use a modded config but I'd say it's more important to understand how configs work in general.
  7. If you buy a library you can use the sounds wherever you please. Especially in mods. For details read the licence agreement of your libraries.
  8. Perfect, thank you! Reported & forwarded.
  9. Guys, Dusa has added info into the ArmA 3 Sound Documentation. It's pretty good! I'll try and add comments and additional info where necessary. :) Thanks! Can you please produce a little example mission? Things about "broken" voice playback have been reported, but I barely have any repro missions to push to the DEVs. Just one so far about say vs say3d. :)
  10. Thanks! Of course, take your time. :)
  11. Please, create a simple mission (just you and some units doing something really easy to set up, like a simple firefight), zip the file and upload it to your dropbox / google drive and share the link here so we can download and see the issue for ourselves & forward it to the developers ASAP. Radio protocol is something that must work but I am not able to reproduce this. And I am not willing to download "any mission" from the workshop. If you want to report stuff, please report it properly. I really appreciate the effort and I don't believe you are recording non existing bugs but the time spent arguing here could have been spent creating a repro mission. Unless you're writing from work/school, like I am right now, hehe. :) Looking forward to your mission! Thanks!
  12. Vehicle explosion short range confirmed & reported. Thanks. About the radio protocol - if you can help me to reproduce a specific scenario I can report it and get it fixed probably. A mission where this happens "often" would help a lot since I have no idea how to "force" radio protocol messages.
  13. This clears up everything. Why the extra release then and not "within your projects" if it's intented for use together with them? I must have missed that pointer, sorry. We do mate. You hard work got Jan thinking of this more. ;) We might get a dirty hack to do what you wanted to do in the first place. But no promises, since the original A3 new audio engine programmer is now working on other projects. Anyway, create some videos man. :) Show that stuff!
  14. The feature is NOW open. But you are right, documentation needs to happen. It's a high priority task right now. Vehicles need a distance boost in general. You can barely hear them, I agree, it's a problem. But really all they need is a boost in distance, not change of filtering. Changing the distances of the low pass filter is tied to changing overall distances of all sound assets, which is why it is not being done right now. I agree that the initiative is great, but I disagree with these numbers and still believe that changing the default filter is not improving anything. I talked to Jan today about this though and there might be a dirty hack some day before we have soundSets for vehicles. So again, initiative was worth it. ;)