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  1. Oh the sitting phenomena doesn't happen anymore. I thought you fixed it in the latest version but if you didn't it might have been a resolved ASR AI issue.
  2. I'd suggest doing both by delivering the cistern to FIA and taking out the officer using ATs or explosives.
  3. How could I have missed this thread?? Looks great, and looking forward to trying this! Any chance it will work on a dedicated server in coop?
  4. Lighty, is the campaign dedicated server compatible?
  5. Pretty bad sound bug in latest version, stable branch. Shots sound is completely blocked by objects, even small ones. Video included in the bug report.
  6. Hey Anguis and all! Not to hijack this thread but anyone playing Arma 3 by now? We will love to see your familiar faces on the CiA coop nights, which are still going strong.
  7. When I get that (and I get that a lot), it usually helps to alt-tab out from the game, and alt-tab back in. When alt-tabbing back in, the FPS goes up to normal. I hope that can help.
  8. Excellent! What tools were you missing before?
  9. For me, the new night lighting is the most glaring step back in the game's development since the alpha. Night time lighting used to be Arma's feather in the cap, and now shadows are just a soup of black, which is not realistic at all. In fact, I find it easier now to detect enemy infantry since their weapons glow like Christmas trees due to completely off contrast. I still play the game, but my enjoyment has diminished considerably due to this single factor.
  10. Why does that happen? I thought ASR AI only suppose to move AI around if they have no predefined waypoints?
  11. The activation range for the "open backpack" action is too far from the actual backpack. Ideally, it should be possible to access a unit's backpack from its back or sides only, and from a distance not greater than half a meter.
  12. Can we please have the cursor locked to the Arma window? Lots of players have a multi-screen setup and getting alt tabbed out in the middle of a firefight is a thing now, because sometimes the cursor will wonder off the screen, a click will be made and hoopla, we are out of the game staring at our desktop. It's a shame we need to use applications like this one to prevent that.
  13. You want to be amazed by the AI aggressiveness, taking cover skill and ability to clear rooms? Play with ACE + ASR AI (and for good suppression measures TPWCAS), and set skillAI to 0.7 and precisionAI to 0.2.
  14. It's been like that much more than two years I'm afraid. It's a long habit of mine to place the AI's sidearms in their vest or backpacks, or completely remove them. The cases in which they'll actually need to switch to their pistol are so rare that it's not worth the trouble given this issue.
  15. Can you share what model did you order? I have a Samsung 4K 60hz monitor that I'd like to upgrade to a gsync one as well.