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  1. Also, the BMD is made of an alloy of 91% Aluminum, 6% Zinc and 3% Magnesium.
  2. As I said might be a bug, but might have something to do with you shooting at the big ass engine in the front.If the hitpoints get triggered on the model thats what happens. You can clearely see that the engine gets hit and starts smoking.
  3. The M113 might be a genuine bug btw. So why not report it on the issue tracker rather then just show your displeasure here? Also, from your video it seem the UAZ explodes fine so I dont get what your initial complaint was about...
  4. eehh i dunno what you are playing but at RHS we try to base all our values on fact and not on balance. Everything from ammo penetration to engine parameters. If you are looking fr balance then RHS is not for you because real life is not balance. The fun in the game is finding an advantage despite unbalanced technology. We have no bias for one side or the other. We have a very scientific way of approaching this. Dont forget that the engine has its own quirks and sometimes weird things happen. Other mods also influence behavior greatly. But if these things make you lose interest thats ok :) its not for everyone.
  5. its the way the arma engine works haha. The only damage we actually simulate on top is ammo penetration.
  6. Actually some of our members are contributing to that. So rest assured that if all meets our needs we will definitely use the system.
  7. I do however think that people will still request here and ignore that thread.
  8. NO not worth to make ticket. Each artist chooses to create own style of damage.
  9. You have a bad Arma 3 version. Update to the latest and all your sorrows will go away.
  10. well except that one time when it did 2 years ago :P
  11. Good spot, thanks!
  12. The size disparity is due to steam downloading compressed files. What is stated in the description is the total unpacked size.
  13. no it's not supposed to do that, can you please make an issue:
  14. This one is fine, it was given with the permission of the author.
  15. yes please.