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  1. That x-ray kill cam is what i enjoy the most, so funny watching :p
  2. Looks nice, reminds me of Baldur's Gate and even more of Neverwinter nights which i REALLY enjoyed playing.
  3. I'm also playing this, it's basicly just more of the same in a different setting but it's great fun so i'm pleased :)
  4. Anybody playing this game? I'm playing it on PS4 VR and it is freaking scary. I can only play for a little while before i have to take a break or play something else because i'm shaking and my pulse it sky high :p I really love this game and so far i like the save system(which i hated in Alien: Isolation), the save points is placed well so you don't have to replay too much. What do you think of this game?
  5. Getting this on PS4, just hoping it will come through as the hype indicate. Mafia 3 was okay but not even close to what i expected it to be.... not regretting my purchase, just thought it would be more. Games like GTA 5 and Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor really worked for me :) Ohh forgot to mention, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood was a great game for VR, especially the price made it worth every penny.
  6. Never played Sniper Ghost Warrior, enjoyed the Sniper Elite serie though... getting Sniper Elite 4 for PS4 when it comes out soon.
  7. Sad news :( RIP Bushlurker.
  8. I've also lost my passion for ArmA, had a good run and feel i got more than enough for my money :) To be fair i only game a little on PS4 these days so i abandoned most gaming on PC.
  9. Hopefully that radio voice is a placeholder
  10. Getting it too, played it through back in the days, awesome game B)
  11. Looks pretty cool and interesting B)
  12. It looks pretty cool B)
  13. What did you expect from a copy/paste game with a new look :)
  14. Saw quite a few people who was run over by tanks, one was a 'headshot' :o If it was negligence they must be shitty drivers :lol: But i surely agree, things seems very odd :blink:
  15. Define threatening, does driving over people count as threatening? :P