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  1. What do you mean with bullet holes ? Are yo referring to damage textures ?
  2. Given how often Arma 3 is on sale on Steam, you could have picked up APEX for a fraction of the price others paid several times already. It really always surprises me how people complain about Arma being too expensive while at the same time having spent hundreds and even thousands of hours in it. I bought the supporter edition back then for 75 Euro. So, in essence, I spent 2 cents on each hour I spent in Arma 3
  3. terrain

    Agreed, one of the best looking maps up to now, and with a real eye for detail!
  4. Use the virtual arsenal to find out. And don't act so entitled, people are using their spare time to make free addons, and you can't be arsed to just load up virtual arsenal and check yourself ?
  5. CLEARLY you still misquoted then, because this is NOT what you wrote here. So, instead of getting pissy, how about you use the bug tracker like everyone else, and maybe we will fix it. Blaming others for your miscommunication isn't going to solve problems, and an attitude like yours will not motivate people to help you. Just in case you want to ask for the link next.
  6. OK, try this: Delete the init field of the unit. Yes, completely, remove everything. Now, copy this ... this setVariable ["CUP_disableRandomization", true]; ... and paste it into the init field of the unit. Don't change anything with it, most of all, do not disregard AGAIN what has been stated several times now that the variable is called CUP_disableRandomization
  7. It's actually quite easy, and universally applicable: Ask the author. If he's ok, with it, go ahead, and chances are that if he no longer actively develops a mod, he will be ok with it. If he doesn't answer, or says no, then don't do it. Or, do a "patch" mod that you have to load in addition to make it work.
  8. Any chance to get a secondary launch mode for the Titan ? I.e. top-down vs direct line ? And GPS locking ? (I know, I'm demanding ;) )
  9. Is there a way to get rid of the "game" target markers ? The box and diamonds that appear when using missile locks from within jets/choppers ? Because the HUD already has them. They don't seem to be removed with the crosshair difficulty settings
  10. This is really somewhat off-topic, and it might get deleted, I don't know. But I definitely have to get this off my chest. The subject is people re-uploading existing mods to the workshop. The arrogance that some people display is staggering. I've seen so many times that people re-upload a mod and add a "disclaimer" that whoever is the real author, if they don't want this to be re-uploaded, should tell them. That's NOT how it works. If you are re-uploading someone else's work, YOU HAVE TO ASK before re-uploading, not the other way around. And most of all, if the original Author asks you to take it down, you take it down. No "Why ?" or anything. It's none of your business why.
  11. A few videos taken at Comrades in Arms public coop nights
  12. If there is no option in virtual garage to fold the rotor (in the animation section), then it's a bug. Please open a ticket on our issue tracker
  13. The boom was part of the original model for ToH, although it wasn't animated. We animated it, and made it possible to hide it from within the virtual garage as well. Beyond that, there's no function yet. As Chairborne said, we're considering the options. Maybe we can convince BI to add aerial refuling to the Jets DLC ;)
  14. orange

    I am not. I just say that there has been a natural disaster recently in the lore of Arma. Besides, I fail to see how equipment and vehicles should be tied to Tanoa or APEX. The promised mini-campaign might be, though. Also, where the hell did I say they are giving out Tanoa to Orange DLC owners ??? I would appreciate if you would not put words in my mouth, thank you.