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  1. Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    Incompetence of our MoD staff is definitely not news since 1992. I say about WT article.
  2. Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/Daesh) Discussion

    So... Does it mean that Obama tried to use terrorism against other independent country? If so why isn't he in Hague court?
  3. Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    Everything Catalonian authorities boast is created while being in the united country, Spain. All other Spanish regions are not only recipients of money made of Catalonian taxes but also the nearest market for Catalonian goods. All this mess strongly reminds me some rhetorics of local bosses in USSR republics before the dissolve of Soviet Union. "We feed all the Union! We are robbed by central government! Let us be independent country and we'll start living like in heaven and all our problems will disappear!". Yes, that local bosses who became the leaders of the countries got a better life. But I can't say the same about all other people living there. The same may happen in Catalonia. Very unlikely that it will retain EU membership and borderless trade with Spain.

    It can be something like an interactive textbook, so sim can help in some ways.
  5. Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    Oh sorry, I forgot that there's a Jewish-masonRussian plot against honest EU... We are the only responsible for all the problems in every EU corner. And to be serious we do not have any interest in EU dissolve, simply because trading with EU is much more convenient and simple than with 20+ different countries each with own laws, customs, bank system, industry standards etc. BTW one of my school classmates lives in Barselona (he moved to Spain in 2003), the only thing he says about all this is that local authorities have much more interests in secession than average citizens. And it's more about propaganda going from local govt than real massive will of having own state.
  6. Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    What's the point for Russia to support Catalonia's independence? Especially when Spain has more influence in PIGS than in EU.
  7. Catalonia: is Europe’s next independent state?

    Change the word 'Russian' on 'Jewish' and you'll see typical European analytics of XIX and early XX centuries. I wonder when the Dreyfus affair 2.0 will appear. As for recent rallies in Catalonia, I don't think any real attempt secession will ever happen.
  8. [Poll] Laws of war vs Real life

    Since early 90's laws of war are brought in only when are suitable. For example mentioned use of cluster bombs. Condemned in case of Syrian war but ignored in case of war in nearby Yemen when used by US (UN office host) ally Saudi Arabia. Etc. In general the whole politics degraded without second strength pole like USSR. In 80's every case of invasion was condemned be it Grenada, Afghanistan or Panama. Now if UN office host country or its allies invade another weaker one, no one gives a damn. The same goes to laws of war. Every kind of weapon or munitions is okay when used in the name of democracy and freedom. The same goes to civilian casualties and infrastructure destruction. Noone wanted to stand for Mosul.
  9. why play ofp?

    Seems that all the BIS titles behave individually on every PC installed
  10. why play ofp?

    Unfortunately OFP engine has troubles with using all the resources of PC, that's why sometimes I still get CTD because of RAM shortage even with -nomap command in shortcut. BTW with the DSR function in NVidia drivers I got more stable and fast run of OFP. Oh... ArmA1 was really worst one.
  11. why play ofp?

    I have to disagree, comparing OFP and ArmA2 on my PC the latter runs even faster with the same view distance and better graphics. But despite this I still play OFP because of infinite number of addons and mods. Recreation of almost every conflict is possible in OFP.
  12. All soft evolves mainly by extensive way: the newer version is - the more resources it needs. Better AI and graphics in games cost more Gbs and GHz. It's like enlarging power of car engine only through larger volume, amounts of cylinders and fuel consumption. BTW the version of Chrome browser I installed on my smartphone back in 2012 when I bought it worked good, but now it is just a slowpoke that freezes the phone totally and often crashes due to lack of memory. Despite that many sites I browse are of mobile version and don't have much 'heavy' content. 4-5 years ago my phone could work good when Whatsapp, Viber and Chrome worked simultaneously. Now I have to kill processes and leave only one of them working. May someone help me with one question? If my motherboard's (GA-B75M-D3V rev 2.0) list of supported CPUs (it doesn't count all the possible models) contains Xeon E3-12xx, will it work with Xeon E3-12xx v2?
  13. Terror attack in Manchester

    I wonder if the relatives of victims will sue this guys for being the main reason of this tragedy.
  14. Practice in editor may help. Oh and using joystick instead of WASD keys may also ease the jets operating. Some of them, for example Franze's Su-17, are handled better while using joystick.
  15. A US CAG heading to Korean peninsula

    You may be surprised but Dudayev, Chechen separatism leader got almost all the stuff of the 242-th military training center (it's about 42 tanks, tens of APCs, heavy artillery, some Mi-8 helos and about two hundreds of L-29 and L-39 planes, not mentioning tons of rifles and ammo) by Kremlin's order. Despite protests of army servicemen who were ordered to leave all the objects and withdraw from Chechnya. So I know that some stuff had been sold to Bosnia and Croatia silently. From what I know Mi-24s and MiGs are from Ukraine. S-300??? Wow... Something new for me. Did they get Topol-M also? At that time Russia had not any own interests at all.