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  1. Sorry I forgot to link in my update post, only did in first. Check original thread or here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27496 Basically it prevents enemies from immediately recognizing you as a hostile when your unarmed or driving a vehicle that's friendly to them at a safe distance.
  2. In version 1.1 you can now set this option: "Stamina system on AI in player's group" to "No change". If you happen to pinpoint which setting/feature is causing this I'd be glad to know.
  3. What is there to update ? Isn't 0.2.3 latest ?
  4. What's this ^^^ ? Seems unrelated. I'm sure it would break stuff and not function properly and I just did not have the time to touch the MP compatibility for it. I figured I should release it anyway instead of sitting another 6 months on it :) One thing for example is to ensure compatibility with revive scripts. Also I must make sure the code runs where it should and handle players grouped together. No easy way to enable, code just exits, does nothing in MP games.
  5. As far as I know the optionals are still good. But I pushed a new RHS config for maximum compatibility :)
  6. It's been too long since last one so here we go: v1.1.0 is up. [config] - (mod) slight decrease in ammo hit/pass detection range - (mod) minor decrease of camo penalty for backpacks (lower coefficient) - (mod) reduce use of handguns in favor of primary weapon use - (mod) tweaks for full/burst rate of fire, weapon/mode selection, engagement ranges - (mod) reduce default AI aiming speed - (rem) remove all unit cost tweaks [scripting] - (new) integrated Incognito by Rydygier (single player only for now). Big thanks for allowing me to add this in ! - (new) wounded AI patch themselves once they think it's clear - (rem) no longer take away eyewear at night - (mod) don't try to equip NVG if already wearing NV helmet - (mod) improve times for unequipping/reusing NVGs by AI - (mod) prevent AI from jumping into vehicle person turrets - (mod) prevent teammate AI from going prone with no weapons when using copy my stance (they'd get stuck) - (mod) remove hints from "fire on my shot" commands - (mod) prevent sending units to cover or searching buildings when they have HOLD type waypoint - (mod) carrying a big launcher affects camouflage (bigger stick more visible to AI) [settings] - (new) in-game option to disable stamina handling completely - (new) in-game settings for Incognito - (mod) tweak userconfig defaults Enjoy !
  7. There isn't one. For handguns, only muzzle slots and recently an underrail class. I'll experiment and see if I can find 2 different pistol optics in the mod world that could work on a couple different guns :)
  8. I remembered. The ACE3 core compat became redundant as ACE team added the fix directly into the HuntIR pbo.
  9. I'm not seeing this. Could be maybe they ran out of ammo or they have some incorrect loadout (mags not compatible with primary weapon) ? Or maybe it's fixed somehow in my current build, it's been a while since 1.0.
  10. First 2 would be just placeholders, they do nothing at the moment. Third does not seem to even exist, where did you see it ? Last one seems to be missing indeed, it handles 40mm grenade ammo compatibility between RHS and any NIA under-barrel launchers in case you're wondering what you're missing.
  11. You should try as dmarkwick already suggested few posts back, add a delay. Stamina is enabled on player on init and on teamswitch while it gets disabled for AI in player's group.
  12. Same as the mod does for vanilla units and weapons. Easy fix, remove the saf pbo.
  13. I don't know what you mean by "takes control". Units in combat are generally harder to puppeteer regardless of mods AFAIK, Might be just side effect of enhanced awareness that this state lasts longer. If you want to disable scripted actions for certain units search thread for the exclude variable.
  14. Check userconfig file for typos. Try with the default one.
  15. Got the update via Steam, I confirm door knobs are 1000% easier to operate again, thanks to your mod :) Cheers !