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  1. ASR AI 3

    Not intentional, sounds like a bug. Is there a way to reproduce this with as few mods as possible ? I suspect there is some issue with their primary weapon (lack of compatible ammo, bad fire mode config etc) and they fall back to grenades.
  2. ASR AI 3

    You can export them from the settings menu Nope, a specific config is required that tweaks POpfor. There is one available for 0.2.3.
  3. ASR AI 3

    it's empty in the source though, no idea what makes binarisation add it there. You can control the scripted features using the global variables but you can't disable any config mod, so short answer no.
  4. [SP] Pilgrimage

    Ryd or porters, suggestion in case/when you update this fine mission, there's a lot of these: _stuff = _allStuff select (floor (random (count _allStuff))); that can be rewritten like this: _stuff = selectRandom _allStuff; to squeeze in a bit of extra performance ;) Thanks
  5. ASR AI 3

    Main mod and optional RHS config updated. 1.1.5 changes [config] - (mod) make dispersion coefs vary with optic types again - (mod) match explosive detection skills of green recon with post-LoW vanilla - (mod) slight spotting distance increase overall [script] - (mod) re-add: dead units detach from static weapons - (mod) auto-disable random fall when hit if ACE3 hitreactions used - (mod) auto-disable AI self-heal if ACE3 medical used - (add) option for team superAI [settings] - (mod) add CIV_IDAP_F to skipped factions in default userconfig RHS 0.4.3 config changes [config] - (mod) update class inheritance for 0.4.3 - (mod) update camo coefs for new gear in 0.4.3 - (mod) apply 1.1.5 weapon dispersion coef tweaks - (mod) fix optic type for new sights - (mod) add AI fire modes and ranges for new weapons - (mod) update to 1.1.5 ammo detection ranges - (mod) add aiAmmoUsageFlags for Carl Gustav Enjoy !
  6. ASR AI 3

    No even changing anything about magazines so not necessary. Any idea about how to fix it ?
  7. ASR AI 3

    It's not out yet, next version you'll see it in the in-game settings. I'll make it enabled by default.
  8. ASR AI 3

    Yeah setskill 1 means all their skills will be maxed out. I'll call this team superAI :) Of course it overrides based on unit type as usual except when you have this new option checked it will give your AI buddies max skills regardless of type. No I don't mean skill level 1 classification, but level 0, the one just above. So far I have this triggered on init and on teamswitch. Also have this in a local EH so in MP having AI join or leave your group is handled properly. What's not handled is in SP having AI join or leave. Not sure how to detect that without loops.
  9. Getting bogus error Foreign error: Unknown enum value: "camouflageCoef" when doing set or getUnitTrait. Testing in debug console the command works correctly but there is that error spam. run in debug console: player setUnitTrait ["camouflageCoef", 0.123]; and watch: player getUnitTrait "camouflageCoef"
  10. ASR AI 3

    I have a little something already done to improve the SP experience a bit. I'm not exactly sure how close is to what you're asking. You'll have a setting to get AI skills in player's group maxed out. Simple setskill 1 deal. I think it improves chances of survival for you robot buddies and makes advancing through the missions more pleasant,
  11. The ZoomReduc Mod

    Great idea :) I'm curious to see what your preferred fov values were. I have done a mod just like this and my magic values are: 0.375 for min fov and 0.875 for max and init fov.
  12. ASR AI 3

    Dammit RHS why didn't you sms me or something about your release so I can unpack your files, check for diffs and start updating my config classes right away ? EDIT: Sorry for that^^^ you probably didn't mean to demand anything and just reported an issue so thanks. It's just that this happens after each RHS release and I honestly didn't know they got 0.4.3 out. Plus the Misery mod 2.2 for Stalker COP just came out too and now I'm torn between the Zone and modding Arma :) Oh and I have a fulltime job that takes me 12 hours a day and I have 2 kids. Some would say my wife has 3 kids, me included.
  13. ASR AI 3

    Funny thing is I think discussion started at some point about hand frags and I tweaked their cost overlooking the fact that 40mm class inherit from a different grenade class plus it has their own cost set to 10, which I haven't ever change. So, my grenade ammo cost tweaks applied only for hand grenades, making cost lower in an attempt to make AI use them more. For grenade launchers, I never changed them (thought I did but nope). Their vanilla cost is 10, which is even lower than my 15 set for hand frags. You can tweak that in cfgammo if you want to test: class G_40mm_HE : GrenadeBase { cost = 10; }; Bump that cost to something like 20, or 40 and see. I am not tempted to change it because I hardly ever see GL's used. Now let's not talk crazy here. Spawn grenades ??!
  14. ASR AI 3

    I don't know what you meant then. When you said AI are snipers I thought you mean they're too accurate. Which is funny because I also got a report that they can't kill a 50m target :) Also, what you want is what this mod always did. AI skills are overridden the same by this, old missions or new.
  15. ASR AI 3

    Only load RHS config addon, nothing else. Make sure you got latest from Steam or first post.