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  1. yes; they're at the end of first post too (always latest versions there)
  2. I don't know Exile but this mod is not meant for zombies. No idea what would happen if you tried, might be fun.
  3. Sounds nasty. GL or hand frags ? Can you say which kind of weapon/ammo more exactly ?
  4. All extra configs are available on Steam and Github (updated links in first post).
  5. Radio report does not imply groups moving in to support. Again, there is no such option "support distance" - perhaps Pooter's fork have that, I don't know. Also, this mod does not mess with any waypoints doesn't remove nor add any, Please make sure you're testing issues with CBA and ASR AI only when reporting issues here.
  6. There is no support distance anywhere in settings so I think you guys are in the wrong thread and giving feedback for another mod.
  7. They use them happily but the issue is when weapon is loaded with another type of ammo, they do not know how to switch. This is something for BIS to fix, I'm sure there is a ticket for it already in their tracker. I find settings of 0.7 for skill and 0.3 for precision to be working best for me.
  8. Sorry but this tells me pretty much nothing and sounds nothing like what I see in my tests. I don't know if you're expecting the mod to magically make something happen for you or if it's preventing your scenario's flow from working as designed. It could help if you'd provide the test mission and describe the issue a bit better. BTW 2 km is outside the range of any config or script feature of the mod.
  9. You can check the skill setting in config explorer or in the source: There is no complete list, skill level may be inherited based on how unit classes are configured. Pretty much, more exactly it changes aiming, spotting, courage and commanding skills. It depends what unit types are used when you set "recon". Version 1.1.3 is up: [config] - (mod) hearing range of passing bullets, grenade and hi-caliber hits decreased - (mod) fix AI preference for using binocs in close battles [script] - (mod) disable leader sending units to attack on groups of less than 6 Have fun!
  10. Yes and I have some tweaks of ammo config on the way which reduce hearing range of grenades and other high-caliber guns, as well as the range of hearing passing bullets. Another minor update with this soon.
  11. I already explained why. And here's a little secret, may sound selfish but I don't care: While I do my best to listen to feedback and suggestions for development of this mod, the ultimate reason I continue to work on this is because I need it and I use it, exactly with the default settings as released. So in settings you have: "Stamina system on AI in player's group" with three options: - disabled = stamina disabled for AI in player's group - enabled = stamina enabled for AI in player's group - no change = stamina not changed ever, untouched Not always. When I had this issue, I'd team-switch to the AI unit that fell behind and find him barely breathing due to it's inability to manage stamina. I'd (me, the player group leader) go a lot faster with stamina enabled and a carrying lot more gear. It was super annoying to me and having stamina off on my AI team-mates completely fixed this issue.
  12. Seems you're confused about this feature. This mod has never disabled stamina on players. What it does is disable stamina for AI in player's group and keeps track of teamswitch so when you enter the AI's body you get stamina re-enabled. Also you can already configure this in settings to your liking, even disable all the stamina code by setting it to "No change". Why was this feature added ? Because stamina on AI was broken. My AI team-mate would fall behind me by miles while carrying only a SMG with a couple mags due to stamina.
  13. Oh and I almost forgot, another quick update, v1.1.2 available. Reduces grenade spam and accuracy, keeps units closer to their lead when running for cover and bumps generic skills in userconfig.
  14. HOLD waypoints should not be ignored, I have specifically implemented a condition for that in a previous release. Looks like old version to me, make sure both server and client are up to date. Not being able to put my finger on what's causing it, I can't really fix this. I suspect it's an effect of the increased awareness. On vanilla, groups that are very close to a firefight are oblivious and totally ignore what's going on around them if they're not directly engaged. Previous releases I began to make compromises for this, reducing awareness in favor of more vanilla like obedience. I could tweak that a little further in next update if it proves beneficial in that regard, at the risk of them seeming to have had their brain shut down at times.
  15. Yes, set the stamina option to "no change". Thanks for reporting, I'll fix that. Other notes: About the grenades, I still have yet to notice the spam but I admit to not having played a lot lately so I draw no conclusion yet. Could be interference with another mod, I don't know. Any mod that would change the weapon fire modes and range probabilities for AI would conflict with my settings. In any case, I've prepared some config changes that will add a bit of a delay between the grenade shots for AI, and also reduce their accuracy. On the leader going ahead of the group issue, I'd like to fix but as previously said, need help pinpointing which feature has effect on this if any. Is it the cover thing ? I wish I had more time to debug and work on it.