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  1. Technically, the old tech is still in the mod (hence the size increasing with each version instead of decreasing :P ). It's just not visible in the Editor and VA. All of it is still functioning though, so we might put up a table chart with all the classnames (even the old ones), so that you guys could use it. :)
  2. @bagpiperguy We'll consider that. :) @Nichols I don't think we've added the Armata defensive system yet. You sure you didn't meant the armor itself?
  3. I had a similiar problem like this on my laptop as well, where FPS would suddenly drop to single digit numbers for a few seconds. It did that in a lot of games, including old ArmA2. Turns out it was overheating problem with my CPU. Whenever it reached around 90 degree celsius, the laptop was programmed to throttle and downlock CPU performance so it doesn't get fried. Techically, you can use ThrottleStop to stop the laptop from throttling, but then again it's also quite a risk too with such high temperatures.. What is your CPU btw? have you tried monitoring temperatures as well?
  4. Thanks for the sources, guys! We'll definitely take a look at them. Thanks for the report and feedback! All of this will be fixed in the next update. Also will look into replacing the animation. :) Well, the thing about ATGM is, that we couldn't really find any solid photos or sources on it, so we didn't go with it in this version. But we'll possibly add it in the future. As for speed, 90km/h, we're aware of that but went with our speed because of balance. When we tried the above mentioned one, Armata became incredibly fast even more so compared to other tanks. Mindas has also read about the speed being even 60km/h, so we went with that because of balance against BIS tanks since it's already pretty strong against them. However, this was only the first release, so things are still subject of a change of course. (For example the cannon attributes will be tweaked a bit and so on.) Armata has apparently not entered mass serial production yet so it's really hard to say what info is actual and what not so that we can follow it.
  5. 1. & 2. Well, we've went through numerous sources, photos we could dig up and couldn't really find any definitive proof or info about any kind of coaxial machineguns. Same with the NSVT and Kord thing. Somewhere it says it used Kord, and somewhere a NSVT. Then again we don't really speak good russian and it is possible we could have missed something. In that case, if anyone can provide us some solid sources etc., we'll gladly rectify that! 3. Thanks. Rockets will be fixed in the next version. They're going to have their own model too.
  6. New update is up! Check the first page for links. Also enclosing some pics of the new Pantsir AA (SA-22) and Kamaz model. The rest can be seen on the pictures above. Also, important: We know that the Pantsir and T-15 seems to be shooting rockets only from one side of the launcher. Currently trying to figure it out. Changelog: VERSION 3.5 (09-05-2017) - MBT T-14 Armata added (replacing T-100) - IFV T-15 Armata added (replacing BTR-K) - New 2B26-GRAD multiple rocket launcher. - New Pantsir-S1 (SA-22) surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system - Ported KA-52 - All Kamaz models have been improved - New "Partizan" gorka camos - New "Goblin-70" backpacks for recon units - All textures have been upped in quality (Bigger camo resolution etc.) - Some weapon textures have been edited - Weapon attributes edited and improved - All error messages should be fixed
  7. Hmm, honestly we're kinda not sure what to do with this. Haven't come with a solution yet. :/ Any more experienced scripter/addon maker maybe wants to chime in? Doesn't really matter when it comes to BTR-K and T-100 because both are getting replaced by T-14 and T-15 Armata in the next update. (which, as I am speaking/writing, is being packaged right now) Also,I am sure that wasn't us with the Russian VTOL. But we are putting out our own version of the Kamaz.
  8. And there's more to come (no pun intended)! So be sure to have those tissues ready. :P
  9. Still alive. Some screens from the upcoming update. All uniform/gear textures have been upped in quality. T-14 & T-15 Armata and GRAD launcher are rolling around in 3 different camos (Green, Nakidka, Desert) and there is a new Partisan camo as well, for all you Gorka enthusiasts. :) And a Ka-52. (Also not pictured, but we're currently working on an Pancir S1 (or SA-22 Greyhound) which will replace the current Russian AA gun.)
  10. YES!!! I remember playing the Normandy demo over and over again, and then bought the retail as well. The final mission in Czechoslovakia where you have to fend off the Soviets was pretty suprising, but yet also my favourite. (And the manual had some nice WW2 SAS reenactment photos by the dev team.) Unfortunately, I cannot play the retail anymore because it has the dreaded Starforce, which doesn't let me play in Windows 10 (nor is there any way of removing it without going into the.. ahem, ahem.. more illegal spheres). Therefore I am now more than happy to see this gem on GoG. Now the only thing I need is Mafia 1, Chameleon and the Vietcong series making an appearance on Steam or GoG as well and my Illusion Softworks/Pterodon collection will be complete.
  11. Loving the arsenal, along with the additional functions. Just one thing, whenever any of the guns are shot/hit (while they are being held by the enemy or player), dirt/dust flies off them instead of the usual sparks. Any chance of fixing that for the next version? :)
  12. @majidmobarhan You don't have to quote the whole post. And just use the Armaholic link then. Dropbox is known for blocking downloads after a lot of people use it, because I don't have a premium account. I think. Some progress update. T-14 Armata is mostly done and rolling out in various camo versions. The EMR camo for infantry has also been remade in better quality. More stuff to come.
  13. Thank you for the warm feedback guys. :) There is still a lot of stuff planned in the future. We'll slowly but surely replace/phase out all vanilla assets and introduce winter camo as well.
  14. A new version (3.0) is out! Refer to the first page/post for download links. :) Changelog -------------------- VERSION 3.0 (13-01-2017) - A brand new Desert pack (Units, vehicles, weapons) - All weapons in 3 camo versions (Black, Desert, Forest) - Same goes for vehicles (Green, Desert, Nakidka) - New weapons: PP-2000 and ASH-12.7 - New Kobra EKP-8-18 Optics - Added infantry units in Urban (Izlom) camo - New helmets, hats, vests, belts in various camo - Scouts in brand new camouflage and equipment - New Spetsnaz units replacing the old ones (basic and desert version), new models, camo, equipment - Config adjustments (weapons, units) - Minor model and texture fixes - Fixed reported issues
  15. Perhaps. But we're working with a fictional 2035 scenario here, and it's mostly there for easier designation. But we'll look into some alternatives. Also, some new screens featuring new camo and units. Only thing remaining are some tweaks, retexturing the PP2000, testing and it can be released. :) 8