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  1. I am not. I just say that there has been a natural disaster recently in the lore of Arma. Besides, I fail to see how equipment and vehicles should be tied to Tanoa or APEX. The promised mini-campaign might be, though. Also, where the hell did I say they are giving out Tanoa to Orange DLC owners ??? I would appreciate if you would not put words in my mouth, thank you.
  2. That's why we love it so much ;)
  3. Regarding a possible humanitarian help scenario: remember that part of the background for the Horizon Islands is that they just came out of a humanitarian crisis caused by (allegedly) natural disasters (wasn't it a Tsunami that hit the islands ?).
  4. Thanks guys. I know what they are supposed to be used for, I just don#t understand the structure. For each exit, there are several positions in different degrees of "under the ground-ness", as can be seen on the screenshot. There's also no order. On one building, buildingExit 0 is the first one out of the building while 1-4 are the ones in decreasing order. OTOH, it then continues with buildingExit 5 being the lowest one and ascending to 9 you get higher. The way they are arranged make no sense.
  5. I'm looking into a possibility to spawn civilians in a town, and since the old AIspawn_x memory points are gone from Arma 3, I was looking into buildingExit. However, what the hell does this function actually return ? Putting a marker on each buildingPos gives me this: None of the markers actually corresponds to a real exit (although they are roughly in the vicinity), but why are there three to five of them per exit at different distances and different heights ?
  6. Agreed, Infantry right now does not react at all to vehicles, they should try to avoid them
  7. Wouldn't it be easy to introduce a delay until the lasing is complete, and simply read that from the tank#s config entry ? That way, you could simply configure the delay in with the actual tank and for modern (i.e. 2035) systems, you could go without a delay while current day mods could outfit their tanks with appropriate realistic delays
  8. What are you talking about ? A "balance" between a tank and a soldier ? Edit: Let me elaborate: Tanks in Arma 3 have zero survivability compared to their real world counterparts. Usually, a single hit from an RPG already destroys it. Add to that that RPS and missile launchers in Arma are grossly overpowered (*) in itself, this tips the balance away from the tank by far. (*) Have you ever fired anything like an RPG or missile launcher in real live ? First of all, the locking mechanism is laughably simplified in Arma 3. Secondly, a launcher usually requires loading/reloading that is usually done by a second man. When fired, making the weapon ready again requires quite some time. For example, you don't reload a Javelin, you dismount the CLU from the spent launcher and put it on a new one. Some launchers aren't even reloaded at all, on use, they are spent and discarded. The RPG-7 is one of few launchers that can really be reloaded relatively quickly. Tanks are impressive, and every soldier should fear them.
  9. It doesn't. The "copy" in the Arma 3 folder is simply a shortcut to the one in the steam workshop folder.
  10. Please create a ticket and list those that you found not to have CM launchers
  11. I noticed that when launching programs via the "External Apps" functionality, the command line is passed to the program enclosed in quotes, so someProgram.exe -r path/to/something becomes someProgram.exe "-r path/to/something" This means that someProgram.exec receives exactly one parameter all the time, namely "-r path/to/something", instead of two, "-r" and "path/to/something". I want to use targetGUI.exe to set up the Warthog, but it doesn't work.
  12. I don't want to restrict your ability to speak your mind. Quite the contrary. But you did comment on people "not wanting to change" etc. That in my book is patronizing enough.
  13. It's not. In fact, the video also completely misses the point, the only common denominator is the night time. But my shot was in the forest at night, and the video shows a scene with lots of artificial light. In other words, they have nothing else in common but the night. Of course, with a lot of artificial light sources, the contrast will be much higher, but the point is not lighted night scenes, but completely dark ones.
  14. Wow, that was a patronizing answer. I would appreciate if representatives of BI, even if it's "only" moderators, would actually respect the customers of their product a bit more. FYI, I don't want them to go back to the old lighting, I like the current one, but the night lighting is just too damn high contrast, as I have shown previously with the screenshots. It's just "funny" how people always find excuses for this kind of misconfiguration. If the night lighting did have just a little less contrast, it would be fine, but no, this issue is ignored by most, or talked down by some, and excused by others.
  15. It should work with vehicle customization