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  1. I appreciate the input there - but that's really it for me. The last 2 missions I made dealt with issues in the game by various workaround that made things harder and more complex to implement, and furthermore the best I could do with the 'fixes' never really totally fixed the issues, they only reduced the negative effects - and anyhow I would have no idea where to start trying to figure out how to get the lip sync files both to work and not cause the voice file to run at hyper speed (apart from the fact that dealing with getting the dialog system itself running was already enough to deal with). I agree that the game has had a lot of very cool commands added, but I've just brick walled one too many times into issues at this point.
  2. wow This issue has been around for over 6 months unresolved? I really am continually amazed at the increasing volume of things being broken, and left broken in this game that are big pieces of quality content for certain missions that used to be accessible now gone. Well, hours spent getting the SOW Dynamic Dialog to work in Arma 3 for nothing, I'm really starting to consider just going back to Oblivion editing.
  3. I have to post here - I've now put out two hard worked on missions, one set on Utes (Cup) and the second on Ural winter - both missions I had to either have super early morning starting or fully cloudy so that shadowing/lighting is turned off, which diminishes overall mission quality. The mission on Ural I had to actually go even farther than that and 'lock' the time to 8:10 permanently in mission because much past this and things start glowing. And now after being done with two lengthy projects, I figured hey, why not go back to messing around casually with a simple mission on the awesome map Kunduz.. and wow, at 7:30 in the morning with partly cloudy settings the dang structures and walls are.. glowing.. :( And so now, it seems once again I may have to disable the shadows/lighting by putting in super early morning or fully cloudy and put up with a less than visually appealing environment just to get rid of the glowing objects. I really expected Kunduz, being a warm climate type map to be ok with the lighting changes.. nope. Imo, Kunduz is the best user made map I have ever seen that even rivals the quality of the BIS official maps, and even this one is now seemingly permanently damaged. Kunduz *used* to be beautiful with the previous lighting. It's like other people have said, I don't get it either. To make such dramatic lighting changes that specifically aim only at improving gameplay on official maps and let user made stuff get potentially so wrecked does not seem like something that would sell very well down the road, when especially with Arma 3 so many people are using modded maps and content. I personally am a lower end user that greatly benefits from user made content because my system cannot effectively handle official maps cpu demands, and it is unfortunate to see the really great modded content diminishing more and more in quality due to the lighting changes.
  4. Mission updated to version 1.4 1.4 Significant reduction in early mission difficulty - removed 2 tower guards/towers, 1 tower/tower guard moved, all alarm guards are killed by one hit, enemy safe mode detection range reduced by 90 meters (aware/combat mode detection ranges still the same). Numerous tests have shown this update has made things much easier in the early stages of the mission. The sniper can expect greater reliability in taking down the alarm guards from long distances and also the update changes things so that the sniper does not need to take down nearly as many enemies early on as before in order for the way to be cleared for the infiltration team to be able to get into the base undetected. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mission updated to version 1.5 1.5 Minor adjustments to various units skills settings.
  5. /Edit Updated both SP and MP missions to V1.3 Version 1.3 Reduced view distance of a few specific units. ___________________________________________________
  6. Update: Version 1.2 Modified base main road patrol unit path to make it significantly easier to eliminate him without alerting the base. At a certain point during the mission some of the wilderness enemies have their skill values reduced. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ This update has made a significant difference overall in level of difficulty in keeping the base from going on alert while eliminating enemies, as the one particular main road patrol unit was previously too hard to eliminate without other units seeing him get killed in areas that were too difficult to manage. I won't spoil things by indicating exactly what the patrol path change is (a small change indeed), but I will say that one of the ideal situations to eliminate him is when he is at a position where many would probably expect to take him down at. At this particular position he certainly is nearby and in view of a few other enemies, but the 'situation' is potentially isolated from other units (potentially meaning patrols still remain a threat depending on current position) providing a very reasonable situation to deal with. And some of the wilderness enemies get skill values reduced at a certain point - which is the way it was meant to be.
  7. Hello Froggyluv Sorry you went through that, although it is stated on the steam release pages for both mission versions regarding 32 bit (unless that is what you mean by 'comments') - I believe this issue is directly related only to the Ural map. I will put the same information down here as well. The lengthy required addons list is what it took to create both a fully winterized mission environment with nearly all winter type objects and very good looking winter special ops style player gear and weapons..
