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  1. That sentence doesn't even make sense.
  2. Not always. I've done requests without posting until they're done. Besides, even if no one has done it, you're asking somebody to do it, nobody has to, you're not entitled to it so chill out and be patient.
  3. Stop whining - Reasons to stop whining: 1, completing a request takes time. 2, not all requests get completed - Look back you'll see plenty of complaining. 3, these requests are optional, if nobody's interested then tough luck.
  4. No, sorry, I'm not 12.
  5. Insurgents/OpFor, for me.
  6. It isn't just you. You can make a replacement pack that sets the recoil of each pistol to that of the vanilla M9 or M1911 (or M4 if you wanted).
  7. It's possible but I'm a bit strapped for time as it is, so, for now I'll stick with the Independent version. Maybe in a couple of weeks when I have more time, though ;)
  8. This is a fantastic idea. It would certainly be a step up from the basic hit-point system.
  9. Is Planck airbase the same as FOB Planck?
  10. That sounds more like Manchester than Sheffield :p
  11. If Stagler isn't interested/doesn't want to, I'll be happy to.
  12. If you're doing it just for this request, I can save you the time mate, I made two a few months ago. OA and CO.