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  1. well there are a lot more things in that tutorial to try that you haven't mentioned. It also asks for some information which you haven't provided.
  2. same answer, most likely an addon that no longer works, the debug tutorial does have you work through these issues
  3. The player list will be a classname in one of the gui's, if you can find the class name then maybe
  4. youve done something terribly wrong if that has disappeared. You are the first to ever state this has happened, its unlikely anyone will have a solution for you. I would look at maybe a badly configged addon or bad coding in a mission or if your server is an rpg server something to do with the database config perhaps ??? It looks like to me you've hidden the gui class for the player list somehow or you have gui code that has an error stopping the rest of the gui from loading.
  5. a server running 10 fps or less will have noticeable poor response from the AI making it unplayable A server fps of around 15 is the bare minimum that you ever want to see Ideal situation 20 or above The following can help you gain fps Define a maximum ping allowed from your clients (Client connection quality can cause serverside cps issues) The use of enablesimulation false on all objects such as sandbags etc The use of agents instead of standard ai for some units Caching system for AI units Correct setup of your bandwidth configuration Good mission scripting
  6. If you really have to define outgoing rules then try temporarily disabling those rules so you can scan port useage to try and hone down on the specific rule you need Options to do this would be Netstat https://tcpview.en.softonic.com (Allows you to check outgoing ports useage both TCP and UDP) or failing that maybe wireshark This is the first time I have ever seen a post on this subject, so maybe somewhere in your configuration, things have gone drastically wrong. Please post back your findings though in case others have the same issue. Another oddball issue might be your squad.xml itself. I had to rewrite ours over a year ago because it simply wasn't passing validation rules
  7. In addition update due to changes made possible in the 3D editor CfgORBATS { vehicles[]={}; /* List of vehicle variable names (NOT CLASSNAMES) that are not assigned to a specific group, but available for the CO to assign them This array of vehicles is automatically listed in the briefing under a friendly assets tab This should also include static vehicles like mortars This way detailed information about the vehicle can be extracted for a "mouse over" overlay or to automatically insert into the briefing. Much more useful than a classname */ class W_HQ // This should refer to the group variable assigned in the group composition { Callsign = "HQ"; // This could be defined in the group composition editing window ion the 3d editor Grp_Type = "HQ"; Grp_Size = "PLATOON"; m_Text = "HQ"; m_colour = "BLUE"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {W_HQ_V1}; }; class W_A { Callsign = "Alpha"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "SQUAD"; m_Text = "A"; m_colour = "BLUE"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {W_A_V1}; class W_A_FT1 // Subclass, fireteam for squad leader) { Callsign = "Alpha FT1"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "Fireteam"; m_Text = "A RED"; m_colour = "RED"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {}; }; class W_A_FT2 { Callsign = "Alpha FT2"; Grp_Type = "INFANTRY"; Grp_Size = "Fireteam"; m_Text = "A GREEN"; m_colour = "GREEN"; m_size = 0.6; vehicles = {}; }; }; }; Even with the B.I functions its difficult to implement this in a way that it is functional and of use other than partially useful
  8. there are points in that tutorial that would help you debug
  9. why do you have rules for outgoing? try to turn them off I have rules for both the binary exe and the ports for incoming (binary and ports have Seperate rules), I don't have any rules restricting outgoing Can you access your squad xml from a browser ? example https://www.zeus-community.net/squad/A3/squad.xml
  10. providing the missions you create do not require any of the dlc content, units, weapons and the island of tanoa, you will be fine the contents of the keys folder defines the whitelist of allowed content The loaded mission defines the actual addons required This means you can run an addon server, host a vanilla mission and anyone with just vanilla content can join. Apex from this perspective is just another addon/mod folder
  11. Only DLC You will need to buy at this stage is the Apex (Tanoa) DLC, its very much worth it and is by far the best terrain BIS have ever created. On top of that get teamspeak installed (Nearly every milsim server uses it) Then try and find a decent public vanilla server, get on their teamspeak and from there once you have played with them, a bit they will help you with your addons if they have an addon server There are a lot of servers that are poorly run, best way to find out is find a populated one and try them out. Whatyever you do, do not go on a team killing spree just because you get frustrated, that will get you banned. Be patient, communicate with the squad leader, introduce yourself to the group leader using voip and do as they ask
  12. The community is currently involved in beta testing Roy86's Patrol Ops 4. For that reason you will most likely find the server passworded. Access is only available during this time by members of the community or regulars who need to be on teamspeak during these sessions. The password will be removed during our 2 vanilla game nights on Thursdays and Sundays (Po4 Beta will not be available during these open sessions)
  13. this should be a simple text file, try recreating it or changing it to .bat instead of .cmd