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  1. Wow, thanks :) I have to admit I was a bit concerned about complexity - but it looks like usage of your delete/spawn system is quite simple actually. I will definitely try out your script system there, and thanks - I can imagine that was quite an endeavor to pull off. Honestly I was thinking this would be something nice that BIS would install, just be able to editor place tons of units with waypoints, flag them as 'soon to be spawned or something' and then be able to flag them to spawn at some point, but I figured they would be staying on with priorities rather than fancy features like this - didn't think that someone would actually create a mod that does this :)
  2. Hello I'm planning on have a few fairly large scale battles take place during a Mp missions, which includes a lot of waypoint usage by the AI. Is there a way or method to be able to actually use editor placed waypoints for spawned groups? I don't see it being reasonable to use markers to deal with tons of waypoints for spawned groups - right now the only thing I see doable is to just place one unit for each group on the map, make the waypoint plans, and then spawn the rest of the Ai units in each group when the time comes - which of course still has the total group count on the map, but reduces total ai count hugely until spawn time. On a side note, just wondering how Arma 3 handles hundreds of AI units at long distances away in MP, are they set to a lower processing until a player is closer to them - and is there a significant difference of performance impact between how a SP mission runs with hundreds of AI on the map and how a MP mission runs with the same count on a server with the same system specs - All of the AI are Not in player groups either. Thanks
  3. Hello :) I thought I should mention I found a strange thing happening on my end for the steam version of Cup Maps - Normally I use the Cup Terrains Full - non steam, and I recently downloaded and used Cup Core + Cup Maps from steam in order to fulfill the exact requirements of a few maps out there requiring 'cup core'. I found that there was no shadows showing on anything on the Cup maps, and the sun was like barely visible in the sky, kind of like mottled and blurred out - tried a few different daytime settings and Cup maps, all the same. I switched back to the Cup Terrains Full (from Armaholic) and the shadows are all there again with the sun showing in full in the sky. I figure I must be running the current updated version of Cup Terrains Full as well, as Utes is covered with the different grass as indicated in the changelog. If no one else is experiencing this, maybe it's just some glitch on my end - I only have Ace and Cba enabled additionally, so I don't think it is some type of mod conflict - just thought I should mention this.
  4. Typing it took more work and time than anything else lol - After a year spent on the Ai Modify system, it isn't that hard to recall some of this stuff - probably alike others that have spent tons of time on Ai mods out there. Although I think that in many ways the AI in Ai Modify turned out to not be as dynamic as the default AI in Arma 3, mine don't flank, they seldom take cover, yet I do think the 3D line drawing in the mod does do some good stuff Arma 3 does not do - in particular regarding this topic the directional facing stuff which it seems is something that Arma 3 could actually handle doing for large scale engagements. I've found during the time I did spend on my Ai mod that unit facing direction during different situations was a really big deal when it comes to improving overall game play quality. Although the Ai Modify deals primarily with one man groups for small scale missions of 'special forces' type stuff, the concept for 3D line drawing for units facing valid directions during engagements is pretty much universal in it's approach for any sized group of Ai units. It's not really my 'forte' normally to get in depth into Ai stuff, but I'd like to see improvements as well to make game play better. One thing is for sure, the aforementioned urban Ai additions, alike many Ai additions/changes, could either make a positive difference or could cause things to be worse than ever depending on how well it is implemented and tested out - trying to do something like this quickly and just let the players test it out approach could be a disaster.
