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  1. Yes, that's what I'm doing. Old civcars array (that scripts randomly pick from when populating towns) civcars =["C_Offroad_01_F","C_Offroad_luxe_F", "C_Offroad_01_sand_F", "C_Offroad_stripped_F", "C_Hatchback_01_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_F", "C_Van_01_transport_F", "C_Van_01_box_F", "C_Van_01_fuel_F","C_Offroad_02_unarmed_F", "C_SUV_01_F", "C_Truck_02_transport_F", "C_Truck_02_covered_F"]; New civcars array civcars = [ "C_Offroad_01_red_F","C_Offroad_luxe_F", "C_Offroad_01_sand_F", "C_Offroad_stripped_F", "C_Offroad_01_white_F","C_Offroad_01_blue_F","C_Offroad_01_darkred_F", "C_Offroad_01_bluecustom_F", "C_Hatchback_01_grey_F", "C_Hatchback_01_green_F", "C_Hatchback_01_blue_F", "C_Hatchback_01_bluecustom_F", "C_Hatchback_01_beigecustom_F", "C_Hatchback_01_yellow_F", "C_Hatchback_01_white_F", "C_Hatchback_01_black_F", "C_Hatchback_01_dark_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_red_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_blue_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_orange_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_white_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_grey_F", "C_Hatchback_01_sport_green_F", "SUV_01_base_red_F", "SUV_01_base_black_F", "SUV_01_base_grey_F", "SUV_01_base_orange_F", "C_Van_01_transport_white_F", "C_Van_01_transport_red_F", "C_Van_01_box_white_F", "C_Van_01_box_red_F", "C_Van_01_fuel_white_F", "C_Van_01_fuel_red_F", "C_Van_01_fuel_white_v2_F", "C_Van_01_fuel_red_v2_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_black_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_blue_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_green_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_orange_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_red_F", "C_Offroad_02_unarmed_white_F", "C_Truck_02_transport_F", "C_Truck_02_covered_F", "C_Quadbike_01_black_F", "C_Quadbike_01_blue_F", "C_Quadbike_01_red_F", "C_Quadbike_01_white_F" ]; I'm not the first person to say this and I won't be the last; "Dear BI. This 'feature' you just introduced has just made the game worse"
  2. disableRandomization[] = {"AllVehicles"}; In description.ext claims to turn it all off, but it doesn't. Players see different colour cars, vans and pickups. *sigh*
  3. _vec setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false]; Seems to have no effect, for c_hatchback_01_f at least. All players see different colours. I removed the enablerandomization line and used [_vec, true, true] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle; This makes the cars all the same colour, but it does, at least, mean all players see the same. There's two different classes of hatchback, the normal and the sport, so it's possible to have at least some variation.
  4. Where are you installing Poseidon? I usually drop the entire contents of the sources folder into a Poseidon folder in Program Fiels (x86). That cleared up a few oddities for me.
  5. No problem. Are you having any joy? I've tried opening the default snippets but am getting an Unhandled exception. "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
  6. But... but..... These are spawned on the server, so their colour is set at random there. Why would they show differently for clients?
  7. Although I've only pictured an offroad, it happened with all the civvy cars in the mission
  8. In my MP mission, the cars are spawned server side, and they appear to have different colours for different clients. Two different players looking at the same car
  9. \the bobcat has always been able to do mineclearance. If you drive it slow enough, it takes no damage at all while setting the mines off.
  10. Any details on the bobcat plow while I wait for Mrs Tank to get off the PC so I can switch to dev build?
  11. Well... it doesn't in that screenshot. lol. wait 1...
  12. The snippet editor appears for me. http://imgur.com/UOqigBw
  13. Damn you! Another thing on my todo list! :)