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    BIS Gaming - BIS Forums, Mission Editing, WarMod, WW2, Powerlifting, Nutrition, Martial arts
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    Warehouse Dockworker

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    Cleaning the windows in my Tiger 1

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    Hello, My name is Gunter Severloh.
    I am not native to Germany, I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada in March 1975 lived and was raised with my Dutch Grandparents on a 100 acre farm in Ontario, Canada for my first 5 years.

    After nursing school my mother took a job in USA, we moved to Illinois. USA is where I live currently today. My ancestry is from Holland.

    My Hobbies,Studies, and Past Life

    I trained in multiple martial arts, Tae Kwon Do,Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Kali/escrima,Panantukan Brazilian Jujitsu, Wingchun Kung fu, Chin Na Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and Kalasag Kuntao Silat since I was 15, also trained in various martial arts weapons.

    Been Lifting weights and Power lifting since I was 17.
    Powerlift using the Westside System.

    Studied and researched Rawfood and alternative Nutrition since my early 20's, I also have profound interest and research in Biochemistry,anatomy, physiology, brain entrainment using sound programs that exercises the brain, meditation programs that pushes onto the brain and forces it to reorganize itself at a higher level, same concept as what exercise for the body does.

    Past Work/Job
    Worked as a Carpenter/Laborer for 10 years til 2009 when the USA economy went into a recession, then just did small work with the company.

    Current work/Job
    I currently work a 3rd shift (9pm -5am) as a Warehouse Dockworker loading and unloading semi trucks with and without a forklift.

    I can listen to any music but really prefer Metal, Death Metal, little Black Metal, classic Rock, Classical music.

    Groups I like: Metallica, Pantera ,Black label Society, Rammstein, Rusoska, Airut, Kataklysm, Gojira, Behemoth, Unhelig, Iron Maiden,Eisbrecher and many others.

    Whats in a name
    My name Gunter Severloh I created in 2007 for my WW2 realism unit in the game Red orchestra, a WW2 pc game based on the OstFront or Eastern front.

    The name Gunter I got from a German WW2 MG42 machine gunner on the Eastern front, the soldier's actual name is
    Gunter K Koschorrek
    he wrote a book ,a diary he recorded during the war, the name of his book is called "Blood Red Snow"

    I took his first name, and then the 2nd part of my name Severloh
    I got from Heinrich Severloh

    Heinrich Severloh was known as the "Beast of Omaha", a MG42 machine gunner on the Omaha Beach.

    So my name is based off of 2 WW2 German soldiers.

    In the Game Red orchestra I played as machine gunner almost all the time.

    My Former Clan & Realism Units
    187th Clan
    In March 2007 I had formed a clan with a close friend and gaming buddy who at the time I had met in 2006 through the Red Orchestra game. Our clan we had named the 187th, we had our own website and went to matches, had 2 gameservers at the time, we were members of the ROLeague, a tournament for clans.

    We had a number of clan members most from the USA but some from Brazil, Denmark, Newfoundland, and other countries,
    we had a rough number of 12 active and 16 regular members.

    Grenadier Regiment 187
    Our clan the 187th reformed into a realism unit portraying the Grenadier-Regiment 187.

    This unit I was leader of, we fought in the 3SA Realism Campaign as well as had many realism matches with other units.
    We also entered into TOC - Theater of Conflict Realism Campaign in 2009.

    3rd Panzer-Grenadier Division
    In march 2010 we had reformed/reorganized once again to portray a historical German unit that better fits our combat style in the game.
    This unit I was also leader, at the time we were involved in a realism campaign and had regular realism matches,
    and nights with other realism units.

    On June 1st 2010, I had decided to disband the unit, as I had enough of some of the politics, as well as stress trying to maintain,
    organize the unit, but most of all because I was rather bored of the game as we had played the game everyday in every
    spare time we had, so i guess you can say we played it to death.

    BIS series games
    I had originally started in the series with the Demo of Operation Flashpoint when it first came out,
    found the demo to be very hard, for the type of games i was used to at the time, so I put it down for about a month and then
    came back to it and fell in love with it.

    Bought the first game in 2001 Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis when it first released and been playing ever since.

    BIS PC Games I own:
    OFP ColdWar Cirsis + all expansions
    Arma1 -no expansions
    Arma2 + OA (Arma2CO) no DLC's
    Arma3 + Apex,Marksmen DLC's

    Arma Modding
    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod called WarMod, other mods to follow:
    A2WarMod for Arma2, A2WarModACe, COWarMod for arma2CO, CoWarModI44, COWarModACE,
    COSLX, IFWarMod for Iron front in arma2CO (IFA2), IFA3WarMod for Iron front in Arma3, IFA3WarModSA
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    Gunter Severloh
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  1. Cool, welcome to Bis forums and the Arma community JacobEye!
  2. Mission Repository is staying! APRIL 24 - GUNTER SEVERLOH Hello Iron front fans! Gunter Severloh here, as the title says, I've decided to cancel my project of moving the MR to the new forum/site that was originally planned, reason for this is i figured out a better strategy financially for the MR website, aside that as you and I know moving the MR is alot of work, which I really dont want to do. To be honest I'd rather just focus on playing IF related games (IF, IFA2, and IFA3), and support the IF community and bettering the site that is already in place. Considering I get an average of 40-100 visitors a day to the MR, some days more or less, I think its best to keep the site where its at. I'm sorry for maybe disappointing you guys, or letting you down, or even leading you on if that, sometimes I just get frustrated with the site and want to quit. So please forgive me, lets just keep the original site going! Donate Lastly it would help for all those fans of the site, and my work to donate if you can, all donations would go to help paying for the site, I dont, and wont take anything for myself. You can donate here if you wish. Donate to the MR I hope you guys understand and again please accept my apologies. Sincerely: Gunter
  3. Ya down the road a bit, I rarely if ever play Arma3 itself, everything im playing is WW2 related Arma3 or other game. Welcome to Bis forums btw :)
  4. When modding for the game, and community related projects become your sole focus.
  5. Idk about the tanks, but for the automatic zoom for all infantry weapons, are you using my IFA3WarMod as I have that in the mod, if you dont like that feature then remove: iszoom_if.pbo
  6. Best ask the author of this and see what he thinks the issue is, as it seems like its a database issue coupled with something else, cant help you aside that, so hope you guys figure it out.
  7. Cant really help you with this, but try what Phronk suggested. So if this is database specific like in order for you to spawn the database has to do it, then seems that your missing some coding, or for respawn. Whats the database for btw, as I really have not seen any mission use a database, or im out of the loop as i havent really messed with missions in a long time for mp. But if you use a basic base respawn which you basically put a marker down and name it respawn_west if your bluefor, code in the description would be like this: respawn = base; respawndelay = 20; then the marker at your base is where you spawn. A tutorial for a basic base respawn if it helps---> Maybe im misunderstanding you on what your issue is.
  8. Hi, welcome to Bis forums! In the Description.ext of the mission, look for the following code: respawn = 1; might also read ---> respawn = Bird; this code means your respawning as a bird, the other options is to change it to other types which are below: Respawn types. 0 or "NONE" - No respawn 1 or "BIRD" - Respawn as a seagull 2 or "INSTANT" - Respawn just where you died. 3 or "BASE" - Respawn in base. Requires a marker named: respawn_west respawn_east respawn_guerrila respawn_civilian
  9. Welcome to Bis forums! Your request will never happen, the mod is broke, read the previous posts to get an idea of what the issues are.
  10. Update Added to Mission Editing & Scripting How to equip AI with Virtual Armory? Added to General Was the tank AI always this crazy? Added to AI Spawn & respawn AI spawned by script not shooting Added to AI & Vehicles How to stop AI from braking no matter what Make AI get in and out of a vehicle when trigger is activated. Added to AI Actions How to make AI JTAC lase enemy infantry Forcing AI to shoot Added to Scripts Custom AI's Creator Script Devas Convoy & Vehicle patrol
  11. That depends on what WOG actually does, the idea with WOG was to implement most of the content in the mod to IFA3 Lite, as the tanks and some of the content is theres anyways. As far as plans i have no plans for this mod because even if WOG does something, more then likely the mod would be left for dead, again depends on what content they if they include their content which is in the mod here into IFA3 Lite. Besides Im just a compiler, all I can do is remove existing content thats already in IFA3 Lite which there is already some, and then apply any fixes or updates to content from others I'm not about to go learn how to script and code, I got some ideas on things, but no patience for it, and i love to compile, thats just what I do. Tbh i have a secret project that far exceeds what this mod has in extreme, thats currently and has been WIP for a long time, years in fact, that will make this mod look like WW2 legos, lol your better off wait for that, info on it will come within the month or next month, cant say right now to much to do yet, but thats all i can say about it. But consider this mod dead unless someone wants to update it as i really cant do anything with it til WOG does something, or another modder decides to take it on and update and fix it, hope that helps. :)
  12. Trying not to piss off Roadkill here, ;) The amount of time I have to myself is about 5-6hrs, thats just on my work days, sat and sundays i have all day and night. Thats free time to do whatever I want, im not tied down by family, or other type obligations aside my job, so i can do alot, theres just other factors that inhibit my performance such a health issues, and trying to get out of debt. Anyways, I am slowly getting back into Arma3 was just playing yesterday a little. As far as RavWarMod goes, after I patch my IFA3WarMod to its final version, then it will be focus on Ravage.
  13. I been on a break for the past 2-3 weeks now im just playing other games, im still here almost everyday just not playing Arma3 is all. When i say long break its because im burnt out from arma3, and Iron front, I need a change of scenery all i been doing is arma3, IF and im bored to death of it. Another reason is couple months ago now, I finished v1.14 of my IFA3WarMod which took alot of work to put together because i had to rebuild the mod from scratch, my WarMods really burn me out mentally, why i end up only doing one a year, depends, also considering I work a full time job from 9pm til 5-6am and been tired from that.
  14. I spent a half hour adding new additions (listings) to my post here saved it and went back to see how it looks, and nothing I added is there, i reedited the post and everything i did never saved! WTF I tried again, added 2 things, again saved it, went back to see if it showed and nothing. My last update to the thread was in February I had no issues saving then, can you guys look into it.
  15. Update - Ravage mod Utube Fans Channel Its that time again, new additions to the channel! added to Gameplay Clips Arma 3 Ravage scenario. Bad Intel Blues. SP/MP Coop. Arma 3 - Ravage on MSKE 2017 added to Full episodes Arma 3: Altis Ravage Part 2 "Close Encounters" added to Mini episodes Arma 3 - Voidward (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - In the Presence of Enemies (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Year Zero (SP/Ravage Mod) Other news pertaining to Ravage: Mod For those fans of Ravage, if you haven't already seen it, there is a mod being built for Ravage by myself called RavWarMod, see the WIP thread for details: Mod is currently on hold as im taking a long break from Arma3 ==================== If I have missed any videos not listed in the playlists above please send me a pm and let me know, I will add it asap! Next update will be in 2 weeks when more vids are out!