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  1. I'm not active atm, but I will think about it.
  2. Is there an official test server up for this map that's open to the public?

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    2. 5niper


      Ok Silola. Great! Here are some issues:
      On the southern airport, at the back entrance/exit, since the vehicles sinks you can come in just fine, but the vehicles crash trying to exit.
      On our server, I fixed this "temporarily", by putting some concrete ramps just under the exit, so that vehicles can now exit the airport safely.

      Our Exile Taunus Server, is up, but pw protected until it's finished. If you or your team would like to come on, let me know and I can arrange to
      get you the pw. Server name is: RAW Exile Taunus Dev, server ip address is:

    3. 5niper
    4. 5niper


      Just a note...I've redone my Exile Taunus "lootpositions.hpp" about 4 times already, with more tweaking planned.
      Please note, I'm not complaining, merely pointing out some things that maybe no one noticed. :)

      1)The problems I have found, have been due to "repetition" of buildings, right next to each other. For exmple,
      I added loot positions for a single car garage, some older ones, some newer models. Then I've come accross
      sections of the map that have about 15 or so of these garages, lined up right next to each other.
      That's like a "gold mine" for anyone looting the area, because all they have to do is open up all the garages, 
      and it's like a "shopping spree"; LOL. So I've removed the building in question from my loot positions.


      2)It seems like many of the new buildings have been made up of "individual" parts. And when trying to add
      loot positions, "an individual" part has been picked up as the class name, instead of an entire building 
      class name. Then what happens, where ever that part is used, it spawns loot (the individual par),
      so you may come across a building that used that floor or wall, and find loot in the air for each of the
      wall pieces. A suggestion, would be to have a class name for some "shell" of a building, which is only
      used once in that particular building model, so it can be used as a class for the loot position.


      3)This one is more of a "aesthetic" issue. I've noticed that in an attempt to create a "different look", or the
      appearance of a "new building", some buildings have been placed "back to back" or joining another of the
      same building. Makes for "doors that lead to a wall",or just "doesn't look right". One instance is a church I saw,
      that was put back to back with another such church. It now has four of the church domes back to back to each
      other. It's not something an architect would design, not only looks wrong, but makes it very obvious that it's
      a duplicate building just back to back to make it look like a bigger structure.
      *Also, causes that building now to have twice as many spawn positions, since there's one right next to the other one.


      Thanks! I hope my comments and observations are useful. If you find they are not. Let me know...I'll "shut up". LOL


      Thanks again for the work you guys are putting into this project! 

  3. WOW ... Tommeh ... realy cool video !! Thanks man. But please thank not only me, but the whole X-Cam-Team ;-) Silola
  4. Thanks. What means "DMS" ??? Silola
  5. @skruis I understand your irritation, but if you have a closer look at picture 2 (that one with the blue circles) you have seen 2 roads with two gaps, but thats not right. This picture shows you 4 different roads without any gap. The different rows of numbers show this already. Some street gaps were actually created intentionally, but I do not want to rule out that there are some mistakes in terms of roads. Sorry for all your problems on Taunus :-( Silola
  6. Already tried, but without dust effects :-( Silola
  7. Thanks for repoting cosmo. I hope there is a solution available soon. Silola
  8. That's not a special Taunus problem ... please try the same quick-mission with default arma units and default sounds and without any other mod. I've played many hours @Taunus with some DAC missions without any problems. Silola
  9. I'm speechless R.I.P. Bushlurker !
  10. Of course server and each client.
  11. The current version can't import any exported file from TB or any other App. May be the format looks the same, but there is currently no function available within X-Cam in order to process such a file :( The file must be a inidbi compatible file structure. That's why I tell him these steps. Silola
  12. Many thanks for all the nice comments guys !!! Again ... we know the performance is very bad for some people, but as I said it is not possible to create such a detailed map which then runs with 60 frames in each area. This should be understandable to each of you. In particular, the cities are very performance-intensive. The best way to increase performance is to reduce the viewdistance. If that does not help, there is only one way: upgrade your PC ... sorry. Silola
  13. Once the objects are imported, you can't change anything with X-Cam. Either you change the objects directly within TerrainBuilder, or you have to delete the imported layer again, create a new version/pbo and load up your X-Cam project again in order to change what u want to change. Then re-import your X-Cam project again. Silola
  14. Yep ... looks reallly good !