  5. Yes, I've seen units in a group facing strange directions sometimes as well shortly after an engagement - I'm not completely sure this is even desired in even more outdoor areas - at least if it is, maybe there should be more of a delay before them facing directions offset from the direction of the known enemy position. The only way I've seen to separate open environment Ai combat behavior from urban style Ai combat behavior is to either have a new Ai script command that toggles urban combat behavior on/off for a group - and/or place-able modules with a radius one can set for denoting towns/cities as indeed urban areas, and allowing the Ai combat behavior switching to be autonomous. When the Urban combat behavior is on: Of course if there already is LOS between the opposing forces, then they should just face and shoot - if there is *not* LOS - then there can be a bit more involved, as of course one does not want units facing walls and whatnot - Below is a picture of a somewhat simple 3d line drawing system for Ai units to face the nearest valid 'watch direction' in correlation to the actual position of a known enemy - 3D lines are drawn at something like every 20 degrees around the units, with the first line drawn directly to the enemy, and then incrementally out from there every 20 degrees (compass - and I don't remember exactly what the degree value was) back and forth from both sides of the original compass position aiming at the enemy until the line drawn passes beyond 20 meters without connecting with anything. This significantly improves the chance that the units will face a desirable direction, but of course cannot cover every possibility. The Ai Modify system does this, the tough part there is that units in combat behavior can easily override scripted doWatch and SetDir commands - but if the developers ever decided to put something like this into their Ai combat behavior system, then of course there would be no undesirable overriding behavior. Again, this could be installed directly into the Ai units combat behavior that is hard coded, and hopefully performance impact would not be much due to the minimal line drawing - of course there would be a fair amount of work done to put this into a truly dynamic script system - but I don't think it would be that tough. On a side note, a similar thing can be done for units that do the occasional scanning - where instead of just doing a slow spin which can result in a unit staring at walls - one can generate valid watch positions around a unit and then the unit can incrementally cycle through the valid directions with short delays between each, giving the final result of a 'scanning' action - and there is a bit more involved than just this to refine it a bit, this script also exists and runs in the Ai Modify system - with the same issues of battling against the Ai's combat behavior overriding it where in the event of it being hardcoded this issue would not exist. This type of thing may also only be desirable for the urban combat style behavior. For urban style combat, some of the scanning behavior can imo be quite undesirable as well, like a unit scanning 5-10 seconds after losing sight of a seen enemy - at least this kind of thing could be turned off during Urban style combat (or maybe at least increase the time delay before it may happen by a lot), as it can result in the player easily being able to exploit this apart from it looking off - example: peek around corner - Mg gunner spins at you and fires, you duck back behind the corner - wait 5 -10 seconds - Mg gunner slowly turns, eventually faces a totally wrong direction - peek around corner again - take him down easily. And - I know the picture I put there is no work of art lol - it does the job. /Edit Thinking on it, in the end it could be desirable to actually exempt more than just bushes from the line drawing checks, small objects like poles,etc and even some small fences that have big gaps between slats/etc would be good to avoid - downside to this is that user made addon items would not be a part of the exemption list - unless there was some way to mark objects as being 'exempt' from the 3d line draw checks - which could work well universally, making the script simpler by just checking on that instead of combing through too many items per line intersect. Also, a limit may need to be put in for how far one way or the other on the compass a unit will swing and face before the 3d line drawing checks are ended and the unit is just left likely facing the direction they are already in - I think I had it cancel at 90 degrees offset so that units could not face more than 90 degrees offset from the direction of the enemy.
  6. I've accepted for some time now that from my tests, the Ai in Arma 3 are not very reliable for use in interiors, between getting stuck and having issues with near enemies not being detected I can only see static units being placed on occasion for my missions that may or may not respond to nearby threats. On the other hand, I've accepted that Arma 3 Imo is really more of an 'outdoor' combat type game, and try to keep to that theme. I just came back to the game recently, after realizing how much easier Arma 3 can be to edit than some other games, and not only am I glad to see the SetUnitPos UP issue has finally been resolved, but I have to say I am really impressed with the current state of the AI mobility. Maybe I've strayed away from grouped units usage too much for too long, and been out of the loop - but I've recently been watching you-tube videos showing a Lot of Arma 3 missions where the enemy AI is doing all sorts of various movements during engagements, and I initially thought.. I wonder how the mission maker did that? Then I finally broke down and started tinkering again with grouped enemy ai units, maxed out their courage, set them to Open Fire, and woah! - In a moderate town environment, I just witnessed something I have never seen in Arma 1, 2 or 3 - the enemy ai units were doing a number of things, advancing and flanking - and not just a few of them, but most of the units were at very least intermittently on the move doing something if they weren't directly firing - to me that is Very cool - and this is such a big step forward from the past where the enemy Ai basically did little else than lay down, crawl around, get up for a moment, rinse repeat. So, despite the issues with interiors that for my part I have accepted some time ago, I am really impressed with what I have seen recently with the Ai being able to be so much more mobile and 'alive' during engagements, and the really cool part is that much of their actions are autonomous with only a few simple commands thrown in to kick it off, talk about making unit placement and usage so much easier - I can literally throw down a group of 12 units with max courage and open fire - and they really are doing the rest. For me, it's a welcome break from dealing with time consuming and detailed unit management that I had to do in order to get these guys to be mobile in the past.
