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  1. It's been a while now for me that the mod-sets are always marked as changed (the yellow asterix), and that the launcher does not minimize when the game start.
  2. Nights look terrible still after... how many months since the visual upgrade? I'm glad to see it bothers a lot of players and I hope the feedback will drive a fix.
  3. 4k 60 FPS. Fastrope, take out the HVT, gather DNA sample, collect intel.
  4. I was really surprised to find out the Jets DLC doesn't have an LCOSS (Lead Computing Optical Sights System) for dogfight gun targeting. The current lead indicator is inconvenient, unclear, unfriendly and above all unrealistic (much for the same reasons). Having to guide the plane's bore-sight into the lead indicator to ensure a hit is really not how it's suppose to be done and a disappointing implementation for what should have been the most fun activity for jets - Dogfighting. Not only that, the current implementation does not really work because having to guide the W symbol into the lead indicator leaves one with the question - what part of the W is actually the boresight point? As it's a rather large symbol. Please, implement what's obvious and really required - an LCOSS system. See example below of how it should look like. Simulators since the 80's had that, it's really a must have in my opinion. TLDR: put the target in the sight and shoot, instead of the current - put the big-fat-larger-than-the-target-symbol in the other symbol and shoot.
  5. Damn King, you are a magician!
  6. Fastrope to the rooftop, take out the target, gather intel, and...
  7. The mission files state the authors.
  8. Maybe if they can't make new stories and interesting tactical missions in SP they should get someone who can. P.S Jezuro׳s missions were great in East Wind, he should be making more. The level of the missions in Apex Protocol was just below a reasonable standard.
  9. Does that mean that the wonderful sound effect of the underwater transmission will be removed and underwater transmissions will sound just the same as transmissions made in the SR radios?
  10. I forgot to mention the most important thing. While loading the second mission the server crashed... Regarding Steam Workshop sharing, I'll recommend hosting it in an additional source. First of all, this will get the mission on Armaholic. Secondly, it will be easier to update for users who are not familiar with locating the shared workshop mission on their local drive and update it, it's not too friendly. I am familiar with it, but others who run servers might not.
  11. Gave the Chernarus version a test run last night on a dedicated Windows server, with ACE and ASR AI, with 9 players. Wonderful work man. Beautiful! We picked the dynamic campaign but played only one mission. The biggest issue was that we had a moonless night, but no night vision equipment or illumination flares. We found a few nvg equipment in the insertion vehicles but most of the team were left completely blind. We spawned a crate with flares to light up the night but that too proved to be problematic since there seems to be a filter that dims down the light of the flares so they don't do much good... The mission was to protect an ambushed convoy, the insertion, fighting and extraction worked flawlessly.
  12. That's great!!! We will test it tonight, hopefully.
  13. Right, a good question will be, does the campaign support ACE? I'd also like to ask if anyone tried this with ACE + ASR AI?
  14. That's great! Installing in on the Comrades in Arms server ASAP. You should come say hi again KingNothing, we could test the mission together. your member seat is still yours ;)