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  1. Thanks for the update fellas, CBA is a crucial mod and the error messages were driving me crackers.
  2. Hey man, why did You remove Your awesome productions? Random Displacements and AO? Got only the early versions downloaded sometime ago, would love to be able to download the new ones.

    1. pd3


      It is a shame he did so, as I was interested in them myself.

  3. First post updated with version 0.34. Changes: Self-guided shells semi-implemented (can't get them to reliably hit the target, they often miss by a few meters) Other stuff I can't remember Please note that only Armaholic may mirror this. I would also respectfully ask that nobody uses this on enemy forces in-game. Please only use it for demonstrations against hillsides, etc. Thank you.
  4. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    First post updated with version 018. Changes: Command and Attach are now enabled by default Added a definable Interact key Added a definable Special key Added Take Lead button (the player will become squad leader) Added Marker and High Command buttons to the Squad menu Added View Distance management buttons to the Squad menu Added a Deploy Crew Served Weapon (DEP CSW) button to the Command menu (only works with vanilla assets) Added a Teleport button to the Command menu to unfuck AI driving mishaps Added a Force Markers button to the Command menu to try to unfuck my scripting (doesn't work very well) Other minor stuff Please note that only Armaholic is allowed to mirror this. Thank you.
  5. To the modders

    If your feelings are getting hurt by us wimpy computer dorks, you can always leave.
  6. Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Congrats on the release. Impressive!
  7. Controlling AI

    Nope. Welcome to Arma 3. OFP squad members were a million times more responsive and effective. Simple fact is that Arma 3 squad member AI is utter shit and a big step back from a decade and a half ago. Enemy squad AI is better than OFP though.
  8. Middle East Conflict mod

    I'm taking serjames' advice for the moment, playing Red Dragon and Vietnam 65 as well as dealing with IRL travails. Against my best instincts I'll likely come back sooner or later to bash my head against the stupid wall of Arma modding. Maybe when Arma 4 is out Arma 3 will be considered a mature product.
  9. Middle East Conflict mod

    The latest patch has me thinking about quitting Arma modding altogether, it is fucking awful. I see zero benefits and several new bugs. It has broken some of my other mods. The only scripts in MEC are the initial gear randomization ones that run when a unit is initialized. You'd think that shouldn't cause any big problems, but this is Arma, so who knows. I'm so sick of the "quirks"of this shitty engine. I don't know what is causing the problem and for the moment I couldn't be fucked trying to solve it.
  10. Middle East Conflict mod

    @HaZZarD Not sure what I did there, I'll release a fix soon. @THELOPEZ3740 What mods are you running?
  11. You'll have to ask them, I don't use AGM. But it sounds like something is messing with the dowatch command.
  12. What mods are you using? Try it with only CBA and the artillery active.
  13. Drongo's Command Enhancement

    Cheers :) BTW, I'm pretty sure that DCE already accommodates dynamically generated groups.
  14. Middle East Conflict mod

    You can't install the source, it is not in a playable format. It is provided so people can edit the models, textures, configs and scripts in the Arma tools to suit their own tastes.