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  1. This ship will come in very handy to protect the Czech coastline :)
  2. I have no benchmarks, but the apex missions that was unplayable for me because of the fps tanking below 20 pre 1.68. Still is unplayable after the patch. Sadly there seems to be no improvements to speak of.
  3. I hope you can get some help with this, if so I suggest you go for option two so the map can have a more general use in the arma community.
  4. Thanks for keeping this mod up to date Feint. Really appreciate your work! :)
  5. Seems to be fixed in latest Dev branch patch: 30-09-2016 EXE rev. 138598 (game) EXE rev. 138598 (launcher) Size: ~590.3 MB (depends on Apex ownership) "Fixed: It was not possible to enable / disable a controller (https://forums.bistu...er-in-settings/)"
  6. Unfortunately most public arma PvP went down the drain after the DayZ boom. The arma server config had 3P enabled by default, and the hundreds of new servers popping up run by new server admins not knowing better. Kept the configs at default. Now all the new players are accustomed to the 3P crutch and it will be impossible to do anything about it. All the excuses with realistic FOV, awareness, headache etc, don't rectify having a drone camera hovering above your head giving you a birds eye view. Nobody would have accepted 3d person mode in Squad, Battlefield, CS, or any other PvP game. It would have been the same as cheating.
  7. Road runner, your picture example is worthless. That's an highly over exposed photo. You never see colors like that in real life.
  8. This looks great bludski. Looking forward to test it out.
  9. soundmod

    People uploading other peoples work to steam without permission are not heroes. They are assholes.
  10. Can anyone get acceptable FPS in mission 3? I barley get 25 fps at mission start, and 10-15 minutes in, it completely tanks to10-12fps. Getting 40-50 fps in infantry show case mission with same settings.
  11. Double click the loiter way point to open attributes. There you can choose which way it should circle, loiter hight and radius.
  12. Fog settings has been bugged since the visual update 1.60 patch. Couple days ago there was only max fog or no fog at all. Today when you move the fog slider in the intel screen, it seems like fog is at max value when slider is at 10%.
  13. I hope you can remove respawn system in singleplayer and bring back the old save system.
  14. FOV depends on the game settings and are not directly tied up to the resolution, but if you mean a normal FOV value without distorting the image to much you are a bit away from a real 180 degrees FOV. The drawback with large horizontal resolution combined with a wide FOV is that the picture gets stretched against the edges of the screen, and objects at the center looks further away than they really are. If I try to run arma on my triple screen setup(5760x1080) the picture becomes very distorted at the edges. And if I compensate with narrowing the FOV to get more realistic proportions of objects I run out of vertical space. 1080 are not enough vertical resolution. My dream setup would be nine screens, (or even better one giant screen) in 5760x3240 to get a more realistic FOV without distortion :)