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  1. I've included it from the pbo and it works but if removing it doesn't break it, I'll do that. I guess that paramscheck. Inc has been included elsewhere and is global to the server? I'm glad you're here kzk because I know you've done some work on findsafeplaces so I'll be interested to in your opinion on what I've done to a function that I use a lot. I'll start another thread for it, obvs.
  2. Guys, I'm adding some functionality to fnc_findsafepos. I've copied the function code and made a new function with it, adding my code. But when a player joins the mission, the server crashes with I know what this means, it is looking in the directory where my version of the function is and obviously, it's not there. #include "..\paramsCheck.inc" So, where is it actually and can I change the include statement so that it successfully finds it? Or do I have to find and put a copy of paramsCheck.inc in there? Thanks, Paul.
  3. I tried to report a spammy post just now (it's since been deleted) and couldn't for the life of me find the report post button.
  4. I'm assuming the 'report post' button goes away once someone else has reported a particular post?
  5. Possibly. This was in editor.
  6. Feature request if you're up for it, @Tom_48_97 ☠. When I'm typing, Poseidon predicts the commands or statements I might want. Could it predict vehicle classnames when I'm typing inside a speechmark pair?
  7. I had the AI do the entire flight. He seems to lose confidence in his approach quite early. The predicted flightpath takes him through a narrow avenue of trees on the approach and that appears to spook him.
  8. Using landing autopilot he lands ok, but giving him a landat command for that airfield and he just goes around all the time. I assumed the landing autopilot and landat command used the same AI.
  9. Blackfish AI pilot can't land at Bala though. He executes 'go around' endlessly.
  10. Force them to have a cash sum in their steam account for the account to work and fine them for transgressions.
  11. What does the hint show? Does it say 'any'? Why do you str the format? Isn't that going to result in too many quotes? Why don't you just hint the publicvariable instead?
  12. Yep, works just fine.
  13. Can I suggest the use of the new distance2d command instead of distance? For CPU usage, it's cheaper.
  14. No. See which ports (there's 2) you have set TADST to use. Also, note down the IP of the hosting machine. In the router, find 'port forwarding'. You need to forward the port TADST uses to the IP of the host machine.