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  1. I know this is completely off topic but I swear I cannot be the only person who heard Caboose in his head when they read that Thanks for the ACE compats anyhow :)
  2. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Well being 2035 in Europe I personally feel some of the more "modern" weaponry is justified, the TAR would not be much younger by that point as the AUG is now
  3. U got dis m8. if I may ask (feel free to throw me out the window if not), are we getting to "Soon(TM)" or is it still "When it's done"
  4. Arma 3 Aegis (Beta)

    Until it's actually out there, everything is subject to change, dates included. There's a reason most creators go with "Soon(tm)" and "When it's Done." treat it as an estimate and not an affirmative date, things can go wrong even, nay especially during upload
  5. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I ask that this thread be more heavily moderated. This has already veered off several times into nothing good and the last thing anybody wants is for a good thing to become a flame thread.
  6. If you ever decide to go back and work on the Marines some more, a boom mic, rolled sleeves, and those black gloves would be lovely Do it how you want to though, I hope everything is still going well :)
  7. Operation Trebuchet, OPCAN, Tanoa (107-089) Unforgotten (Halo 3 OST)
  8. Was the helicopter music there before? If not, excellent choice for the ACH-47 tunes :) And you missed the AH-1
  9. Sgt Hvymtal testing out the CornerShot system his department just acquired by running through one of their shoot house drills with it. While it won't replace the snake cams used for the last decade or so since it's a different capability, its ability to handle both lethal and less lethal weapon systems will make it a valuable tool in the toolkit Map: Panthera by Icebreakr, Grid 021078 just west of Volkovo on the Northwest island, in the tall apartment building Mods: VSM Project Zenith (uniform), VSM Accessories (Balaclava and goggles), TAC Vests (vest and backpack-slot "buttpack ammo belt 2), RHS USAF (Helmet), Complementary Special Weapons (CornerShot, can also be found in Comp. Police Wepaons. Workshop only, look for Kickass' stuff) Default, use Page up (left) and Page Down (right) to change the angle of the CornerShot. The reflex sight can only be used at no angle. Note that there will be a momentary inventory animation when you change the angle so it's best done before you mirror a corner. IRL the CornerShot can also handle military-style grenade launchers (usually sleeved to 37mm for police work) but as the pack stands it's just a G18
  10. Hey, if both are high-quality models (or at least "good enough for army work") then the more the merrier
  11. Feel free to slap me around if this has already been noted, but the reflections on the inside of some aircraft canopies (AH-1 comes to mind) are so intense that it's nearly impossible to actually fly and fight in them.
  12. You could modify the existing AH-1 model using the UH-1H's rear end and main rotor and sort of fineggle the cockpit, intake, and gunner camera, or you could politely ask Unsung for their AH-1 and modify the cockpit and gun mount. If you wanted to do the AH-64 as well, the AH-64D is very similar visually to the Alpha, just with the radar dome removed. If you can get an AH-1F working in good order I'd fly that shit all day long!
  13. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    AFAIK the KH-MLs can only work on self-lased targets. At least that's how it works in DCS
  14. That would be because CUP vehicles hasn't actually updated yet.... EDIT: Of course it does the second after I post that XD Kill your Arma 3 and let it update
  15. Workshop is going up right now