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  1. Well my nephew is happy about this new game :)
  2. Now bring the old lighting back and you will be our King for ever!! :D
  3. No Arma 4
  4. Lol guys need to relax this mod hasn't been updated since 2015.. Can you just wait some few months(hopefully) before the update is out?
  5. Is that official from BIS? Or just your explanation?
  6. Gryphon TGP targeting camera is still not working well. When you fly above the target camera lock is removed, that is not the case with BLUFOR AND OPFOR aircraft.
  7. What a journey but it seems Arma 3 nears the end of the journey.. Thanks for all the memories and hopefully let's welcome the new era.
  8. Maybe moving on to Arma 4 with the Enfusion engine :)
  9. Are you a forum moderator or something? And I didn't see Snake Man(developer for this mod) complaining about people asking questions about his mod. Funny!
  10. It's really hard going back to Altis after playing with Lythium map. It's like playing another game. I stay with Lythium until we get back some of the old lighting :(
  11. Thanks for this update! Can you please lower the A-10 Gun sound? It's way too loud compared to other weapons. Even from inside the cockpit I have to put the volume to a minimal level.
  12. Fortunately there is a solution and the solution is called Lythium.
  13. Guys just take a look at Lythium map created by FFAA. Just have a good look and watch the old lighting appearing in front of your eyes. They probably have the solution for the lighting issues. Absolutely amazing.
  14. Hi! I'm not asking for updates, just wonder if everything proceeds according to plan. So any news regarding the stage of development? Thanks!
  15. Well done! I really believe that this mod and the mod for air visibility should get more recognition. Far more important than other stuff.