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  1. I'd love to support some of the mods adding women, but I'm wary of using existing sounds from other games etc. and would prefer to get something community-made in there, which means I would need an actress or two. I like the idea of the body thunk sound. We've also been thinking about trying to do helmet detection, so there might be a special sound when someone wearing a helmet gets a headshot. Progress has been a little slow the last few days though. Meanwhile I've been playtesting some of the missions I made before. They won't be in there for the next release, but here's a screenshot from the third mission: It's a simple premise: hold out long enough for armored support to arrive. The player's squad will arrive at this farm, send the farmer on his way and take up residence inside, to form an FOB. Time fast forwards, and a little later the fresh FOB will come under heavy infantry attack. Troops will more than likely penetrate the complex and come in close, making use of the buildings essential for survival until backup shows up. Despite a simple design (which I think are usually the best, like the missions in the OFP campaign), there are a lot of triggers keeping track of various events like enemy troops getting into the complex from various sides, the player getting wounded and then sent to see a medic who can heal him up through a scripted action (no need to wait for the AI to come to you, go to the medic and he'll patch you up no problems), progress of the rescue team etc. Plenty of conversational material, to say the least! :)
  2. Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

  3. Sweet, glad you liked them! I also had a look at recovering the missions I had started on for a mini-campaign, and seems like 5 out of 6 are OK and can be continued with. I'll have to recreate the 6th one and come up with a 7th to tie up that storyline. So that means I'm going to need some people to voice some roles over several missions, because there is no way I'm releasing anything without voice-acting in it. The idea was to do a mini-campaign for each faction, but I'll see how it goes. It's a pretty daunting task haha. At any rate, if I do end up doing other campaigns they will be released in chapters just like ArmA 3's campaign was, but each storyline should be tied up, though still flow into the other storylines of other characters. Not entirely sure how to pull that off quite yet but I have some ideas. On top of that though I'm still looking for people to do death screams as well. Multiple people came forward but only one of them has actually delivered anything so far, which should be in the next update.
  4. Arma3 Videos

  5. Something to think about hehe. It's going to be hard to account for every possible situation and every mod though.
  6. Thanks! TheWaltsu is currently looking into a way to check amount of damage and how it can influence screams. The Bloodlust example is quite funny, but something that can hopefully be fixed. Personally I have very little knowledge of the code and what is and isn't possible, so I'm reluctant to say "will do", but it's something we want to take into account. Well, can't please everyone. Luckily a lot of other people do seem to like it, even though they can be a tad long. I've done my best is all I can say. I've been giving this some thought over the past days, because like SFX Project I contemplated using sounds from other games (and for a long time while we were still testing, we used RO2 sounds which are fantastic), but decided against using sounds from other games to prevent potential copyright issues, as well as the fact that RO2 was the main inspiration for Project Human, and other games simply don't deliver the feeling I'm looking to create. I guess the best way to put it is that the goal of Project Human isn't just to get a reaction out of the AI, it's to get a reaction out of the people playing ArmA 3. We're also working on another update that should hopefully bring some more features, as well as new screams by our first voice acting volunteer! Things we're looking at are 'mercy taps', basically shooting a 'dead' guy to shut him up, the damage detection thing so that if there is too much damage done, the guy is just quiet... and a way to set particular death screams for characters in the editor, because.... well, I've always wanted to do a campaign alongside the deathscream stuff, where you get to play as various factions and kind of see their side of things, and making the soldiers feel a bit more like people. In case of ambushes for example, it would be nice to control what kind of screams you get so you get the desired effect. I had started on a campaign for the AAF aaages ago but then an update to Eden Enhanced broke them all... which somehow seems to have gotten unbroken again so I can resume working on them. Definitely going to require some more voice actors for that though.
  7. You're welcome! Now for some other mods later on as well :)
  8. Update 1.1 is live now! We added three new features: a shout upon being wounded, which will occur only once, we added underwater detection with it's own set of gargles and hit sounds, and we added support for RAVAGE, so zombies now have their own distinct set of hit and death sounds. The total of screams etc. is now up to 70.
