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  1. You should try as dmarkwick already suggested few posts back, add a delay. Stamina is enabled on player on init and on teamswitch while it gets disabled for AI in player's group.
  2. Same as the mod does for vanilla units and weapons. Easy fix, remove the saf pbo.
  3. I don't know what you mean by "takes control". Units in combat are generally harder to puppeteer regardless of mods AFAIK, Might be just side effect of enhanced awareness that this state lasts longer. If you want to disable scripted actions for certain units search thread for the exclude variable.
  4. Check userconfig file for typos. Try with the default one.
  5. Got the update via Steam, I confirm door knobs are 1000% easier to operate again, thanks to your mod :) Cheers !
  6. Great news, big thanks BB !
  7. Has door interaction been removed ? Stopped working few updates back.
  8. I said in game preferences not editor. I meant the difficulty settings which was the topic of past few posts.
  9. I guess your test was done with vanilla. This mod had this feature since it's inception in arma 2 days. Skill levels are assigned in config per unit type then subskills for each level are defined in userconfig. Everything can then be overridden per each one's preference. I prefer to play with the defaults provided in userconfig and in game skill 0.7 and accuracy 0.3. The skill reconfiguring done by the mod and in-game preferences do not exclude each other, both can be tweaked together to get preferred end result.
  10. Will do. For RHS I'll need to check to see if I need to adjust anything since 0.4.2. Soon.
  11. I know it wasn't working properly but fixed it for upcoming version using this condition: sunOrMoon < 1 || moonIntensity > 0.8
  12. The issue you quoted was about enemy AI not friendly AI. So you're using a mod that gives you better control over friendly AI and you have a problem controlling your team AI. I suspect there's a conflict, I'll have to check out duda's mod and repro the issue myself.
  13. Seems to me it's quite different issue and you're repotting in wrong thread.
  14. Give them hold waypoints. If that doesn't work then it's a bug and I'll check your scenario to repro and fix it. You can also use the exclude setvariable (search thread for exclude) and set enableattack false for groups.
  15. Once combat starts they don't care much about keeping formation. That's vanilla behavior. Are you using combat mode RED ?