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  1. I'm afraid I don't have time for something like that anytime soon
  2. I would recommend you to get familiar with Diagnostic Exe & it's diag_mergeConfigFile . Otherwise you can also take a look at some of my post here - or check A3 Sample Plane. HUDs configs that are available in Arma 2 are also quite good source of inspiration - you can obtain them here -
  3. Thanks for report, fix should be available on devbranch soon
  4. well, some of us were making Jets DLC ;)
  5. none, as in real life ;) SPO-15 is working inside the cockpit both helicopters are using our system to load vehicles inside, where you physically need to drive inside of the vehicle. after ramp is locked, vehicle will be secured. There are no plans atm to utilise vanilla system yet we are keeping eye on it in 2025
  6. are you using any other mods?
  7. ;) the lowest thickness of armour (including CE effect) is probably something around ~50mm RHA. ;) Definitely it's possible to achieve mobility kill (tracks/engine) with PG7-V but with side of turret I'm not exactly sure - after all all data we have is kind of estimations and what was visible in that video you linked where perfect conditions, which you might not necessarily encounter during usual combat.
  8. Well, if it would be such big quality of life then military wouldn't use it that way, right? Yet I know some designs where vertical speed is just a number so imo it's quite subjective. As for pitch ladder for it is somewhere on my "to do" list & probably I will make it after Jets DLC release due to data lock
  9. Finally I have some time to write some documentation that I previously promised ;) After completing (more or less - there is still room for improvement) vanilla content, since last week I started to upgrade & improve HUDs & HMDs for Jets DLC plane with plenty of features that @Jakub BXBX Horyna implemented into the game recently. I will begin here with some sample code (which is actually excerpt from Blackfoot config), which should be really useful for anyone willing to learn new features. General Macros (WIP) - contains macros that are used in most of the HMD/MFD/HUD configs HUD config - main "class MFD" componenet excerpt from cfgMagazines - contains mfdElements class In above example you can observe how new mfdElements class is working inside of magazine. Basically, that it's a MFD inside MFD (MFDception!) which is merged into main MFD if specific magazine is present on the pylon. In that special class, you can create groups, text, polygons, bones & whatever you need - just link in regular MFD. You can have multiple MFD inside single magazine config if it's mounted on different vehicles, with different MFDs. In this case you just need to create new class inside of mfdElements. class mfdElements { mfd_plane_1 {...}; mfd_plane_2 {...}; }; Then its matter of simply changing name in pylonIcon group to desired entry. Example Dynamic Loadout MFD It's worth to mention that usage of __EVAL preprocesor speeds up evaluation of whole MFD rendering so it's more that recommended to use that when you write some math inside. I also recommend for anyone willing to struggle with HUDs to use macros that I've included in this post - those can literally save thousands of hours! They are especially useful when dealing with parallax effect since you can edit two defines (SizeX10deg & SizeY10deg) in one place to control them all. They are also useful for making circular shapes & I can't imagine now, how I was able to spend whole nights before just to make perfect circle before when power of math was in the reach of hand ;) For making more complex shapes (like outlines of planes on VTOLs, or missiles on Shikra MFD) I'm using Adobe Illustrator & plugin which exports your current scene to array of points, which after some regex magic are ready to use in Arma. As a random tip I also recommend to anyone dealing with HUDs to make sure that "weapon" vector is aligned with non-diagetic cursor & position then head of pilot proper place first. Otherwise there is serious risk of pulling your hairs out - don't forget I warned you ;) For those seeking for even more information please head to below link - I spent some time recently to update it with latest features yet still, for some of them, there is missing description. HMD was based on the AH64 one and those elements are not existing there too. Personally I would avoid adding all the available elements to all available planes just for sake of "consistency" since it reduce authenticity & unique feeling. Sure, you can say that by the 2035 unification of electronics systems would be much higher (vide how i.e. Ka-52/Mi-28 HMD symbology looks like) than now days, yet I still can safely assume that differences would be still present. Mi-48 HMD is based on Ka-52/Mi-28 HMD, with some futurized additions. Tried to keep it quite close to it to give it that authentic feeling. I also made that choice due to available space I had on HMD - adding more elements would dangerously get it closer to being cluttered. ps, cm counter should be introduced soon weird, when I tested it (before introduction of "time" source) it was working out of the box - they had some issues (rounding of time...) yet it was working after all. Yes, it is possible to use custom controls inside MFD right now - see for more informations With this scripting command & minor edit to MFD config itself (like i.e. simple replacing condition = "on"; with condition = "on - user0";) it should be possible to write some simple script which would control availability of HMD depending on current helmet on the head. Unfortunately, I don't think such feature will be available for vanila Arma anytime soon yet I can at least cheer you up that such idea is somewhere on our wishlist.
  10. Some old mission? Due to some changes in eden some older missions after loading them in 1.64+ version of game
  13. What is your screen resolution?
  14. @petek - since you've mentioned that you are playing on the laptop I guess it's just effect of optimization that was introduced year ago Try bumping up sampling setting to see if the issue is lying in those optimizations
  15. locking last 15 seconds so you need to be patient. ;)