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    In 2009 i created a massive compilation mod Series called WarMod:
    WarMod for Arma1 was released 11-24-2009
    A2WarMod for Arma2 was released 10-06-2010
    A2WarModACE for Arma2 was released 3-2-2011
    COWarMod for Arma2CO, was released 7-5-2011
    COSLX - for Arma2CO 10-9-2011
    COWarModACE for Arma2CO, was released 7-26-2012
    COWarModI44 for Arma2CO was released 5-28-2012
    IFWarMod - for Arma2CO IFA2 (Iron Front) 6-17-2013
    IFA3WarMod - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 8-24-2015
    IFA3WarModSA - for Arma3 IFA3 (Iron Front) 4-25-2016
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  1. WeaponSights Zoom

    Update - v1.1 - addon is now signed. Also note my IFA3 version is signed as well, if you play with IFA3 you can get that version here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/175593-weaponsights-zoom-for-ifa3/ Submitted the update to Armaholic so waiting for an update on that page, Mega and steam are latest.
  2. WeaponSights Zoom for IFA3

    Update - addon is now signed - renamed the config and file
  3. WeaponSights Zoom

    Update Finally got this done, been so busy with work and my other computer this past week to finish the vid but here is the vid, nothing special but it demonstration of the addon: Also added to the first post.
  4. Dear Mod Makers, Sign your Mods.. Its easy....

    @lordprimate thanks for your tutorial! I Wanted to make your tutorial more distinct and standout for those new to this. LordPrimate's Tutorial for signing your mod How to Pbo your mod Download the ARMA 3 Tools from steam!!! Launch Arma 3 Tools for the first time.. (If you don't already have it) Create and mount your P: drive... Its easy the Tools pretty much do it for you!!!! Open Arma 3 tools. Open "Addon Builder" The first box in the Addon Builder is the File Path to the folder being processed into .pbo. Look for and select the file. Second box is the Path where the output .pbo will be placed. I made a folder specifically for this on my desktop called "Addon Building" There are Three check boxes "Clear Temp Folder" is the ONLY ONE that should be checked.. The ONLY ONE.... Leave "Create Signatures" and "Binarize" Unchecked!! Click Pack, after it packs the file it should pop up another box that says "Build Successful"... Boom you have your Mod.pbo. How to make a Bikey The following steps are for making your "Private Key" to create these signatures. Open up ARMA 3 Tools Open up DSSignFile Click DSCreateKey Input the name for your key (obviously not the same as someone else's) Click CreateKey You now have your Private Key to Sign mods with... NEVER SHARE OR DISTRIBUTE THIS PRIVATE KEY.... They are kept in your DSSignFile Folder inside the ARMA 3 tools directory. The key you share is named," your_chosen_name.bikey" (THE PRIVATE ONE YOU NEVER SHARE IS CALLED, "your_chosen_name.biprivatekey" ) Again Never Share the Private one!! How to create bisign Signatures The following steps are for signing the mod you just created above. Open Arma 3 Tools Open DSSignFile, this opens a second pop up. select DSSignfile again. The first box in DSSignFile is the path to the .pbo you wish to sign. Browse to your newly created .pbo and select it. The second box it the path to your Key. The key is kept in the DSSignFile folder with in the ARMA 3 Tools Directory. Created earlier.. With those two files selected in the appropriate boxes, click "Sign File" button. The newly created .pbo from above is now properly signed ===================== Questions & Answers Question One (Signing) - Why sign mods? What is the advantage? Answer 1/ Purpose It makes it easier for server administrators to allow players to connect using your mod and making sure it's a legit version. An example would be a client-side mod like JSRS or VTS Weapon Resting. If you try to connect to a server that hasn't whitelisted the .bisign keys for those mods, you get rejected. So, the advantage is that more people get to have fun on servers that allow your mod which may in turn help boost it's popularity. Answer 2 / Administrators It also allows administrators can set up their server to allow only clients with mods which are signed and allowed. This way they (the clients) can't use their own mods/hacks. Answer 3 / prevents cheaters It's a check to see that an addon hasn't been tampered with. If you open up, edit, and then use an addon it will not be accepted by the key and the cheater will not be accepted on the server. Answer 4 / Advice ALSO, when you sign your mods....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, change the filename of the BIKEY. If I put your BIKEY in my server key folder and I have to replace the old one because you used the same name, it locks out every player with the older version of your mod. Bad for business from a server's perspective. Answer 5 / Reasons =============================== Question Two (Binerizing) - Is there a reason we shouldn't be binarizing our mods? Answer 1 During OP´s trial & error session to sign already released mods he might have run into the problem where already binarized files cannot be binarized again, hence binpbo throwing an error, and him thinking it had to be like this for everybody. Other than that, no. Answer 2 Not to mention if you don't binarize your addon then sometimes (depending on the complexity) then Arma will be throwing fits, nevermind binpbo. Imagine running an addon and then BAM, error boxes of strings constantly. =================== Video Tutorial
  5. Dynamic Shouts