  8. Operation Arctic Front Coop 1 - 4 Players/Single Player An aggressive Russian military force has secretly created a base of operations within the Ural mountains, Russia. Your ranger team has been chosen to infiltrate the enemy base and secure key areas within it. The enemy force occupying the hidden base is believed to be made up of ex-military elite Russian soldiers that have gone rogue and are now under the command of a retired Russian Lieutenant Colonel Viktor Pomelov. With global concerns in mind, the U.S. government has been in contact with Russia in regards to this matter, and Russia has agreed to allow the U.S. to deal with the situation due to Russia's desire to avoid certain political repercussions from being directly involved.. Features Very large enemy base that provides different approaches to infiltrating the compound and gives plenty of cover for stealth tactics once inside. Custom AI system - AI Modify - incorporated into the mission that enhances enemy AI behavior making them more mobile, responsive and provides greater support for stealth missions. Replayability - use stealth tactics, try to get farther and farther into the enemy stronghold without raising the alarm. Three specific Special Forces roles to play in a 4 man team: 2 Expert Riflemen, 1 Machine Gunner, and the Sniper whom plays an important role in providing support during the mission. Limitless respawn and revive enabled for the Mp version, full team switch enabled for the single player version. Mountain wilderness, winter environment. Mission time should normally be around 1 hour. *Installation, usage, required addons and known issues information is all provided on the steam release pages. *Important note: If you experience issues with not being able to load/run the Ural Fixed map then you can try running in 32-bit by switching over under the parameters tab at the Arma 3 load up screen. Operation Arctic Front [Coop 1-4] MP Version - Steam Operation Arctic Front [Single Player] Version - Steam Credits Special Ed, Aka Mr Pibb (Ghost Recon.Net) : Author of Operation Arctic Front, Author of AI Modify. mrpibb53@hotmail.com genesis92x : All code inside the VCOMAI folder which includes - Take Cover function, Hit Near function and additional supporting code for those functions (permission was gained). NeoArmageddon : Map Builder - Through the use of a modified version of his Map Builder editor, the base in the mission was created and it would not be what it turned out it as without his very well done Arma 3 editor. The Map Builder Objects addon (configs) is his as well. jus61 : Providing the Ai Modify system on his dedicated server for testing. POLPOX : POLPOX's calm animations. Tpw : Integrated LOS and FOV supporting code from Tpw_Los script KillZone_Kid : KK_fnc_inString function. Heeeere's johnny! : For getting doors names for buildings from A2 by going through his Auto Open Doors script Bis Forums Members that have helped significantly with questions about a vast variety of scripting issues: mdcclxxvi jshock tyger larrow das attorney Heeeere's johnny! davidoss R3vo zriel naizarak silentspike killzone_kid chrisnic Grumpy Old Man Version History: 1.0 Release 1.1 Modified base main road patrol unit path to make it significantly easier to eliminate him without alerting the base. 1.2 At a certain point during the mission some of the wilderness enemies have their skill values reduced. 1.3 Reduced view distance of a few specific units. 1.4 Significant reduction in early mission difficulty - removed 2 tower guards/towers, 1 tower/tower guard moved, all alarm guards are killed by one hit, enemy safe mode detection range reduced by 90 meters (aware/combat mode detection ranges still the same). 1.5 Minor adjustments to various units skills settings.
  9. Mission has been released. BIS forums topic link : Operation Arctic Front Moderators can please lock this Wip thread, it no longer has relevance.
  10. An update: Things have been worked out in the single player version of the mission so that team switch is enabled. This has really decreased the difficulty of the SP version with the player being able to switch in and out of the sniper role, as previously with just the Ai controlling the sniper they were more harmful than good. Overall the team switch has really improved the SP version, where essentially the player now has 4 lives, so despite the save games not working, this definitely makes the Sp version much more enjoyably playable. The Coop MP version has the 4 playable units in separate groups to remove the automated voice overs allowing clear communications between players and prevents the automated voices from conflicting with the true voices of the players when voice chat is being used. Both versions have the aiming coefficient and recoil reduced to roughly 0.3 (slight differences between combat roles) and in the SP version the sniper has it dropped to 0.1 in order to help compensate for the lack of true player support from the other members in the team. Enemy units have their long range accuracy values toned down a bit with the enemy hunter team working quite well to prevent the player sniper from attempting to decimate the base forces over a lengthy period of time. Still cleaning up a few last things.
