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  1. Free Games

    I smell Loot Crates or some such bullshit
  2. Free Games

    Syberia is currently free on GoG https://www.gog.com/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=20171110_weekly_sale&utm_term=DE Just click the banner at the top of the page if you are logged in
  3. Is there a way to add bots in ArmA 3?

    We have all been new at some point. Arma has a great Editor, just start messing around with it :) Any mission that you ever saw in Arma had to be created at some point, and you can do that with the Editor. Have fun :
  4. Free Games

    Yeah, I honestly don´t know how they could screw up that hard. But I heard the newer Stronghold games are improved by mods. If that is enough to make them better than Crusader I do not know.
  5. Free Games

    Got it, thank you. Had Stronghold back then but lost the CD. Awesome game :)

    I have flown a plane a few weeks ago. Sims definitely help you to have a better and more intuitive understanding for the aircrafts behavior, however, just as with cars, each one is different and you require some time to get used to it :)
  7. And that is what you get with mandatory updates....
  8. Visit to Chernarus IRL

    So, I did return from the Czech republic, and from my visit to Chernarus IRL, Prague, and Karlovy Vary. Everything was amazing. I will post some pictures of my short Chernarus visit next week, and maybe some of my museum to the Kbely Airforce museum in Prague (highly recommended) Indeed, the layouts of the buildings haven´t been 100% the same, but the roads pretty much were on point. And some structures and areas are modeled into the game in astonishing detail. For example the rusty warehouse in stary sobor and the old farm next to it. The farm buildings are ruins IRL, but they are of the same build and the layout also fits. The very first thing I discovered is that you absolutely can NOT drive on the roads as you would in the game ;) They are mostly very narrow (and not well maintained), and the very dense vegetation on the sides blocks the view into turns significantly. Most of the time you can not see farther than 30-50meters, often less than that. Therefore driving is very slow. The countryside itself is very beautiful, and if you go to the Blansko Castle ruin (castle Zub in game) you will have an astonishing view to all directions. The game doesn´t do it justice at all. The real Chernarus also has small rivers and streams, and lakes. I think the Arma engine would really benefit from such things. I´m very glad that I went for this small detour, and that I could convince my girlfriend, who was skeptical at first (she doesn´t know Arma) but came around very fast when we climbed the castle tower at Blansko, the view is really something :)
  9. Visit to Chernarus IRL

    Hi there, I will visit Prague in a few days (Karlovy vary too btw), and since I´m going by car from Germany, I will have the opportunity to make a little detour if the time allows it and visit Chernarus IRL. I plan to drive to Luční Chvojno (Vybor); Mnichov (Kabanino); Lipová (Stary Sobor); Slavošov (Novy Sobor); Mirkov (Mogilevka). I also plan to visit the Blansko castle ruin (castle Zub in Arma next to Vyshnoye). After this I want to drive on towards Povrly (Elektrozavodsk). Has anybody been in the area and knows if the road (dirttrack )between Mirkov (Mogilevka) and Masovice (Pusta) can be traversed with a normal car? Or is it something for offroads and tractors only? Should I rather take the road through the valley east of it? Of course I´ll also be visiting (driving through) Neštěmice (Chernogorsk) Can somebody recommend a good place to eat in the area? :)
  10. Free Games

    Looks nice, I loved Freelancer and some people are comparing this to that game :)
  11. Vacation in Czech Republic / Prague

    We will be going to Prague by car from Germany and we will be staying in a baroque Château on the north eastern outskirts of the city for a few nights. Since I heard that it isn´t such a good idea to drive into Prague with a car, we will be leaving it at the Château and take the bus/Metro to the city :)
  12. Vacation in Czech Republic / Prague

    Wow wiki, thank you very much for the videos, they are awesome! From your personal experience, is it worth it to buy 24 hours Metro / Tram tickets to get around the city? Or is everything more or less in walking distance?
  13. Gravitem Tactics: Mius Front

    Have fun, and I still have not finished Operation Star :D I have however finished almost all german campaigns in that game. The next and last german Campaign I´ll be playing is Rakitnoe that takes place during the third battle for Kharkov. I have to cross the river Mzha, capture Rakitnoe and advance towards the southern outskirts of Kharkov. It´s a really large operation with a lot of heavy equipment and I´m looking forward to it :)
  14. Ready or not - new tactical shooter!

    I so hope this will be good, with good AI.
  15. Gravitem Tactics: Mius Front

    Arch Warhammer takes a look at the game :) The map does look a bit bland in this video, but to be fair the Devs did recreate a 400km² sized part of the battlefield according to topographical maps and photo and video materials. I also heard that later on in the campaign you fight for parts of the map that are much more hilly :) Here is the real life location today https://www.google.de/maps/place/Sidi+Bouzid,+Tunesien/@35.0306916,9.4704575,13.46z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x12fec340b61767fd:0xcc600169ded4578c!8m2!3d35.0354386!4d9.4839392 And this is the battle you play in the main campaign https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Sidi_Bou_Zid Still though, it seems as if Mius front had much more content. If somebody is looking to get into these games, I would at the moment recommend Mius front over Tunisia 1943