    I remember this from arma2OA, i had permissions for it for my COWarMod, i had to remove it because the AI spam yelled grenade, im going to assume that that has been fixed, lol
  6. Addon & Mod Compilation List

    Update Whats up everyone, its been since February since i last worked on this, not fully back but heres a little something. A small update on the Gear section, heres what was done: added titles to the Altimeters,Compass, Earplugs,Flashlights, & Maps section, the titles are the names of the section, just added to divide the listings, which will make listings more specific to a given subject. added the word Parachutes to the title of the section - Backpack Radios & Parachutes - section as i want whats listed to have what the titles say Bolded all the country names for the uniform listings About it, i plan to get back into this soon, i will have to go through the 2 subjects i have already listed and update them as im sure some new addon and mods have been listed since i was last working on it. Very sorry for not staying on this and being consistent like i have been with my AI compilation list, but alot of things came up over the past year, I'm planning to come back to this, but right now i have something else to compile ;)
  7. WeaponSights Zoom

    Hmm, idk im not a coder or scripter, im just an overzealous compiler that likes to organize stuff but, i dabbled in a little code here and there to try to get things to work or change something and was successful only because some of the code made it obvious what was what. Some things i can figure out but adding a feature where you can slow the speed of the zoom would need added code, along with some way to control that speed either by pressing a key which i'd rather not do as that is the point of the addon to eliminate the key. The other alternative could be adding an option in the the controls for something to be on, or maybe even a userconfig one could adjust a number themselves, all that i would have no idea where to go or what to do, im lucky enough to figured out this weaponsight zoom but i did have some help. Its something to keep in mind for down the road, i'd prefer to keep this simple as i can and at least add those attachments and weapons that dont have the autozoom functioning for them yet, once i sort those out then i can dig in further. Aside this i have a mod im in the process of building along with an addon/mod thread i want to get back into, but thanks for the suggestion i will keep it in mind and will see where this goes.
  8. WeaponSights Zoom

    Hey thanks for the info, will check it out! Good deal, what weapon are you using, you created it or is it from a pack?
  9. Simple flashlight or headlight

    Hello, welcome to Bis forums! Since this is dev branch and your asking for a flashlight of sorts for the game from the devs, in the meantime til they implement one somehow, heres a few on Armaholic you can use: Flashlight http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31288 GVL Flashlight http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32686 MrSanchez' Headlamps http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32777 Shoulder-mounted Light http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32143 Hope that helps, cheers. :)
  10. WeaponSights Zoom