  7. That is just terribly sad that the Opposition team has stooped to such low levels to release the thing, which of course has brought so much interest in the overall sheer volume of content that the super jerks are now joining them to defend work that is mostly stolen. Unfortunately steam has proved imo to be a mixed bag Imo, a decent mix of casual gamers that may not have otherwise posted in Armaholic in response to user made content they have played, and there is the jerk volume as well that can even come across as some sort of a gang at its worst. What is going on with the threads on Steam regarding SW Opposition is really a sad thing, as yea, I saw the behavior getting worse and worse as people are going ballistic like a bunch of jerk children because their illegal SW overhaul is more important than their honor and their integrity - and I say illegal because I did download the thing, not really realizing what was going on, nor the scope of it - and .. wow, it looks like a potentially MASSIVE amount of copyrighted SW models are in there, enough to really create an entire new game out of Arma 3 - and that is where I finally decided to remove the thing from my system - the whole thing is likely hugely illegal. I really am thinking SW Opposition may be one of the biggest, if not the biggest copyright infringement cases involving Star Wars video game content ever - and I seriously doubt that Lucas is going to just ignore something this blatant, even if it does get hosted only on a private website.
  8. I appreciate the input there - but that's really it for me. The last 2 missions I made dealt with issues in the game by various workaround that made things harder and more complex to implement, and furthermore the best I could do with the 'fixes' never really totally fixed the issues, they only reduced the negative effects - and anyhow I would have no idea where to start trying to figure out how to get the lip sync files both to work and not cause the voice file to run at hyper speed (apart from the fact that dealing with getting the dialog system itself running was already enough to deal with). I agree that the game has had a lot of very cool commands added, but I've just brick walled one too many times into issues at this point.
  9. wow This issue has been around for over 6 months unresolved? I really am continually amazed at the increasing volume of things being broken, and left broken in this game that are big pieces of quality content for certain missions that used to be accessible now gone. Well, hours spent getting the SOW Dynamic Dialog to work in Arma 3 for nothing, I'm really starting to consider just going back to Oblivion editing.
  10. I have to post here - I've now put out two hard worked on missions, one set on Utes (Cup) and the second on Ural winter - both missions I had to either have super early morning starting or fully cloudy so that shadowing/lighting is turned off, which diminishes overall mission quality. The mission on Ural I had to actually go even farther than that and 'lock' the time to 8:10 permanently in mission because much past this and things start glowing. And now after being done with two lengthy projects, I figured hey, why not go back to messing around casually with a simple mission on the awesome map Kunduz.. and wow, at 7:30 in the morning with partly cloudy settings the dang structures and walls are.. glowing.. :( And so now, it seems once again I may have to disable the shadows/lighting by putting in super early morning or fully cloudy and put up with a less than visually appealing environment just to get rid of the glowing objects. I really expected Kunduz, being a warm climate type map to be ok with the lighting changes.. nope. Imo, Kunduz is the best user made map I have ever seen that even rivals the quality of the BIS official maps, and even this one is now seemingly permanently damaged. Kunduz *used* to be beautiful with the previous lighting. It's like other people have said, I don't get it either. To make such dramatic lighting changes that specifically aim only at improving gameplay on official maps and let user made stuff get potentially so wrecked does not seem like something that would sell very well down the road, when especially with Arma 3 so many people are using modded maps and content. I personally am a lower end user that greatly benefits from user made content because my system cannot effectively handle official maps cpu demands, and it is unfortunate to see the really great modded content diminishing more and more in quality due to the lighting changes.
  11. Mission updated to version 1.4 1.4 Significant reduction in early mission difficulty - removed 2 tower guards/towers, 1 tower/tower guard moved, all alarm guards are killed by one hit, enemy safe mode detection range reduced by 90 meters (aware/combat mode detection ranges still the same). Numerous tests have shown this update has made things much easier in the early stages of the mission. The sniper can expect greater reliability in taking down the alarm guards from long distances and also the update changes things so that the sniper does not need to take down nearly as many enemies early on as before in order for the way to be cleared for the infiltration team to be able to get into the base undetected. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mission updated to version 1.5 1.5 Minor adjustments to various units skills settings.