  9. I can appreciate that, yeah. When I'm just testing things by shooting a bunch of people close together it can get old pretty fast. When more variety of screams and actors is added hopefully that will change. During regular gameplay however most of your kills will be at a distance, so teammates close to you will emit some screams every once in a while probably, but it won't be so close together to become annoying. I do agree with you on the heavy breathing when wounded, it's something that annoys me in the base game as well and also the reason I don't want to record stuff like that as well. However, we are working on hit sounds! So when a character gets shot somewhere, he'll emit a one-time "Ugh!" or "Agh!". We're keeping those short so that if the character dies to the next bullet, they won't overlap with the longer deathscream. We'll try to get a few shorter death screams in there as well for variety's sake, but I quite like having a prolonged firefight and hearing people not just do a quick "AAAH", but the more drawn-out screams. It makes the battlefield feel more alive and chaotic, just like the final engagement in the showcase trailer. YOu'll hear people drop over and scream, but it's more spaced out and thus also more impactful, hopefully. We're also working on underwater detection, so that characters that are under water will only emit gurgles. We're also doing some zombie-specific groans, stuff like dry wheezes like the Lost do in XCOM 2 :)
  10. There actually isn't a new version, sorry about that! I just wanted to update the thumbnail on the workshop so the logo is a bit bigger and more clearly readable. Wasn't sure if I had to select the modfolder again or not for the upload (figured maybe it'd replace it with nothing?) Doubtful but I didn't want to break things and since it's such a small mod, figured I might as well select the folder again. So nothing new for now, though some plans are forming!
  11. That's untested. What's your concern? @Foxhound, thanks!
  12. Thanks guys! It has been a long time since I've first had this idea, and thanks to TheWaltsu it's finally a reality :) What you describe Rydygier, educational by shock, is exactly what I want this mod to be. I remember vividly some of the kills I made in Red Orchestra 2 that made me feel good because of how unlikely it was that I would come out on top but did, yet were disturbing and unsettling because that feeling of joy was then met with a guy convincingly crying for his mother... It's one thing to know somewhere in the back of your head that you're playing at something very real and serious, and another to have that reality actually invade your game space. The reality is, people don't just fall over, bodies get mangled, and everyone has family and friends that are going to miss them... which seems easy enough to forget in real life sometimes, and in videogames even more so. I hope people playing with this mod will experience something similar to what I felt when I played Red Orchestra 2 :)
  13. Hi, first off, thanks for commenting! I'd love to have something more than just sounds, like animations or the twitching you describe. I'm not entirely sure how feasible it is at this point though. Not sure if you can make people that the game considers dead still do stuff. ArmA 2 and ACE3 did have animations for wounded characters which rolled on the ground so it might be possible to do something along those lines, but we'll have to see. I'd love to have something like dying animations that transition into ragdolls but that'd be a pretty big project. There is already a contingency in the mod that should prevent the same sound from being picked again too quickly. We are also looking for more voice actors so that the script has more options to choose from, so repetition should be less of an issue in the future. I'll look into it :) The AI does not hear these screams, no. It's a good point. At the moment you'll have to suspend your disbelief a little bit. *maybe* screams could be made audible to AI, but that would break those stealth missions probably... There's downsides to doing that and also to not doing that, if it's possible. Having longer screams for wounded people could be an option but personally, the moaning when being wounded in ArmA 3 already annoys me. Doing it only once doesn't make sense because that kind of pain doesn't go away, so it becomes annoying quite quickly. When we get multiple actors contributing, it might even mean not hearing the same voice in your current life but different ones... which would be even worse for immersion, if that can't be changed. In co-op as well, when you want to be communicating with friends, you probably don't want to hear my moaning in between. That is already a risk with death screams, but one that is made more manageable by distance as well as the fact that once your dead it doesn't really matter anymore anyway.
  14. Hello everyone! Today marks the day I've been looking forward to for a long, long time: the full release of Project Human, a death scream mod for ArmA 3! In it’s simplest form, Project Human is a deathscream mod. People that get killed within a certain distance of the player, Zeus or when controlling a UAV will no longer do so quietly. The mod supports headshot detection, which will lead to either gurgling or outright silence, whereas regular kills through body shots will lead to screaming, crying and swearing. As the name of the mod might indicate however, the goal here is not to be funny (no Wilhelm scream for us!) but rather to humanize the characters in ArmA 3, and the screams are very heavily inspired by those in Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad. The mod was therefore also made to be faction-specific, so that when the right actors are found, CSAT could have death screams in Farsi or Chinese, the AAF in Greek, and so on. Currently however I am the only voice-actor in the project as it was decided not to use existing screams from other games like Red Orchestra 2 because of potential copyright issues. We are looking for willing voice-actors with decent static-free microphones who think they have what it takes to deliver the right performance! I will be selective about what goes into the mod however, so please give it your very best shot if you’re interested. This mod requires CBA. I made a showcase trailer in which you can see the mod in action: Current features: - 70 different screams, gurgles etc. - Headshot detection - Hit sounds (single shout when wounded) - Underwater detection - Faction specific - Supports RAVAGE - Zeus support (Zeus can hear screams too, with the only exception being when Zeus is remote-controlling units due to technical limitations) - Multiplayer support (the same scream will play for every player) - Signed with bikeys This project was made possible thanks to the following people: - Scripting Initial scripts by Laxxeman, which formed the framework for the mod Further rework by Degmancro, aka D-Man Final script by TheWaltsu - Screams SiC Subscribe to the mod on the workshop page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1188797395 Update 1.1 showcase: