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  1. Sorry , all addons have been done by only one person so I apologize for my lack of quality , if there is anyone out there that could improve my addons please feel free to do so. in the Future I would like to make one big NEO TOKYO MOD
  2. Has anyone played OFP in 3D yet? is it possible? I really would like to buy the 3D bundle.
  3. here is the Interseptors... http://ofp.gamepark.cz/index.php?showthis=10663 I guess this has become an Nonofficial Neo Tokyo Mod. we will just keep adding cool Anime inspired addons to this Thread :)
  4. WOW that would be awesome!! to use the shinobi addon and add the melee weapons it would be like Neo Tokyo Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow!!! would someone like to make it happen? I have no idea how to add scripts to characters. :(
  5. sounds cool, the only soundtrack music I have are ... 1) Robotech 2) Mechwarrior 3) Warhammer 40k do you think .wav files will work , they sound better than .ogg What sound tracks do you have?
  6. WOW!!!! thanks so much VBCI :) I had no Idea we can add music like this . super easy
  7. Akira theme song for OFP... http://www.box.net/shared/yehj69x535 can someone give me a good link to adding music to mission tutorial?
  8. NTPD(NeoTokyo Police Department) East and West-Landmates 1.0 http://www.box.net/shared/7rgtbjc8b9 City (City island by Shrademn'Yyhrs with all req ADDONS) http://www.box.net/shared/fhyzf0fqj7 Prometheus/Tarterus Building 1.0 http://www.box.net/shared/01h6tiuzj1 3148 MOD V.99 P71 Police Interceptor
  9. AWESOME!!! found the P71 Police Interceptor
  10. They are Perfect! now I wish I had a decent Police car. Dang I have the Kaneda song in .oog but I for got how to add music to mission!
  11. WOW! I just now set the AI to "Super AI" (in Difficulty setting) and the bikes seem to navigate the city better and fight alot harder :) so far I have been playing... 1) East=Clowns 2) West= Capsule Gang 3) Resistance= Eswat (friends to nobody) DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THERE IS AN LAPD or POLICE addon? (cars,bikes,officers)
  12. AKIRA Joker and Bike! Download here... http://www.box.net/shared/uug8y671pg N-joi
  13. Sorry I never learned how to make weapons. :( but there is a Nuke addon, someone just has to make a suitcase bomb out of it.
  14. I found a nice Chrome Desert Eagle for him :) I just realized when I make him the leader I can add West Carwars punks to him and they become East Clowns!!! :) the East Custom Suzuki with guns works great with the Capsule gang too When Kaneda is the leader!!!
  15. Yea! a total Neo Tokyo Mod sounds like fun! we just need a Map maker to make a good city or repair the one we have. ok the Clown Gang Leader is almost done (Joker) what kind of weapon should I give him? Gona start working on his bike on monday...