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      We started experiencing problems with the Steam redeem from our Store on Friday June 23rd.   For anyone that got affected by this, please go to your store account, after you select the product you purchased, you should see your steam key with a link to a how to article to activate it manually through Steam.   We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  1. Give the man the dlc ;)
  2. iv'e noticed that the machineguns on tanks has no sound, and all weapons has automatic zoom when im aiming .
  3. the new sounds are a milestone and now we need dynamic battle screams ,like RUG_DSAI for axis and allies ! hell
  4. nice sounds mate
  5. terrain

    god it's incredible
  6. nice for hidden and dangerous missions ! ;)
  7. Wow ,very impressive
  8. wow what a quali
  9. yes cant wait to see more !
  10. better and better ,your speed is incredible
  11. hot ! is the junglesound problem solved or fix it in the next updates ?