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  1. Global Mobilization

    Awesome, great idea! Love the scenario idea.
  2. Please create a ticket on the bug tracker. Thanks. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  3. Asking money for pbo's

    Greed knows no boundaries
  4. Some work on this has already been carried out. As usual, no timeframe beyond "When it's done"
  5. I tried, and I can confirm, it crashes, but it'll be hard to find out why, really... One of the few things I saw Arma crash with was using something with a non-existing model, like, you place something on the map and if it doesn't have a model, it would crash. I'll take a look, but chances are that this will be pretty hard to find.
  6. Floating Vehicle

    In your PhysX configuration, make sure that sprungMass and values derived from this actually reflect the real weight of your vehicle geo lod. If those are wrongm the wheels might actually float Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  7. One thing about "The Major" mission:
  8. As said by others, please use the bugtracker. I for one refuse to invest time into fixing things when people aren't even willing to spent considerably less time (than it takes to fix this) in reporting them.
  9. The campaign turned out surprisingly good. Good voice acting and a "good" oppressive atmosphere. Emotionally engaging. I liked it a lot. From a storytelling standpoint it's easily the best that Bohemia did for Arma 3 (Overall, Resistance still holds that spot). Good job, everyone involved.
  10. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    Meaning ?
  11. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I know. The medical trucks are basically transport with a few wooden beds, no real medevac. Look at what was in Arma 2, dedicated APCs, dedicated trucks, dedicated cars, etc. Something that actually looks like a flying/driving/tracked ambulance
  12. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I guess I would like to say something about that DLC as well... I haven't tested the campaign yet, but a few things that I observed. Some people already mentioned some of the points, but I would like to state my opinions in full. The showcase, as many people already said, is confusing. Half of the time you spent running around in VR rooms without any idea what to do. For example, what about the minefiled ? Are we supposed to clear it ? What about things like the enemy area (second area), where you shoot all the bad guys, and it still does not proceed ? A bit more information what to do would go a long way. The DLC adds some medical equipment, but there is still no advance in the medical system. You still can't drag or carry wounded, there's still no dedicated medevac vehicles except the pod for the Taru. You concentrate on mine removal, but you don't even include an EOD suit. Most of the assets (not all, but a very large part) is again just retextures of existing content. The result is that in this civilian-biased DLC, we still only get to interact with men in shorts. Still no females. I know, a lot of people will now again say "We don't need females", but this is just simply wrong. It's IMHO totally immersion breaking if the only civilian population you can see is men in shorts. It's just totally unrealistic. My biggest gripe, though, is that there is still no way except extensive scripting to populate towns. There used to be ALICE and SILVIE in Arma 2, the modules that create civilian cars and populace, and while they had their problems, they added LIFE to the towns. Right now, you have such great towns as Kavala and Gerogetown, but they are just lifeless, dead husks of towns without any sign of a living being. Of course, you can spawn cars and civilians by script, but the amount of AI computations simple civilians need will make the already heavily loaded multiplayer mode still more loaded to a point where it becomes unplayable. A good implementation for civilain AI in towns would have to come from within the engine, similar maybe to the way animals work (although I know they are not shared over network). In any case, here you have a civilian DLC that strongly neglects the civilian side of things. At the very least, why not bring back the civilian site module back that we had in Alpha ? I realize resources for you are limited, and the Amsterdam team probably did what they could. I just don't understand the focus that you put in your work. What cracked me up was the fact that dropping leaflets from the sky was honestly heralded as a new feature. Overall, I am disappointed with the DLC. Don't get me wrong, I still like it to some extend, but like with APEX, I think that there could have been more, or rather, other things, and I sometimes just don't understand why you do some things and totally ignore others. The lack of civilian interaction (which was a great and much praised feature of Arma 2) is a good example.
  13. ASR AI 3

    Yes, I disagree. When is an AI idle ? When it no longer has a waypoint ? What about AI groups that follow a cyclical patrol pattern ? With your logic applied, they would never ever "support" anyone since they are never idle. Why do you want to exclude move waypoints, but break out of for example guard waypoints ? Why is a group moving to some position more important than a group guarding a position ? Your suggestion does not make any sense in a general context. It might sense in very specific circumstances, but definitely not in the general case, and the MOD should cope with the general case only, the specific case you must handle yourself. Honestly, literally 99 % of all cases it doesn't matter, your example might be one of the few where it does matter, so, yes, I disagree with your proposal. If you don't want ASR to meddle with your units: this setvariable ["asr_ai_exclude", true]; If you want to prevent them from attacking until they've reached their waypoint: this disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; this disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; and on the waypoint: {_x enableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _x enableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"} foreach units group (thisList select 0);
  14. The ULB is a normal Arma 3 UAV, with all possibilities and restrictions of that class of vehicles. If the pilot or gunner of the Apache has a UAV terminal, they can use it
  15. Bullet holes on custom models

    What do you mean with bullet holes ? Are yo referring to damage textures ?