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    War games like Ghost Recon and OFP. i have ***also some old mopeds like zundapp!
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  1. Well this mod is also very cool in SP!!
  2. This weapon is also used in WW2. Hitler shot himself with a PPK
  3. Just wondering.... Is someone making the Stealth UH60?
  4. Navy Seals or Delta Force? .... Wel doesn't matter now.... Well Done USA!
  5. I am Dling the US pack, will they also have the animations of the demo?
  6. I make a hurry up (instand action) mission.... NICE! Oke, this is a demo, will there come an update with armor? (tanks, halftrack or cars)
  7. Who knows a good city map? (Modern)
  8. Nice looking units!
  10. Hi to all! Just a idea/requests A mod based on the War of the Worlds or Battle: Los Angeles. I really enjoyed the War of the Worlds movie and Battle: LA also looks "Kick ass!":yay: Human side Code Bleu addons? Are there aliens addons for OFP? (and i don't mean Aliens like Aliens VS Predator) Brainstorming War of the Worlds Battle LA Skyline Independence Day Mass Effect
  11. Can it be turn off and destroyed? So that the dino's runs free? Like the game JP operation genesis?
  12. Thanks Bielow But i get an error that there is a MAP_Misc addon is missing.
  13. Good to hear some pick up an old "dream" mod. Must we see it as a Re-start?
  14. I want to DL C-site but i can't DL 3WX Object Pack [8.27 MB] addon. Who has a working link?
  15. If so ... would you be so kind to share them? ;)