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  1. Phronk's Furniture Script

    Maintaining two different versions? I know I wouldn't be all that keen.
  2. Phronk's Furniture Script

    +1 for us helping. -1 for making it into a mod. Something like this doesn't need to be a mod.
  3. +1 for this. Athena doesn't remember which monitor it was opened on in a multimonitor setup.
  4. Yeah, 'fraid so, mate. The markers aren't supposed to change size or shape, only colour - both were originally red.
  5. Authority 20 player coop.

    That's just the randomness of the mission. Restart it if it happens. I haven't changed any of the code that does this part of the mission. If it really does happen more now, I'll see if it can be improved Edit* I can't replicate this. I've just run the mission 10 times and not once did anything bad happen. Perhaps you're just unlucky. :)
  6. Phronk's Furniture Script

    I've been fiddling with modeltoworldworld because I am doing similar stuff, but over water. I found that setpos'ing the object in script was flakey because modeltoworldworld returns worldpos, so had to use setposworld instead. This may or may not be relevent here, just thought I'd mention it just in case.
  7. Isnil issue

    You need to be a bit clearer. It's a string - when you say it doesn't have a value, do you mean it's empty string or undefined?
  8. Phronk's Furniture Script

    It's extremely hard to do it procedurally for the reasons you've found. A procedural method works fast, you don't have to hand-code positions within the building and it, theoretically, can cope with new building objects without much tweaking, but in reality, it never looks as good as handcoding the positions. Suggestion. If you are happy to show your method, and perhaps release the tools you use (I assume it's modeltoWorld or fnc_objectsgrabber/mapper) then I'm sure the community would help with the position/object data for Tanoa buildings. From what I've seen your furniture arrangements have a particular style that is yours. Having the stylistic variation that would come from using other contributors might add some varation. Last thing, is this script able to support wall posters/paintings?
  9. Phronk's Furniture Script

    Cool. Next (unfair) question.. ETA on Tanoa houses? :)
  10. Phronk's Furniture Script

    This looks great , defo going to use it. My mission already has the town limits defined, would I be saving anything by adapting your script to use my data rather than finding the towns itself? Ps. Really looking forward to Tanoa support
  11. Authority 20 player coop.

    Debug version for (dedicated server running) Linux on SW and dropbox *Not just for Linux, some useful improvements for Windows users too https://www.dropbox.com/s/6bemvlze7jbfudr/COOP40_Authority.Altis.pbo?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/91ga2wpwmgan7wn/COOP40_Authority.Tanoa.pbo?dl=0
  12. Guys, Not exactly sure if this is the right place - does this forum cover Linux dedi server issues? Anyway, my mission runs just fine on a Windows server with Windows clients. But a couple of guys run a Linux dedicated server and they report the mission doesn't work properly. As I don't have access to their box, I can't be completely sure what's going on, but I do have a relatively verbose RPT to look over. First off, it seems the waitUntil command doesn't work quite right in initServer.sqf. _handle2 = [] execVM "server\missionsetup.sqf"; waitUntil {scriptDone _handle2}; Works fine on Windows dedi, but on Linux, the waitUntil never releases. (yes, missionsetup does complete, I've observed that) I changed it to _handle2 = [] execVM "server\missionsetup.sqf"; waitUntil {missionrunning}; Where missionrunning is a publicvariable set by missionsetup.sqf and it works fine on both servers. So, the above notwithstanding, is there anything special I need to be aware of when authoring a mission that will be run on a Linux dedi?
  13. Authority 20 player coop.

    I'll do another release this evening that's rammed full of debug. We'll track this blighter down!
  14. Authority 20 player coop.

    In a debug console, get east countside allunits, but bear in mind, when there's less than 3 OPFOR left, the mission kills them and ends the target so you don't spend ages looking for the last couple. Failing that, look at the mission status dialog (default left windows key) and see what it says for enemy composition. Routed means 5 or less OPFOR, Stragglers means 6 to 15, Very Weak means 16 to 25. The complete list of words it uses is ["Routed","Stragglers", "Very Weak","Weak","Robust","Substantial","Quite Strong","Strong","Very Strong","Overwhelming"]. You get the idea.