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    BIS Gaming - BIS Forums, Mission Editing, WarMod, WW2, Powerlifting, Nutrition, Martial arts
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    Warehouse Dockworker

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    Hello, My name is Gunter Severloh.
    I am not native to Germany, I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada in March 1975 lived and was raised with my Dutch Grandparents on a 100 acre farm in Ontario, Canada for my first 5 years.

    After nursing school my mother took a job in USA, we moved to Illinois. USA is where I live currently today. My ancestry is from Holland.

    My Hobbies,Studies, and Past Life

    I trained in multiple martial arts, Tae Kwon Do,Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Kali/escrima,Panantukan Brazilian Jujitsu, Wingchun Kung fu, Chin Na Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and Kalasag Kuntao Silat since I was 15, also trained in various martial arts weapons.

    Been Lifting weights and Power lifting since I was 17.
    Powerlift using the Westside System.

    Studied and researched Rawfood and alternative Nutrition since my early 20's, I also have profound interest and research in Biochemistry,anatomy, physiology, brain entrainment using sound programs that exercises the brain, meditation programs that pushes onto the brain and forces it to reorganize itself at a higher level, same concept as what exercise for the body does.

    Past Work/Job
    Worked as a Carpenter/Laborer for 10 years til 2009 when the USA economy went into a recession, then just did small work with the company.

    Current work/Job
    I currently work a 3rd shift (9pm -5am) as a Warehouse Dockworker loading and unloading semi trucks with and without a forklift.

    I can listen to any music but really prefer Metal, Death Metal, little Black Metal, classic Rock, Classical music.

    Groups I like: Metallica, Pantera ,Black label Society, Rammstein, Rusoska, Airut, Kataklysm, Gojira, Behemoth, Unhelig, Iron Maiden,Eisbrecher and many others.

    Whats in a name
    My name Günter Severloh I created in 2007 for my WW2 realism unit in the game Red orchestra, a WW2 pc game based on the OstFront or Eastern front.

    The name Günter I got from a German WW2 MG42 machine gunner on the Eastern front, the soldier's actual name is
    Günter Koschorrek
    he wrote a book ,a diary he recorded during the war, the name of his book is called "Blood Red Snow"

    I took his first name, and then the 2nd part of my name Severloh
    I got from Heinrich Severloh

    Heinreich Severloh was known as the "Beast of Omaha", a MG42 machine gunner on the Omaha Beach.

    So my name is based off of 2 WW2 German soldiers.

    In the Game Red orchestra I played as machine gunner almost all the time.

    My Former Clan & Realism Units
    187th Clan

    In March 2007 I had formed a clan with a close friend and gaming buddy who at the time I had met in 2006 through the Red Orchestra game. Our clan we had named the 187th, we had our own website and went to matches, had 2 gameservers at the time, we were members of the ROLeague, a tournament for clans.

    We had a number of clan members most from the USA but some from Brazil, Denmark, Newfoundland, and other countries, we had a rough number of 12 active and 16 regular members.

    Grenadier Regiment 187
    Our clan the 187th reformed into a realism unit portraying the Grenadier-Regiment 187.

    This unit I was leader of, we fought in the 3SA Realism Campaign as well as had many realism matches with other units. We also entered into TOC - Theater of Conflict Realism Campaign in 2009.

    3rd Panzer-Grenadier Division
    In march 2010 we had reformed/reorganized once again to portray a historical German unit that better fits our combat style in the game. This unit I was also leader, at the time we were involved in a realism campaign and had regular realism matches, and nights with other realism units.

    On June 1st 2010, I had decided to disband the unit, as I had enough of some of the politics, as well as stress trying to maintain, organize the unit, but most of all because I was rather bored of the game as we had played the game everyday in every spare time we had, so i guess you can say we played it to death.

    BIS series games
    I had originally started in the series with the Demo of Operation Flashpoint when it first came out,
    found the demo to be very hard, for the type of games i was used to at the time, so I put it down for about a month and then came back to it and fell in love with it.

    Bought the first game in 2001 Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis when it first released and been playing ever since.

    BIS PC Games I own:
    OFP ColdWar Cirsis + all expansions
    Arma1 -no expansions
    Arma2 + OA (Arma2CO) no DLC's

