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  1. on their servers, ask Dwarden
  2. well that would depend on your complaint, if you tell us what it is generally about without dropping any names maybe we could help point you in the right direction
  3. the post you linked to also has the fix
  4. I also revamped the loadouts, the only options I gave for the VAS box system was to give the players the ability to collect ammo for other players weapon systems (Everyones an ammo bearer) I removed everything I didnt want them to have, limiting options for simplicity and ability to share ammo etc and to stop them running around with uber scopes and thermal imaging equipment. Each role was given a specific loadout when it came to equipment. Recon for example were given low powered self defence weapons but high powered observation equipment, as would be correct for that role. No sniper equipment was made available (Spoils the fun for everyone else and attracts the players with the wrong mentality for the sniper role (When I design my own missions the sniper role is lucky if he has more than 1 mag) On our vanilla server we use VOIP and the command net channel as the platoon net so orbat layout is pretty important for us. Therefore I also changed the orbat so that there was a definitive Platoon commander and XO position without having any other units in their group to administer These 2 slots were then the only slot that could re-assign roles to anyone, it was removed from squad leaders to stop abuse. The amount of changes I made to Roy's original concept were made to custom fit our actual style of gameplay and fortunately Roy has always allowed this. HALO was restricted to recon only, which was only given to them so they could get into the AO quickly, start gathering intel and find a suitable LZ for the main helo insertion Fast air was restricted to 1 slot, nothing worse than having all the enemies destroyed by some idiot flyboys and spoiling it for the grunts and whoa betide him if he got shot down, he wouldn't be respawning and flying straight away, it required a CSAR unit to go and collect him, revive him from his none time out bleedout and then return him to the airfield where a nice shiny new aircraft was waiting. (This has a great effect on their flying skills) The beauty of Roy's patrol ops is 2 fold Firstly his design and implementation Secondly his open license agreement which does allow you to edit his work. Our community wouldnt be the same without PO3 and now eagerly awaiting PO4
  5. maybe you should take this to the mission editing forum, which is more apt for your query than the server administration forum
  6. Had a look through your rpt nothing stood out other than the exception, e.g. C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at FBB20210 (Which basically means it didnt like the instruction it was given, for example trying to divide 0 by something or having a null value) .Your going to have a nightmare debugging this with all the addons you run First thing would do is rebuild your mission a bit at a time, checking and debugging all the scripts as you go very methodically You would then need to debug all your addons by adding 1 or 2 at a time until you can reproduce the issue consistently. That btw is hours and hours and hours of work.
  7. This is downloaded with all the rest of the arma files when you download the game via steam typically this is ??:\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3\arma3server_x64.exe If you are using the batch file from this tutorial then it is wherever you point that batch file to install ArmA3 Default is D:\Games\ArmA3\A3Master
  8. Glad to be of help. If you change the global variable names can you define the one that stops the addon version loading, otherwise we would end up with 2 sets of actions
  9. "Advanced Towing" by Duda is a system that already exists. It comes as a fully scripted system for integration into missions , or optionally as a serverside only addon which injects the code into the clients He also created "Advanced rapelling" and "Advanced sling loading", which also comes as a serverside addon or scripted system. This would be your better option if you want additional functionality. We use it and I highly recommend it and the others he makes It is useful when you need to send a player back to collect vehicles, they can chain them together and bring 4 trucks back with one driver etc (If you config to allow that) It is good for recovering stuck vehicles (On walls) or vehicles that have turned over after bouncing of a 1 inch rock The beauty of the system is its simplicity and functionality. You walk up to the towing vehicle and via an addaction you collect the rope which then "attaches itself to you", you then walk up to the vehicle you want to recover and you attach it via an addaction, job done. Weight/Mass of the vehicles effect towing speed and towing capability and it does have a decent immersion factor Also you would now have another mission option. "Recover vehicle" @Roy, if you haven't seen these addons/scripts, they are definitely worth checking out and are so easy to use and implement I have no idea what sling loading system you will have in PO4, most likely a derivative of the PO3 system, this would replace that and dare I say be an improvement..Defintely worth checking out.
  10. No, its nothing to do with the description.ext, its an entry in the mission editor that writes to the mission.sqm It's Attributes -> General -> < PRESENTATION > Title
  11. There is a priority system. If the name has been defined in the editor (Forgot what field its called, used to be somewhere in the intel section) then it will use that Otherwise it will use the filename For our server, I prefer the file name option, that way I can easily edit it if it doesn't follow our file name convention. Otherwise I have to de-pbo the mission and edit it internally which is a pain in the butt
  12. here is your error line, ErrorMessage: File cfg\Users\server\server.Arma3Profile, line 6: '/DifficultyPresets.': '�' encountered instead of '=' '�' encountered instead of '=' languate/character configuration issue ? check the syntax... copy the file into notepad then copy it from notepad to your config file, omitting everything else
  13. This is my *.arma3profile file with just the one difficulty class, custom viewDistance=1000; preferredObjectViewDistance=1000; terrainGrid=25; class DifficultyPresets { class CustomDifficulty { class Options { reducedDamage=0; groupIndicators=0; friendlyTags=0; enemyTags=0; detectedMines=0; commands=0; waypoints=2; weaponInfo=1; stanceIndicator=1; staminaBar=1; weaponCrosshair=0; visionAid=0; thirdPersonView=1; cameraShake=0; scoreTable=0; deathMessages=0; vonID=1; mapContent=0; autoReport=0; multipleSaves=0; }; aiLevelPreset=3; }; class CustomAILevel { skillAI=0.85000002; precisionAI=0.5; }; };
  14. this is your error (Missing addon requirement) 18:06:49 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted. bloodsplatter You can ignore the a3f_character missing addon requirement, this is a BI error nothing you can do about it also read through your entire rpt its a mess, some of those addons are outdated, especially the ones required CBA_XEH your selection of addons needs to be revisted Its not all about shiny looking addons, they need to be configured correctly too and a lot of those arent
  15. ignore, for some reason this double posted