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  1. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    It's actually 5.45x39. And it's the caliber AK12 uses. To my knowledge, only AK15 is the one using 7.62x39. Don't know yet if we'll be adding it. I personally wouldn't be opposed to that. But as a I mentioned before, Mindas seems pretty adamant on keeping the "ArmA3 fictional counterparts" out of the mod. Again, we'll see. Umm, Grom are Polish special forces. Why would we be adding them to a Russian-centric mod? Unless you meant the BMP/BMD one. :D EDIT: Ok, I got a heads up from a friend that there is a GROM detachment within the Russian police forces (FSKN Anti-drug unit). Is this possibly what you meant? https://topwar.ru/60820-specnaz-fskn-grom.html
  2. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Thanks for the pics guys! I'll forward it to Mindas immediately. We couldn't really find anything concrete on the insides of Armata when we started doing it, so this is definitely useful :)
  3. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Oh Oh, also regarding that - we had this as a source, hence the 'Turn Out' position. (finding stuff about the Russian army and armament is actually somewhat difficult lol)
  4. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Negative on the BTR80/90. However, the Bumerang is definitely planned at some point. :)
  5. Hello, long story short: Been owning the game since the 2013 Alpha and bought all of my DLCs separately when they came out. Thing is, I kinda wanted to get my hands on the digital soundtrack as well but found out I can't - unless I rebuy the APEX edition for like 60 euros, even though I already own all the DLCs that it includes + the base game and APEX expansion of course. I vaguely remember there was an option to "upgrade" to Digital Deluxe edition back then, but it's not there anymore. :( Is there any way I can legally get my hands on the ArmA3 soundtrack without having to rebuy the whole game and DLC package again? Why is there not a simple "Upgrade to APEX Edition" option in the store? Thanks in advance Deathstruck
  6. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    There already is. In the "CSAT" folder is an optional replacement config for the stock units in the game. :) Many thanks, as usual!
  7. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Uploaded a quick hotfix for the T-15 tracks animation bug. To anyone who has downloaded the mod from Dropbox or PlaywithSIX, re-download it again please. :) VERSION 4.0.1 (23-09-2017) HOTFIX: Fixed T-15's tracks animation going backwards. @drebin052 Thanks for the reports. They have been acknowledged and are being worked on. However, with the GRAD you are supposed to use the "Artillery computer" action, not the ironsight/M2 for the turret camera. Also, can't do much about the T-14 turret. Since the tower is controlled remotely by the gunner who is down below, he therefore cannot turn out and keep the gun static which is what would happen for every crewmen when the commander peeks out.
  8. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    A new update (4.0) is up! So far only the Dropbox, PlayWithSix and Steam Workshop links are updated on the first page. Consult the changelog and pics on the previous page, or the first one. And don't forget to post feedback. :) Whops, you are right. Somehow this has gotten past us. Will try to get it fixed as soon as Mindas comes back.
  9. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    New update is currently on the way. Tigr! SU34! CSAT! Fixes! See the changelog and pics for details. Changelog: VERSION 4.0 (23-09-2017) INFANTRY - New uniforms in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo (CSAT). - New MICH helmet in Hex, Urban Hex and Green Hex camo (CSAT). - New Vests in green colour. - New Light Ballistic Vest. - New Helicopter pilot Helmet. - New Jet pilot Helmet. - Reworked Ballistic Vest model. - Fixed Ballistic protection of vests and units themselves. VEHICLES - New GAZ Tigr vehicle, replacing the temporary MRAP Karatel. - New GAZ Tigr with a remote controlled Arbalet-DM tower and KORD MG. - Minor Kamaz model reworks. - Added Jets DLC radar capabilities to SA-22. - Added new numbering system for heavy armoury. - Replaced NSVT-M MG (T-14) with a KORD MG. - Fixed Fire Geometry LODs for all vehicles. (which caused some trouble doing damage to them, because everything would just fly through it) - Fixed rockets shooting only from one turret (T-15 and SA-22). Now rockets will launch from both. AIR - Ported SU-34 with new textures, which is replacing the temporary JAK-130. Jets DLC enhancements present. - Jets DLC features and ability to choose weapons for pylons for every air-related vehicle. - Minor KA-52 model edits. - Added door animation to KA-52. - Added numbering system. - Fixed textures for KA-52. - Fixed faulty cannon animation for KA-52. Now the weapon should look and behave correctly. WEAPONS - New Anti-Air launcher 9K-333 Verba with 1PN-97 optics. - New pylon of the 8V20 launcher and Vichr rockets for all air-related units. - New Holo sight EoTech-553 for Spetsnaz units. - New Laser sight Perst-1IK. - New models for all rockets/projecticles for all mod-related launchers (9M-133, 9M-336, 57E6 etc.) - New Laser-guided missile 9M-119 Refleks, which is used by the T-14. - Fixed the 2A42 cannon, which now has two fire modes - Single shot and burst. - Fixed penetration of 5,45x39 ammunition. - Fixed the angling of GP-30 (AK-12GP) Grenade launcher.
