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  1. Shadow Warrior (good fun!) free limited time
  2. The dev's broke nothing they updated their game, its the responsibility of the modders to keep their mod up to date with the current version of the game, and that has nothing to do with steam. In OFP. A1 / A2 if a big patch came out chances are you would have to update your mod, how those patches are distributed be it steam or from doesn't make a difference. And loading a game with mods that you have not played in four months expecting it all to be okay hmm, if you are not using steam workshop to keep your mods up to date then ofc you will need to update them four months down the line as you would have in previous games. I do understand the steam bit after 8 or 9 years my end being used to community websites and patches off bis studios I had the same feeling not knowing steam that well even a year into alpha/beta but now it really is a simple enough thing to get a grasp of. But you can't complain about the developers updating their game (with some great free stuff like malden & UssFreedom) because it may break some mods which may or may not actually be up to date :/
  3. Shaniqua
  4. These sound absolutely awesome, makes you keep your head down for sure, top work mate.
  5. Some gameplay of WIP updates to V4++ with Ghost & Co
  6. Good fun in this round, managed a good defense: