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    Hello, My name is Gunter Severloh.
    I am not native to Germany, I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada on March 1975 lived and was raised with my Dutch Grandparents on a 100 acre farm in Ontario, Canada for my first 5 years.

    After nursing school my mother took a job in USA, we moved to Illinois. USA is where I live currently today. My ancestry is from Holland.

    My Hobbies,Studies, and Past Life

    I trained in multiple martial arts, Tae Kwon Do,Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Kali/escrima,Panantukan Brazilian Jujitsu, Wingchun Kung fu, Chin Na Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and Kalasag Kuntao Silat since I was 15, also trained in various martial arts weapons.

    Been Lifting weights and Power lifting since I was 17.
    Powerlift using the Westside System.

    Studied and researched Rawfood and alternative Nutrition since my early 20's, I also have profound interest and research in Biochemistry,anatomy, physiology, brain entrainment using sound programs that exercises the brain, meditation programs that pushes onto the brain and forces it to reorganize itself at a higher level, same concept as what exercise for the body does.

    Past Work/Job
    Worked as a Carpenter/Laborer for 10 years til 2009 when the USA economy went into a recession, then just did small work with the company.

    Current work/Job
    I currently work a 3rd shift (9pm -5am) as a Warehouse Dockworker loading and unloading semi trucks with and without a forklift.

    I can listen to any music but really prefer Metal, Death Metal, little Black Metal, classic Rock, Classical music.

    Groups I like: Metallica, Pantera ,Black label Society, Rammstein, Rusoska, Airut, Kataklysm, Gojira, Behemoth, Unhelig, Iron Maiden,Eisbrecher and many others.

    Whats in a name
    My name Günter Severloh I created in 2007 for my WW2 realism unit in the game Red orchestra, a WW2 pc game based on the OstFront or Eastern front.

    The name Günter I got from a German WW2 MG42 machine gunner on the Eastern front, the soldier's actual name is
    Günter Koschorrek
    he wrote a book ,a diary he recorded during the war, the name of his book is called "Blood Red Snow"

    I took his first name, and then the 2nd part of my name Severloh
    I got from Heinrich Severloh

    Heinreich Severloh was known as the "Beast of Omaha", a MG42 machine gunner on the Omaha Beach.

    So my name is based off of 2 WW2 German soldiers.

    In the Game Red orchestra I played as machine gunner almost all the time.

    My Former Clan & Realism Units
    187th Clan

    In March 2007 I had formed a clan with a close friend and gaming buddy who at the time I had met in 2006 through the Red Orchestra game. Our clan we had named the 187th, we had our own website and went to matches, had 2 gameservers at the time, we were members of the ROLeague, a tournament for clans.

    We had a number of clan members most from the USA but some from Brazil, Denmark, Newfoundland, and other countries, we had a rough number of 12 active and 16 regular members.

    Grenadier Regiment 187
    Our clan the 187th reformed into a realism unit portraying the Grenadier-Regiment 187.

    This unit I was leader of, we fought in the 3SA Realism Campaign as well as had many realism matches with other units. We also entered into TOC - Theater of Conflict Realism Campaign in 2009.

    3rd Panzer-Grenadier Division
    In march 2010 we had reformed/reorganized once again to portray a historical German unit that better fits our combat style in the game. This unit I was also leader, at the time we were involved in a realism campaign and had regular realism matches, and nights with other realism units.

    On June 1st 2010, I had decided to disband the unit, as I had enough of some of the politics, as well as stress trying to maintain, organize the unit, but most of all because I was rather bored of the game as we had played the game everyday in every spare time we had, so i guess you can say we played it to death.

    BIS series games
    I had originally started in the series with the Demo of Operation Flashpoint when it first came out,
    found the demo to be very hard, for the type of games i was used to at the time, so I put it down for about a month and then came back to it and fell in love with it.

    Bought the first game in 2001 Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis when it first released and been playing ever since.

