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  1. I agree. And a thought - if these issues continue to come up, remain unaddressed, then they may over time diminish the volume of mission play content that has unique, detailed content within them. It's really imo a lot of the basic rudimentary commands that are provided by the game in volume that can be used to make neat things happen in missions during combat without a ton of work - without those commands then things could start to lean towards more repetitive mission play/group based combat content strictly (not including rpg content out there, which imo has little to do with combat content). /Edit I should mention that I feel in the end, any responsibility load of identifying and fixing game play issues does really fall on the game company, not the players. Players can clearly assist with this, but I don't see it possible to rely on this.
  2. Of course it can inherently affect a variety of unit usages, tower guards, units sent to windows in buildings, units forced to run to various positions in a given mission during combat, safe mode patrols (if one needs to keep the units in Up stance, perhaps for searching an area for an enemy, etc), a lot of by-products really possible. Units affected by this issue that are trying to move to a position stutter at times, stoping and doing the weapon up/down thing then carry on/rinse repeat. There also used to be an issue with safe behavior plus Up stance with patrol units that did not even go into combat behavior yet, where they would run the weapon raised animation while walking the patrol route in safe behavior, but I don't see this issue happening any longer, although I have seen for the first 3 seconds or so when the patrol units are moving they have their weapons raised, and then lower them - hopefully the issue isn't some random thing still. /Edit Looks like Safe Behavior plus Up Stance is also messing up Aware behavior animation when switched to for patrols, as they continue to walk with their weapons lowered when switched to Aware. I'm not going to get into testing every possibility here, but ofc it could be possible that other issues may exist with these commands/unit states.
  3. Repro Mission Link provided for reproduction mission Mission is just basic, opfor unit facing player in safe behavior with stance locked up. You can radio alpha to setbehaviour "COMBAT" to the second Opfor unit that is behind the building, and at least on my end he bugs out by this method as well. I have only Marksmen enabled with this test mission, nothing else, (no 3rd party addons). Only other thing I can say is that my system barely meets the requirements for Arma 3, so I don't know if a lower end system may be a contributing factor to the issue. Also, about half the time the opfor unit facing the player fires off a shot before he goes into the repetitive weapon up/down motion. /Edit In the rare case it may have some part in things, I have the game on 'regular' difficulty default preset
  4. Well it looks like SetUnitPos "UP" (or called Stance in the editor, same thing) is just totally borked when used with units in safe behavior once they go into combat behavior, and this likely happened during the recent Arma 3 update. The previous issues with the command used along with units initially in safe mode I was able to find a decent workaround for, now, it's just totally wrecked. Tower guards are now broken, bunker guards broken, along with the random possibility of long distance patrols being broken as well. Frankly, until the game company fixes this, there is no way I know of to get around this, and it means that once the mission is finished, if the issue isn't resolved there won't be able to be a release until it is fixed, it's really that bad. I posted a video in the Development AI thread showing the issue, and it doesn't get any more clear, and that's as far as I'm going with it. Already did the tracker thing some time ago for a while, watching a whole 3 likes happen in 4 months on issues that therefore get no notice, after I wasted too much time with the fancy detailed description, mission to reproduce, etc. See what happens I guess.
  5. During the testing of Operation Rising Tide, there was actually almost no occurrences of such happening (that would be over the span of like 100 some tests), and the base had much more constricted areas than the base made for Operation Arctic Front. This mission uses strictly the AI modify Ai mod, which keeps moving units to singular unit sized groups, which may help with this as well. The barracks type used for housing some of the troops in the mission are very reliable for units both not going through walls and also reliable for proper pathing while making their way from the inside to the outside. This is also why a custom floor was placed for a military tent used in the mission, as the only tent I could find that had proper pathing inside of it had no floor. I have avoided a lot of the military buildings with interiors for both Arma 3 and from Arma 2 ported, unfortunately many of those buildings have pathing problems, and the cargo type buildings can cause units to actually go under them to get to a position inside, as well as getting stuck inside them sometimes. So anyhow, I've kept to not using buildings/objects that I know cause problems, and things have been going without issue. Units are also pathing properly down the fenced off corridor areas around various walled off areas. The testing I've done so far has shown no instances of units going through walls/buildings. I don't expect any issues of significance here.
