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  1. Updated output from @Larrow's function.
  2. @edita tweeted this picture in the week. I know it was one of a series of pictures of the team taking the tank out for a spin in celebration of the game's 4th armaversary, but I thought I'd use it to whip a load of pointless and unfounded speculation that BI tanks will be able to reverse soon. It's my hope that within a few weeks, this will have chinese whispered into a confirmed dev post.
  3. I'd quite like a stand alone drag script.
  4. Don't think of it as being "set" by the server. Perhaps a better word might be "capped". KOTH and such like are very script heavy and the complexity of these types of missions limits the player's ability to maintain high FPS. Not all servers are created equal, as you#'ve found so some might be better than others. So while an overclock might help, though I suspect, not by much in the case of your Xeon, if you want high FPS, stay off the mod/script heavy missions. I can get 800 FPS in the main menu, but its replayability is limited.
  5. These commands are more related to the audio system but they could be useful to us if we decide to devote any further time to this. Note that they are not in the commands directory page of the biki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getAllEnvSoundControllers https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getEnvSoundController https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Sound:_SoundControllers I already use them when looking for a nice place to put a minefield. "Meadow" works well there.
  6. Yeah, the workaround seems to be to make the duration very short, but I specifically want a long duration ( < 20 secs ). My engineers are repairing buildings.
  7. I've noticed this happens both during revive and during my custom 'repair building' use of this function. The progress icon fades and makes players think that their revive has stopped for whatever reason, but in fact, the revive is still going on. It's confusing for players. Note that this doesn't happen every time.
  8. You could add some spoiler tags there.
  9. Is anyone else noticing this? From launching (I use TADST) to creating and getting to the ready-for-clients state is a number of seconds faster than in the 1.74 version. I like this a lot! :)
  10. Yes, as you've found the roadway LOD does go with the object, so they can't be driven over. So, that's a start. As you already say, now you need to be adding an object that can sense the damage in place of the roadway objects. In the past, the empty helipad was good for this, but that seems to no longer be the case. But you get the idea. Find an object that can hold the handledamage or explosion eventhandler.
  11. You can get rid of them. Look up the command hideobjectglobal.
  12. Ah, I get it.... [_vehicle, "", []] call BIS_fnc_initvehicle; Am I right?
  13. And this still happens with IDAP vehicles. In multiplayer, serverside spawning of multiple "C_Van_02_vehicle_F" results in players seeing different skins on all of them. At least, give us the classnames of the vehicles in their different skins.
  14. no need to apologise freind. Happy to wait for the goodness. Life first. Arma second.
  15. Oh, I should mention that the grey marker seen there is created in the mission.sqm and the red and blue markers are created dynamically during the mission. May or may not be relevant?