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  1. I can appreciate that, but it would have been better to sent me a PM rather than posting your objection. If you have any questions, criticism of the moderating team or concerns regarding the forum rules, please contact our head moderator. Now lets return to the topic in hand.
  2. That maybe so, but it is a request which RHS prefer you not to do in their thread. If you have an addon request, the best place to ask it is here: https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/201544-arma-3-addon-request-thread/
  3. moved your post to the correct place.
  4. Port forwarding is setting up ports on a router to allow an application (in this case a game) through specific ports. One thing i would suggest if your trying to play a game across a LAN is to disable/turn off your firewalls on both PCs and see if you can connect. If that resolves the issue then its firewall rules which needed to be added/changed. If that doesnt resolve the issue then its likely your router's firewall. Also on another note, what type of router is it? Is it the type your internet provider sends or one that you have bought?
  5. But this is the SLA so perhaps they have no other choice.
  6. smallarms

    The only way to do that would be to create brand new pistol animations.
  7. Perhaps specify where the error occurred to help him fix the issues. Otherwise it would be a needle in a haystack to fix.
  8. You should know that answer already, it will be released when its ready and not before. And please note asking for release dates is considered spam on these forums.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to give a concise answer, as a forum moderator here i wanted to check everything was above board. And personally as an addon maker and member of this community since OFP its nice to see new mods that break the mould. I will be certainly following this mod, as it has great potential.
  10. Nogovan Armed Forces and Malden Defence Forces on Malden. Joint Sniper Team Addons: Nogovan Armed Forces, Malden Defence Forces, CUP, Direones Static Animations, Rismarck´s WW2 Poses
  11. i still have concerns on this, i hope your abiding by BIS Monetization rules.
  12. All i can suggest is you do a process of elimination, active one mod at a time to find the issue. Its likely a mod clash, as unfortunately not all mods will work with each other.
  13. I agree, these are fantastic
  14. Very nice, congrats on the release