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  1. Just saw some of the march and noticed these beneath the gun, what is it exactly?
  2. Thanks. No editing, at certain time in the morning / evening you'll get a great sunrise and sunset, so just stick you're ship or whatever in the foreground and you should get something like this.
  3. Wrapping up the overview. Cheers again BO1
  4. Good call, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the work chaps, a short vid from myself
  6. Re AI, new video released maybe of interest:
  7. Here it is, sorry for lateness in posting Lighty lives in alien timezone
  8. Not via ICMB but they are seemingly barbaric enough to put one on a truck or boat and smuggle it into Seoul somehow. And in a new development South Korean News: China Has Deployed 150,000 Troops To North Korean Border Not sure if that has been verified though.
  9. Thanks for the update mate, here is a quick updated vid of it, cheers.