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  1. why do folks constantly leap over obstacles instead of clearing the path and proving what they have done on each step ? FIRST 1) prove vanilla install 2) prove addons with original keys 3) then prove with your own keys if you prove 1 and 2 then your also prove you know how to install and run mods (We dont know that we can only guess). Again lack of information, so lets assume you have done 1 and 2 without any issues. (If you havent go back and do that first before we can continue debugging) Check every pbo has a corresponding bisign that is for the key you host in your keys folder Delete your existing key Delete all existing bisigns Create a new bikey pair (with a date stamp in it, (eg MyBikey_20170421.bikey) Resign all the addons Check every addon has a corresponding bisign with the correct bikey name in it (EG THE DATE TAG) Check the bisigns with the key verification tool that BI provides If your still having problems, clear out the mod folders, add a few addons at a time until you find the culprit you can quickly figure out which mod pack or addon is the cause this way Also what O/S. mod packs and binary are you loading (Or rather than answer that supply a full rpt file dumped into pastebin) SECOND What tool are you using to sign the keys ? and as Diesel stated why would you unpack the addons ? Take us through the actions you are doing to try and achieve this
  2. prove a vanilla server before you start adding 3rd party content
  3. verifysignatures=2; in your server config and place the bikeys for your white listed addons in your servers keys folder
  4. if you can run a stable vanilla server then i suggest you take this issue to the scripting and mission design forums as this sounds very much like a coding issue for your mission, more specifically a locality issue such as "isdedicated"
  5. typically the mods should be in your root arma3\ and the bikeys in your arma3\keys folder Inside each mod folder should be an addons folder inside that folder for every .pbo should be a corresponding .bisign I'd do that and prove it before you start symlinking to remote folders A complete .rpt file copied to a pastebin link would have been nice
  6. am assuming your mission has 0 playable slots, or you made it in the Single Player editor. Due to the lack of information you have given, this is a best guess
  7. I've had issues with arma updates from steam also, their file hosting process seems to be good at corrupting files. Glad you solved it, seems a bit odd though that you couldn't delete a file because it was locked by another process but you could overwrite it Happy days
  8. Open Process Explorer, running as administrator. Enter the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F. Altenatively, click the “Find” menu and select “Find a Handle or DLL”. A search dialog box will open. Type in the name of the locked file or other file of interest. ^ Thanks to google if you cant find the process that is using it, restart the server then delete it
  9. So am assuming you weren't using the default memory allocator then ? We almost always ask for the rpt file, it is full of information that can help us identify issues, so please if you have any issues in future, always copy the contents of all the rpt into a pastebin link The very start is really important, see the example below. It shows what mods you are actually running, the branch and version and............... the memory allocator being used
  10. Clientiside mods: shac tac and any sound/sfx mods. For any others you want to allow, scroll through armaholics and see what else there is out there for players
  11. servers only use 4 ports so have no idea why your setting it up for 8 Maybe you need to revisit the port section in the tutorial thread in this forum What I did find after the 64 bit exe came out was that I also needed to add a rule for the actual 64 bit binary as well (And I still dont know why)
  12. Spend the money on the fastest cpu you can afford (Its all about the cpu and a fast clock speed) I know AMD are trying to make a comeback, and have no idea what their latest cpu's are like, however for me it would be Xeon all day every day and at least a hex core if you can afford it (You can run 2 fully loaded servers on that and have a backup test server with enough resources left to run much more I would trade an ssd for some enterprise class western digi disk drives, space is more important here than speed of loading and for a server, the only noticeable effect an ssd will have on performance is boot up times And I would recommend having at least 2 and mirrorring them using a hardware raid card I haven't looked at the rack servers you have linked. Tyan are on the cheaper end but they do their job and from my experience they are reliable enough so you should be okay with them. I would recommend however if the M.board on that doesnt support two cpu's get one that does. Its better to have a spare cpu slot and never use it than need one but dont have it and in a couple of years time that extra cpu will be a lot cheaper and a worthy upgrade. Thats what we did, started off with a quad core xeon, when they got cheaper upgraded to a hex then eventually got another hex for our spare cpu slot. We have two (Old by todays stabdards) X5675 clocking at 3.07Ghz, 24 Gb ram and with that we run 4 to 5 servers continuously 1 x vanilla server co op capped at 64 players 1 x addon server xcapped at 64 which runs ACE, TFAR, Alive and all the other normal goodies etc 1 x (Either special events server, training server) 1 x test server and we also host for another small coop community plus throw the oddball server iup every now and then (Currenbtly Blackwake when we can be arsed) I believe we run around 300 active AI with that on any missions and since the various patches and the latest 64 bit upgrade that possibly can be increased although I haven't looked at the performance cap in a while Hope that helps
  13. I dint know about that, thanks
  14. You havent made it clear what you have actually done, so ..... if you have created a new key set deleted all the old bisigns and keys resigned the addons Then there are only 2 possibilities Your key signing method is flawed or the tools you are using are There is something wrong with the addon (I doubt this, although not sure exactly how the signing is done or authenticated, I wouldnt imagine the content of the addon matters). You can verify your signatures, there is a signature checking tool, if you'd adopted my batch file system, it does that automatically so if you haven't used my system, then you need to verify the signing you have done
  15. You haven't provided any of the information that the first post in this thread asks for. Firstly you need to prove a vanilla server works. If you can get it to that stage then you have just proven it is an Altis life mission/database/addon issue and therefore need to be then figuring out which one of those three is the issue