  11. Got a few pics up that had been taken last weekend: Total base unit count is 69. Then another 20 or so in the wilderness areas around the base. Units are using Polpox's Calm Animations. Thanks in part to Froggyluv for the idea of putting in an enemy 'hunter' team to go after the sniper under certain conditions, it helped to provide some motivation to put it in when I had previously decided I didn't want to deal with it. The enemy hunter team has helped a good bit with putting in check issues with the player sniper. I should note that it may be possible that single player loaded saved games may not end up working with this mission. When trying to load a saved game I get a number of errors/failure, and it seems it may either be an issue with using the tree pbo by itself from Cup Terrains (which I have no way around) or it might just be caused by potentially massive save game file size due to the large volume of snow objects. For my part, I'm still glad that the mission is working out, despite this possible issue. A few things left to clean up, a few more tests and that might be it.
  12. Thanks Richie The snow objects come packed with the Ural Fixed map - you can find the map on steam - to access the map objects I used NeoArmageddons A1 and A2 config addon files he provided in his mapbuilder and then combined them into one addon and signed it for Mp use and put the signed version up here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9w5idvrthust5k/MapBuilderObjects.7z?dl=0 and of course it is then a required addon if used in a mission along with the Ural Fixed map. I found that Cup Terrains does override those winter textures when active, so at least on my end I have to have it disabled when playing a mission with those objects - and Ural Fixed indicates that Cup Terrains is required, but all that is needed is the Pbo from Cup Terrains that contains the trees - you can look at my post in the Ural Fixed Steam release - I am MrPibb53 there - and it indicates which pbo to use. For Op Arctic Front, I will be putting out an addon that contains the Cup Terrains tree pbo that the mission will require, so this issue will be easily solved upon mission release. Thanks for the input. It turns out that I actually had to disable the full blown snow storm effect as it is, it was taking a really big chunk out of the Fps, roughly 10 fps drop with it - so now there is just the light falling snow flakes plus the 4 player units all have cold weather breath effect - had to disable the breath effect from all other units, as it too was another contributor to frame rate loss. Nice idea there, I was going to throw in a blur effect, but with the various effects already running in the snow storm scripts, I didn't want to chance some kind of conflict. The player sniper already starts out at a pretty high up position with a nice overview of the base, as they are at a separate position from the rest of the player units, normally the sniper would not even need to bother trying to go higher up, but I figured a small percentage of players would try it, and needed to put in some kind of prevention - the fade out effect does the job for something that is just a preventative and not really true mission play content, realistically I don't have the time to invest in any more features at this point. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The clearing of the enemy base as the main objective transformed into 3 specific areas (3 separate objectives) within the base so no one has to actually scour the entire compound looking for some lone straggler in some hidden spot.
