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    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod Series called WarMod:
    WarMod for Arma1 was released 11-24-2009
    A2WarMod for Arma2 was released 10-06-2010
    A2WarModACE for Arma2 was released 3-2-2011
    COWarMod for Arma2CO, was released 7-5-2011
    COSLX - for Arma2CO 10-9-2011
    COWarModACE for Arma2CO, was released 7-26-2012
    COWarModI44 for Arma2CO was released 5-28-2012
    IFWarMod - for Arma2CO IFA2 (Iron Front) 6-17-2013
    IFA3WarMod - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 8-24-2015
    IFA3WarModSA - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 4-25-2016
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  1. Welcome! Update I have a patch coming soon, this will update the mod to v1.16 so stay tuned!
  2. I used the following mods: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687398869 FSS_RifleRecoil.pbo http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31897 ULTIMATE_SOLDIER3.pbo http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23820 vz_a3_steadyShot.pbo The last two are what do the trick, but to get that shake effect like the gun has recoil i added Laxmann's Immerse: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27847 These files are more specifically in the IFA3WarModC version. only thing that i created was the following: Features created by me: Gunter Severloh Autozoom for all rifles, smg's, mg's, and pistols including all DLC weapons Loading screen banner top left main menu - (if you have Apex then you will see the logo on menu, without Apex you get loading screen) WW2 background videos for main menu - (Videos wont be seen til you have been somewhere and comeback to menu) Tracers for infantry weapons, every shot fired is a tracer done for fun and effect - (k98,G43,Mp44, all Mg's, Mosin, Svt, other guns are wip)
  3. My IFA3WarModSA is for IFA3 lite, was formerly for the Full version of IFA3 but it worked with Lite until Arma3 and IFA3 lite updates broke some of the mod, it needs to be updated and issues fixed but its for IFA3 lite none the less. I know about Full IFA3 i was the one in the last year supporting it and who had all the files, and tutorial on setting it up after everyone else moved to IFA3 Lite. Thanks for giving Fudge credits.
  4. My website for the Iron front: liberation 1944 community:


  5. Hi Pioneer, you guys finally updated your pack and released it, nice! Wish you guys would have told me about it or at least sent me the updated files for the tanks, vehicles and stuff which I had permissions from Jegor, Shvetz, justfighter, and others to fix my mod which is this: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/190282-ifa3warmodsa-a-standalone-content-mod/ Credits for the assets in my mod goes to you too, and a bunch of others. Is the R71-43 Motor Cycle from Fudge? or did you guys create your own? Because fudge created the motorcycle and my former team IFR (Iron front Revival) in 2013 had released our own pack along with that bike, for the IFA2 (Iron front in arma2OA) release.
  6. Yes partially but you want to look at SLX Shout as it has a script in there called SLX Talk, and lists all the various things that are said. Also SLX_netcode plays a role too with SLX Wounds. SLX_Wounds Dependencies: SLX_NetCode, SLX_Shout which means SLX Wounds wont work without those two, so those 3 files will be the ones you need to look at, i looked at them and i think your best bet might be in SLX Shout, their should be some settings in there to turn down the frequency, but its not worded that way in there. In COWarMod customization folder are the readmes for SLX, it should be found here: @COWarMod\customization\optional tweaks & mods\slx then look at the readme "all slx features.rtf" that will give you an overall idea of what each file does what and what their dependencies are, or you can look at my COSLX thread here, as I have the same thing setup, and categorized: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/119935-coslx-an-updated-version-of-the-original-slx-mod/ Hope that helps.
  7. Taking it to serious according to what? Because you dont want to take it serious and others do, they are not you, and thats why they are in their group. Sure its a game, but thats the key in a game like arma you can do anything you want, and the point is to have fun, some people just do it different. If you cant or wont do it in real life then a game is another avenue to do it. Have you ever been in a milsim or are you patronizing the idea of what it would be like if you were in a milsim, or going off of stories you heard? Milsims, groups, clans, units are people with like minded views, interests and play styles, if you dont like that, or care for that, then obliviously its not for you. Units i been in and lead were never about military conduct, it was about communications and tactics, in and out of the game. Dont worry about the trends, or how others conduct their games just be an example of how you think others should play the game, and there wont be any objections from anyone. :)
  8. Hi thanks! What I would recommend is to first isolate the issue to the mod itself, so run only: CBA and COWarMod, i would do a test in the editor on a map, i think your other 2 mods JSRS 1.5, and CWR2 V15 are interfering and making those sounds, more specifically CWR. I would also test CWR by itself to see if anything in it related to injured soldiers would cause that sound to be heard, but you have a mod conflict. This is what i run when i run CoWarMod: @CBA;@CBA_OA;@COWarMod and i did the same as you with a soldier and i dont get the interference.