  10. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Technically, the old tech is still in the mod (hence the size increasing with each version instead of decreasing :P ). It's just not visible in the Editor and VA. All of it is still functioning though, so we might put up a table chart with all the classnames (even the old ones), so that you guys could use it. :)
  11. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    @bagpiperguy We'll consider that. :) @Nichols I don't think we've added the Armata defensive system yet. You sure you didn't meant the armor itself?
  12. ArmA 3 freezing and FPS drop issues,please help

    I had a similiar problem like this on my laptop as well, where FPS would suddenly drop to single digit numbers for a few seconds. It did that in a lot of games, including old ArmA2. Turns out it was overheating problem with my CPU. Whenever it reached around 90 degree celsius, the laptop was programmed to throttle and downlock CPU performance so it doesn't get fried. Techically, you can use ThrottleStop to stop the laptop from throttling, but then again it's also quite a risk too with such high temperatures.. What is your CPU btw? have you tried monitoring temperatures as well?
  13. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    Thanks for the sources, guys! We'll definitely take a look at them. Thanks for the report and feedback! All of this will be fixed in the next update. Also will look into replacing the animation. :) Well, the thing about ATGM is, that we couldn't really find any solid photos or sources on it, so we didn't go with it in this version. But we'll possibly add it in the future. As for speed, 90km/h, we're aware of that but went with our speed because of balance. When we tried the above mentioned one, Armata became incredibly fast even more so compared to other tanks. Mindas has also read about the speed being even 60km/h, so we went with that because of balance against BIS tanks since it's already pretty strong against them. However, this was only the first release, so things are still subject of a change of course. (For example the cannon attributes will be tweaked a bit and so on.) Armata has apparently not entered mass serial production yet so it's really hard to say what info is actual and what not so that we can follow it.
  14. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    1. & 2. Well, we've went through numerous sources, photos we could dig up and couldn't really find any definitive proof or info about any kind of coaxial machineguns. Same with the NSVT and Kord thing. Somewhere it says it used Kord, and somewhere a NSVT. Then again we don't really speak good russian and it is possible we could have missed something. In that case, if anyone can provide us some solid sources etc., we'll gladly rectify that! 3. Thanks. Rockets will be fixed in the next version. They're going to have their own model too.
  15. 2035: Russian Armed Forces

    New update is up! Check the first page for links. Also enclosing some pics of the new Pantsir AA (SA-22) and Kamaz model. The rest can be seen on the pictures above. Also, important: We know that the Pantsir and T-15 seems to be shooting rockets only from one side of the launcher. Currently trying to figure it out. Changelog: VERSION 3.5 (09-05-2017) - MBT T-14 Armata added (replacing T-100) - IFV T-15 Armata added (replacing BTR-K) - New 2B26-GRAD multiple rocket launcher. - New Pantsir-S1 (SA-22) surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system - Ported KA-52 - All Kamaz models have been improved - New "Partizan" gorka camos - New "Goblin-70" backpacks for recon units - All textures have been upped in quality (Bigger camo resolution etc.) - Some weapon textures have been edited - Weapon attributes edited and improved - All error messages should be fixed