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  1. @SkaceKachna It would be for a mission where units are dynamically spawned - would you mind making an example mission of how this would all go together? Thanks :)
  2. Em,.. ok, so how can I possibly load this for the server to use it for everyone but without a key? :(
  3. Hey guys, I am wondering if you can help me, I am trying to get this mod: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24204 working on our server as a script instead of a .pbo (mod) as its not signed for servers anyways. So my question is, how can I get it to work within our servers mission by calling it via a script? thanks
  4. Hey, guys, I am making a model of the HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier, and though it's not so hard on making the model I am wondering on in-game sizes for the model scale I need to be going for? I hear that real life height, lenght, and width etc is the same as in-game for ArmA 3? The specifications for the carrier's length 920ft. Height and others I don't know or haven't found yet! so how do I even scale this to size? Thanks
  5. Ok, this is really getting annoying now, at first I put up with it thinking it was just an update or maybe my bad internet, whatever... but now its been going on for weeks!!! I have my own dedicated server with my unit of over 30 people. I am the owner and also the only one who is constantly being kicked every 30/40 minutes. I know this as we timed it last night and its usually I get kicked on the 40 minutes mark and then I get "failed to connect to server" upon trying to rejoin again. It's like I am banned for around 10 or so minutes and then suddenly I get allowed back on again where the process then starts all over - I play for around 30/40 minutes and then I get the dreaded "no signal received" message and kicked. I have a high ping around 270 most of the time because of my location though its weird as sometimes I can play on the server for way over 5 or more hours until I next get kicked. Though that is rare it has now got to a point where I have had enough. How can I fix my problem of being kicked always? It is not happening to everyone else at all, so its not the server problem obviously. Also, my friend who is not far from me and has a high ping doesn't get kicked at all like I do. I have tried many things including opening my ports for the ArmA 3 requirements, changed my internet connection through a router straight to my computer but still, I'm getting kicked so much. Please help. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how to make the damage be less than it is? basically its 1 hit and your down, so anything to change it to make be more than a few hits before being taken down like the default ArmA 3 revive/respawn system? Thanks
  7. Yep that's it, didn't know what to really call them lol. I know they are put as turrets and they DO work upon enemy air coming into contact. But for some reason after a while, they just disappear and I have no idea why.
  8. This is weird, I have made a mission with the USS Freedom (aircraft carrier) and I also placed the carrier weapons on it. But after some time the weapons just disappear as if they never existed. Why is this happening? they work fine, they protect the carrier, but after a while, they just simply disappear. Any help please? Thanks.
  9. Thanks mate, much appreciated :)
  10. Bump, anyone? stuck on this and still can't find any method :(
  11. I have the usual description.ext etc and with this line: I thought by adding the module it will just do everything as normal and no scripting necessary?!?
  12. I already know this mate, this is by scripting and using the description.ext I am wanting to do such by using the module which I have stated. :)
  13. I have a problem when I put the "Creat Radio Channel" module on the map, I can join and type also speak within it though it's on Single Player. I am trying to get this to work in Multiplayer so that I have a separate channel, callsign, and color for the Zeus player. This is what I put in the module placed within the editor: Like I said, it works in SP but not in MP. When I put up the mission on our server this is what I get: Both the VOIP and TEXT are crossed off and unable to work. So my question is, how do you get this to work please? I checked on the wiki and there is nothing about it etc... Thanks. :)
  14. Does this method still work? cause I am trying to get it to work and its saying error on line 39. Any method of kicking team killers please?
  15. A hotfix was just released: https://dev.arma3.com/post/spotrep-00065 it was not fixed! the bug is still there and can't get the drop down to work correctly :(