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  1. Is this Washington state's Orcas Island? The terrain looks a lot like the area.
  2. I like RHS, it's fantastic addon. But after reading this thread off and on for a few months now I have to ask, what is this thread for? If anyone makes a comment, a suggestion or ask a question they get talked down to. I can understand being annoyed by people just demanding new items or constantly asking about release dates but the other stuff is out of line. If people can't ask something like "Hey any chance of x ever being in the mod?" then why even have this thread? You can be polite and just say, no that's not going to happen we are focusing on other things, you don't have to be so hostile in your responses. If they are asking it's because they enjoy your mod. People asking if you guys might consider changing a texture a little is known as "feedback" you don't have to do it obviously and it's not an insult for them to ask. However apparently that's not allowed around here? Seriously, no bug reports, no questions about the future, no constructive feedback, what does that leave? Simply fawning? If that's all this thread is for then cool but put it in the first post and rename this the RHS positive feedback thread or something. As it is now simply calling it RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF) is misleading, it makes it sound like a general discussion of the mod. This leads people to think they can ask about and discuss many issues. Now benefit of the doubt time, I understand for content creators it's very obnoxious hearing content request and sometimes outright demands, plus it gets annoying reading the same questions over and over such as "when is it coming out?". However if you cannot handle that just don't respond to those questions or take a break from the thread for a while. Getting annoyed and becoming hostile to your entire fan base is counter-constructive. Like I said though benefit of the doubt, I don't think anyone in this thread means to be as hostile as they are, but people need to step back and appreciate that people are interested in RHS and enjoy it enough that they want to discuss it. However not all discussion is simply going to be "this is awesome." some people are going to say things like "love the mod but X could be improved maybe." or "X would be cool if..." Anyway I'm taking a long break from this thread. There's nothing in it anymore but hostility and there's no discussion allowed except for "cool mod bro, keep up the good work!" Hopefully, I'll check back sometime and it'll be less hostile. RHS is awesome one of the two top addons in my opinion and I hope the future holds more great stuff. But the forum thread is pointless and way too hostile.
  3. That NATO Woodland camouflage is absolutely fantastic looking! Love it, will other woodland US camo vehicles get the same treatment in the future?
  4. I wow, I didn't realize there were different skins for the Huey in the editor. Just found them very cool and thumbs up :-) Any chance we might get an Olive Drab UH-60 skin in a future update? I notice they only are in black and RACS camo. Olive would be great for cold war era missions.
  5. Very Nice! The texturing just keeps getting better. Any chance on new passenger animations for the existing Hueys? I notice in the back of the German UH-1 that some of the passengers aren't lined up on the seats or are floating a little bit. Those new Hueys look really good and would be great for Guerrilla factions or for clandestine actions in jungle areas.
  6. Hey guys I love your addons all the way back to OFP days. I made a mission for the milestone RHS week way back in the day (around 10 years ago? ) to help showcase the Motorized infantry, T55 and Gaz packs that were released for the event. Eventually I'm going to get around to making an updated ARMA III version. However, in a current mission project I'm working on I just found a bug with the M88 Khaki Uniform. It has the Red addon symbol for the Russian pack but I believe it might actually be from the Green Forces pack. The bug is that anytime a soldier wearing that particular uniform readies a launcher this happens... I tested by removing the armor and helmet and uniform one at a time and requiping them in different orders and through process of elimination I narrowed it down to the khaki M88 Uniform itself. It occurs with every launcher when you ready them. I could do some more test later but I don't recall this happening with any of the other M88 based uniforms. I've been making an old school OFP FIA mission and I don't recall the RPG gunners I have wearing the M88 Alpenflage having this problem.
  7. Would it be possible to add functionality that will force the AI to pick up AT weapons if there are any present and no one in the AI squad has any AT?
  8. I am making a mission where I don't want the squad leader to have a long range radio. You use to be able to put "tf_no_auto_long_range_radio = true;" in your mission init file to prevent the squad leaders having their backpack replaced and spawned with a LR radio. However it doesn't seem to work anymore. Has it changed, am I doing anything wrong?
