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    BIS Gaming - BIS Forums, Mission Editing, WarMod, WW2, Powerlifting, Nutrition, Martial arts
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    Hello, My name is Gunter Severloh.
    I am not native to Germany, I was born in Niagara Falls, Canada in March 1975 lived and was raised with my Dutch Grandparents on a 100 acre farm in Ontario, Canada for my first 5 years.

    After nursing school my mother took a job in USA, we moved to Illinois. USA is where I live currently today. My ancestry is from Holland.

    My Hobbies,Studies, and Past Life

    I trained in multiple martial arts, Tae Kwon Do,Muay Thai Kick Boxing, Kali/escrima,Panantukan Brazilian Jujitsu, Wingchun Kung fu, Chin Na Kung Fu, Jeet Kune Do, and Kalasag Kuntao Silat since I was 15, also trained in various martial arts weapons.

    Been Lifting weights and Power lifting since I was 17.
    Powerlift using the Westside System.

    Studied and researched Rawfood and alternative Nutrition since my early 20's, I also have profound interest and research in Biochemistry,anatomy, physiology, brain entrainment using sound programs that exercises the brain, meditation programs that pushes onto the brain and forces it to reorganize itself at a higher level, same concept as what exercise for the body does.

    Past Work/Job
    Worked as a Carpenter/Laborer for 10 years til 2009 when the USA economy went into a recession, then just did small work with the company.

    Current work/Job
    I currently work a 3rd shift (9pm -5am) as a Warehouse Dockworker loading and unloading semi trucks with and without a forklift.

    I can listen to any music but really prefer Metal, Death Metal, little Black Metal, classic Rock, Classical music.

    Groups I like: Metallica, Pantera ,Black label Society, Rammstein, Rusoska, Airut, Kataklysm, Gojira, Behemoth, Unhelig, Iron Maiden,Eisbrecher and many others.

    Whats in a name
    My name Günter Severloh I created in 2007 for my WW2 realism unit in the game Red orchestra, a WW2 pc game based on the OstFront or Eastern front.

    The name Günter I got from a German WW2 MG42 machine gunner on the Eastern front, the soldier's actual name is
    Günter Koschorrek
    he wrote a book ,a diary he recorded during the war, the name of his book is called "Blood Red Snow"

    I took his first name, and then the 2nd part of my name Severloh
    I got from Heinrich Severloh

    Heinreich Severloh was known as the "Beast of Omaha", a MG42 machine gunner on the Omaha Beach.

    So my name is based off of 2 WW2 German soldiers.

    In the Game Red orchestra I played as machine gunner almost all the time.

    My Former Clan & Realism Units
    187th Clan

    In March 2007 I had formed a clan with a close friend and gaming buddy who at the time I had met in 2006 through the Red Orchestra game. Our clan we had named the 187th, we had our own website and went to matches, had 2 gameservers at the time, we were members of the ROLeague, a tournament for clans.

    We had a number of clan members most from the USA but some from Brazil, Denmark, Newfoundland, and other countries, we had a rough number of 12 active and 16 regular members.

    Grenadier Regiment 187
    Our clan the 187th reformed into a realism unit portraying the Grenadier-Regiment 187.

    This unit I was leader of, we fought in the 3SA Realism Campaign as well as had many realism matches with other units. We also entered into TOC - Theater of Conflict Realism Campaign in 2009.

    3rd Panzer-Grenadier Division
    In march 2010 we had reformed/reorganized once again to portray a historical German unit that better fits our combat style in the game. This unit I was also leader, at the time we were involved in a realism campaign and had regular realism matches, and nights with other realism units.

    On June 1st 2010, I had decided to disband the unit, as I had enough of some of the politics, as well as stress trying to maintain, organize the unit, but most of all because I was rather bored of the game as we had played the game everyday in every spare time we had, so i guess you can say we played it to death.

    BIS series games
    I had originally started in the series with the Demo of Operation Flashpoint when it first came out,
    found the demo to be very hard, for the type of games i was used to at the time, so I put it down for about a month and then came back to it and fell in love with it.

    Bought the first game in 2001 Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis when it first released and been playing ever since.

