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  1. I finished this mission without problems on the second dev-branch day.
  2. Well, yes. If it were that straight forward, I wouldn't have asked the question. :>
  3. Arma 3 inventory idea

    It's kinda true, tbh. "Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas" is pretty much "Post your dreams that nobody cares about". :>
  4. it's not just locking the map, but the whole interactive briefing things. Blinking markers, etc. Spamming ctrlMapAnimAdd, etc. can't be the right way for this.
  5. Did anyone already find out how to script the new visual map briefings? There are new functions such as bis_fnc_animatedScreen, etc. but I can't get them to work, and the examples provided in the function script don't really help. It doesn't look hard to do, it's just that I don't know what exactly to do to get the ball rolling.
  6. My main problem with Avenging Furies is that I just can't find a backpack. I want to pick up a light machine gun, but I can't carry any ammo for it. If I had known this before, I'd kept the backpack I found in the mission prior.
  7. This new civilian module.. can we somehow limit which civilian will spawn? I haven't further investigated it yet.
  8. Well, you can do this on your own via 3den and unit loadouts. BI did the same in this pack-- the units carry pretty much any weapon from the game.
  9. Then they did a good catch, which is great! In my experience (also with other projects, which were usually somewhat text heavy), it's really hard to find folks willing to translate bigger amount of texts in the first place. Of course, it is probably a hell of a lot easier to translate "smaller" addons that only provide weapons, vehicles, etc. I wouldn't worry much about them. PS: I think it's a valid question. If you outsource your translation to community folks... do they have to sign something as well? I have no idea about this kind of stuff.
  10. Oh yeah, that "realistic" thing is an interesting point. I haven't exactly nailed it down yet, but when you see your men approaching in the beginning of the missions, it just looks so much better than other such types on the workshop. It's not that they come with custom animation or whatever fancy stuff, but simply the way everything is set up. I guess it is probably the positions where the units start out- it's not as if someone slapped 3 pre-made groups into the scene and called it a day. I mean, how many convoy ambush / rescue missions did we play? Yet none looks and feels like this stuff here. I'd really love to see the missionFlow.fsm files and stuff... I'm imagining them to look crazy.
  11. I've interpreted it as "bis_fnc_holdactionadd" == space key (or whatever is defined via game options), and HoldKey = whatever key you want. In example of the Tac-Ops DLC, I think the spotting (with T key) was done with this function?
  12. Certainly not "easily", but yeah, if that doesn't give any issues with the contract, that seems like a viable option. You gotta keep in mind, though, that (in the end) you might get a badly translated addon.
  13. I haven't found much story in it other than what we already know (civil war, etc). But I don't think it was ever advertised as a story-heavy addition. What I've liked so far is simply that you're in command of a squad, that you're not trapped in "corridor styled" story locations (you can go freely wherever you want within the area of operation), and that there are multiple tasks to complete, which you are not forced to do in a certain way. Now keep in mind, I've only played the first mission for real, and then zapped to the other ones, so whatever I write now is not representative for the complete package. Could be that all following missions are garbage, soo.. :p
  14. I think what turned the tide for me in the first mission was
  15. Played through the first mission of "Beyond Hope" and started the second. First one took me over an hour and it was p.cool already. Love the setup and the use of the scenery, etc. Comparing this to pre-3den times, it becomes obvious how necessary a real 3d editor was. Other than that, as a pure singleplayer guy, this seems to be exactly the kind of thing I want since years. Don't have any more time for playing today, but I know exactly what I'm going to do tomorrow. PS: Love the new Gorgon textures. It's simple, but... gorgeous?