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  1. you can take a look at Black Wasp tail hook script a3\Functions_F_Jets\Functions\Aircraft\fn_aircraftTailhook.sqf _plane SetUserMFDvalue [0,0]; As for horizon shrinking I will take a look.
  2. are you aware that you can create circles pretty easily with macros? beside that macro file (which I include as .hpp in root folder) you need to define pos0 & pos10 values which are changing per each type of HUD due to different sizes of screens & different distances between head & HUD. // file that I posted on pastebin #include "cfgHUDMacros.hpp" #define PosX0Center 0.50 #define PosY0Center 0.27 #define PosYCenterHorizont 0.53 #define SizeX10deg 0.88 #define SizeY10deg 0.74 [...] class Draw { [..] class Circle { type = "line"; points[] = { CIRCLE_BIG(ImpactPoint,0.2) }; }; class Ring { type = "line"; points[] = { POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,110), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,105), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,100), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,95), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,90), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,85), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,80), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,75), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,70), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,65), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,60), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,55), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,50), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,45), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,40), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,35), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,30), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,25), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,20), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,15), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,10), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,05), POINT_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,00), {}, #define MARK_SMALL 0.19 #define MARK_BIG 0.18 CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_BIG,110),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,100),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_BIG,90),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,80),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,70),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_BIG,60),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,50),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,40),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_BIG,30),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,20),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_SMALL,10),{}, CIRCLE_MARK(ImpactPoint,0.2,MARK_BIG,00),{} }; }; }; First is simple circle & second one is half circle with marks as seen on this picture below (without cross & rest of elements ofc) As for HUD, seems a little bit too cluttered & I see on 1st pic that horizon is getting twisted - if you are using macros for them then it's matter of tweaking pos10 values. Overall, not bad ;) I've been using it recently & beside crash, that was fixed recently, everything seems to be working alright now. Is there something you need to know?
  3. So recoil assumes that hit = 13 equals to 0.5kg (so i.e. hit = 650 equals to 12.5kg). After that, force is calculated by following code force = mass * shotInitSpeed & it's applied to the vehicle as a vector opposite to the gun direction. On top of that there new parameter which is a factor to it. I hope that it clears some stuff up ;)
  4. Could you post screen & mark those rogue boxes? On my end both are horizontally separated so I'm wondering if it's tied to some sort UI size or if it's something else
  5. Im afraid there is no easy way to calculate it except trail & error method and using macros that I mentioned here few times
  6. It's a factor - I Tested it on RHS tanks with value 100 & tank fall over when shooting to the sides. Though bear in mind that I was told it's better to keep it in 0-1 range and usage of higher values is commenced on own risk. I can later post formula for current recoil force if you are interested in it
  7. New mfd sources: impactpointtoviewweaponRelative & impactpointweaponRelative - available soon™ on devbranch Requires target lead (BCTargetLead aka 4) in ballisticsComputer bitflags list I'm afraid it's not possible right now @Alacazain - there is possibility in engine to have custom colors in HUD yet it's not utilized in vanilla assets at the moment. I might add "user" controllers for colors to HUDs soon, so at least modders will be able to play with it a little bit before some proper solution arrives.
  8. I can live with the TLI, but any chance of getting a gun boresight crosshair in the HUD for all aircrafts? E.g. The w sign in the middle serves as a boresight indicator too right now
  9. it's just decorative and it's used in CTI for deploying HQ (mission scripted feature)
  10. on biki it's marked as 1.71, Malden is 1.72 so I hope it clarifies the thing ;)
  11. Hi, Wiki page should be updated now with relevant information
  12. @shrike88 - it need to be inside draw class as a all other elements that rendered on MFD/HMD/HUD
  13. For anyone interested, community wiki was updated with some recent addition to MFD technology. Two most important things are "texture" parameter for polygons (was actually introduced month ago) & simple expressions for color & alpha channel. Texture parameter should be interesting to all those who were struggling in unfair fight versus class MFD dot game. By using polygon group it's possible to render texture in HMD. Bear in mind that caution is advised because using plenty of them in single cockpit my negatively affect your framerate. Improvement to color & handling should solve issue brought by sammael page before. Basically, it's possible to adjust transparency and intensity of HUD/HMD depending on the daytime or usage of NVG, so your eyes are intact during the night while HUD still offers proper visibility during daytime. Yet to be implemented in A3 ;)
  14. should be fixed in next dev branch update
  15. I'm afraid I don't have time for something like that anytime soon