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  1. better and better ,your speed is incredible
  2. hot ! is the junglesound problem solved or fix it in the next updates ?
  3. hell the small cell structures makes a good job, hope more mapmakers use smaller cell size in the future , nice job mate
  4. soundmod

    oh really nice LJ
  5. nice model mate !
  6. godlike !
  7. thx bludski, it gets better and better
  8. nice changelog Genesis
  9. WoW 4Chains it looks so photorealistic ,what for a cell size do you use ? ( looks like 2m or 1 m)
  10. after 5 hours on this map must i say: best junglemap i've seen in arma , the fps are very good (50 - 55) , the 2m cellsstructure looks stunning with the dense jungle and the open areas ( i wish more maps would take smaller cells 2m - 0,5m) and really good custom ground textures. few bugs: -no jungle sounds -sea sound on the river thats it ;)
  11. wow very impressive, good job mate
  12. Thx Unsung Team for your hard work ,thats a really good update , well the weekend can come Oh we need more mirrors , is not working