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  1. It should be fixed too. There was spawned invisible helipad (yeah, really) before as a camera point of interest, which was interacting with AI component in undesirable way. It is replaced with "Logic" now so hopefully everything should be fine now
  2. you can use that code same way as - "this animate ["wing_fold_l", 1, true]; this animate ["wing_fold_r", 1, true]; "
  3. it was a lot of fun for us at least :) there is export option in virtual garage where you can get ready to use snippet for that. it's available for all usmc helis
  4. you can use addAction on Sphere (Geometry) since it has valid geometry in geometry LOD it's vehicle in vehicle icon. In this case you can load veeery small items inside via scripting ;)
  5. nothing to worry about. As for GetOut animations I will take a look at it later It will be fixed post initial release the day is not over ;)
  6. There was mistake in the config - it should be fixed in next week, after release of Laws of War DLC & rising data lock. Bear in mind, that it's not going to be exactly nine degrees since it's future version with autoloader & those are know to reduce elevation ranges.
  7. @das attorney - I can confirm that issue was in config & it should be probably fixed today. Out of curiosity - how did you triggered those .rpt errors exactly?
  8. Hi, could you provide some more details about this? I tried placing makers on map & couldn't reproduce those .rpt error neither on devbranch or RC so more data (whole .rpt file + some steps to reproduce it) will be more than welcome. Thanks!
  9. dev branch thing - dispersion was added in engine recently and we had some test values in configs included. it's fixed internally
  10. Well, I thought suggestion was rather clear. Anyway, to clear it up - it's hardcoded
  11. Uhm, I said that hardcoded things are located in Arma3 executable and there is no way for end user to decompile and change it
  12. should be fixed in next patch then, maxSpeed affects that (it's ai only param - doesn't affect actual max speed for helis)
  13. yup, child config would be safest thing here. as for different crew - you need to to use gunnerType parameter inside turret config - see GREF configs for reference
  14. Indeed, looks very nice :)