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  1. WOW ... Tommeh ... realy cool video !! Thanks man. But please thank not only me, but the whole X-Cam-Team ;-) Silola
  2. Thanks. What means "DMS" ??? Silola
  3. @skruis I understand your irritation, but if you have a closer look at picture 2 (that one with the blue circles) you have seen 2 roads with two gaps, but thats not right. This picture shows you 4 different roads without any gap. The different rows of numbers show this already. Some street gaps were actually created intentionally, but I do not want to rule out that there are some mistakes in terms of roads. Sorry for all your problems on Taunus :-( Silola
  4. Already tried, but without dust effects :-( Silola
  5. Thanks for repoting cosmo. I hope there is a solution available soon. Silola
  6. That's not a special Taunus problem ... please try the same quick-mission with default arma units and default sounds and without any other mod. I've played many hours @Taunus with some DAC missions without any problems. Silola
  7. I'm speechless R.I.P. Bushlurker !
  8. Of course server and each client.
  9. The current version can't import any exported file from TB or any other App. May be the format looks the same, but there is currently no function available within X-Cam in order to process such a file :( The file must be a inidbi compatible file structure. That's why I tell him these steps. Silola
  10. Many thanks for all the nice comments guys !!! Again ... we know the performance is very bad for some people, but as I said it is not possible to create such a detailed map which then runs with 60 frames in each area. This should be understandable to each of you. In particular, the cities are very performance-intensive. The best way to increase performance is to reduce the viewdistance. If that does not help, there is only one way: upgrade your PC ... sorry. Silola
  11. Once the objects are imported, you can't change anything with X-Cam. Either you change the objects directly within TerrainBuilder, or you have to delete the imported layer again, create a new version/pbo and load up your X-Cam project again in order to change what u want to change. Then re-import your X-Cam project again. Silola
  12. Yep ... looks reallly good !
  13. Maybe this fix has something to do with it, but I don't know. Silola
  14. RMA = Rhein-Main-Airport ;-) Silola @Johnny: LOL
  15. Hi, Steam version now also available: Silola