    BIS PC Games I own:
    OFP ColdWar Cirsis + all expansions
    Arma1 -no expansions
    Arma2 + OA (Arma2CO) no DLC's

    Arma Modding
    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod called WarMod, other mods to follow:
    A2WarMod for Arma2, A2WarModACe, COWarMod for arma2CO, CoWarModI44, COWarModACE,
    COSLX, IFWarMod for Iron front in arma2CO (IFA2), IFA3WarMod for Iron front in Arma3, IFA3WarModSA
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    Gunter Severloh
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  1. If i may add a suggestion, add the armaholic link to the first post, so folks dont have to sift through posts to get the latest version. Awesome gun btw!
  2. Update - bug Found an issue when you applied IFA3 Lite's latest update (v1.16), missions wont load in the editor, and im sure they wont start if your running the latest version of IFA3 Lite. The reason is with one file, El Tyranos, reported about that the file causing the issue will be fixed: so stay tuned, its IFA3 Lite issue not Ragnarok'44 issue.
  3. Your referring to this: Im guessing you got it from the MR, but as far as I know Santa Six isn't around anymore he retired from the community back in 2015. Best bet is to have someone look at the code and adjust it for arma3 as that was mainly for IFA2.
  4. This would mean I44 maps have been ported and added too, but not listed in the changelog. So you guys got permissions from I44 team, so what happened with I44 that let them give you permissions to port and add their maps? Apparently the mod is dead for them, I can only guess more assets from theirs could be added in the future? I mean I44 maps are the cornerstone of their content, giving you their maps is basically giving you half their mod. Also whats the word on IFA3WarModSA content, are you guys still trying to make a decision with WOG on what to add or where to go with the content, either add it to IFA3 Lite or whats the word, its been sometime since I heard anything on this.
  5. Update - New mission release Capture and defend the city from the Soviets, and eliminate their base! Mission ported from Ragnarok'44 from the IFA2 version. Ragnarok'44-Battle_for_Staszow_v1.0 (zip) - Steam Workshop More missions to come stay tuned!
  6. I was getting this with mostly the machine guns from Apex, and the binoculars as well, then sometimes when i was prone i would get stuck and nothing would work, i thought it was my RavWarMod having conflicts apparently not, so something with the optics, could either be arma3 itself or something in Ravage doing, haven't tested just ravage itself.
  7. Theres quite alot to it, see the 1st post for details, but the most epic aspect imo of the mod is the fact that you can have a full blown, customized mission with just a matter of placing modules, and adjusting values based on what your looking to experience in the editor.
  8. Welcome to Bis forums and Ravage mod thread dkaedekris, home of the coding mastermind......Haleks! Not to interrupt your guys discussion with the mod, but i just wanted to add a fun fact about Halek's original banner for Ravage mod. His original banner had the background to the Gunkanjima buildings, heres a cool rare documentary that explores this abandoned island, sorta part of where Halek's Inspiration comes from: At 14:53 you can see the buildings that were used in the original banner.
  9. Update Hey guys, Wanted to keep the community informed of my progression, I am still working on it, give or take a break and other things going on, the start of this past week I had finished sorting the miscellaneous section of Armaholic. Heres the results so far: sorted 570 addons into 38 categories Currently I am going through each folder of each category and sorting them based on the category title as most of the folders I have setup for categories have more then one title to them. Once I get done with that i will be posting each category (folder) in alphabetical order, each folder has all the addons in them, once I post them, all I will need to do is add the descriptions for each, which will prob take me another week to do. All for now.
  10. Update Hey guys, wanted to let you know that I have 5 missions that I have ported over from the IFA2 version this past week! My plan is I need to play each mission to take screenshots, record some gameplay clips, and an overview vid for each of the missions. The missions I have currently are the following: Panovo_Front Baranow_Crossroads Battle_for_Staszow Colleville_Engaged The_Szydlow_Stalemate These missions once the media aspect of them are done, will be available for download as a zip, and be on steam workshop. I could easily just release them now, but i want to do it right and get them on steam workshop, and i dont like the idea of just uploading them on there and having no screenshots, or vid on them. Besides playing the above missions to many times, the last one on the list there had issues