    BIS PC Games I own:
    OFP ColdWar Cirsis + all expansions
    Arma1 -no expansions
    Arma2 + OA (Arma2CO) no DLC's

    Arma Modding
    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod called WarMod, other mods to follow:
    A2WarMod for Arma2, A2WarModACe, COWarMod for arma2CO, CoWarModI44, COWarModACE,
    COSLX, IFWarMod for Iron front in arma2CO (IFA2), IFA3WarMod for Iron front in Arma3, IFA3WarModSA
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    Gunter Severloh
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  1. Thanks fellas, thanks for the support Haleks, i have a few files actually that I have questions about pertaining to their configs, that i updated them, but I'll get back to you on those over the weekend. Evil Ya man thanks, COSLX was and still is a cool mod, you can thank Solus for the original SLX but COSLX was my work as i did change a few files, and removed the issues everyone was complaining about. But ya im trying to get back to Ravage and play more as I been spending probably the past year working on my IFA3WarMod and IFA3WarModSA and neither of them are final, theres still more updates coming for them! RavWarMod will be a nice mod to compliment Ravage, adding features not in Ravage, not in vanilla Arma 3 either. But I can see this new WarMod really aiding in the function to the gameplay without getting in the way, its suttle, and what i mean by that is you wont notice your running the mod until you decide to interact with things, and thats what its about, it allows you to do things, and experience a more efficient gameplay because your not, somewhat, limited by engine, or base game mechanics that otherwise would prevent you from going further. Right now im working on an update for my IFA3WarMod, and starting Saturday, maybe today (i still have tonight to work yet) i will continue my research for the mod, I have already when i did last work on it establish a couple of readmes of what i need to get permissions for ect, But as I said before in the OP, my IFA3WarMod will be a major stepping stone/template for RavWarMod because alot of the features from that mod will work and can fit with Ravage. A while back i started a WIP thread for A3WarMod which was to be a general WarMod for Arma3 but i got delayed and i ended up in IFA3, so my plan for that is and was this: IFA3WarMod ---> enables RavWarMod----> enables A3WarMod, and by enables, meaning alot of research, readmes, permissions, and files have already been done, acquired etc, so each mod helps to build and further the next. Aside the research i will be working on a loading screen video, was thinking about how to do it while at work, and have some cool ideas, so im looking to have a demo vid of what it looks like this weekend. All for now.
  2. Hey Ravage fans! A new WarMod in the works for Ravage, check it out:
  3. Hello WarMod fans! I would like to announce a new version of WarMod called: RavWarMod What is RavWarMod? RavWarMod is a massive addon & mod customizable compilation mod customized for Ravage mod. Rav = Ravage mod WarMod? What is WarMod? WarMod is a massive addon and mod customizable compilation mod that will add many run-n-gun & realism gameplay features and functions to your game. WarMod is mainly a gameplay mod, most if not all of the mod will contain other mods that mainly effect the gameplay. Depending on the mod that WarMod was or is being customized for their may be some added content specific to the context of the mod. WarMod overall is mainly designed for the infantry player in mind, depending on the subject of the mod WarMod is being customized for their may be mods in it that also effect or add features and functions for armored, vehicles and even flown vehicles. WarMod Series More information about the series can be found on my website here: Why are you building a WarMod to compliment Ravage mod, there are other Zombie like mods out there? Well i love Ravage mod, and haven't played anything else other then Ravage for the mod type, but i really enjoy the post-apocalyptic atmosphere, the simplicity of using the modules and creating instant missions on almost any map, plus i been supporting Halek's mod with my own Ravage Utube fans channel that compiles all videos for Ravage mod into one place for the fans of the mod, so i suppose you can say i'm a bit invested in supporting the mod ;) What can we expect from RavWarMod? You can expect the following: RavWarMod will be the 11th Installment version in the WarMod series, so you can expect a well built mod built from experience in compiling. This aint my first pony show, lol A legit mod, as all addons and mods in the mod aside the ones i created have permissions, and license respected by the rightful authors from the Arma3 community, for which most know me and my work A mod that adds some cool mods that are fitting with the genre and context of Ravage mod which is set in a post-apocalyptic, zombie and survival atmosphere. More details below: Now considering Ravage mod as said above is a post-apocalyptic, zombie and survival mod, RavWarMod will add some of the following gameplay elements not in the mod: Blood & gore Blood, bleeding, dismemberment,gibs, vaporization, and