    Arma Modding
    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod called WarMod, other mods to follow:
    A2WarMod for Arma2, A2WarModACe, COWarMod for arma2CO, CoWarModI44, COWarModACE,
    COSLX, IFWarMod for Iron front in arma2CO (IFA2), IFA3WarMod for Iron front in Arma3, IFA3WarModSA
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    Gunter Severloh
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  1. Update - Ravage mod Utube Fans Channel Its that time again, new additions to the channel! added to Gameplay Clips Arma 3 ravage mod ep1 ARMA 3 Custom DayZ Server "Cure" 2017 Ravage Mod Arma 3 Weather & Atmosphere test ArmA 3 | Zombies Ravage y 4 muertos en tierra added to Mini episodes BERPETUALANG SEMBARI MEMUNGUT! XD ArmA 3 Apex Ravage Mod Arma 3 - Ravage [fr] Toute sortie est définitive. Arma 3 - Entering Oblivion (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Battles in the North (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Demons of the Fall (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 | Fallout by Pilot | Alpha Gameplay Other news pertaining to Ravage: Mod For those fans of Ravage, if you haven't already seen it, there is a mod being built for Ravage by myself called RavWarMod, see the WIP thread for details: Mod is currently on hold as im taking a long break from Arma3 Channel Subscriptions Currently subscribers to the channel is at 109 which has increased in 2 weeks from 103! ==================== If I have missed any videos not listed in the playlists above please send me a pm and let me know, I will add it asap! Next update will be in 2 weeks when more vids are out!
  2. Thanks been flying on and off since OFP, but with arma2oa and my COWarMod which i was using in that video I normally play as the pilot and then call out targets for my AI gunner, or use a feature from the mod that allows you to take control of the 30mm cannon, in Arma3 you can do the same thing, and call out targets if you are flying a attack chopper like the Apache. To answer your question tho, yes i am in auto hover. Nice! Yes from what i learned really the best times to be fast is when your traveling, but choppers are ideally meant at least imo to creep, and shoot and scoot at least attack choppers. Tbh i dont have enough flying time in Arma3 to answer that, i actually dont recall the last time i flew a chopper in the game, and forget what it takes, but overall what i do recall at least from flying a fighter jet is that you want to make sure that your facing somewhat the target. By default tab if i recall should be the button to change between targets, also as mentioned above, if you are flying with an AI gunner, you can call out targets for him by pressing 2 for target, when you use this method you could go to manual gunner yourself. i could record a vid for you on it and show you, although i'd have to familiarize myself with it real quick, most of what i play is infantry, and tank related play in IFA3 so theres no helicopters in that. There was a game i used to play called Comanche 4 by Novalogic, i used to play this game incessantly, flying an attack chopper was awesome, so from this game i learned several tactics which I applied to the OFP arma series over the years for when i flew. This is Commanche 4
  3. Cool, i'm sure theres missions on Armaholic you could play once you get a bit better. Heres a vid i recorded during a coop session on Domination this was on Major Mayhem's server for Arma2oa, in this video i was using my famous ;) COWarMod:
  4. Something you can try is to go into the editor and put down you as a player, and a chopper with weapons on it, and then setup a bunch of vehicles, or targets wherever and see if you can take them out, good way to just mess around and see how things work.
  5. Read the changelog which is found when you go to your steam library, then choose arma3 under games and then click on the updates tab. The list is a mile long, imo for running the game with a duel core, the game is finally smooth for me, im able to turn on graphics settings that would otherwise lag or add to the lag of the game, i just had an hour session messing around and i didn't get one hiccup. Arma3 isn't a game to be taken lightly, this isn't call of duty, or whatever "popular" game there is that everyone raves about for fps gaming, were playing a sandbox game here with massive open worlds/lands theres so much stuff to take into consideration, but this new 64bit upgrade in my opinion is a major step in the right direction, this is what we been waiting for, for the past 16 yrs!
  6. Update - Ravage mod Utube Fans Channel Its that time again, heres whats new on the fans channel: Added to Gameplay Clips: Arma 3 Ravage mod - A light intro Ravage Missions: Bad Intel Blues Arma 3 - Ravage [fr] Test en bleu Arma 3 Ravage Helvantis ep.1 - Opening Title Arma3 Ravage | The beginning Added to Gameplay Previews Feng Tries... Ravage Mod (ArmA 3) 1/2 Feng Tries... Ravage Mod (ArmA 3) 2/2 Arma 3 -Ravage [fr] Un début laborieux. Ravage Altis - ARMA 3 ARMA 3 mode de Survie - Ravage in Altis Arma 3 - Ravage [fr] Quand on arrive (presque) en ville Test Vidéo Arma 3 Zed Added to Mini Episodes Arma 3 - December in Thirsk (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Wandering Stratis (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 Ravage Helvantis ep.1 [ 60fps / 1440p / Eng Hard Sub / No Voice ] A Sudden First Battle Ravage Missions: DayZ on Tanoa BERPETUALANG SEMBARI MEMUNGUT! XD ArmA 3 Apex Ravage Mod Arma 3 - Ravage [fr] Toute sortie est définitive. Added to Full Playthroughs Ravage Missions: Last Days Reboot Darksushi Arma 3 - To Live and Die in Tanoa (SP/Ravage Mod) Other news pertaining to Ravage: Mod For those fans of Ravage, if you haven't already seen it, there is a mod being built for Ravage by myself called RavWarMod, see the WIP thread for details: Sorry to say the mod is currently on hold as im taking a long break from Arma. Ravage Fans Channel Currently subscribers to the channel is at 103 which has increased in 2 weeks from 95! ==================== If I have missed any videos not listed in the playlists above please send me a pm and let me know, I will add it asap! Next update will be in 2 weeks when more vids are out!