  12. /Edit Updated both SP and MP missions to V1.3 Version 1.3 Reduced view distance of a few specific units. ___________________________________________________
  13. Update: Version 1.2 Modified base main road patrol unit path to make it significantly easier to eliminate him without alerting the base. At a certain point during the mission some of the wilderness enemies have their skill values reduced. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This update has made a significant difference overall in level of difficulty in keeping the base from going on alert while eliminating enemies, as the one particular main road patrol unit was previously too hard to eliminate without other units seeing him get killed in areas that were too difficult to manage. I won't spoil things by indicating exactly what the patrol path change is (a small change indeed), but I will say that one of the ideal situations to eliminate him is when he is at a position where many would probably expect to take him down at. At this particular position he certainly is nearby and in view of a few other enemies, but the 'situation' is potentially isolated from other units (potentially meaning patrols still remain a threat depending on current position) providing a very reasonable situation to deal with. And some of the wilderness enemies get skill values reduced at a certain point - which is the way it was meant to be.
  14. Hello Froggyluv Sorry you went through that, although it is stated on the steam release pages for both mission versions regarding 32 bit (unless that is what you mean by 'comments') - I believe this issue is directly related only to the Ural map. I will put the same information down here as well. The lengthy required addons list is what it took to create both a fully winterized mission environment with nearly all winter type objects and very good looking winter special ops style player gear and weapons..
  15. Operation Arctic Front Coop 1 - 4 Players/Single Player An aggressive Russian military force has secretly created a base of operations within the Ural mountains, Russia. Your ranger team has been chosen to infiltrate the enemy base and secure key areas within it. The enemy force occupying the hidden base is believed to be made up of ex-military elite Russian soldiers that have gone rogue and are now under the command of a retired Russian Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Pomelov. With global concerns in mind, the U.S. government has been in contact with Russia in regards to this matter, and Russia has agreed to allow the U.S. to deal with the situation due to Russia's desire to avoid certain political repercussions from being directly involved.. Features Very large enemy base that provides different approaches to infiltrating the compound and gives plenty of cover for stealth tactics once inside. Custom AI system - AI Modify - incorporated into the mission that enhances enemy AI behavior making them more mobile, responsive and provides greater support for stealth missions. Replayability - use stealth tactics, try to get farther and farther into the enemy stronghold without raising the alarm. Three specific Special Forces roles to play in a 4 man team: 2 Expert Riflemen, 1 Machine Gunner, and the Sniper whom plays an important role in providing support during the mission. Limitless respawn and revive enabled for the Mp version, full team switch enabled for the single player version. Mountain wilderness, winter environment. Mission time should normally be around 1 hour. *Installation, usage, required addons and known issues information is all provided on the steam release pages. *Important note: If you experience issues with not being able to load/run the Ural Fixed map then you can try running in 32-bit by switching over under the parameters tab at the Arma 3 load up screen. Operation Arctic Front [Coop 1-4] MP Version - Steam Operation Arctic Front [Single Player] Version - Steam Credits Special Ed, Aka Mr Pibb (Ghost Recon.Net) : Author of Operation Arctic Front, Author of AI Modify. mrpibb53@hotmail.com genesis92x : All code inside the VCOMAI folder which includes - Take Cover function, Hit Near function and additional supporting code for those functions (permission was gained). NeoArmageddon : Map Builder - Through the use of a modified version of his Map Builder editor, the base in the mission was created and it would not be what it turned out it as without his very well done Arma 3 editor. The Map Builder Objects addon (configs) is his as well. jus61 : Providing the Ai Modify system on his dedicated server for testing. POLPOX : POLPOX's calm animations. Tpw : Integrated LOS and FOV supporting code from Tpw_Los script KillZone_Kid : KK_fnc_inString function. Heeeere's johnny! : For getting doors names for buildings from A2 by going through his Auto Open Doors script Bis Forums Members that have helped significantly with questions about a vast variety of scripting issues: mdcclxxvi jshock tyger larrow das attorney Heeeere's johnny! davidoss R3vo zriel naizarak silentspike killzone_kid chrisnic Grumpy Old Man Version History: 1.0 Release 1.1 Modified base main road patrol unit path to make it significantly easier to eliminate him without alerting the base. 1.2 At a certain point during the mission some of the wilderness enemies have their skill values reduced. 1.3 Reduced view distance of a few specific units. 1.4 Significant reduction in early mission difficulty - removed 2 tower guards/towers, 1 tower/tower guard moved, all alarm guards are killed by one hit, enemy safe mode detection range reduced by 90 meters (aware/combat mode detection ranges still the same). 1.5 Minor adjustments to various units skills settings.