  13. Update: The mission is nearly done. I've ran into quite a snag though, and this is in dealing with player units at moderate to long distances from the general base area that are in prone stance - where by default this would cause the enemy units miss heavily to the point where they would almost never hit you and further more eventually just stop shooting, which of course means you could just camp a hill top and decimate 80 percent of the base forces without getting hit - this is happening even with the added 3d line drawing plus reveals/dowatch's being executed - ironically as soon as the player would go to crouch stance - boom - the base forces mow down the position in mass and the player is dead in like 5 seconds.. So, of course some crazy workaround was found, but it is not perfect, and at this point I have no more time nor options to spend on this - here is what is done now : 1: If any player unit or player controlled sniper ai unit goes above a certain height, they get a message saying "The high altitude air grows thin.. you should go back down before you succumb to the elements.." and then they have around 20 seconds to go back below the threshold before they die, and a black in screen effect happens for the player unit during this duration as well. This prevents player units from climbing way up high into the mountains to positions that the enemy cannot possibly ever fire at. 2: Any enemy unit that engages a BluFor unit at a distance of greater than 200 meters has their accuracy values cranked up to the max for a short temporary time - yep - this has both desirable and undesirable effects - and again, I simply cannot find any other way around this and I am out of time and out of options. This means that if the player sniper is reckless in their approach and just tries to mow down enemy units in the base instead of providing careful and stealthy support for the rest of the team, they will likely be dead in 10 seconds or so. And - the undesirable effect - when the rest of the player infiltration team is engaging base units at longer ranges, they will find the enemy to be more accurate and deadly than what they really should be. On a positive note, most of the engagements with enemy units by the player infiltration team will be at close to moderate ranges inside of the base, and these accuracy changes will not normally affect those engagements. Lastly, even with this semi-harsh fix, it looks like it still may be possible the enemy units may decide to do very little firing at a moderate to long range enemy that is in prone stance to where eventually they may not fire at all anymore. In the end, this issue with enemy units not firing properly on prone stance players at moderate to long ranges is clearly an Arma 3 issue, no one should ever be able to just camp out a position 300 meters away from an enemy and be invincible to being hit/detected just because they are in prone stance -remembering that there already was an implemented fix for this in the mission with line drawing plus reveals/dowatch's to force engagements plus all units having scopes attached to their weapons, and issues persist even with this workaround- and I am finished with trying to get things like this to work in this game when they already should work. I do know that part of the issue here also revolves around the fact that I had to lock the mission time to 8:10 Am, which is technically 'daytime' and no longer night, yet still the mission time being early morning is affecting the Ai's ability to see by default at a distance, and yet I have no choice because any daytime setting beyond this causes the landscape to literally glow in massive brightness because of the lighting changes in the game. If there was simply a global Ai View Distance setting in the game that could be used it would have avoided All of these issues, but it does not exist. It's really all just a constant vicious circle of dealing with the issues in this game, frankly I'm just finished with it. The issue in Arma 3 with SetUnitPos "UP" and Safe behavior - I don't know.. maybe it will be fixed in the next year.. maybe not. The mission is going out with things as is, I am not going to just let the mission sit around for the next potential 3 months waiting for a fix. (Cant just set all the units to aware, as this destroys the entire stealth based mission with the enemy already being in ready mode, apart from patrols ambling around with weapons raised) So, as long as these issues persist in Arma 3, one will see some units in the mission bug out. Spring is here, work is picking up, projects need attending and I am out of time with this mission, it either goes out as is or it never gets released. Don't have time nor inclination right now to deal with PhotoBucket's advertisement spam and lag fest to put up pics, but there will be a selection of pics for the release thread. Release should be soon, possibly today.
  14. I agree. And a thought - if these issues continue to come up, remain unaddressed, then they may over time diminish the volume of mission play content that has unique, detailed content within them. It's really imo a lot of the basic rudimentary commands that are provided by the game in volume that can be used to make neat things happen in missions during combat without a ton of work - without those commands then things could start to lean towards more repetitive mission play/group based combat content strictly (not including rpg content out there, which imo has little to do with combat content). /Edit I should mention that I feel in the end, any responsibility load of identifying and fixing game play issues does really fall on the game company, not the players. Players can clearly assist with this, but I don't see it possible to rely on this.
  15. Of course it can inherently affect a variety of unit usages, tower guards, units sent to windows in buildings, units forced to run to various positions in a given mission during combat, safe mode patrols (if one needs to keep the units in Up stance, perhaps for searching an area for an enemy, etc), a lot of by-products really possible. Units affected by this issue that are trying to move to a position stutter at times, stoping and doing the weapon up/down thing then carry on/rinse repeat. There also used to be an issue with safe behavior plus Up stance with patrol units that did not even go into combat behavior yet, where they would run the weapon raised animation while walking the patrol route in safe behavior, but I don't see this issue happening any longer, although I have seen for the first 3 seconds or so when the patrol units are moving they have their weapons raised, and then lower them - hopefully the issue isn't some random thing still. /Edit Looks like Safe Behavior plus Up Stance is also messing up Aware behavior animation when switched to for patrols, as they continue to walk with their weapons lowered when switched to Aware. I'm not going to get into testing every possibility here, but ofc it could be possible that other issues may exist with these commands/unit states.