just plain absolute gore, just utterly disgusting! Your going to need a squeegee, and a towel with this! Weapon stabilization Since shooting zombies, and would-be bandits and aggressors is based on sheer survival, unless you have specific targets, but when your gun is swaying all over creation, and your trying to recover after every shot, then killing the baddees is really not going to be very favorable, at this rate you better be in shape to run! Well with weapon stabilization i will have something in the mod that tweaks and adjusts the sway to a realistic level, and keep the recoil at a minimum, provided you didn't just come off a sprint for your life from a horde! Iron Site, Scopes & weapon optics without the extra buttons For those who dislike having to press extra keys to do certain things, something i created will be in the mod that will eliminate a key you need to press, allowing you to line up your sites be it iron sites, scopes, or weapon optics for that quick kill! Access areas not possible in vanilla Climb, jump, leap, and scale down ledges, & buildings, allowing you to access, escape, survive, or access targets for that perfect shot! Immersive screen With your screen shaking from distant & close explosions, an enemy's close range shots, fog, rain, lighting, and other visual distortions your going to feel like you crawled your way out of a warzone, from underneath a pile of bodies! The dead have a voice Let the bodies hit the floor!, and the zombies moan, when they get shot or eviscerated you can be sure to hear them cry, and hit the ground in pain. Your face is ugly so change it! With this you will have 26 + more faces to change the way you look even add camo. Carry more weapons & gear Game wont allow you to carry a 2nd primary, or those extra clips, or loot you found? Now you can! Need a place to stash my shit You can do that! Guns out of ammo, or no weapons? No problem! Rifle-butt, kick, punch, or simply take them down and choke them out! Need protection from incoming fire, or a place to call home? With this you can dig your own trenches, build fences, even nets, and a partial base. Need to signal your buddy about a zombie, or enemy ahead without letting the baddies know? You can do that, perfect for Coop! and many more!!! ================================= How will customization work in RavWarMod? Being a customizable modular mod, means you can add and remove any feature, this is done through a set of detailed features customization readmes that provides the user information on features and their respective files. The readmes will be setup in a customization folder titled "Features by Subject", each readme will cover a specific category, or subject pertaining to the feature or function that you wish to get more information about, or know about in order to remove, the same is setup for any features I have added to the mod that is or wont be in the mod by default, which will be a readme titled "Not in the mod". So instead of scrolling through a massive list of features (mods) and their files, you would simple choose the readme of the category that fits the context or subject your are inquiring about, all separated by subject, and listed in a Alphabetical, numerical order. For example, the following categories will give you an idea of what subjects the addons and mods will be under: ===================== -Ai Enhancement -Armored & Vehicles -AT Antitank -Ballistics, Tracers, & Zeroing -Binocs, Nvgs, & Zoom -Blood, and bodies -Choppers & Planes -Editor & Menus -Explosions, Fire & Smoke -Infantry & Mounted Weapons -Sky, Land & Textures -UI, Hud & Gear ========== A rough example of what the readmes would look like, then all those mods that fit a certain title or category readme will be listed according to the following: Mod's title will be listed based on its actual title its used on Armaholic and as the author of the mod named it Mod will be linked to its original page on armaholic if you need actual reference Mod will have a brief description included files such as pbo's & bisigns will be listed allowing you to easily locate a file in the main addons folder mod will be separated and colored in such a way as to clearly be seen (sorry no notepad docs here) ================= Will their be any AI enhancement in RavWarMod? There will be one to two by default, but i will have a section and folder that is specific to AI only, i usually dont like to add alot of AI mods as they can really cause a performance loss, which really depends on the users computer's capacity to handle them, but like all WarMods you can opt to not have any AI mods in the mod, so i leave it up to you. Will there be something for known issues or possible conflicts in RavWarMod? Yes, only conflicts will be listed for the default (released) version of the mod, as well as notes listing those that may cause a performance loss, or conflicts. How is the mod built? Building a WarMod is not easy it takes a considerable amount of time and patience but here what is done. I go to armaholic and go from page to page in certain sections based on the context or type of addon and mods they contain, be it weapons, or miscellaneous and review each listing there that has