in the previous Ragnarok'44 version (IFA3) before our recent update here, but now that alot of the issues are fixed, and Rydygier upgraded the AI ;) You can expect these missions to give you a challenge. To be honest, yes i have played these missions many times, but have yet to play them since the recent update, and so far from playing Ivachev Clash and the Demo mission itself for testing, i know im in for a fight, anyways stay tuned, the first mission should be ready for release Saturday! Edit..... Adding some more info: I'm going to be recording and creating a new "How to build your own Ragnarok'44 mission tutorial" video to replace the current one. The new how to video will be based off of the latest Ragnarok'44 update which adds new triggers and other things to the map that you dont see in the current How to video, Plus since I now am able to record my computer desktop, I can further better demonstrate, and show you what tools, and what folders files, to use and what goes where vs just screenshots, so stay tuned for a new video soon!
  11. Not going to watch your vid Sic, saving the surprise for myself, im a big fan of the series and own all the Sniper Elite games. I've watched several reviews already, and am rather excited for the game. I have SE4 on my steam wishlist, and was back and forth whether to get it right away, wait for a sale, or wait til i get done with some, or a project for Arma3 here as I have plenty of them. Only main concern I have about getting the game is that I took the "Can u run it" test my test results---> Basically my CPU is holding me back, so idk if i should wait til i upgrade which atm idk when, maybe not til end of spring, or buy and and see what happens. Sniper Elite 3 plays great on my system, I can run the game with everything maxed so im kinda of wondering if it might be the same or not. Anyways aside that, the only thing that really bothered me the most in Sniper Elite 3 was the gun sounds for the sniper rifles, they sounded like cannons, and most of them used the same sound instead of like a rifle, surely they have changed in SE4, do they sound more realistic? Also the seasons pass, which is the DLC for it, I've read that it doesn't release til later I guess, have you ordered it?
  12. That would be such fun to play this like the train simulator games and pick up passengers up at stations! Is it if it were possible and idk if you have it planned but to play this from a 1st person perspective when your the engineer? Lastly is it possible for the AI to use this i mean you might have to give them way points correct on the tracks but can AI run the train and go somewhere with it?
  13. Update- New version released! After several months, Rydygier was able to get some freetime to Fix/update the issues in the mission. please note that there may still be some issues with the mission/mode so if you think you have run across any please report them here! Changelog: All missions Zip & Steam workshop have been updated with the latest version. 1st post updated with latest download! New missions coming soon!
  14. Update - Ravage mod Utube Fans Channel Its time for an update: Added to Mini Episodes Arma 3 - The Isle of Summer (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - Imrali Wasteland (SP/Ravage Mod) Arma 3 - The Corpse of Podagorsk (SP/Ravage Mod) ARMA3 SRBIJA - PREKO VODE DO SLOBODE Added Gameplay Clips ArmA 3 | Ravage Mod | Tanoa ArmA 3 | Beginning of Ravage Mod Tanoa Map! ArmA 3 | Ravage Mod | Tanoa ArmA 3 | A little bit of Ravage MOD single player Arma 3 Tanao Ravage Mod ArmA 3 test recording via Geforce Experience Arma 3 Ravage DayZ Mod Esseker Sektor B auf Esseker??? [PC] [DE] [1080] Added Gameplay Previews Arma 3 -Ravage [fr] Un début laborieux. Added Full Episodes Arma 3 - Ghosts of the Abyss (SP/Ravage Mod) Other news pertaining to Ravage: For those fans of Ravage, if you haven't already seen it, there is a mod being built for Ravage by myself called RavWarMod, see the WIP thread for details: Alright guys currently the subs for the channel is at 89, was at 91, idk why we lost two but I can only add to the channel what vids are available. Next update will be in 2 weeks when more vids are out!
  15. Welcome, and thanks, the mod currently imo is not how i wanted it to be, the way it formerly was with the content, the sounds, and other misc was what i wanted and liked, and again since the updates which broke things even made the sound not work at all, I had no option but to rebuild it to at least make it functional, everything in the v1.14 currently was and would have been in the mod anyways. For IFA3 at least I'm not working on IFA3WarMod, the IFA3WarModSA however might get an update idk atm, there is however work being done for a Mission that Rydygier and I built for IFA3, so expect work on that, and as for arma3 itself, RavWarMod which is my current focus is not the end of it, after RavWarMod, I will be building a WarMod for Arma3 itself.