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  1. DEVIOUS780 As far as I know you cannot contact your members directly through Arma 3 Units (yet?). They can contact you if you edit an email address into the Basic Info page. Or use a website or a Steam group, etc. If you have to contact someone from your unit you can try to send them a message through the BI forum.
  2. ai command

    I noticed that C2 blocks the scroll wheel and the num-pad numbers when a quick formation is selected. You can neither access an action menu (for example on a crate or a vehicle) nor use the num-pad to change radio channels on a TFAR radio. As soon as you give your squad the "go" they will execute the order and scroll wheel and num-pad work again as expected. But if you cancel the command the scroll wheel and the num-pad numbers stay useless. Is this a bug or expected behaviour? I talked about this with Woofer who was kind enough to make a video which illustrates this issue. There's no voice-over but a written description below the video at Youtube. (Edit: I use the 64 bit version of the game and for the test no add-ons except CBA and C2 were active. Both CBA and C2 were installed from the Steam Workshop and launched with the official game launcher.)
  3. It is not polite to mention an alternative to someone's addon in his own thread but Cyprus has been absent from the forum for a while and I hope he doesn't mind. There is a Teamspeak plug-in called Volume Control which reduces the game volume when someone speaks on TS. I always use it when I play ArmA online regardless of the mission. I don't know if this plug-in does what you want but in case nobody can answer your question about the speaker symbol in Push-to-Hear you might check it out.
  4. Yes, but it is not just the BW Mod MP7. The same is also true for other small submaschine guns which fit into the pistol slot such as the one from the RHS package.
  5. This is how change the LUTs: I create a new line in the Shaders_by_Ganossa.cfg for every LUT and simply comment out all but the one I am currently using. //#define TuningColorLUTDstTexture "rl7.png" //[undef] //-Needs to have 256x16 pixels //#define TuningColorLUTDstTexture "chernarus.png" //[undef] //-Needs to have 256x16 pixels #define TuningColorLUTDstTexture "blucon.png" //[undef] //-Needs to have 256x16 pixels
  6. New versions of the spreadsheet and the Voice Attack profile are available. This time, I included AI commands. You can use this profile to issue spoken orders to your AI squad. Now there are more than 500 commands in the profile. I don't play with AI very often but I wanted to make the profile more complete and possibly more useful for others. The VAC-profile hasn't been updated and I decided to remove it. As usual, the latest versions of the game and the listed software and addons at the time of editing the opening post are covered.
  7. Problem solved. One of the mods I use caused a bit of trouble and I just had to change a few keys. The updated profile is available in the thread hidden in the spoiler in my signature.
  8. The screenshots show incredible attention to detail and they look very authentic. There are several rivers in the real Taunus region. I wonder whether some of them will be in the map even if this would probably mean that technically you'd have to make islands separated by thin stretches of sea? I liked the river in the old Celle map which provided some interesting gameplay with bridges that served as choke-points and boats and amphibious vehicles which could be meaningful as tactical assets.
  9. I am updating my profile for Voice Attack and I am struggling a bit with the APEX key layout. Now, the number keys are used to choose weapons and also to command the AI under the player's command if units have been selected. I'd be grateful if those who use Voice Attack with the APEX keyboard layout could explain how to make voice commands for the AI without interfering with the weapon selection. Are you perhaps even willing to share your VA profiles?
  10. Kat91 Probably the simplest way is to ask your friend who created the group to send you an invitation (using the name of your BI account). You will find this pending invitation in Your Groups in ArmA 3 Units. Just click to accept this invitation and your name will appear in the members list of the unit.
  11. I'd say yes, even though I agree with Hill_G. People should definitely concentrate on their safe descent but firing a quick burst might suppress the enemy for that crucial moment. A long firefight during rappelling just because you can would probably be a bad idea (and a good lesson). :)
  12. Just a quick thank you! I installed version 7 last night and tried it on Stratis, only briefly. My first impression is that the changes seem to be very subtle, the grey tint is gone, but it doesn't change the general colouring of the game too much. I have yet to try it on Altis and Tanoa and community islands.
  13. In Pilgrimage, a mission which plays exceptionally well with TPW, we do have AI who drop their weapons and surrender. As a player you can interrogate them for info and release them or you can say "Thanks for your valuable input!" and annihilate them anyway. That is gruesome enough, isn't it? :) I can understand kraut1's motivation but I also believe that this is out of scope of TPW MODS. I personally like it when AI units are programmed to avoid a fight they cannot win just like human players.
  14. I don't know if this makes any sense but couldn't rappelling be connected to an object in the inventory? I am thinking about something like the shovel in ACE: Everybody has the ability to dig a trench, but you need the symbolic object in your inventory. I call it symbolic because it there is no real digging animation.
  15. spark23 As far as I understand the unit logo isn't working as it should and the devs are looking into it. In the meantime you can still use the traditional squadXML which will be displayed on uniforms and vehicles. If you already have one, just disconnect your Steam Account from your BI account so that the SquadXML can be displayed. If you don't have a squadXML yet, just google for a "Squad XML Hoster".