  6. SetUnitPos "UP" + Safe Behavior Bug Video Units that have stance set to Up plus safe mode enabled will bug out when they go into Combat Behavior. Video shows 3 examples of it happening. Version 1.68.140908
  7. Spent quite a bit of time working out a new base alarm function that actually sends particular units to base alarm buttons when they are alerted. Unfortunately, it looks like the SetUnitPos "UP" bug in Arma 3 still remains unfixed, and therefore I almost had to scrap the thing due to the fact that the units trying to get to the alarm button in combat behavior would do a 3 second long animation 'spaz' lifting and dropping their weapons before they would move. It looks like it might be reasonably doable to just force direction on the alarm units upon being alerted and execute the run animation on them which will let them immediately move to the alarm button as a complete override to anything stopping them in the game - put in a MpKilled event handler to end it, and it might work - it might be a little ugly at first to see the unit instantly face a different direction and then immediately pop into the run animation, but it seems like this would be a nice feature to add - it could add a nice element to the stealth style tactics. Provided this works out, the old base alarm system will be disabled, where it used to be that any loud gunfire would alert the base - with the new changes the base alarm can only happen if certain specified units actually make it to nearby alarm buttons (without being killed) Because SetUnitPos "UP" remains partially broken in the game, this also means that both patrols and machine gunners can bug still, doing the same stupid weapon 'spaz' animation before and even during movement sometimes, there is no way I would attempt to put in override animations for all of this, things would start getting ridiculous in time and complexity. I still can't understand how these major issues with the core ai for the ground units continue to come up and then remain unresolved while different colored editor icons and customizing vehicle colors seems to take precedence in game updates.. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful that Bis has continued to keep Arma 3 going and growing, it's just sometimes quite frustrating seeing issues with core ai units come up and then seem to fall into low priority status.
  8. The snow object placement is complete - something like 4500 objects - frame rates seem basically unaffected by the objects, in fact the non-existence of the grass might actually be improving the overall performance. Some boulders placed here and there as well, along with the removal of all trees that were in places they did not belong both in the base and in wilderness areas. The entire area covered by the snow objects is pretty massive, the overhead shot shows main mission area, and the snow goes a good bit past this as well and surrounds the entire base exterior where it ends at the base of the mountain ranges. . Not the kind of thing I'd prefer to ever do again, somewhere around 500 to 1000 of the snow objects had to be individually hand placed, and their vectors x/y had to be rotated to go with the slope of the terrain and meld properly with the other snow objects (the objects would not align properly by just placing them in the Eden editor on slopes with terrain alignment on). The snow camo'd Mk-I EMR from Pete's Retextures - EUROFORCE (I believe it's Euroforce and not Snow Tigers) has been replaced with the snow version of the MK 18 ABR because the MK-I EMR's suppressed firing sound is just too loud for only having a 30-50 meter detection range, while the MK 18 ABR firing sound is very fitting. So, the MK 18 ABR is a nice looking rifle, but not as nice looking Imo as the EMR, particularly when viewing the weapons in first person when they are in hand. Both rifles are 7.62, so there is no loss in penetration. The Mk 18 ABR The increased AI view distance detection script is done and working well, final values set (at least for now) are : Enemies in Safe mode: visually detect threats up to 230 meters *outside of the base* - Visually detect threats up to 150 meters *inside of base* Enemies in Aware or Combat mode: Visually detect threats up to 450 meters *inside and outside of the base* A preliminary lag test was done, with 45 enemy units scattered in the base area (temporarily placed just for testing), and framerates continued to be reasonable with the Ai Modify system working well with the units allowing unit seen unit functions to work and unit combat movement functioning. Unit placement, adding patrols, defensive waypoint plans, and Ai modify settings for units is the main thing that is left to do. This of course will not take overnight, and I have no intention of rushing it, rather like to try to enjoy it after all this other stuff that has been more like work has been finally done. Lastly, - if anyone that knows addon editing, and would like to contribute - A modified version of Pete's snow hex textured MK-I EMR (Snow Hex) that uses the same suppressed firing sound as the Vanilla Mk 18 ABR would be something nice for the mission - I would suspect that although it could be just a config addon that relies on Pete's Retextures - EUROFORCE (I believe the snow hex version is from Euroforce, not Snow Tigers), it probably also would be good to get permission just to be safe. Of course anyone that contributes anything will be listed in the credits. And lastly, alike other WIP threads, I cannot guarantee that this mission will be completed and released (due to real life responsibilities, or anything else for that matter), so any one that makes any contribution should be aware of this.