  9. Update Added to the 2nd page listing: Script Saroghtyps Spawn script Creator - SSC Threads AI Skill High AI casualties Getting the AI to engage Oh the humanity! Please save our AI soldiers! AI Vehicles How to make Ai get in vehicle after enemy detect? AI firing countermeasure AI Spawn & Respawn Spawning Units That Follow Waypoints With Triggers Respawn pilot and his vehicle and get pilot into vehicle again AI Triggers & Waypoints AI Ignoring trigger? AI Equipment & Gear AI drop item AI Helicopters & Jets Make AI Wingman Stay Somewhat in Formation
  10. Update Reuploaded the Patch, Full, and C version for v1.15 they have the ifa3_comp_ace_mortar.pbo file removed from them so you shouldn't be getting error with ACE asking for the mortar file now. If you guys are getting an issue with the loading screen when using the A3 launcher then remove this file: IFA3WARMod_client.pbo If theres any other issues or questions/feedback let me know, help me improve my mod.
  11. Thanks for the feedback Skelebob, links have been removed til i get the files sorted, and reuploaded. As for myself i never had issues with my mod, so i always wondered why anyone else did, but maybe part of the reason was i use armasync to start my game with mods, as the A3 launcher wont start for me, it always crashes. I'm on Win7 64bit.
  12. Hi welcome to Bis forums! No ACE is not required for the mod as ACE is already in the mod, but not all ACE files are in the mod and the IFA3 Lite's ACE compatibility file is also already in the mod, so you should only be running the following: @CBA_A3;@CUP Terrains (i think Cup terrains is optional and IFA3 Lite dont need it i forget but i run it anyways, up to you) @IFA3 Lite & @IFA3WarMod or my custom version @IFA3WarModC For the mortar, that is not in the mod, if you did want it in the mod then just add the ace file for it to the addons folder, the file for it is titled ace_mk6mortar.pbo This missing file is probably your issue, as im guessing your running ace with my mod and its conflicting with the ace already in the mod. I didn't add the mortar file because before IFA3 lite's update where you could use the mortar I had the patch already released. When you install the mod be sure to move the userconfig from the the mod's folder ---> IFA3WarMod Full version 1.15 to your Arma3 directory which should be here if you have win7---> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 As for the loading screen, there isn't one, all your going to see is at the top left above the arma3 menu bar above quickplay is IFA3WarMod banner, aside that the only time you will see the video that plays on the background is if you dont own APex or you have exited virtual arsenal, or the editor at least thats when it comes up for me, see my above post with the patch video you can see what im referring too. Let me know if that helps you solve your issue, and any suggestions, I appreciate the feedback.
  13. Adding to this conversation, considering i have a duel core, and everything else i have for hardware is better, i discovered OBS Studio which has no FPS impact when recording game footage, works perfect for me, sometimes i dont even know its on. Buts its free check it out: https://obsproject.com/ If you need help getting setup i recommend going on Utube and looking for a beginner tutorial for 2017 on how to setup. The cool thing about this program aside there is no noticeable lag or fps drop ingame while recording is you can record your desktop too, its not limited to just one application.
  14. Update - Ravage Mod Utube Fans Channel Hey guys its been a bit, sorry for the delay on updating the channel been very busy with my own personal channel and my mods for IFA3 Lite. Anyways i have a huge update for you, lots of new vids have been added! Gameplay vids Arma 3 Ravage mod (SP) ARMA 3 — DayZ Panthera Singleplayer! Gameplay Clips BRAAAAAINS! ArmA 3 Ravage Mod Ravage mod preview Arma 3 Ravage emergency radio transmission (Zombies) Ravage MP The Escape Ravage MP Stratis Ravage Escape Tanoa Test DayZs Ravage on Esseker pt. 1.5 Tanoan Fog Monsters (Clip from Arma 3 Ravage session) Ravage A Mission Bandit Convoy "Hang on, sit here for a second." Full Episodes Arma 3 - Dirge for November (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3: Ravage - RAG 143 Arma 3 - The Night and the Silent Water (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - nothing like dayZ - Ravage. Mini Episodes Arma 3 - In My Kingdom Cold (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - The Fields of Ragnarok (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Savannah Walker (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Our Fortresses Are Burning (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Outback Undead (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Schwemlitz Has Fallen (SP/Ravage Mod) Ravage Missions: The Unseen Arma 3 - Paradise Lost (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma3 mod ravage 1 Arma 3 - The Wolves Are Loose (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Into the Afterlife (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Through the Urals (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - To Celle and Back (SP Survival/RHS/CUP) Arma 3 - Lost Behind the Lines (SP/RHS/CUP) Full Playthroughs Arma 3 - To Live and Die in Tanoa (SP/Ravage Mod) ArmA 3 Editor: Til Dawn with Ravage Mod =========== All for now, next update in 2 weeks when more videos are out!
  15. This is a video demonstration of a patch i built for my IFA3WarMod: