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  1. Hi Revan, With ofp.info ftp site gone now, you won't find much. See if this helps you out: My Link
  2. Hi, Yes p1 is the squad leader (player in that case). Besides the recorded audio files (ogg format) you need a description.ext and a stringtable.csv (comma separated value) files. any where you see $STR this points to the stringtable file. From the campaign mission "04MontignacMustFall.Eden" Description.ext: In the first radio message entry is "title = $STRCAMP_04r1; " this corresponds to a line in the stringtable file (only using English column) This file can be opened with Excel where you have columns, in a text file you need commas used as separators. STRCAMP_04r1,BLACK TO PAPA BEAR. DF25 UNDER HEAVY ATTACK FROM THE SEA. SEND BACKUP. WE CAN'T HOLD OUT MUCH LONGER. OVER.,BLACK A PAPA OURS. Stringtable.csv: Here is a link to the un-pbo'd mission file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByvuJ-pCUiUIQ3prSVRDbXFpaFE All of the sound files are in a separate sound folder. If you use Firefox or Google Chrome the sounds can be played directly with browser.
  3. Hi, This is a bit confusing for most people. There is no single tutorial that clearly explains how it works and what is required. So that all will understand. The basic radio: There are two west (or east) calling stations: [West, "HQ"] [West, "AirBase"] To give these a callsign in your mission you set them in the init.sqs file: papabear = [West, "HQ"] firefly = [West, "airbase"] papabear and firefly can be substituted with any custom call sign you want. Now there are several ways to send a radio message. Mainly with "sidechat" or "sideradio" [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Hello!" firefly sideradio "radiomessage" This can be entered into the "Init Field" of a trigger or waypoint or called from a script file. You should also give your player group an ID using this: Syntax: setGroupId ["Alpha", "GroupColor4"] Possible Group Names: "Alpha", "Bravo", "Charlie", "Delta", "Echo", "Foxtrot", "Golf", "Hotel", "Kilo", "Yankee", "Zulu", "Buffalo", "Convoy", "Guardian", "Two", "Three" Possible Group Colors: " Values for Groupcolors: 0 (no color), 1 (black), 2 (red), 3 (green), 4 (blue), 5 (yellow), 6 (orange), 7 (pink) This can be done in either the group leader "Init Field" or in the init.sqs file Example: Grp1=group this; Grp1 setGroupID ["Alpha", "GroupColor4"] Here is s series of talk scripts from a mission I made Talk.sqs [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Alpha this is command, you need to begin your attack of the Russian camp." ~6 p1 sidechat "Papa Bear this is Alpha, copy that. We are Oscar Mike." ~6 p1 groupchat "Ok guys we had better load up the truck and get on our way." Talk1.sqs ~2 [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Alpha there are enemy patrols in this area, proceed with caution." ~6 p1 sidechat "Roger that Papa Bear. Thanks for the headsup." ~6 p1 groupchat "Alright men you heard it. You all better keep on your toes. I'm not writting anymore letters home." ~2 savegame; Talk2.sqs [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Alpha we have a radar contact of an aircraft moving north to Le Moule." ~6 p1 sidechat "Copy Papa Bear. Do you have any ID on it ?" ~6 [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Alpha, possible MI 17. We're waiting for confirmation." ~6 p1 sidechat "Roger" ~20 [west,"HQ"] sidechat "Alpha, Mama Bear confirms it's an MI 17. There might be para troops on board." ~5 p1 sidechat "Copy that, Alpha out." These are script files called from triggers at different parts of the mission. "~6" are delays between papabear and alpha calls. You can change it for your preference. Of course this is just a simple basic example. What you want can be done using the description.ext file, for custom sounds, radio messages, identities. To get a voice message you need to define radio messages in the description.ext file. // Radio chatter? // Same structure as CfgSounds. class CfgRadio { // Contains a list of all the .ogg files (without the .ogg extension) which are in all of // the CfgRadio class instances below. sounds[] = {S02r16, S02r17, S02r18, S02r19, S02r20, S02r21, S02r22, S02r23, S02r24}; // Class name is referenced in the mission.sqm file. (E.g. sideRadio ""S02r15"") class S02r15 { name = ""; <<insert name between "" You need to record sound files, place them in your mission folder and make an entry with each sound file name like above example. They are called like above: (E.g. sideRadio ""S02r15"") If you open a standard mission you can see examples of this. In the standard missions due to international languages all of the screen text is given a name and entered in the stringtable.csv file. Example: Trigger in editor: serg sideRadio "00r51"; Hint localize "STR_HINT_14" Sound in Description.ext: class CfgRadio { sounds[] = { }; class 00r51 { name = "00r51"; (name of sound file 00r51.ogg (without .ogg)) sound[] = {"00r51.ogg", db-40, 1.0}; title = $STRM_00r51; (or enter text here) }; }; Text from stringtable: STRM_00r51 "Hey! Where do you think you're going? Follow my orders, you imbecile!" I guess If you want simple text in one language on the screen you can also enter it in a trigger by pressing the "Effects" button. At the bottom there is a text entry field and a screen location button. If this seems complicated, it is.
  4. Because an empty vehicle has no crew it also has no side assignment to make it either friendly or enemy so AI will not target it. You can order an explosive device be placed and detonated on or near it. Only answer is scripting with an invisible target
  5. I'd like to help you but that file is almost 500mb. Sapper; Feldish + Mission https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xza13x7lb7kjh2n,559innqj6ft06m9/shared Also maybe you could help patton with pertlatch's ASCR38 mod? It must be on a Russian site somewhere?
  6. Hi, As close as I can do without uploading stuff. http://www.mediafire.com/file/vm8muccq6tsr4un/IvoSoAf.rar https://gamefront.online/files/3852746/rhs_weappack_v1.00.rar https://gamefront.online/files/6066820/facestex2.rar
  7. File Front (GameFront) Unoffical site https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint/ https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint_Resistance/
  8. About 90gb's. File Front (GameFront) Unoffical site https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint/ https://gamefront.online/files/listing/pub2/Operation_Flashpoint_Resistance/
  9. Hi swillis The site itself should still be up, but as JdB reported a few months ago the ftp site where the files are stored will be shutting down. Both JdB and I have made back ups of the files. If you need something post it in the addon request thread.
  10. Here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27285 Or if you're a Steam fan here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421908020 Arsenal is built into Arma You might also be interested in this too: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26269
  11. That's the same view from cargo in BAS Blackhawks in multiplayer. It was never fixed. Lots of bugs in OFP you just learn to live with :)
  12. The best approach seems to be as Matthew mentioned, amass all of the weapons addons you want along with your favorite gameplay mod and build missions. Using the Arsenal would be simpler. Gunther S. made WarMod for Arma2 by putting together tons of game play mods from Proper, TrueMod and others into a single mod package. He put a lot of effort into that to make it all work.
  13. Maybe to start with you should first review the BIS Licenses to see what you are allowed and not allow to MOD. https://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses Flow chart: https://www.bistudio.com/assets/img/licenses/images/license_chart.jpg?2 Any user made addon will be licensed for use and at very least will require you to obtain permission from the author to be able to do any Modding. If you want to create your own addons based on your own work there is nothing standing in your way for that.
  14. Did you try: aP playmove "EffectStandSitDown" or this setbehaviour "SAFE"; this switchmove"EffectStandSitDown"
  15. Hi dÆfte, It's been a long time, good to see your return. Revan has mentioned he might want to play WGL again. There is no dedicated server around anymore, but I can host some sessions, if anyone wants to play. I may also know one other guy who is interested too. One link in the first post here still works if you need the addons.