  9. Was having some pretty big problems with enemy Ai view distances, where I simply could not find any settings that would prevent the players generally from being able to see the enemy for up to like 25 meters while the enemy could not see them - maxing out Ai units SpotDistance and turning off/on fog values never gave enough to make it work - and I know this is in part because the only way to keep the scene appearance looking good was to lock in early morning time or else the snow starts literally glowing in massive brightness. I remember that Ghost Recon had a global override command that you could set to lock in a view distance value for all Ai in a mission, allowing one to modify fog distance/view distance values in conjunction with the set ai view distance value, unfortunately Arma 3 remains to not have any such command/function. So, in order to accomplish a similar thing done in Ghost Recon, all enemy units have scopes on their weapons to greatly increase their engagement distances and a script is being finished that draws 3d lines between players and enemy units where at certain distances if the lines connect then a reveal command is executed - the final result does work (basic testing has been done), although fog may still have to be used depending on how much engagement distance can be squeezed out of the enemy - right now they are working at nearly 300 meters out, which is fine for visual detection alone without being fired upon, but I'm hoping to get around 400 to 500 meters actual firing response to enemies firing upon them so that the fog can be set way back which both looks nicer and provides greater opportunities for sniping by players. Credit is due to TPW for the line drawing/unit direction/terrain intersection formula used in the script - so the units direction is factored in before revealing is done along with terrain potentially blocking view. There is only one script that runs which covers all units to attempt to reduce cpu load and the looping checks are on a 1.0 sleep delay - and the line drawing/checks are only re-executed intermittently after a short period of time on units after they have gained sight of an enemy - hopefully all of this combined keeps the load of the function way down. Provided the function continues to work out, units in safe mode should provide a reasonable distance of being in sight of an enemy before the enemy is revealed, while units in aware and combat mode will have their sight value set closer to being able to see enemies when they generally can see them. Certainly wasn't planning on getting into this, but I'm thankful it's working out - ironically a simple global override command that could lock in the Ai View Distance value in the game would accomplish the same results, if it existed. This all makes the final step of placing units and dropping in Ai Modify values in on them look like fun lol...
  10. Update : Base construction complete Trees still need removal, but it's a small task involving just placing markers near tree removal areas and running already created code on them, and I'd like to be able to allow things to move on to snow object placement in the wooded areas for now. Pics : Base main entrance (includes 2 fortified bunkers) Fortified bunkers made from 55 objects each - interiors fully finished - ai usage for firing from inside working properly, width/height of opening at ideal settings for ai usage (looked better imo with the opening smaller, but Ai could not shoot at lower angles enough). Ammo storage depot area with troop presence Forward barracks area (near base entrance) Distant overview of base layout Train tracks area, (train station at base rear) Just threw this picture in - train bridge some distance away from the base - tracks lead to the base - the tracks, bridge, and 50 some snow textured rocks all hand placed to make it work. Few other things done: Enemy base objects ported into the mission itself, all non-vehicle types set to simple objects Ai Modify system installed into mission Added ability in the Ai Modify system to be able to prevent tower guards from communicating known enemies to nearby units to help make stealth tactics a bit easier in certain circumstances Player group units load outs installed into the mission The last thing regarding object placement is to place the snow objects into the wilderness areas around the base - no idea how it will go, but the distance the snow objects will be placed out from the base depends on how indeed it does go (not going to spend 2 weeks placing them).
  11. This mission is a stealth oriented, small group special ops style base infiltration type, for both SP and Coop [1-4] in a winter theme. The mission uses the AI Modify Ai system, which provides an environment with potentially a lot of enemy response/movement when they detect threats and provides a greater level of support for stealth style tactics. With the enemy base nearing completion, it seems like a nice time to pitch out some pictures and a little info about the mission. The enemy base surrounds an old remote logging town - all of the contents of the base and town have been placed using a modified version NeoArmageddons very well done MapBuilder - the location picked for all of this on the map by default has nothing more than scattered trees there. The map used is Ural by CPL.Variable.A, and the map author also created winter textures for most of the map objects that have been placed. NeoArmageddons MapBuilder Objects config addon is used to access the winter objects. Machine gun bunker, 2 guns - town center (designated Ai units will run to the guns and man them if alerted) Guns are from RHS RFAF Central troop area entrance (fortified) Central troop area that includes a repair station and a small officers quarters - Repair vehicle is from the addon Snow Tigers Train station area Base headquarters - Vehicle is from the addon FoxHound Siberian Guards (RHS RFAF dependent) AA battery (headquarters) - Gun is from RHS RFAF Officers quarters (house) and a small troop presence 3/4 size view of base showing completed area - Many trees will be removed like the one nearest by HideObjectGlobal after base completion Entire base overview including the incomplete front area of the base. The roads that look messy on the outskirts of the base are only placeholders for where the exterior walls will be placed (winter camo type) The winter gear chosen for the players group consists of 4 different addons, after going through a ton of choices trying different things, this was the best combo found for special forces winter gear that both matches well/looks good and also does not have overly bright colors because of the lighting changes in the game. The nearest 2 units are the Expert Rifleman variant. Addons used are : Craigs SP and US Pack, TRYK gear, Snow Tigers and EuroForce units/gear. The third unit is the Automatic Rifleman variant The last unit is the sniper variant The enemy force : The units/gear being used is from the very well done addon FoxHound Siberian Guards, which uses RHS : Russian Federation armed forces by the RHS Team. The mission also uses the Snow Storm Script by aliascartoons, which has been modified to strictly run just the weather effects excluding the snow tornados - (only snow, blowing snow, wind, environment/wind sounds). Credit is also due for the Ural map lighting fixed/updated by Rad on Steam. The mission is primarily just about 2 things, mission play and environment. Unit placement and mobility should do well in this open style base environment. With the ability provided by the Ai Modify system to be able to potentially infiltrate deep into the base without putting the compound on alert by using stealth tactics, the scenario should cater well to this type of gameplay, especially in Coop mode. There might be a unit count put in that shows at the end of the mission which reveals how many enemy units were eliminated before the base had been put on alert. There will likely be just one objective, which would be to eliminate the enemy presence in the base. No video/cutscene intro. Again, this mission is just about the mission play + environment. Nearly all of the objects used are winter/snow textured to keep things to the winter theme. The mission certainly will be pretty addon heavy, and there is no way around that, it is what it takes to put together the entire winter theme.
  12. Issue is solved. Found out that I had too many particle effects going on at once. I had previously set the full scale blizzard snow plus the blowing fog plus unit breath enabled - once I turned down the snow fall setting back to the original setting that was set to go with the blowing fog (which is significantly less) it is working now.
  13. Hello I've spent some time tweaking some values in Alias's Snow Storm scripts for a winter based mission, and found that for some strange unknown reason, the particle effect for the blowing fog fails roughly half the time and does nothing. Here is the code area, in its original form: alias_drop_fog_factor = 0.01+random 0.1; publicVariable "alias_drop_fog_factor"; _alias_local_fog = "#particlesource" createVehicleLocal (getpos vehicle player); if (vehicle player != player) then {_alias_local_fog attachto [vehicle player];} else {_alias_local_fog attachto [player];}; _alias_local_fog setParticleCircle [50, [3, 3, 0]]; _alias_local_fog setParticleRandom [10, [0.25, 0.25, 0], [1, 1, 0], 1, 1, [0, 0, 0, 0.1], 0, 0]; _alias_local_fog setParticleParams [["\A3\data_f\cl_basic", 1, 0, 1], "", "Billboard", 1, 12, [0, 0, 0], [-1, -1, 0], 100, 10.15, 7.9, 0.2, [10, 10, 20], [[1, 1, 1, 0.01], [1, 1, 1, 0.1+random 0.2], [1, 1, 1, 0]], [0.08], 1, 0, "", "", vehicle player]; _alias_local_fog setDropInterval alias_drop_fog_factor; I have even tried commenting out the setParticleRandom line completely, and found that the random failure still happens - and there is no error either, half the time the fog just does not show. I also tried locking in a solid value for the SetDropInterval value, and it made no difference either. I know that the code area is always executing from putting in a hint to be sure, and there is a snowing particle effect that is run just before this one (in the same script) which works 100% of the time. Is there maybe an issue with some particle effects where they can just inherently bug out sometimes? I really have no clue what would be causing this.
