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  1. I don't see the logic in releasing it standalone, there is no benefit to the mod. If you need the rifle, can't you just download the whole mod?
  2. Would have been nicer to have said please could i have this on the next update.
  3. The author last posted in the thread on 13th September 2015, if it only broke after 1.70 that's quite lucky what with several updates!
  4. Quite unlikely they will release its standalone.
  5. The game is already playable, it has been since its release. I think your just picking faults as per usual.
  6. I personally my not be able to as i am only a Volunteer Community Moderator, i am not a BIS Employee so don't understand the workings of the game engine. Have you logged a feedback ticket at all?
  7. Thread cleaned up, now try to stay on topic.
  8. And what bugs would that be, if you don't say we can't help
  9. whoops indeed. Closing!
  10. Please don't ask for news in threads, it is considered a form of spam on these forums. Please see the forum rules for clarification. I am sure when the mod team has news they will post some and not before. Please remember, addon makers make content for free and sometimes other priorities take over
  11. As there is no real content - i will close this thread.
  12. Even if desperate, you should have had time to put an appropriate title
  13. I edited your title as "need some help, please]", is quite a useless title.
  14. Im closing and reporting this thread, as talking about decryption of EBO is certainly against the EULA.
  15. Oh, i was thinking of the one on Kolgujev where you have to blow up some soviet tanks