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  1. Well I can confidentally state that our milsim servers do not have this issue, therefore it is most likely specific to Altis Life, and guessing at a Database, addon, DLL related issue You could try and prove a vanilla server to verify this
  2. Looks like mission issue.. Following looks like an issue with hit eventhandler/handledamage eventhandler system , Could be ace medical or a revive system
  3. I think there is a VTE Mod night being organised, date pending
  4. what youtube video.... and you need a physical server to run arma on Your options are Buy one and colocate it (Most expensive but total control) Rent a dedicated server (Mid cost with a lot of control) rent virtual space (No. of slots) at a gamehosting provider (Cheapest with least control) Run a virtual server from your own gaming rig (Lower number of slots (For a few mates), needs good upload/download bandwidth but by far the cheapest
  5. if its happening at the same time every day then maybe your either running a daily update that takes a lot of resources or there is an issue on your network
  6. I take it you didn't want any help then, just wanted to rant. I find it odd that you think your initial 4-5 fps wasn't an issue
  7. What the hell are you talking about mate ? Here's a shot at the cryptic query. You will need the hardware an o/s and a place to host the server BIS do not pay us to run servers (Now wouldn't that be nice :-)) The actual ArmA3 dedicated server software is free
  8. Revisit your command lines, Now these are most likely not the issue but they need sorting -maxMem=8135 -cpuCount=12 -exThreads=7 -autoinit -enableHT You are declaring things that don't need declaring, i.e you are declaring the default values Some command line arguments are contradictory to others. You are running 64 bit binary and trying to restrict RAM useage One of your arguments or rather the value you have set is for a client with a gpu not a dedicated server without one Rather than tell you what these are, visit this page, read through it and try to get a better understanding https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters **************************************************************** I pointed you to a debugging tutorial, I didn't do that for laughs and giggles m8 You haven't supplied all the information it asks for, one of those is your bandwidth settings, as this may be a network related issue, that's kind of pretty important. Now after 3 posts we find out this is an Altis Life server running 136 slots. (You see how initially your first post was completely uninformative) Here is what I recommend you do to try and do 1) Prove a BIS Vanilla server before you add any 3rd party content (You cannot possibly hope to logically diagnose any server issues without having proven this) 2) I would revisit your bandwidth settings (It would have been nice to see what those were 3) Revert all your modifications back to standard Altis Life. (I assume ""pretty clean Altis life mission."" means you have modded it somewjat. Then rerun the server see if you have the same issues If you have, reduce the player slots to something like 50 and then slowly bump the numbers up until you find a sensible value (Running a server is about providing quality of service not player numbers to see who can get the biggest number on the server browser) Based on the limited info you have given It is either bandwidth/network related running with too many player slots server configuration poorly configged bandwidth Mission related mission scripting
  9. that isn't the error sections, that's after the server stopped receiving all the rpt file is needed, in its entirity posted into a pastebin link
  10. those rpt entries you posted aren't telling you the fault they are telling you the effect, which is basically lost packets of data which can be any and all of the followeing factors Badly scripted mission/ Badly configged/scripted addon Host network issues Poor server configuration (Mainly bandwidth settings) Trying to host too many clients A fresh and complete rpt file uploaded to a pastebin link may have been more useful instead of a small snippet Take a look at this thread.... specifically the section INFORMATION YOU NEED TO PROVIDE
  11. well if your server is stating it is running 1.66 and your client is stating its running the latest version 1.68, take a wild guess which one didnt get updated :-) re-update force directory to the server directory if it isn't in the default steam folder a quick check, you should have an armaserver_x64.exe and it should be either Thursdays date or todays date on the file
  12. 64 bit increases ram useage not core useage That would most likely need an engine rewrite (Which I believe is now overdue and they should be getting stuck into it for A4)
  13. That sounds like a firewall issue, make sure your firewall allows the arma3server_x64.exe, if you dont know how to do that try https://portforward.com or google Those having other issues remove all the "extra" command line params especially those that manipulate memory also make sure you are allocating another memory for the servers, 64 bit can access a lot more memory If your still having issues run the 32 bit binary until you find a solution
  14. Server running 64 bit or 32 bit Client running 64 bit or 32 bit All combinations of server/client variants tested JIP client hangs on connection if mission was already running NON JIP Client hangs when server state changes from briefing to mission running Every client in our community that was online this evening has the same issue I installed the 64-bit 2013 VC++ redist on my client and retried the 64 bit exe, same result. Unable to restart server atm having also installed the VC++ redist on it, but dont see that as being the issue when this is a clientside only mod Good luck with the hotfix and hoping for a speedy solution EDIT That was quick, already available on Steam, thx a lot
  15. Todays 64 Bit exe update 1) Update your firewall rules to include the 64 bit binary 2) BattleEye changes 64 bit binary runs the beserver_x64.dll It also needs a BEServer_x64.cfg (Which is simply a renamed copy of your BEServer.cfg