anything to do with gameplay, functions, ect,. that catches my ey of things i can add to the mod that would work for the genre of the mod im customizing WarMod for. From there I bookmark each addon/mod into a folder on my browser for future references and download the file into a folder on my computer, I setup a folder for what i installed and whats new, for what was tested and works, ect,. Each new addon i test by itself to get an idea of how it works what it does ect,. Unless it was something formerly in previous WarMods i wont test it. After testing 1 file I start building the mod, I have a @RavWarMod mod folder and add tested mods to the mod and as each mod gets finished i add them, then i test that mod itself looking to see if each feature i tested individually still retains their features/functions or basically still works without issues among the other mods, 98% of the time i found (in previous WarMods) that all features usually work without issues, however theres time where a feature isn't working or spits up an error and I have to do a number of tests to determine which file is the culprit as well as watch the rpt. Aside the possible problems, this whole process is done til I have all the files I downloaded into the mod, some have userconfigs and are installed accordingly, so mods that have userconfigs will be in one userconfig folder which i never had any issues with before in terms of mod conflicts. Once the mod is together I do various testing in a few scenarios of my choice to watch the results, basically I just play test the mod in sp editor, or virtual arsenal, sometimes hosting a mission in mp for myself and watch the results. Tweaking the mod What is involved with tweaking the mod, as I have read you mention in your other WarMods that you "tweak" the mod. What this is, is usually the final process of the mod before it gets released, depends, but tweaking involves, turning on and off, and customizing features in the userconfig if there are mods that have one, as well as removing and adding mods for a certain effect. i do this as I am looking for a certain experience of the mod, as all WarMods are my own personal customization of what and how i like to play, but as you know by now the mod can be customized to suit your style of play. Will the mod have any dependencies, like on Ravage mod? No, other then what a specific mod in the mod itself needs for it to run that the author of that mod had created, that and CBA_A3 would be about it. Is there or will there be any new content, or existing content added to the mod? Other then a couple of things i have created that will be in the mod, dont expect some new gear, or some type of post-apocalyptic weapon, or zombie function to be created im mainly just a compiler, I cant script, or code, I have some rough ideas about things just from experience of messing around with mods but i have no idea on how to create content so dont expect any, but adding existing content, their might be a couple of things, idk right now til i see what i could add, but if anything it would be small stuff, not major uniform, or gear packs you can eaily just run with the mod. Just keep in mind that WarMods are mainly gameplay mods, only content that is added would be ideal for the context of the mod that WarMod is being customized for. Will Haleks be helping you with the mod? If he wants, but I may ask him for some small config things, other then that, no, i think hes got enough on his hands with making Ravage as Awesome as possible. Can i be a tester for the mod? I usually build these mods myself, I would actually prefer to have people provide their feedback and test the mod after release, but depending on how it goes, i may ask if anyone wants to test, for now no. Will Coop, or MP be possible with this? The mod overall is built for singleplayer, as that is all i play, however for a coop, or mp version there would need to be some research, testing to see if the mod and all its default features work in a coop environment that i leave up to those of you who do play coop to test the mod, and provide some feedback after release or when i get to the point where im about to release and have someone test, so we'll see. Whats the current status of the mod and when do you plan to release? Currently the mod is about half built, yes considering a recent release of a full rebuilt version of another WarMod aka IFA3WarMod which has many gameplay features and functions in it, that mod allows me to springboard RavWarMod towards release faster as there is alot of existing mods I plan and will be using in the mod, so my work for testing and readmes have already been done for those, but aside that what i need to do yet is the following: Design a new loading screen, with video - ( i want to create an atmosphere relevant to Ravage mod) More research, as i have done quite a bit of research before (1-2 months ago) and new ideas form, as well as new releases of things, i have to see whats new out there along with getting an idea of what will be ideal. testing, of course testing new material readmes for the new version, existing readmes will be used and updated from my other mod, as well as new ones created will need to acquire permissions for anything new aside real life, and working a full time job, motivation, energy, and of course my other projects i give a rough estimate for release i would say by or before mid February, maybe sooner, it all depends. ============== I hope that gave you guys a good idea of what the mod is about, and what to expect, and become interested in this especially those fans and players of Ravage mod. I will keep you guys updated on anything new developments as i build the mod. Cheers!
