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  1. Maybe 12thMonkey can say if I'm wrong, but I think the UK forces used Milan launchers on some Warriors in the Gulf war.
  2. Formula Arma

    Looks great mate. Fantastic work as always!
  3. The best I could do is that the TOW launcher is stowed away until you press F and it will raise up. As for how it reloads. I'm not sure you can do what you described in Arma, apart from making the reload time longer.
  4. The mod will contain 3 tanks for the US side. M60A3 and M1A1 (as per OFP) and an M1IP armed with the 105mm cannon. To represent the M1A1 being only out of the factory IRL, they'll be painted in flat green, while the other tanks will get service camo
  5. Biggest issue with a conversion from new models to old is the cockpits. All those shiny glass cockpits have to be modelled back into analog
  6. Idea: North Zagoria

    I've always thought it compared to Georgia with south Ossetia, and Russia with North Ossetia on the other side of the border.
  7. Tanks DLC Feedback

    I prefer the British narrator with music that sounds so 80's it makes me wanna grow a mullet.
  8. Basically right now it's what was on OFP MI-24, MI-8, SU-25 UH-60, UH-60 FFAR and A-10. One missing piece is the AH-1
  9. Even in the harsh nights of Kolgujev. you gotta admire the FUG Cleggy and Norsu have worked on They'd be very interesting armies to have for sure, but I don't see them happening with us
  10. Looks really nice so far, can't wait to see more shots!
  11. Civilians still need some vehicle love. Currently working on the Lada and S1203. The lada will receive a new lick of paint to represent a Sahrani cab, seen above. While the S1203 van will have a new Chernarus militia skin.
  12. What way are you trying to make it? You can try use a mixture of opacity and eraser brushes
  13. Short answer, yes. We currently don't have the proper M21 that he should be armed with. It will be done in the future.
  14. Always have a soft spot for a Kiowa. Best of luck!