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  1. They will likely be in the next update of CUP Units, if Alwarren finds the time to finalize them.
  2. There is a link in the first post on this thread. But yeah, should probably add one to the web page as well. Edit: There actually is one, down below in the footer section, under "More Information"
  3. Never knew him, but knew OF him for most of my time since OFP. Rest in peace
  4. They aren't in because no one made them yet. If assets aren't in yet, they will most likely come at one point, no use reminding us about it
  5. Strange. The only time this can fail is if the trigger is not running on the server. the Task Tracker functions must always be called on the server. I'll take a look at the mission later tonight when I'm home from work
  6. Yes, all these functions have to work on the server
  7. No, you can not simply copy the XML from another helo and it will work. No, this is not a 2 second job. The XML does not only contain the flight data, it also contains information about the geometry and this has to be adapted, and trust me when I tell you that this is NOT a trivial nor a quick job to adjust. If you want to see this done, I suggest you join the team and give a hand in doing it. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will have to wait while we address issues that are more pressing to us.
  8. In general, you can always use a piece of code for filtering. So, for example [ {_x in (_pos nearEntities ["Exile_Unit_Player", 20])}, [.... some task description ...] ] call FHQ_fnc_ttAddTasks; this would basically do what you quoted... Thanks for the CfgRemoteExec, I'll add that as an Example to the next release if you don't mind
  9. Ok, can you please make a ticket on the CUP bug tracker ? Thanks!
  10. Have you tried "in game", i.e. previewing the mission ? I had similar problems on other maps in Eden, it sometimes seems to not synchronize ambient light with overcast settings.
  11. No, just the web page wasn't updated, the archives are 1.8.1 We like to tease you :P
  12. Yeah, always a good idea to write something like that. Well played.
  13. Have you tried unbinarizing the mission file and removing the offending addon ?
  14. He was released just now.