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  1. hehe nice work, looks like in belongs in starship troopers :D
  2. Read those complaints with Raven Shield 2.0, however they did let you remove it in the ini. Ironsights would be fantastic didn't know about that. I saw he added in Speech command which is awesome, but does not seem to work for me, always grayed out in the options box :/
  3. Danke! Burns' smallest of mods making the biggest of differences as normal :)
  4. @CryGear@DireoneAnims@RHS@Lythium@HiddenID
  5. She preedy', I want her number. Top work as ever!
  6. Glorious terrain now I've done some exploring, big 'thumbs up' from me!
  7. Great work chaps, few scenarios here, cheers.
  8. Welcome to the Nam :D @Unsung@DireoneAnimations