  9. I've been playing the East Wind Campaign and I've been running across AFF soldiers that have helmets that are not in the Virtual Arsenal. MICH and MICHcamo. Neither of these are in the Virtual Arsenal view regardless of if I get into VA by right click a unit in 3den editor to get to the VA or if I just go straight there from the title screen via the tutorial menu. The only AAF Helmet I see in VA is "Modular Helmet." which is the old PASGT type. Why are these two helmets not showing in VA and is there a way to get them to show? Also is there other content hidden from the VA and 3den?
  10. That is good news, the mission I'm working on has many way points synced to triggers using "any group member" as an activation. I can't wait until this becomes the official patch release now. Thanks for Kylania, you've rebuilt my spirits :-)
  11. This feels hopeless, I cannot find any evidence that this issue has been officially noticed and is being worked on. I went to the feedback page to post this bug, but the page confused me. In addition I searched around because i wanted to see if someone had brought the bug up already, as i didn't want to double post; in my search I found nothing. I'm going to suspend development on my missions until this bug is fixed, if ever. On the same subject, do people just not use trigger grouping? I can't understand how this isn't getting any attention unless people just don't use this feature.
  12. I am also curious, I just got back into ARMA since a long absence (played OFP for 8 years missed out on armed assault and amra 2) I've been trying to get back into mission editing and came perusing the forums to find an answer to my problems in the editor. The "any member" not working correctly bug has basically made me tear all my hair out. I couldn't figure out why my triggers were not working and finally found the answer here. How do you go about reporting bugs to BIS these days? Cause this is a major bug and the more people that report it the more likely they are to notice and fix it.
  13. Do you guys all drink Kool Aid or something here? It looked fine to me, and has potential. Will it be good in the end, probably not but maybe. I give it the exact same odds as AMRIII at this point.
  14. Whatever, seems they take more steps at killing their fellow countrymen than so called "invaders". The United States has pulled out and now they slaughter each other even more. That entire country seems to have no focus other than murdering one another and blaming the west for it. They need another Saddam Hussein type in charge of them. It's what they deserve. They've been given the opportunity to be civilized but they'd rather all just murder, intimidate and blackmail one another and scapegoat the United States for their actions. At some point they have to admit that they are killing one another for their own lust for power and revenge against their neighbors. As for Abu Gharib, they didn't seem to mind Saddam's torture and killings. None of them raised a fuss and tried to kill his troops. Plus remember Abu Gharib wasn't SOP, torture and intimidation was SOP under Saddam. So maybe the answer to make peace in their crazy land was more Abu Gharibs not less? Besides you're whole Abu Gharib argument is moot. I know if an "invader" started up a torture facility in my neighborhood and I was really against it, my answer wouldn't be suicide bombings and kidnappings of my neighbors (of course I'm being devils advocate here, Abu Gharib was reprehensible)
  15. Oh... poor, poor walker. I remember during the last election how you drooled and fawned over Obama like a horny school girl, and now four years later you have the comical timing to say things about Paul like "He never has been and never will be a maverick"... blah blah. Coming from some one who was one of the "second coming!" crowd for a Chicago political establishment dweeb like Obama a few years ago, it just rings hollow. I love how your post read as just %110 hyper charged political propaganda. You're writing style is so grating, you begin to make people like Michael Moore and Michael Savage look liked reasoned debatable open individuals. That's creepy, but I honestly think I could have a more coherent balanced conversation with those two mad men than I could you. You're a flaming politico neo-commissar. I use to find your post at least mildly amusing to read, now they just make me shake my head and utter softly aloud, one word... "pathetic". The condescending smarmy tone you take in every post, spouting off your musings as if they are some sort of mutually agreed truth or conventional wisdom it's really very disturbing. Example of your tone: "Hello all, every one is coming around to my way of thinking after an article pertaining to X was released today. Even now many are taking to the streets over Y and Z." Fill XYZ with any combination of Neo-con haliburton, bleeding-heart libertatian, ponzi, austerity, capitalism is broken blah blah blah. You are so easily parodied that in my eye's you are nothing more than parody living incarnate. You've replaced The Onion and the Colbert Report, congratulations.