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  1. There will just be an equal shitstorm if they return the old separation.
  2. How is re-adding a redundant complexity that was removed in the past considered a simplification?
  3. And since all these servers tweaked their AI to their liking, changing the scale will set them back to the point they have to refactor the AI again.
  4. Come to think of it, the only portion of the community that will benefit from it are bran new players. How many of those exist after four years?
  5. A conversion table is an absolute must given that such a fundamental change come that late into the game's life cycle. I don't want to find ourselves wasting the time of 20 people over several coop nights just so we can find the new sweet spot. BIS please don't mark it as an optional deliverable.
  6. Can verify that units no longer leave their HOLD waypoints. Thanks Robalo!
  7. Excellent! I'll provide feedback after our coop night on Sunday.
  8. Grenade spam and accuracy seems to be solved in the latest version! However, groups are still breaking up. Doesn't seem like this issue was improved.
  9. Robalo, did you get the chance to investigate this possibility? This happens a lot, and doesn't happen without ASR AI. Could you please have a look?
  10. I'm glad you want to take care of this. That, the groups ignoring HOLD waypoints and the grenade spamming caused us to stop using ASR AI... Unfortunately, we were not able to isolate the feature that cause it.
  11. Just to make sure, TPWCAS doesn't HAVE to work along with ASR AI running, does it?
  12. I agree. What needs changing is first and foremost the incredible AI accuracy on the first shot with 40mm and hand grenades.
  13. After all these months, can we get a reply from BIS stating what they plan to do with the terrible night lighting? There's a lot of related negative feedback on this thread. If there are no plans to address that we would like to hear it as well.
  14. We also experienced grenade spamming, and also experienced AI team leader staying waaay at the back. The second is an old age issue with ASR AI, we reported it in the past. Any chance you can look into it again Robalo?
  15. Huh??? Where.