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  3. What is your screen resolution?
  4. @petek - since you've mentioned that you are playing on the laptop I guess it's just effect of optimization that was introduced year ago Try bumping up sampling setting to see if the issue is lying in those optimizations
  5. locking last 15 seconds so you need to be patient. ;)
  6. ad 1) As far as I remember all jets (maybe except buzzard - not sure if it landed on devbranch on before Easter) should have TGP indicator. On To-199 & 201 it's cross marker & it's inspired by HUD from Yak-130 ad 2) I was thinking about that before but I didn't have time to experiment with that to be honest. I really don't want to clutter HUD to much information & TGP marker is kind of source which is always visible. Heading tape idea seems interesting though so I will try to give it a shot. . Group is visible when value in condition box is above 1. For example, on To-199 I've used condition = "2 - (rockets + mgun)*impactDistance"; Translation to human language: impact point marker will be only visible when you have selected either rockets or machine gun & impact distance is above or equal 3 meters (in case of invalid return - i.e. when you are looking into the sky - impact distance will return 0). From what I recall, you can for sure use all mathematical operators & factor thing. There was something more but I don't remember now. It's worth to keep in mind that those condition are evaluated very frequently so it's better to keep them simple for sake of performance. As for that question with stacked groups - yes, it's possible to use group inside group with separate condition, although I think it would be better to use "missileLocked + ATMissile - 1" btw: anyone noticed MFD screen for dynamic loadouts on A-164? There are some more things that were updated recently and I will try to make some post tomorrow with summary of new MFD sources that were introduced & things which were updated on planes HUDs.
  7. class ST11_HK416 : rhs_weap_hk416d10 { scope = public; baseWeapon = "ST11_HK416"; something like this should do the trick
  8. I assume it's not visible only Virtual Arsenal & weapon can be manually added through addWeapon? If so, it's most likely baseWeapon parameter missing
  9. What do you mean? Those models are actually very realistic representation of real life T-55 & M1. Pictures showing you something different are all fake & you shouldn't trust mainstream internet anymore!
  10. I don't mean to be rude but maybe you could ask some friends (maybe kilrbe3 could help you?) for little help with translation to english? This way you could avoid so much confusion & probably you could find out also, that T tanks in RHS have no rounds loaded to the gun when tank is spawned empty or player is a gunner. When there is AI, gun is automaticly loaded. T tanks cannot be unloaded during combat due to 2 stage ammo - you have to push out the shell from the other side of the barrel, while changing of ammo in Abrams is possible without such tricks.
  11. You already got answer for this - we don't have animation for artist to create longer reload anim. Also note that Javelin have like 10x more mass than other missiles - perhaps remove carryall or bergen backpacks so reload need to be assisted by another team member? sorry but that google translate thing is impossible to read Well, I agree that some vehicles got more love than others but does it mean those extra features should be removed in order to retain consistency with all other assets? Implementing all those extra bits which adds to realism & therefor to gameplay takes a lot of time & if I have to face dilemma whether to store some new feature for year or more just to have proper system for other side (which might look similar at first glance but some small details makes it much different), I would prefer to release it earlier to see feedback from community. It also allows me to gather some feedback over the time & hundreds of additional pairs of eyes also greatly helps with spotting some bugs. After all, it's hobby for us that we do in spare time. Speaking of myself, I definitely take into account some "balance" based on realism, limitations of arma engine & time that can be spend on implementing new features. As for being unable to balance things which are hardcoded in configs - there is a lot of other way to balance stuff other than changing those values. You can change for example, as it was already mentioned, quantity or (in case of CTI) prices for given assets if you feel that one or another side is biased.
  12. There is one major difference - in T tanks you can't unload gun from inside so you don't want to automatically reload rounds all the time it's 6.5 seconds for T tanks if next round is of the same type, 8 seconds is only where you change the ammo type and it's realistic, since autoloader need to spin to ther correct round. In case of T-72 it could take up to 15 seconds, since autoloader was able to rotate in just one direction. Abrams reload varies on fatigue of crew so reload goes from ~6 seconds up to 15. You can read some reliable information about autoloaders here we don't have animator therefore we can't change it right now
  13. On 5 test I did every single on resulted in death of crew. Check if mod is downloaded correctly & you are running latest version. Beside that I don't have idea why it's happening to you.
  14. Not true, try put personal inside and see that most of troops inside will die (but not all ofc - heats are not so powerful explosive as they seem)
  15. This is HUD is in WIP state so don't worry, proper bore sight indicator will be there once it's done. There are some plans but they will be probably have to wait till work on HUDs is done ;)