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  1. Thank you very much! I have updated the .pbo file in the download link, it contains a version that fixes both issues- hopefully! :)
  2. M1 Abrams 0.7 Included are now models for early M1 Abrams the Improved Performance M1 and the M1A1. Download M1 addon Want some action!? try -Snafu-'s Mission "Breach and Clear":
  3. I played the mission and its really enjoyable, though it would be nice if it where more challenging. maybe some time limits or the enemy gets more re enforcements, airstrike or t80 or something?
  4. Oh sorry about that tried to use it as a reference when working on the recoil, never did get it to work though using your script(I suck at scripting), but that part had been lying dormant for about a year so I totally forgot about it and apparently other things too :/ Here a link for STGNWEAPON so everybody can enjoy it with fire sounds Well I created it, and the answer is maybe, the A2 is not on the top the list of things I might add
  5. Here are the OFP demo missions converted to work in Arma/OFP Put the "img" folder in the base ARMA/OFP folder to avoid picture issue at end of skirmish(Demo)
  7. Sorry I didn't notice, my host blocking makes it a decent site Thank you very much!
  8. m1 abrams V0.5 Spam free mirror: Want some action? try the mission "Breach and Clear" by -Snafu-
  9. Okay here is the correct file, I made some changes so its just version 1.00 now, not 1.00 Alpha Hope you enjoy! STGN
  10. Sorry about that, uploaded the wrong file, will get the correct one briefly
  11. Here you go.
  12. Ups wrong file new download link comming! Here is a download link for the latest version the 1.0. STGN
  13. Full anim file, inside the .pbo its the SNABIJ file thats the standing reload animation
  14. See if there are any other two addons with the same file names.
  15. Your problem is that there are two addons conflicting, just a guess but its not unlikely that it is two different "editorupdate102.pbo" in your respective addon folders. STGN