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  1. Our vehicles do indeed have realistic minimum and maximum engagement ranges and i think that your visible range cannot make a difference there. The minimum engagement range for tanks btw can also make it more vulnerable to weaker vehicles that are too close. Unfortunately also the AI is a bit dumb to be too effective with our FCS (it can still use it, but you know..)
  2. At this point, no. We made the T-50 in the configuration that it is now, it is not a Su-57. When we'll know what that is, maybe we will make the adjustments.
  3. He indeed did not make the model himself.
  4. nah not amusing :) we really wish it could come sooner, but a lot of people are on vacation or starting new jobs etc. so manpower is a bit tight.
  5. There is much more to come ;)
  6. That is indeed correct. We can no longer support so much traffic. All updates now come through Steam.
  7. The ability to replace muzzlebrakes is needed to re-purpose the weapon for the operational environment. Different designs of brakes serve a different purpose, such as reducing recoil or more effectively hiding the flash or other demasking properties of the weapon. This is simulated in our mod. Some brakes will reduce recoil, others will reduce the flash or hide it all together. You can chose the most appropriate one for the mission at hand, depending on what you need.
  8. We do not really take requests, sorry. Pretty much everything that anyone one can come up with we already have on our list, its just a matter of getting there.
  9. GREF is not just CDF but I doubt we will expand it to house RACS. I would suggest you head over to to check out a great mod being developed that does exactly what you want.
  10. yes, very much so
  11. While we would like to add all of these things eventually, right now we are focusing on some other things.
  12. also, just in case you miss it:
  13. @Abburo thanks for sharing. Probably not useful for all server admins as I imagine not everyone has their server on own network, but nonetheless bless you for sharing :).
  14. if track back carefully in this thread your question has already been answered.
  15. at the moment there is no plan to finalize them. Perhaps a new model somewhere down the line but it is not a priority. We have already trucks that we need to finish.