  4. Arma3 addon request thread being a pinned thread is at the top of the section here, that is really where you should be asking your requests: As for AI itself, i would highly suggest you review my AI Compilation list which is also pinned that has every addon, mod, scipt, and thread,, ect,. dealing with AI, you only need to search through it to get your answer. Please use it.
  5. Thats pretty neat, supporting all the fans indirectly, glad i can help! Havent seen any new vids from you in a while, you working on something with Ravage or just dont have anything you can record right now?
  6. Welcome! Yes we are about 30vids shy of 200, lol but 30vids is like 2 months maybe more of people recording. None the less the past 3 weeks or less the subs have gone up from like 74 to 81. I hope hes ok with me sharing this, but I'd like to share a pm i got from Kodabar on Dec 27th, and I'm sure others may be getting similar results, heres what he said: Anyone else getting similar results?
  7. Hey guys, I want to thank you for your work on getting the forum upgraded, and issues sorted out, i am very pleased with the now enabled functions, 3 of them which i was mainly concerned about: text with embedded links formatted text to be able to be transferred from other sites/forums clear format option are now possible, since i do alot of compiling for the community here this has allowed me to continue my work, and it has made it alot easier and more efficient to do. So i wanted to just stop by and say thank you for all the work you guys have done and maybe are still doing, in keeping the forum functioning and a fun place to be at, cheers!
  8. Update Alright heres whats happening with this, since the forum upgrade has had quite a number of things fixed, and updated, ect,. I am now able to transfer links while in their embedded format! yay! I know the previous post is the same as the first post, but the 1st post will be changed to reflect the menu layout i have posted about here All links on the first post will be linked to their specific categories as they are completed, currently the Arma3 gear section is not finished yet as i need to transfer the links over for the uniforms section from my browser. This update is to inform you of where i am and an whats going on, and that im back on working on this as said the forum upgrade has enabled me to continue my work, also along with my work on my latest WarMod has been completed which freed up alot of time for me to get back to this, so stay tuned for changes and additions.
  9. Arma 3 Gear - this page is wip Last update - Sunday, January, 15th,2017, 5:20pm Altimeters,Compass, Earplugs,Flashlights, & Maps Backpack & Equipment - Functions & Tweaks Backpack Radios Backpacks & Vests Berets, Hats, Helmets, Headgear, & Masks Glasses & Goggles Insignias & Patches Equipment Retextures Optics & Scopes Uniforms Vehicle Insignias & marks Vehicle Retextures & Reskins
  10. Update - Ravage mod Utube Fans Channel Its been a while since I have updated the channel, only because i had my focus on the latest rebuild of my mod ;) So here is the latest update to the channel: Added to How to videos Arma 3 Tutorial! How To Get The Zombie mod & More! Added to Full Playthroughs RAVAGE - TANOA - Real Light V7 Mad Dog 88 - Custom Ravage Mod test Added to Mini Episodes Mad Dog 88 - TAUNUS RAVAGE Arma 3 - Jungle Rot (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Terra di Peste (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Return to Emita (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - The Aliabad Scourge (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Tora Bora Badlands (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Bystrica Funeral Procession (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Dead Winter Moonlight (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - A Desolation Tale (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Industrial Eclipse (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Kulkutauti (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Kellu Contagion (SP/Ravage Mod) Ravage - Arma 3 SP Survival. Arma 3 - Harnessing Ruin (SP/Ravage Mod) Added Gameplay Clips ArmA 3 Ravage - Gathering Zombie Dogtags Added Gameplay Previews ARMA 3 Ravage MOD walkthrough pt.1 (Test 4K FPS speed) Other news pertaining to Ravage: In the new week i will be returning to my research for mods and such to start working on a WarMod for Ravage. The mod will be called RavWarMod as some of you may know already, I have announced this and talked about this before but i was to busy working on other projects. Since i have done alot of research already for my most recent latest version of my IFA3WarMod, that creates a template and major stepping stone of getting me closer to completing a WarMod for Ravage, so it should take me half the time to release the mod, lastly, and soon i will be creating a RavWarMod WIP thread with that you can get more information on what the mod is about and follow the progress on it. All for now!
