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  1. And that is my Sunday sorted, cheers mate.
  2. Lovely stuff, thanks for the work!
  3. To be fair, those are just placeholder so the players now have at least something to shoot at rather than just doing TvT. The actual AI down the line should/will be far ahead of this, which yeah as of this moment don't shine well.
  4. I think some players with this and other games will do the best they can to like it and milk all they can from the good bits, but alas after a certain amount of time will see it for what it is, an underwhelming addition to the franchise. Which is a shame as I enjoyed the first trilogy and recently pre Andromeda went back and replayed it.
  5. Thanks bud. Actually those are just syndicate rebels from Apex, seemed to fit in just fine with the aesthetics of the terrain.