  14. Update: Version 1.1: A number of tweaks to various units in the base to enhance support for stealth based tactics. An improvement to the helo pilots scripted area. Operation Rising Tide V1.1 Download Location
  15. **Important: This thread is outdated now. Please refer to the Operation Rising Tide website for current AI Modify version download, information, and support forums : Website Link ** Here is a workaround for a major Arma 3 bug that came up a few Arma 3 updates ago that is negatively affecting patrols in the Ai Modify system. This workaround only fixes part of the problem, and was the best I could come up with. This information and any other current information regarding the AI Modify system can be found on the Operation Rising Tide website. Due to the fact that this recent major bug has required a fix to be directly installed into ones mission that uses the Ai Modify system, I can no longer maintain the series of sample missions along with potentially dealing with further bugs and broken commands induced by further Arma 3 updates by trying to constantly update sample missions. So, Operation Rising Tide mission is now the mission that can be used to see how things are done with the Ai Modify system. There will be no further updates here in this thread. SetUnitPos "UP" partially broken : BIS broke part of the 'SetUnitPos' command a few Arma 3 updates ago, and right now if it is set to "UP" in a units init field in the usual fashion that is on a waypoint plan (like a patrol), it will cause the unit to walk around with their weapon raised (even though they are still in safe behavior). Fortunately, a workaround has been found that is working so far which can still be put into each Patrol units Init field. This should only be done for units on patrol plans. This workaround does not fix all of the issues that can arise though, and unfortunately the patrols can still bug out due to this Arma 3 issue where they will not respond properly to combat conditions. Init field : Instead of : SetUnitPos "UP"; Replace with this : null = [this] Spawn {Sleep 2.0; (_this Select 0) setUnitPos "UP";}; There is another problem that the SetUnitPos "UP" bug is causing - it is affecting saved game loads along with the mission start issue. The below is an example of usage in my mission for fixing the raised weapon animation bug during a saved game load when units in safe mode have SetUnitPos "UP" (The Initialization field code for Opfor units that is described previous here is still required for the mission start issue itself) //Place a static object on the map away from the mission area, name it, I suggest setting it to not allow damage in the object editor settings and it should be a somewhat small object that would not have mass greater than 300 (the rowboat I picked actually has 0 mass, so possibly many static objects have no true mass) //RowBoatD is the name I used for the object I placed on a distant beach //It could be probably almost any static object and any desired variable name //In the chosen object Initialization field :if (IsServer) then {This SetMass [300,0];}; //PatrolGuy1, PatrolGuy2, etc are the names I gave my patrol men, they must be named so they can be referenced in script directly //SetUnitPosBugFix.sqf //Can run this from the Init.sqf or can execute this script from anywhere desired as long as it runs on server side for Mp //[] ExecVm "SetUnitPosBugFix.sqf"; if (IsServer) then { Private ["_RunsScriptB"]; _RunsScriptB = 1; Sleep 2.0; While {(_RunsScriptB == 1)} Do { //If mass resets to original on the object, then a saved game has been loaded if ((GetMass RowBoatD) != 300) then { RowBoatD SetMass [300,0]; //This area addresses the issue with patrols in safe mode that have unitpos set to up that end up with weapons raised after loading a saved game if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy1 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy1 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy1 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy1 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy2 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy2 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy2 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy2 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy3 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy3 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy3 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy3 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy4 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy4 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy4 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy4 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy5 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy5 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy5 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy5 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy6 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy6 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy6 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy6 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy7 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy7 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy7 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy7 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy8 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy8 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy8 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy8 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy9 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy9 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy9 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5;PatrolGuy9 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy10 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy10 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy10 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5; PatrolGuy10 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy11 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy11 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy11 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5; PatrolGuy11 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy12 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy12 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy12 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5; PatrolGuy12 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; if ((Behaviour PatrolGuy13 == "SAFE") && (UnitPos PatrolGuy13 == "UP")) then {[] Spawn {PatrolGuy13 SetUnitPos "AUTO";Sleep 1.5; PatrolGuy13 SetUnitPos "UP";};}; }; Sleep 1.0; }; }; **Important: This thread is outdated now. Please refer to the Operation Rising Tide website for current AI Modify version download, information, and support forums : Website Link **