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  1. ASR AI 3

    I'll update it with the hotfix on Steam soon. Done. The extras have been on Steam for some time and they're up to date. In fact, I usually publish on Steam first, then on Github and post the links here.
  2. ASR AI 3

    Incognito is completely independent. It's disabled by default because internally it makes the player units setCaptive and only works in some scenarios (big potential to break mission triggers due to player switching sides). The dynamic camo feature could conflict with mission design when mission maker uses setUnitTrait with camouflageCoef on some units. In this case, I recommend applying the "asr_ai_exclude" variable to those units so the mod will no longer handle them.
  3. ASR AI 3

    Best to narrow it down. There were some settings related changes in CBA 3.5. On my side I only split the settings into multiple addons which use same category.
  4. ASR AI 3

    See my post above. Also, try this and let me know if that fixes the issue: http://ge.tt/4y5Erbn2
  5. ASR AI 3

    Interesting. I will probably make some sort of hotfix to add the removed cfgPatches entries as a workaround. A couple suggestions: 1. If it's about multiplayer: don't edit and save missions using the mod enabled. Wish I knew a way to prevent the auto dependency thing. 2. If it's a saved singleplayer mission: stick to using the old version until you complete it. When you update the mod and continue from a save, you'll be using the old version anyway. That's strange because they would only go into buildings in a max 50m range. I'll verify to see if I can repro this.
  6. ASR AI 3

    Nope, can't give you an option for something I did not create. Seems to me standard behaviour where leader orders units to engage. I wonder if enableAttack is working as expected. I even have it set to false for group sizes under 6 units automatically and never set it to true. On another note, updated configs for RHS and Project Opfor are now available at the end of first post.
  7. ASR AI 3

    Version 1.1.6 is ready. This version splits the main addon into several independent modules, making it easier to maintain but also easier on user side when it comes to modifying, mixing with other mods or other experiments. Feature summary by module available in first post. Other changes: [config] - (mod) config support for new tacops dlc assets (units, uniforms) - (mod) update ammo configs for compatibility with patch 1.78 - (mod) random bursts for automatic fire modes (use burstRangeMax) [script] - (mod) performance optimisation - (mod) shared target info accuracy depends on sender's commanding skill - (mod) can reset team super AI option after mission start with immediate effect [settings] - (mod) variables changed in userconfig Updated extras for RHS etc. will follow soon. Enjoy!
  8. FHQ CombatMode

    Great idea, crossed my mind to make this too. No idea how to read selected units though.
  9. ASR AI 3

    I am not aware of any custom addon that configures these units or their gear for my mod. I expect the units have their own camouflage config in their classes and their gear is not configured so it's probably just like vanilla, where camo is per unit class. With dynamic camo, properly configured units get a base camo value in their class and then final camo value gets calculated based on (custom ASR) clothing camo parameters and launcher mass.
  10. ASR AI 3

    Server-side mods should be loaded with -servermod=. I assume you used -mod= and that's why it's advertised to clients. However, this mod should be run everywhere, not all features are supported when it's server only. For example: dynamic camo code runs on clients.
  11. ASR AI 3

    The radios from ACRE/TFAR or any other custom item are still treated properly if the simulation property is "ItemRadio" in their class. Last I checked they inherited that property, so should be OK. I don't think the vanilla radios are replaced for AI in those mods, only for players IIRC.
  12. ASR AI 3

    Not intentional, sounds like a bug. Is there a way to reproduce this with as few mods as possible ? I suspect there is some issue with their primary weapon (lack of compatible ammo, bad fire mode config etc) and they fall back to grenades.
  13. ASR AI 3

    You can export them from the settings menu Nope, a specific config is required that tweaks POpfor. There is one available for 0.2.3.
  14. ASR AI 3

    it's empty in the source though, no idea what makes binarisation add it there. You can control the scripted features using the global variables but you can't disable any config mod, so short answer no.
  15. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ryd or porters, suggestion in case/when you update this fine mission, there's a lot of these: _stuff = _allStuff select (floor (random (count _allStuff))); that can be rewritten like this: _stuff = selectRandom _allStuff; to squeeze in a bit of extra performance ;) Thanks