  11. Thanks. Interesting points, and information. As for the " The True reason why Germany attacked Poland WW2" video: The way i see it is even if it isn't true, as you pointed out and as some in the comments on the vid itself pointed out and coming back with historical points, imo i see it as a means to challenge people's knowledge and get them to investigate. As there is and will always be people that know and or do investigate the history, i think such vids will bring out by itself the correct information from those people that can better explain it in relation to what the vid had proposed. Dialogue and investigation into the actual truths is what people do seek, a balance of facts, sure there is alot of propaganda out there, there are groups, or peoples, that wanted and still want to sway things in their favor, thats just how it is, but imo if we dont have videos like this and let the stupid people accept things at face value, again there are and will always people that call bullshit, this goes for any subject history related, i would rather leave it as people will sort it out themselves, and if people who have no idea about the history can learn from it, when someone says this is false, and you dont know any better that curiosity to know will force you to further investigate for the truths and form your own perspective. None the less were talking 70yrs ago, but the whole point of the channel is to share a ton of info on WW2 and have it in one place, whether stuff is true or historically factual begs to question, but it will challenge your knowledge of history and as you did seek to investigate actual truths, hopefully seen by others to give them an insight or spark of curiosity to seek whats right themselves. Idk if this vid has any truth in it, and for me at least i look at most info related to WW2, and most things anyways from a neutral position more of a spectator if you will, im not one to point fingers, take sides and be a racist or the like, i would only collectively seek to acquire facts, and weigh the facts against others, but still keep an open mind, but for WW2 of course since i am highly interested in the subject only because my grandparents whom were of Dutch/German heritage raised me for my first 5yrs who grew up and lived through the occupation of the Nazi's during WW2, and I also like old things, old times, and being that WW2 was Epic hence the title of the channel, it was a real World wide thing, it was insane and like many others i am myself still learning alot about it.
  12. Update - WW2Epic JANUARY 15 - GUNTER SEVERLOH New additions: New Playlist - Poland - Polish Theater Documentaries WWII in Colour: Invasion of Poland The True reason why Germany attacked Poland WW2 Battle Of Warsaw Gladiators of World War II - The Free Polish Forces [E5/13] "The Men Who Went to Warsaw": The Warsaw Uprising Airlift 1944 The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising; The Survivors' Stories Red Runs the Vistula The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 City Of Ruins; Destroyed Warsaw-Poland In 1945 WWll 1st of september 1939 Invasion of Poland in colour Invasion of Poland 1939 - Fall Weiß - Case White POLAND BEFORE AND AFTER WWII GDNASK WARSAW KRAKOW 1946 1939 Polish Defensive War - The Beginning of World War II German Invasion of Poland in 1939 | Captured German Film The Free Polish Forces WW2 Nazi Germany & Soviet Russia war crimes against Poland, 1939-45 New Playlist - Norway - The Norwegian Front Theater Documentaries How Norwegian Commandos Sabotaged Hitler Atom Bomb Plans? Come Hell and Heavy Water Edit The Battle for Norway: The German Invasion of Norway German Soldiers in intense combat - Battle of Norway and France 1940 Samlerhuset presents: The three Norwegian liberation kings German Invasion of Norway - WWII, Operation Weserübung First Film of Norway Invaded by Germany WWII Austrått Fort ★ Ørland ★ Norway ★ Gneisenau ★ Gun Turret ★ Atlanticwall ★ Fortress Norway Fjell festning på Sotra ved Bergen WW2 Luftwaffe base at Herdla Norway WW2: British Commandos Strike Vaagso & Maaloy, Norway (1941) WW2: Nazi War Criminals Hunt, Norway (June 1945 - July 1945) WW2 British Commandos Raid on German-held Norway | 1941 | Operation Claymore The Norwegian army in Sweden during World War II WW2 Documentary - The Battle for Norway Diving on WWII Beaufighters in Norway World War II Battlefront 01of12 Battle of Norway Holocaust Documentaries Historic Stock Footage NAZI DEATH MILLS - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Nazi Concentrationcamp in Belgium. the holocaust Auschwitz documentary 2015 Secrets Of War, Shadows Of The Third Reich 06 The Holocaust Secret I'm Still Here Holocaust Survivor Diaries New Playlist - Italy - Italian Theater Documentaries BBC Battle Of Monte Cassino Monte Cassino- The Soldiers Story. German Airborne Invasion of Crete | 1941 WWII Italian Forces in Combat Italian Army in Russia Movie (Ravenna & Cosseria Divisions) Italy and the road to war Fascism in Italy Invasion of Sicily: Full WWII Invasion of Sicily WW2: Campaign in Sicily "Operation Husky" (1943) WW2 Allied invasion of Sicily Beachhead Anzio pt2-2 1963 US Army World War II The Big Picture Liberation of Rome | 1944 Italian Tanks from 1915 to 1945 (WW1 and WW2) Italian Freedom Fighters - The Roman Resistance of WWII WWII. THE BATTLE OF ITALY. 