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  1. also, just in case you miss it: http://play.rhsmods.org/
  2. @Abburo thanks for sharing. Probably not useful for all server admins as I imagine not everyone has their server on own network, but nonetheless bless you for sharing :).
  3. if track back carefully in this thread your question has already been answered.
  4. at the moment there is no plan to finalize them. Perhaps a new model somewhere down the line but it is not a priority. We have already trucks that we need to finish.
  5. hahaha took me a bit to remember what you were referring to all credits to @da12thMonkey and @sykocrazy for the imagework :) no more spoilers
  6. And the rest of us were just making jets ;)
  7. Eventually yes. We are working hard to hopefully deliver an amazing next patch.
  8. Updater is no longer used. Only official place of latest download is Steam Workshop. You can use steamcmd to update your servers as well.
  9. The copy operation can indeed lead to corruption, for instance if you managed to copy before everything downloaded. I understand sometimes people do this due to file size etc. but it is really unsafe and you risk more by doing this. SW is the only official way to get the mods at this point. We have stopped own updater and torrent distributions and cannot be responsible for the integrity of the files if you get them from anywhere else, or use them in any way other than the standard subscription mechanism in SW.
  10. If you feel something is broken then please report it on our bug tracker. But so far we have addressed all major issues and thousands of people do not seem to be having any issues.
  11. Because our FC systems are more advanced at this point...
  12. Unlikely at this point. We are yet to see what Tanks DLC will bring though.
  13. As others pointed out, if it is textured then that is the final product but usually presented in Marmoset or other PBR renderer as that is where majority of artists present their work. Arma graphical engine works in a rather different way and thus the results look different.
  14. Thanks we've already addressed these issues and adjustments in our development builds.
  15. you can read about the zeroing of an ACOG here: http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?53718-Zeroing-ACOG-TA31F Long story short, yes it is correct at 100m.