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    Audio Design, fast and loud cars build with my own hands!
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    Crossing several games in the past, I found my way into the ArmA universe around 2008. Making sounds for games like Counter Strike, Half Life, Battlefield 2 and other, more casual like games, I found the perfect solution between sound-mod-ability and gameplay in ArmA. As far as the game allowed it, I recreated every single sound I could imagine, making the game to my own, personal world of sound. Sharing this little project (JSRS) was just the side effect and a gift to the community I like to play and share my time with. Audio design was the first thing I wanted to do for a living and it'll be the last thing I do before I past...

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  1. audio dlc

    Daily updates and maintenance makes it impossible to use regular external links apart from the Steam Workshop. LJ
  2. audio dlc

    Two new updates for JSRS and RHS Support: JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0619 Changes: Additions: - Added New Sounds for reflections based on Caliber and not weapon type Tweaks: - Tweaked 3DProcessors for small arms have a shorter radius - Tweaked Wepon sounds had a too present tail noises apart from the tail system - Tweaked Small SMGs preshot timing was too long - Tweaked GlobalFilters - Tweaked Weapon sounds now have a greater dropoff after the shot JSRS Soundmod RHS - 5.17.0619 Changes: Fixes: - Fixed AK100 series was missing a sample LJ
  3. audio dlc

    Yikes, forgot about these. Thanks man. Fixed! JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0613 Changes: Fixes: - Fixed Multiple RPT entries frequencyRandomizer': Missing ';' at the end of line - Fixed RPT entry delay': Missing ';' at the end of line LJ
  4. audio dlc

    Tho I'm wondering why you don't want the other packs of RHS?! They are as good as the rest and are not that big compared to the rest of RHS like Russians and USA. If I'd split the mod into single pieces for each RHS pack I can already hear people complaining about too many JSRS mods they have to maintain the same time lol LJ
  5. audio dlc

    Yes, as the mod covers weapons from Russians, US, SAF and GRE packs. I might find a better solutions later, tho for the first public test, thats what it is :) LJ
  6. audio dlc

    Oops guess I found the problem already ;) thanks I'll update soon. LJ
  7. audio dlc

    JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0612C Changes: Fixes: - Fixed Missing .ogg not found for ASP Kir Tweaks: - Tweaked ASK Kir Sound where to bassy LJ
  8. audio dlc

    Here we go: New Update: JSRS Soundmod - 5.17.0612 Changes: Tweaks: - Tweaked Wind by houses were to noisy and present even in low winds - Tweaked Wind noises for low wind speeds was too basy - Tweaked Thrust factor controllers for vehicles got tweaked - Tweaked RPM factor controllers for vehicles for a smoother transition - Tweaked Volume and thrsut factors for wheeled APC engine sounds Fixes: - Fixed On higher altitudes the windy meadow sounds were present - Fixed Empty space in Bullethits CFG - Fixed Distance Sounds for warheads stage 2 were missing - Fixed Missing ';' at the end of line on all explosion frequency randomizer entries Additions: - Added New Soniccrack sounds just for minigun weapons to prevent clipping - Added Plattform updates for future plans and RHS support And: JSRS Soundmod RHS Replacements Sounds - 5.17.0612 Changes: - Added M16A4, M4 family and HK416 family sounds for RHS - Added Sounds for AS Val, G36 and Kar98K - Added Sounds for PP2000, Nagant Mosin and Xm2010 - Added Sounds for Mk11 and SR25 - Added Sounds for PKM, Mk32 and M21A - Added Sounds for M70 family and M76 - Added Sounds for M590, SVD and M14 - Added Sounds for Glock17, M249 and M240 - Added CFGs for all weapon replacement sounds http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=945476727 Its a first release of the RHS update that is still heavy WIP. Its just so you can make yourselves and impression about how the RHS sounds are now float into the JSRS sound setting. Written feedback is really welcome. Thumbs up is not a feedback to me^^ LJ
  9. audio dlc

    Thanks mate! That's nice to hear :) LJ
  10. audio dlc

    Yeah I won't and actually can't really change everything. I first just wants to stay with the handheld weapons and maybe the helicopters. But first priority is a clean first release such probably won't work well hehe. Btw I won't change anything on their sounds... I only overwrite with mine if I can but won't touch their work. That's their part. I know about the starting process of some tanks and that would need to be kept in mind while editing the samples. If I go for the tanks eventually I'll keep that in mind. LJ
  11. audio dlc

    That's what I said on the last page. All new and new sounds, not just replacement configs. LJ
  12. audio dlc

    I've made a lot of process during the last couple of days. I mostly covered around 90 percent of the handheld weapons so far and as soon as I'm able to work around all updating base classes I'll release a first couple if updates to provide jsrs with all the needed sounds and preparations. So I guess by the end of next week most or all handheld weapons in RHS should float into the pool. I started playing around with the vehicle a little and thought about bringing back some distinctive sounds from JSRS1.5 for at least the vehicles. The Abrams or Apache sounds and all these known from ArmA2 JSRS... Not only because they sound a bit more authentic but also for the old times sake :) (who else misses the good old times?) I'll keep you updated. In the mean time, I've heard a lot of people complaining about JSRS not being so present on most severe and no one wants to allow it. Is there a specific reason? I think there were lags back in the days but now as JSRS runs and works more fluid and stable than ever before I hope you maybe change the minds of some admins?!?! Cheers, LJ
  13. audio dlc

    Thanks dude, I've found my issue. And thanks for the hint. I'll add these to the requirements. M4 and M16 family, Ak74m family, svd, pp2000 and asval, xm2010 and g36 family and the m70s are covered so far. LJ
  14. audio dlc

    I wanted to cover the RHS content. I've started already doing some cfgs and sounds. I don't want to just do replacement cfgs but also add new sounds to the pool so the weapons sounds differently but still have a smooth transition between RHS and vanilla content. Now two thinks: First, do you have any sorts of wishes or feedback just for the RHS coverage? Second, is there any sort of cfg guru out there that can help me with the replacement cfgs? I have massive trouble getting some of the sounds to work and I just need someone to take a look at my cfgs who maybe can spot the issue... I'm more or less out of ideas... LJ
  15. audio dlc

    Ok I'll check that out