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  13. Update - mod info - Performance Hello again, I want to list the following mods that may cause a potential decrease in performance, if you have noticed that your game (i have since i have only a duel core has a decreased in performance and or are getting lag, ect,. and of course performance is effected by your own computer's specs, what your playing, ect,. Mods that may decrease performance ASR AI 3 - (has userconfig), - (May effect performance) by Robalo Included .pbo files: asr_ai3_*.pbo Notes: When i added this to the mod (before all others listed below) i noticed a decrease in performance, not much but enough to question its use. Anything that effects the AI is going to tax the CPU, and me having a duel core cpu dont help, so for those with quads, or better then me, this may not effect you, so it depends. ================== Blood Lust - (May effect performance) by zooloo75 Included files: BloodSplatter.pbo Notes: only thing that i noticed that effected performance here was the gibs, it could be more then that, it could also be a combination of the other mods so it depends, on its own, it works fine, but keep in mind as demonstrated at: 12:25 Bloodlust in the demonstration, their is a panel on the menu of the game you can access, to decrease various values for whatever aspect of the mod. ===================== Bullet Casings - (has userconfig) by Hortzy Included files: bullet_cases.pbo Notes: Seen here---> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\Bullet_Casings.hpp you can configure the following: #define USERSETTING_ConfigActive 1 // nil = Disable Config 1 = Enable Config #define USERSETTING_MaxCasingsAllowed 100 // Default = Max 100 empty casings at one time // #define USERSETTING_MaxCasingLifeTime 30*10 // Default = Max 10 minutes lifetime on each casing // (30 is 5min or 300 sec) #define USERSETTING_ApplyOnAllAI false // false = disabled for AI true = enabled for AI // (by default this is set to false) ==================== Injured Ai simple addon - (May effect performance) by Cheitan aka Persian MO Included files: injured_ai_addon.pbo Notes: Only thing i can say about this is the idea of the ai actions being used, just running this along with the rest can possibly add to the performance loss, but for me at least i have not seen anything much for loss with this. TPW Mods - (has userconfig) by tpw Included files: tpw_*.pbo Notes: seen here----> C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\userconfig\TPW_MODS\ TPW_MODS.hpp the settings in the hpp i want to point out here that can cause a drop in performance which are off by default as i turned them off, is the following: // ANIMALS // CARS // CIVS // CROWDS // FURNITURE - (haven't tested it) // SKIRMISH - (also haven't tested) ======================== Hope that gives you guys an idea of what possibly could be effecting performance of the mod and what files to remove if you are experiencing anything. This post will be linked to the first post.
  14. Update - mod info - (folders, features, & files) Hey guys the information below will give you an overview of whats in the mod and the file structure so you can find everything,being a customizable compilation mod means it will be important for you to know what mods, and what the mod files are that are in the mod overall. To start with the folder structure goes like this, very simple but new folks will miss it. Folder Structure: What you get after the download is complete: ZIP---> extract ----> IFA3WarMod Full version 1.14 (folder) ---> INSTALL THESE FILES (folder with the mod) ----> @IFA3WarMod, keys,userconfig Opening-----> @IFA3WarMod -------> addons Opening-----> @IFA3WarMod -------> Demo mission (mission template seen in video) Opening-----> @IFA3WarMod -------> Documentation -----> contains the following readmes: Licenses (folder) Mod readmes (folder) CREDITS Features (contains all features and included files as seen below) IFA3WarMod release threads Permissions Please read! WarMod disclaimer Feature Links & File Reference Description This page will list all the files in IFA3WarMod and what they do, this will help those with questions about features as well as those who are looking to customize their version of the mod for their own gameplay style and interests. ================ IFA3WarMod Features v1.14 Gameplay Features created by me Gunter Severloh Autozoom for all rifles, smg's, mg's, pistols including all DLC weapons, & launchers Loading screen before main menu - (if you have Apex then you will see the logo on menu, without Apex you get loading screen)WW2 background videos for main menu - (Videos wont be seen til you have been somewhere and comeback to menu) Tracers for infantry