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  1. Hey can i change the uniforms and loadouts for the dynamic blue and opfor units. Wanna create a jungle szenario . Thx mates
  2. Nice mod @six , i cant wait to see more
  3. i love the small cell size , good job mate !
  4. wow looks like a photo !
  5. Give the man the dlc ;)
  6. iv'e noticed that the machineguns on tanks has no sound, and all weapons has automatic zoom when im aiming .
  7. the new sounds are a milestone and now we need dynamic battle screams ,like RUG_DSAI for axis and allies ! hell
  8. nice sounds mate
  9. terrain

    god it's incredible
  10. nice for hidden and dangerous missions ! ;)
  11. Wow ,very impressive
  12. wow what a quali