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  1. Maybe its a Helicarrier (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helicarrier)
  2. Not really, i was just saying this mod can choose what units they want to make.
  3. Well i tried to put your thread in a place where you would get the most help. If you can't understand that, perhaps next time you should search and find the correct place before posting. ACE3 thread can be found here:
  4. I've alerted the Community Manager to the request.
  5. Please post a formal request in this thread, with your old forum name etc Now perhaps we should get back on topic
  6. If you want your old account back, it can be merged.
  7. Moved your thread to the correct location.
  8. Well maybe after the Jet DLC Is released we may see it added in the future. If not there are scripts out there as Firewills planes have a rearm script
  9. Unfortunately most uploaders don't read the steam EULA
  10. Please don't ask for updates, doing so is against the forum rules.
  11. Well perhaps go post in the dev branch thread?
  12. Can you please use spoilers when talking about missions, its quite a simple request. Please follow it.
  13. Please don't dig up and spam old threads, updates will be posted when there some. Please remember addon making is a hobby to most and alot of the time real life priorities may get in the way. Consider it a bonus that an addon maker considers to release content to the public.
  14. Why need a mod, on dev branch that is already been implemented for jets. So should be possible for helicopters.
  15. Works fine for me, URL is https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/198217-firing-sound/