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  1. Just to confirm... with Malden coming soon I can have a second ( in the future, many more) copy being automatically updated from a single source?
  2. malden dlc

    They look out of place, very little else on the island is derelict.
  3. Here's a direct copy paste of code from my mission, that works well. The pilots pretty reliably ignore enemy activity. _dwp = _dropgroup addWaypoint [_droppos, 0]; _dwp setWaypointBehaviour "CARELESS"; _dwp setWaypointSpeed "NORMAL"; _dwp setWaypointtype "MOVE"; _dropgroup setCombatMode "BLUE"; _dropgroup allowFleeing 0; (driver _dropveh) setskill ["courage",1]; (driver _dropveh) disableAI "FSM"; (driver _dropveh) disableAI "TARGET"; (driver _dropveh) disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; (driver _dropveh) disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; Much of the above I got from an existing BI function, I forget which, ambient flyby or similar.
  4. I removed all the createCenter commands and that broke the mission. :) Apparently, a createCenter is required for sideLogic. I put back the createCenter for sidelogic but not for the east or civs and the mission works, but I still have a swimming guy called HQ for east west and indi but not for civilian. My mission doesn't spawn civilians until much later in the game, though when it does spawn civs, there is no HQ swimmer. Also, the west guy, same side as players, seems to drown, or is removed, within a few minutes of mission start Also #2, there never has been a createcenter command for west in my mission as there are west guys in the sqm
  5. Your words are English, but make no sense. Business 2 Business? You are a business? You can imagine why some might suggest you review the EULA if you're using a business environment to get privileged access to assets. You've been here ages, way longer that me, so I am surprised you even contemplate this. Going on past experience, I suspect you might need to show some progress on whatever it is you are doing before you will get access to assets like these. Case in point - the Train Simulator ,when that had reached a certain maturity. BI made changes to the assets that helped this guy along.
  6. Take out some of the RAM, not all of it.
  7. Dear BI, please send me the keys to your T72. I promise I won't crash it.
  8. The youngest dead was 8 years old. Sickening.
  9. Guys, I have a number of steam accounts. One is for my A3 clan game server - I have a game installed in that account name and use that to get WS mods into the server install. But I can't link that account to my unit because it doesn't have a BI account. I have another steam account that I use as a test user for MP testing. Likewise, without a BI account, I can't link the steam and BI accounts together, because testuser doesn't have a BI account. I understand the rules prohibit users having multiple BI accounts, so creating accounts for them might be frowned upon. Short of you guys allowing multiple steam accounts to link to one BI account, I'm a bit stuck.
  10. I saw that, but it's in the dev branch forum.
  11. Yes and no, @Ex3B.Locking is harder, but manual guidance is easier.
  12. I mean I fired about that many during a mission and only one of them acquired a lock before firing. And I'm pretty sure it locked using the tab key. The rest I just pointed the cross hairs at the target, gave up trying to get a lock so fired the missile unlocked and usually scored a hit because the launcher has no recoil any more. It's easy to TV guide the missile
  13. At this point, I'm going to shamelessly bigup one of my clan guys.... I shoot at the Hellcat with AA, which spoofs the missile, and a teammate is lining up an unlocked Titan AT round on the same aircraft. Then from behind me, a Neophron comes barrelling in, strafing me on the ground and flying in front of the Hellcat at the crucial moment! Proper 'taking one for the team'. edited to add, this was in version whatever we had in the middle of January this year.
  14. Tigrii, surely?
  15. I have issues with both AT and AA, hence the thread title being deliberately ambiguous/open. So, you're saying the Titan AT can lock onto a designator splash?