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  1. Don't really play SP, i prefer playing Unsung on a server
  2. There is already a plane of that type, the skyraider which is in the mod.
  3. That will not work, if you use addon dependencies then the whole mod will require it.
  4. The game data was wiped as it went from a beta game to a full release. Its quite normal in game development terms. Also at the end of the day, a powerful gun doesn't necessary mean a better player.
  5. Where in the world are you based? What servers are you trying to connect to?
  6. Unfortunately i am unable to help with this issue as i am only a volunteer community forum moderator, i am not a BIS Developer.
  7. Have you checked the .rpt? Also are they in the correct audio format, Arma3 only supports certain file types.
  8. Ive seen this in other game and in Arma aswell, its usually do to with your internet connection, latency/ping and the server. Also partly the ability of the player you facing against. If you were to use Arma3 hacks you would be banned by battleye. Care to explain what you mean?
  9. I know steam has been overloaded of late, as it the steam summer sale or it could be another issue with the BIS Store sending the verification. I couldn't say any further a i am not a BIS Employee.
  10. Sorry i am unsure how to fix that, i am only a moderator not a Argo Developer.
  11. I have reviewed @Flogger23m post and the content is unacceptable and is in clear violation of the forum rules. As a result the appropriate action has been issued, which will mean he will be spending some time away from the forums. I hope we can now return to the topic in hand.
  12. Sorry could you clarify further, does it kick you from the game when you have been playing the game? How long were you playing? An error messages?
  13. You may need to restart steam or reboot you PC. I sounds like a file lock.
  14. Have you tried verifying the game cache in steam?