weapons, every shot fired is a tracer done for fun and effect - (k98,G43,Mp44, all Mg's, Mosin, Svt, other guns are wip) ============== AI enhancement: ASRAI TPW MODS ACE3 AI Injured Ai simple addon Unit SFX - Body fall sounds & hit screams FrogScreams (info about these can be found below) ACE3: (not all ACE3 features are in the mod, only those that would be ideal for an WW2 genre are used, all files in the mod are listed below, see the wiki link above for descriptions and info on what they do) General Interaction Realism Equipment ======== Mods in the mod Features 3den Enhanced by Revo Included files: 3den_enhanced.pbo Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3) by acemod ASCZ Heads by Taurus4K Included files: ASCZ_Heads.pbo ASR AI 3 - (has userconfig), - (May effect performance) by Robalo Included .pbo files: asr_ai3_*.pbo Blastcore: Phoenix 2 by Opticalsnare Included files: WarFXPE.pbo Blood Lust - (May effect performance) by zooloo75 Included files: BloodSplatter.pbo Bullet Casings - (has userconfig) by Hortzy Included files: bullet_cases.pbo Double Weapon by Vlad333000 Included files: DW_modules.pbo DW_language.pbo DW_functions.pbo DW_characters.pbo DW_actionsACE.pbo Elite Warriors Stamina Carry Capacity by -{EWH}- Dark-Raptor Included files: maxSoldierLoad.pbo Enhanced Movement by Bad Benson Included files: babe_*.pbo Incontinentia Effects Mod by Incontinentia Included files: blood.pbo muzzleflash.pbo physx.pbo Injured Ai simple addon - (May effect performance) by Cheitan aka Persian MO Included files: injured_ai_addon.pbo Keys - Enhanced Interaction System - (in optional addons folder) by Sakura_Chan Included files: sakukeysui.pbo sakukeyshints.pbo sakukeyscursortext.pbo sakukeysactions.pbo Knock on Tanks by [JTFS] Bridge.J Included files: bridge_knocking.pbo Knock People Unconscious - (in optional addons folder) by [JTFS] Bridge.J Included files: bridge_punch.pbo FrogScreams KyeCam by froggyluv Included files: frogScream.pbo KyeCam.pbo Immerse - (has userconfig) by Jokoho482 and LAxemann Included files: L_Immerse.pbo LAxemann's "Mount" by LAxemann Included files: L_Mount.pbo MOCAP Melee by Kol9yN Included files: MOCAP_Code.pbo MOCAP_mov.pbo MOCAP_noidle_all.pbo Quick Weapon Drop by MrSanchez Included files: ds.pbo ShackTac Fireteam HUD ShackTac Interact ShackTac Group Indicators by Dslyecxi Included files: sthud_usermenu.pbo sthud.pbo st_interact.pbo (conflicts with ace) Suppress - (in optional addons folder) by Jokoho482 and LAxemann Included files: Suppress_sys.pbo Suppress_main.pbo Tao Folding Map - Alternate by 1212PDMCDMPPM Included files: tao_foldmap_a3.pbo TPW Mods - (has userconfig) by tpw Included files: tpw_*.pbo Ultimate Soldier 3 - (in optional addons folder) by djotacon Included files: ULTIMATE_SOLDIER3.pbo Unit SFX - Body fall sounds & hit screams by mistergoodson Included files: mrg_unit_sfx.pbo VanZant's Copy My Stance VanZant's SteadyShot - (has userconfig) by VanZant Included files: vz_copymystance.pbo vz_a3_steadyshot.pbo ==================== This page will be updated as new features are added, this post is linked to the 1st post under features.
  15. Update - Full version 1.14 release! Hello Iron front and WarMod fans! I am happy to announce the release of the new rebuilt version of IFA3WarMod. a rundown of what this new version is: Rebuilt from the ground up contains most of the existing mods from the previous latest version 1.13 (1.12 w/patch 1.13 applied) contains 8+ brand new mods + an addition of optional addons you can add updated, and new readmes with a different approach for providing info on whats in the mod, more simpler imo latest versions of all existing mods, tweaked for those with a userconfig includes a demo mission type template that gives you some freedom to mess around with the mod all content which is the: (infantry weapons, tanks, vehicles, static weapons, ammo boxes) were removed IFA3WarMod v1.14 is massive addon & mod customizable compilation mod of gameplay features and functions if you want the new content get my IFA3WarModSA version which is only the content Alot of time was spent in testing this, and theres probably more testing that can be done. Aside a few noted mods that may cause a performance issues, those issues can depend on the user's computer and what their playing, so it will vary from person to person. Keep in mind that the mod is modular, so you can remove a mod/feature if you do not care for it, or is giving you trouble. Download IFA3WarMod v1.14 requires @CBA_A3 meant for play with IFA3 Lite Videos: ============================ Demonstration video Features List: ============================ 1:25 Autozoom 6:50 Ascz Heads 8:36 Blastcore 12:25 Bloodlust 16:05 Bullet Casings 23:50 Vanzant's Copy my stance /Ace copy my stance 25:28 Double weapon 27:44 Enhanced movement 28:33 incontentia effects mod 30:39 Injured AI addon 36:00 Laxman's Immerse 39:16 Mocapp Melee 41:52 Sanche'z Weapon drop 44:45 Body fall sounds, screams, yells 47:28 ST hud 48:48 ST Interact 49:26 Tao unfolding map 50:00 Tracers 53:20 Tpw mods, Vanzant steadyshot, advanced fatigue 1:00:35 3Den Enhanced 1:02:35 vid outro briefing ==================== First post updated with new information.