    Thanks Haz, ya works fine in sp and MP. Would someone point me in the right direction to get it signed i had a link somewhere but never looked into it. I have a server for arma3 for my group and i have a WarMod i built and this and my IFA3 version are in it, we dont have the mod on the server and it works fine. But ya give me a link or i can find mine and i'll look into doing it. Dam straight, i got sick of that, for me my right mouse button is for bringing up the iron sites, or sites overall, and my number 1 key on the number pad was used for the zoom, what a finger twister to try to go to your sights, then zoom, and lean or something else on top of it. @foxhound Thank you sir! Page looks great, i noticed you guys added some more options and input boxes on the submission form, i really like it makes it alot easier to submit files, and its more sophisticated too ;) Update - Plans I'm planning to update this and heres what i have in mind: Get it signed, after i learn how, lol Update the config with those weapons/attachments that dont work in CUP weapons Make RHS weapons/attachments zoomable other weapons - need suggestions Story Want to tell you guys how i created this, most of the community know me as a compiler for my WarMods, and threads and such, so i have a habit of putting shit together, lol anyways back in the arma2oa days, i had this addon ----> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=9907 in my COWarMod with permission from Heinblood of course ;) but i used his addon as a reference/template, i also talked with Kju as i was having issues with the sights not zooming and so he pointed out the required addons part which i had wrong, so i sorted that out. I asked Rydygier for help too with the classnames and some other aspects, dude speaks code i swear lol, but love the guy been working with him on and off for several years now, anyways I also asked Lao Fei Mao to use a config of his for a template, and the rest i figured out myself. This addon tho has been sitting on my computer for a few years now created my IFA3 Weaponsights zoom from it back in 2013 and with help too, im still rather ....unsure i want to admit on where to put, to code certain things, especially to update the addon as there are some weapons, and attachments that the zoom dont work for. What is cool about the addon tho is you can use an RHS weapon, put an arma3 sight on it and you'll have automatic zoom, lol Anyways i got a video coming for this so stay tuned should be up tomorrow, thanks for your interest!
  11. How do I add grenades to loadout?

    Hello, Just right click the playable unit and at the bottom of the list go to where it says edit loadout, you will be in virtual arsenal from there, then once in VA just go to his uniform, vest, or backpack and add the grenades that way. They will be added on the top right side of the screen under the grenade tab. Hope that answers your question.
  12. WeaponSights Zoom

    WeaponSights Zoom By Gunter Severloh Description When you look down the Iron sights of any infantry weapon in vanilla Arma 3 some of the sites are very small, making it challenging to hit anything, so ingame you have to press your zoom button (if you want) which brings the sites closer. Just to note this is an old addon i put together with some help a few yrs ago, i just decided to make it available for my favorite community as i thought i should share something i wont play without! What does this addon do? This addon automatically zooms your iron sights & attachments for all infantry weapons which eliminate the need for you to have to press your zoom button freeing up the button for other things. What games/mods does this works for? Vanilla Arma 3 Marksman DLC Apex CUP_Weapons - (there are a few that wont zoom) May work for some added/modded weapons but they need to be tested. The weapons this works for includes the following: Rifles Semi-Rifles Assault Rifles Sub-machine guns Machine guns Pistols Vanilla Arma 3/Apex/Marksman DLC's weapon attachments Note: Scoped attachments dont work and are not needed to be zoomed hence why your using a scope, however if you remove the scope the iron sights of that now nonscoped weapon it will zoom. Download MEGA Steam Workshop Armaholic Want the IFA3 Lite version? Get it here ----> https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/175593-weaponsights-zoom-for-ifa3/ Requirements Arma 3 Apex & Marksman DLC's are not required but if you have them then the addon will work for them. Credits Kju - For his tip on required addons Rydygier - For his insights on classnames and config references Lao Fei Mao - For his config template =========== Permissions Do not change/edit, and upload without my permission.
  13. WeaponSights Zoom for IFA3

    Update Heres a video i recorded for the addon to give those who are more visual oriented a better idea of how this works:
  14. Nice! See my point made it can be done, thanks for the information tourist will check it out!
  15. What would be cool and immersive for example like in skyrim is you have a mod where the character can actually gets wet and his resistances would actually be reduced or lose stamina ect,. using a poncho would be realistic for such a mod/script. There is an addon for modern weapons where the weapons actually look wet after and when it rains ---> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31502 We need more gameplay immersion aspects, imo more full animations for things like getting into vehicles, planes, statics ect,. this OFP old school actions still persisting such as getting into a car, you stand next to the door and magically get teleported into the vehicles gets old as much as its nostalgic for me for OFP, imo it denies immersion if we want to be somewhat realistic for what we play and for us here WW2 IFA3. Adding more objects to the game is all fine and dandy but if you can use them then they are nothing but eye candy for tables or the environment around you when your recording a vid or a screenshot, in those instances its alright but for gameplay its just more useless crap you cant use, obviously theres limitations to the game in terms of physix and control but then again the community of modders and scripters always seem to defy the norm of what we think will and wont work.