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  1. Indeed - closing
  2. I would ask over in the editing section of the forums, likely its an issue with tga file.
  3. Thread cleaned up, flame-baiting and off topic posts removed.
  4. Can you not quotes images please as per the forum rules.
  5. Please refrain from using Capitalised words. As its equivalent to shouting.
  6. jets

    Well probably because since OFP, its been more of an infantry simulator.
  7. Thread cleaned up - flame-baiting and racist comments removed.
  8. jets

    If they aren't, its one funky dance
  9. I thought that was already in Arma3, just change your keybinds?!
  10. That maybe so, but remember this is the Armaverse so it maybe not as real life.
  11. Sorry but OFP Malden didn't have an aircraft carrier, it had one main airfield and one smaller one. Only Arma2 on Utes has one.
  12. Any pictures of the content?
  13. How about random, like the FIA headgear is done in Arma3?
  14. T72, T80. T90 tanks can already fire missiles via the main gun barrel. Maybe will see the railgun tank that was shown in the Alpha
  15. There is already an IDF mod which has a full set of uniforms etc. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20035