  7. No, the mod was converted to IFA3 Lite couple months ago by Kju whos team lead of IFA3 Lite,and we have been waiting on WOG (Weekly Open Games) on what they wanted to do. Atm idk whats going on, I have no updates, and no word from kju yet on the situation. i will let you know when i get word, and idk when that will be. Sorry. Welcome to Bis forums btw
  8. Remember Awar got screwed out of the Iron Front deal, thats why they quit, Deepsilver was to pay them but only gave them 50% of their money. Kju question for you, whats the situation with IFA3WarModSA now, its been a while since i got word on what WOG and you guys are doing, are you adding the contents to IFA3 Lite, or whats the situation?
  9. There is no dependency on Standalone IF or I44, IFA3 Lite dont need IF to run, all you need is CUP Terrains - Core.
  10. Some news for you Iron front fans:
  11. Hello Iron front, IFA2, & IFA3 Fans! The MR is moving! I have created a thread on IF Fan forums, giving all information, details, & links on the new project, you can view it here: any questions, comments ask on that thread, or pm me, this thread is for news only.
  12. Cant help you, if its not on the lists Pg1, or the 2nd pg listing then I either missed it or its nonexistent. As for the campaign issue Morphesus, idk what to tell you, either locate a thread in the missions section talking about the campaign, or create a new thread, my code there works, I never played the campaign myself and dont have any files on my end saved to give me any information, so i really cant help you there, sorry.
  13. Thanks Rydygier, There has been 2 issues which i been noticing, and those are as follows: 1. When you have lets say 2 squads of infantry, 1 being a mg squad and the other being an AT squad, and you put them both in an Opel Blitz truck, after arriving at the destination, when you click on the mg squad to tell them to exit the vehicle, the AT squad gets out 1st instead, either way the other squad gets out first and not the one you chose. 2. The other issue i noticed is the Russian infantry after they have spawned in do not use transport trucks to get around, as much as i play I've yet to see them ever show up in trucks or get around in them, they always travel around in either small squads, ort large squads on foot, other then that, once they have sufficient supplies (SP's ) captured to build and deploy tanks, the tanks are out and about but infantry never use trucks. ============ On my end, idk about you but i still get the mg statics for both Germans and Russians part way in the ground, its like they spawn there, it seems either the trench that they spawn in is to high or something idk, but i get that issue every time, any mission. ================ How to build your own Missions video tutorial In other news I have a new video tutorial on how to build your own missions. This is an updated one that goes further in depth, and provides more details, since Ragnarok's last update, there were a few changes and added features which changed what is in the mission, so i figured I would need to cover it, the procedure is the same none the less, for those who know how to create reg arma missions that have scripts and transfer the files, this tutorial should be a cinch for you, for the new guys, follow my directions and ask questions if you have any, heres the video: Keep in mind this vid will be here as well---->
  14. Update - new missions I been working on videos and porting some new missions all sunday/monday morning, and here they are: Ragnarok'44-Baranow_Crossroads v1.0 (zip) - Steam Workshop Ragnarok'44-Colleville_Engaged v1.0 (zip) - Steam Workshop Ragnarok'44-The_Szydlow_Stalemate v1.0 (zip) - Steam Workshop Ragnarok'44_Panovo_Front v1.0 (zip) - Steam Workshop Ragnarok'44_Paros_Front v1.0) (zip) - Steam Workshop Also i should have a new "How to build your own Ragnarok'44 Missions" video tutorial coming Tuesday as well, this new vid is an updated version of the previous one, with more detail, and its a new version because of the recent update to the mission mode, so stay tuned!
  15. For both questions, I'll give you something i use in all my missions, and it should work with any mission you play that is of course theres nothing in the mission with anything that changes the AI's skills in another fashion. heres what you do: 1. Create a notepad document 2. Name it: init.sqf 3. Copy n paste the following code in it: [] spawn { while {true} do { { _x setSkill ["aimingspeed", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["aimingaccuracy", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["aimingshake", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["spottime", 0.1]; _x setSkill ["spotdistance", 0.5]; _x setSkill ["commanding", 0.2]; _x setSkill ["general", 0.5]; _x setskill ["reloadSpeed",0.5]; _x setskill ["endurance",0.7]; _x setskill ["courage",0.6]; } forEach allUnits; sleep 30; } }; 4. Save, and put into your mission folder where the mission.sqm is located. =============== what it will do is adjust all spawned aI at the start of the mission and set their skills on the numbers listed, the lower the number the lesser their skill, increase the numbers the better the AI are. i use this mainly because i dont want the AI to kill me in 1 shot, dont take those numbers to lightly they basically give the Ai a 1 and 5 shot to hit you, so what that means is, for every 1 to 5 shots they fire at you they will hit you with one, and the closer they are that number reduces. Your research on them should tell you that they are or are not, you have 2 mods for AI command, their can be a conflict there, bcombat is sp mod, that does certain things but from what i remember dont effect skill so much rather how they respond. As for the 4rth use the code i posted above. Overall this thread is really a reference thread, not meant of full discussions or questions about AI, I used to know alot about AI but cannot really help anymore in terms of giving information or compatibility as im not into it like i used to be, your best to review the threads lists, and then ask questions on the appropriate threads, or create your own thread for subjects that hasn't been asked already. Hope that helps.