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  1. Well, I have to say Echo is shaping up to be a hell of a release. Finally stuff we made in V2.6 is flowing into this release. Finally my combat radio and AFVN virtual radio is now in and working very well thanks to Tetet's determination, skill and patience. I might post a quick vid of it in action soon ;) There are so many fixes , and updates etc I cant remember them all . Yep Echo is gonna be another quality release , Well done to the guys they have done a great job yet again :) SaV
  2. I laid all the base sounds down on all the weapons but they are missing the tails and sound shaders etc. If someone would add these to the coding I believe they will be the most authentic sounds you would hear since they are recorded from the actual weapon they belong to. But alas , coding is not my skill set and therefore is what it is for now. Hopefully with this next release on steam "May" have someone come forward to add this coding / new tail sounds ect. I just hope they don't intend to replace my base sounds I have been working on for years. And for all those going on about the DSAI chatter, Tet has removed it from the arsenal screen. It was put in to give you directional awareness which I think works particularly well in the thick environment. Unfortunately there are only a select number of voice files and if you play the mod long enough you will hear them all.
  3. Hi Scott , It is the same principal but not the same as A2 . The GUI you are referring to is not in it this time.. AND YES EVERYONE I'M STILL ALIVE!!! , Hope to see you all in ECHO release soon ;) SaV
  4. After much consideration I have decided to retire from the unsung mod.13 years of modding has taken its toll on me. Its made me tired , angry , frustrated , elated , happy and proud not in that order I must add :P . My vision I had way back in 2004 has been fulfilled and everything I wanted to see in the mod has come to fruition. I have asked Eggbeast to take over and keep her straight and true. We have worked closely together for 5 years, through up's and down's but we were always were on the same page where the mod should go. I know it is in good hands under Egg's leadership and I am confident he will take the team the rest of the way. I am proud to have worked alongside a number of talented and dedicated people over the years and being part of the oldest active mod of the Arma series . We shared a lot of good memories and made lifetime friendships along the way for this I am very grateful. As this chapter closes a new one opens and I look forward to each subsequent release and wish my team godspeed and success in the future... To the fans that helped keep the mod alive I personally thank for all the kind words , encouragement and support. Its really great to know that our hard work is appreciated. It helped motivate and push me along even when the mountain seemed too high again thank you all. So let me say in parting, a quote that I always ended with on each release.... "Good luck out there .... You gonna need it!!!!" Peace :) SaV
  5. Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding in what we required, so it wont be happening now. We still looking for a sound editor
  6. I just remixed the m60 much more beefy now. You gonna have to wait till echo to hear it. I have been remixing a lot of sounds for the guns. Just need someone to do the tails and soundshaders to complete the package
  7. SOUND GUY URGENTLY NEEDED !!! Desperately needing a sound guy to come in and get our sounds working with Physx and add soundshaders to our gun sounds. Anyone that understands the coding and how to make it work please PM me. Cheers SaV
  8. Ok from what I understand the XF-107 didn't see combat in nam, therefore we wouldn't add it unfortunately. As we stated in our podcast only if the asset was used in the war then we will make sure it goes in , if not well sorry no.
  9. Echo Release Delayed After looking at the amount of content and things left to be done in the mod, we have decided to push Echo release back a month or two. With the 64bit upgrade glitches too we found it prudent to allow BIS more time to fix the server issues we have been having since the last update. Dwarden (BIS) is very busy fixing a lot of these issues and hopefully soon our servers won't be prone to crashing every hour as I hear they are now. I have also asked all updated screenshots & WIP vids ect be put on hold till closer to the release date , for good reason ;) There is plenty of new stuff in the works and we are sure that you will agree Echo will be one of best if not our best release to date ;) We thank our fans for their understanding but as the old saying goes "All good things take time" SaV
  10. Little joyride in the Loach ;)
  11. Right now Mel could use the publicity since they not using him in movies anymore :P
  12. Hmm strange , sure its not your sever? .. since its multiple people in your clan having this issue :/ Re Wolf I want nothing to do with him , that kid has real issues. Each time i run into him he starts foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog. He attacked and spammed all my videos on Youtube and has been on some ridiculous quest to discredit me and my team. Even trying to leave comments on any Youtube video that mentioned the unsung. However , each time he has failed and each time it has backfired on him. So no I will never add him in steam. Now for recording your issue , you can use fraps or if you have a nvidia card use shadow play feature in the Nvidia gforce experience tab.
  13. Chas , your the only person whom has reported this glitch. Egg did state if you can post a youtube video of what is happening because its not happening to us nor has anyone else reported it. You mentioned "Us" Whom else are you referring to? SaV
  14. Ok a little nostalgia for you all , I few old vids on my channel I forgot about. Starting from arma 1 and progressing thru arma 2. As you can see we have came a long way to what you see & hear today .. :P Arma 1 : Arma 2 Alpha: Arma 2 V2.0 Arma 2 V2.5