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  1. The mod is great but weapon sounds are way below standard and that is quite sad since everything else is amazing. No disrespect here just trying to give some feedback to improve this great mod further.
  2. Yeah it's a shame takes away the glory from DLC Jets platform update , at least for me.
  3. I have a good system and I have the same problem as Petek, Tried to bump up the sampling to 200% but I still need to zoom in to see objects on distance. Quite a shame cause I can run with 9000 view distance and 5000 object distance but can't enjoy this 100%. So this a big issue for me but may not be for others.
  4. I can't stress enough how important this issue is for a good flying experience. I'm quite amazed though how few people participate in this topic. Petek and Arkhir I'm with you 100% on this.
  5. Any plans for 1st person view inside from a driver position? Great work with all the new trains. Love it!
  6. Really? No afterburner? I thought that was because this was not the official release and that they will add this later. Wow :(
  7. I agree 100% the green hud complicates things for the pilot instead of make it easier to fly and see. Hopefully this will be changed or at least give us the option to change color or something .
  8. jets

    I think that the external plane view is too zoomed in , too close to the aircraft and I would rather prefer to have a an external view from longer distance. Some mods already have that view implemented.
  9. Is the carrier DLC bound or free for anyone? Thanks!
  10. Sound is very important especially for military games. Unfortunately Arma sounds are not on the same level as other parts of the game. People are depending on mods to play the game. Remove JSRS sound mod and I would stop playing Arma. Imagine buying a Ferrari with the engine sounding like a Lada.
  11. Lol true but my imagination thinks otherwise :D The thing that amazes me the most is how well I can run this map. Much more fun than Tanoa (Sorry BIS) :)
  12. This is by far the best Vietnam map I ever played in Arma. And to be honest the only reason I'm re-downloading the The Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.0D .I love the Unsung content but the maps that followed the mod are not even close to your map. Once again amazing work!
  13. Updated CUP Terrains Core and now all buildings show up. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  14. Great airport is back :) The only problem now is that without JBAD many spots with houses and building are now empty . Are you going to put anything there?