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  1. I don't want to restrict your ability to speak your mind. Quite the contrary. But you did comment on people "not wanting to change" etc. That in my book is patronizing enough.
  2. It's not. In fact, the video also completely misses the point, the only common denominator is the night time. But my shot was in the forest at night, and the video shows a scene with lots of artificial light. In other words, they have nothing else in common but the night. Of course, with a lot of artificial light sources, the contrast will be much higher, but the point is not lighted night scenes, but completely dark ones.
  3. Wow, that was a patronizing answer. I would appreciate if representatives of BI, even if it's "only" moderators, would actually respect the customers of their product a bit more. FYI, I don't want them to go back to the old lighting, I like the current one, but the night lighting is just too damn high contrast, as I have shown previously with the screenshots. It's just "funny" how people always find excuses for this kind of misconfiguration. If the night lighting did have just a little less contrast, it would be fine, but no, this issue is ignored by most, or talked down by some, and excused by others.
  4. It should work with vehicle customization
  5. We are following this development, but right now, it's still far away from actual deployment (Likely it won't make it into the base game until Jets DLC hits), and subject to change. We don't know yet how this will look exactly, and it might interfere with the way we handle multiple layouts, so no promises.
  6. And speaking of Advanced Flight Model: If someone with knowledge about this topic, how to set up the AFM and such, you might want to consider joining CUP and helping us fix it.
  7. I was looking into the AFM of the Apache, but didn't find a problem yet. It all looks correctly set up. So, still looking
  8. I wonder how that is implemented ? In CUP, we have the pylons empty (no pre-built weapons in the model) and use proxies to load any weapon on any pylon, so I hope we can adapt our vehicles to that new system
  9. Yes there is: Just keep money out of it. There, fair, and no risk
  10. Sigh... right... no arguments
  11. Ok, small price... you are aware that some servers charge an arm and a leg for their services. We've looked into a lot of servers that were monetizing CUP illegally, and I was taken aback by the amount of money they charge. I've seen servers that literally sell VIP access for 50 to 100 Dollar PER MONTH. If you do the math, that's MUCH MORE than what Arma 3 cost in the first place. So again, there are no upper limits for server monetization in place, so what argument do you want to bring forward to determine that modders have to have an upper limit on payments while server admins are free to charge whatever they want ? Regarding royalty payments: Yet again, server admins do not pay any royalty to BIS, but you think that modders should ? Any arguments that support that ? Because I get the idea that most of you who oppose paid mods base your opinions on "feelings". The current system put in place by BI is unfair, in all and any aspect, towards modders, who have to pay for their servers, too (CUP pays about 50 Euro per month for servers), for their software (Photoshop costs 10 Euro per month, 3ds MAX costs 200 $ per month, much more than a game server), for their licenses (if you want to, for example, buy models off Turbo Squid), and spent a lot of time on their stuff. OTOH, servers can ask any, even ridiculous amounts of money for their service, and some even use mods to add value to their servers. I'm sorry if that sounds like a dumb question, but who here can NOT see the injustice in this ?
  12. Statistics doesn't have anything to do with it. Either you allow for both, or for none (preferably for none). You say you think it's "fair statistically to statistically differentiate between content creators and server owners". While you do not even say what this means (because it makes absolutely no sense), you don't even attempt any explanation for this beyond "I think", which is always rather weak. So, why do you think that way ? Just because there are more content creators than server owners (there probably are, given the amount of items on the workshop) ? Do you think that will be enough justification for not allowing every content creator to monetize while allowing every server admin ? Give me a break, that would be like saying only politicians should get health care and workers shouldn't because there are many more workers than politicians. And on the subject of server admins that also create addons: How many of those addons are released to the public, especially by servers that monetize themselves ? How many of those addons are kept under wraps to promote your own server instead of giving it to the community ? No, you haven't mentioned server owners. But this discussion is about monetizing servers vs monetizing mods, and asking for restrictions on one while not mentioning the other basically implies that no such restrictions are necessary or wanted for the unmentioned part of the discussion. And in fact, you do the very same thing again. "I don't want addon monetization". In this discussion's context, this means you are obviously ok or indifferent vis-a-vis server monetization. So again my question: Why do you think that modders shouldn't be able to monetize while server admins actually DO monetize and are allowed to ?
  13. Again, you divide modders and server admins. Why ? By your logic, BIS should hand-pick a few servers and allow monetization for them and ONLY for them. But no, monetization on servers is not due to quality control. Again, you make a strong distinction between modders and server admins for no reason at all.
  14. I was expecting this question, but not from you. I'm disappointed :P
  15. I wonder, why are you saying "small price" ? Are you aware of the prices some servers ask from their users ? We've seen sites that charge you in excess of 50 Dollar per month for in-game items (like, sniper rifles) which is of course completely illegal since they aren't allowed to sell anything that's not cosmetic. But why are you saying "small price" while people sell clothing items in their server shops for 10 Dollar ? But there you see the problem with the whole scheme, and why I think it shouldn't be there in the first place